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  1. https://harrisonburg.craigslist.org/pts/d/gerrardstown-junk-yard-going-out-of/7308008802.html
  2. I hear what you're saying. I have an early pair of headlights that I have identified as belonging to a 1920ish Liberty Six. Very unusual style. To the right man they are probably worth a considerable sum, but with only a handful of known examples in existence, who's going to need a set?
  3. I have these, or I did. Sold the one on the right. Still have the one on the left. Not sure if it's correct.
  4. You might be on the right track though. When I start looking at Studebakers, a 1940 sure looks close to me.
  5. Yes I see. Curious that the seller was last at $400 or offer. I'm thinking more like $50 each for the ones I have. I like to see parts get into the hands of restorers that need them.
  6. I'm not familiar with that, I assume it must be a highly sought-after piece.
  7. '59 Lincoln Premiere apparently.
  8. Bumper wrapped in very old protective paper/padding. No tags or markings. Anyone know what it fits?
  9. It seems like I saw a post recently that had a similar fan for sale for a very stout price. Does anyone know what these might fit?
  10. These 13 pcs. of trim were in a box marked "1957 DeSoto". Can anyone confirm?
  11. I'd like to sell the lot of 13 pcs. The box is marked 1957 DeSoto, can anyone confirm?
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