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  1. $100 in 1940 would be worth just under $2,000 in today's dollars. $100 is my guess.
  2. When walking thru a swap meet I may show great interest in a car (or truck) body that is super solid and rust free other than maybe surface rust and my wife will say "why are you interested in that piece of junk?". On down the row we'll see a similar model with shiny paint that upon closer inspection was sprayed over poorly done body work and filler and she'll say "why don't you buy something nice like that?". 🙄
  3. 1928 Ford Phaeton Four Door Body on Frame. Came from the estate of a hot rodder who did some modifications to the firewall, floor and gas tank. Very solid body that could be returned to original. No title, bill of sale only. Free delivery to Hershey this fall. $3,500 obo
  4. I also grew up in a rural community. I was born in '63 so the earliest I remember taking an interest in cars was about the time I entered grade school in '69. Dad bought a new '68 Chevy Nova the year prior to replace the '64 Malibu we had previously. In '73 Dad bought a new Chevelle Malibu station wagon that we took across country on a family vacation to California. It was the first V8 we had ever owned (Dad loved Chevy sixes) and the first car we had with A/C. The salesman talked him into the 350 since we planned to pull a small camper. Our neighbor across the street had a mid sixties Pontiac Catalina and an Advance Design Chevy pickup. Their son had a '68 Vette. Our neighbor up the road had a '57 Chevy Nomad.
  5. X2. I almost NEVER use UPS anymore as they seem bent on destroying anything, even when crated! I've had a few hiccups with USPS over the last year or so as well, but even though some packages were delayed for an unusually long time, they always get there eventually.
  6. Definitely. Looks like a '29 Chrysler Series 75 Roadster. Nice car!
  7. The 1957 Chevy has always been right at the top of my list of favorite cars ever built. I wish I could afford one. 😟
  8. This one appears NOS. It's exceptionally clean.
  9. Thanks guys! Appears to be correct for '57-'59 Dodge and Plymouth wagons.
  10. Nice Heavy Chrome Part with no Numbers or Markings. Any Ideas what it fits?
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