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  1. Find me at C4Y 1-3. Bringing lots of Model A Ford parts a '33-'34 truck cowl, '55 Cadillac front sheetmetal, grille, deck lid and trim, Desoto Hemi heads, some signs and lots of other great stuff. Looking to make deals and come home with an empty trailer! Look for the Model A Doodlebug!
  2. Dodge Brothers Approved Service Double Sided Porcelain Sign. $1,200 cash delivered to Hershey.
  3. I see a nice pair of Trippe driving lights in the left rear of the photo. Valuable lights!
  4. Hudson step-down era NOS front fender inner stone guards, starter, generator and interior window garnish moldings. I'll bring to you at Hershey next week. $50/all.
  5. The type of parts you sell certainly does make a difference. I mostly deal in Model A up thru war era Fords. Popular stuff that sells well. On the other hand I can see where Packard parts might not find a buyer as quickly. Great cars but not as plentiful and that equals less buyers walking by. I helped a friend liquidate some '41 Cadillac and Hudson step-down era parts when he decided to downsize and while the Caddy parts moved pretty well, the Hudson stuff not as much. I still have 4 dr window int. garnish moldings, NOS front fender stone shields, a generator and a starter that I will bring to Hershey and sell CHEAP if anybody needs them. See my parts for sale ad.
  6. At the risk of ruffling some feathers I feel compelled to chime in my 2 cents on the buying/selling topic. The buyers are still there, they come every year from all over the US and the world and they are there to buy. I think the key, at least for me is selling at a fair price. I see far too many vendors out there asking 2X or more what the market will pay. Buyers know what they want, what things are worth and what they are willing to pay. If I have an item that has a median value of $100, I'll tag it at $120, that lets the buyer dicker me down to $100 and we both part ways happy. If the buyer sees the same part marked at $200 he's going to drop it like it's burning his fingers. If that happens more than a few times I know I've got it marked too high. If other vendors feel the need to price high to maximize their profits that's fine with me, it sends more traffic over to my spaces and ends up backfiring on them. I have a friend that does this very thing and he carries the same overpriced stuff from swap meet to swap meet with its sun faded tags all the while complaining of low sales. Not my idea of a successful swap meet.
  7. 1932 Ford RR Fender in excellent condition. Was told it fits Panel Delivery. $300 or make reasonable offer. Bringing to Hershey next week.
  8. We're up at daylight and have our stuff uncovered and ready to sell before breakfast. Usually not alot of traffic before 8:00 except a few early birds. Get there early in the week (Wednesday) to find the best stuff. We are happy to let you leave items at our space and always have an extra chair, some shade, and a bottle of cold water for the weary. I've been known to haul items out to the gate for folks on my Model A "Doodle bug" at the end of the day. Stop by C4X and C4Y 1-3 in the North Chocolate field across from Brickers Famous French Fries. I'll have Ford model A and an assortment of other great parts there as well.
  9. 1955 Cadillac -Grille and bumper -$550 -Hood (1 dent) -$150 -LF Fender -$175 -RF Fender -$175 -Trunk Lid -$150 -Radiator support -$50 Model A Ford -Good '29 engine on stand -$500 engine, $250 stand -Grille shells -$100 -Headlights/bars -$ varies -Various Carburetors, manifolds, etc -'33-'34 "C" heads -'30-'31 windshield frames -$125 -Rebuilt front axle assy spindles, steering arms, tie rods, wishbone -$275 -lots of model a stuff 1933-34 Ford pickup cowl (firewall, cowl vent, w/s frame) -$350 274/391 DeSoto Hemi heads complete -$400 **Spaces C4Y 1-3 north Chocolate -PM if you see something you need.
  10. I think it's packed away in my trailer. If you're interested PM me and we'll go from there. -thanks
  11. 1949 Plymouth front bumper with grille guard. Surface rust but not beat up. $85.00
  12. Parting out a 1955 Cadillac Limo. PM me if interested. Bringing the following to Hershey: -Front Bumper and Grille =$550.00 -Hood =$250.00 -Deck Lid +$150.00 -Hubcaps (condition varies) =$15-$25 each -Fender Skirts =$75 pr. -Taillights =$75/left, $45/right -Various trims, hood ornament, hood button, etc. -other stuff available, just not removed yet.
  13. If it's an OHV engine pulling the valve cover can reveal the same built up crud. When I was much younger my grandfather had bought a well used mid-60's GMC pickup to use as a fire wood hauler. It made a lot of valve chatter noise and when he pulled the rocker cover off, it looked as though the sludge had literally molded itself around the valvetrain leaving only enough room for the rockers to move. He probably scraped 5 pounds of thick sludge out of the rocker cover!
  14. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of the '50-'54 styling era but the '50 Mercury would probably top my "early" list. The '57 Chevy BelAir is my favorite body style ever.
  15. At a very minimum start it and listen to the engine and watch for smoke. Put it in gear and test clutch operation. If you can't go for a test ride then at least pull forward and back up. Look for extensive or poorly done body work. I like to take a refrigerator magnet with me to see if it sticks to lower quarters and rocker panels. If body putty is thick it won't stick. If you can get underneath and check out the floorboards and chassis that is a big plus. If the owner doesn't want to take the time to let you check out the car then he is likely hiding something. Don't buy a pig in a poke.