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  1. There are faded labels but I didn't see part numbers at first glance. I'll look again tomorrow.
  2. I wondered about that but couldn't (and still can't) find a photo on the web of even a similar one, much less a Studebaker.
  3. You may be onto something. 😄
  4. Any idea what this fits?
  5. Two intake manifolds. I believe the one on the left is Studebaker six?
  6. About 44" long. Wrapped in paper but I don't believe it's NOS. Has some surface corrosion.
  7. Two NOS parts that came out of boxes marked Studebaker. Found in an old shed. The box ends were open and the mud daubers thought they'd make a nice home. They look like a muffler from one end but the main bodies have a bunch of odd cut-outs.
  8. Yes. I have quite a number of early (teens-twenties) windshields and hoods that I have yet to identify. I may be posting some of them soon under the "what is it" category. -thanks,
  9. Ed, fascinating story and a great adventure! Thank you for sharing this step by step process with the rest of us. This is the type of thing that makes for a truly interesting story for most car guys and that has been proven through the number of posts and interest that has been shown in this story. I can only dream of such an adventure but I know in my heart I am not the right guy for such a car. You are obviously the right guy. I had the pleasure of riding with Willis Abel in his Stanley Steamer a number of years ago and I was so excited I thought "WOW! how I'd love to own a machine like this
  10. Looks like around 1 7/8". Speaking of the heat riser I found it in another box. Riser is cracked. Studs in manifold are broken off but I see no other damage.
  11. Unknown 6 cylinder exhaust manifold. I'm sure somebody here knows what it goes to.
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