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  1. I think it's packed away in my trailer. If you're interested PM me and we'll go from there. -thanks
  2. 1949 Plymouth front bumper with grille guard. Surface rust but not beat up. $85.00
  3. Parting out a 1955 Cadillac Limo. PM me if interested. Bringing the following to Hershey: -Front Bumper and Grille =$550.00 -Hood =$250.00 -Deck Lid +$150.00 -Hubcaps (condition varies) =$15-$25 each -Fender Skirts =$75 pr. -Taillights =$75/left, $45/right -Various trims, hood ornament, hood button, etc. -other stuff available, just not removed yet.
  4. If it's an OHV engine pulling the valve cover can reveal the same built up crud. When I was much younger my grandfather had bought a well used mid-60's GMC pickup to use as a fire wood hauler. It made a lot of valve chatter noise and when he pulled the rocker cover off, it looked as though the sludge had literally molded itself around the valvetrain leaving only enough room for the rockers to move. He probably scraped 5 pounds of thick sludge out of the rocker cover!
  5. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of the '50-'54 styling era but the '50 Mercury would probably top my "early" list. The '57 Chevy BelAir is my favorite body style ever.
  6. At a very minimum start it and listen to the engine and watch for smoke. Put it in gear and test clutch operation. If you can't go for a test ride then at least pull forward and back up. Look for extensive or poorly done body work. I like to take a refrigerator magnet with me to see if it sticks to lower quarters and rocker panels. If body putty is thick it won't stick. If you can get underneath and check out the floorboards and chassis that is a big plus. If the owner doesn't want to take the time to let you check out the car then he is likely hiding something. Don't buy a pig in a poke.
  7. The '46-'48 Fords are plentiful, have great parts availability and best of all, undervalued in my opinion. I've seen a number of 2 door sedans in running/driving condition sell for well within your budget over the last few years. Most are equipped with the popular flathead V8 too! I wouldn't count out finding a decent Model A Tudor for somewhere around your budget either. The late 40's early 50's Chevys mentioned earlier would be a great choice also.
  8. Looks like we'll be dealing with a strong chance of rain Thursday, otherwise forecast looks ok to me. Hopefully if it does rain everyone will stick around so we can all have a good day Friday.
  9. Hershey isn't the only event that has swung toward "come early-leave early". It seems more and more people want to get to a show early because they don't want to miss the early buyers/sellers and I can't blame them but it is disappointing to a guy that can only take Friday off or come on Saturday only to find vendors packing up or gone. With that said we try to be there setting up before noon on Tuesday. A lot of the "buyers" on Tuesday are the pickers that are looking for a treasure that can be nabbed cheap but that's ok there are also a lot of serious buyers just wanting first shot at that part they need. Tuesday afternoons are good for us, but by far the best day is Wednesday and it tapers down from there. Thursday is good, Friday is ok and Saturday there are only a few buyers scattered about. We usually start packing mid-morning Saturday and leave around noon. I do wish all vendors would at least stay thru Friday.
  10. Keeping an eye out for an original, preferably unrestored '32-'37 Ford, Dodge, Plymouth, International, or REO pickup.