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  1. Large Ajax Trunk. Measures 48" long x 30" high x 14 1/2" deep. Upper back lifts up and lower back comes down. Sorry no keys. Trunk is in pretty nice shape but does need to be cleaned up. has some mildew inside. $325.
  2. I remember setting points gap with the cover of a match pad and setting the timing by ear. Just loosen the distributor and tun it left and right while blipping the throttle. I remember making a carburetor base gasket once out of a shoebox lid. I remember an aggravating miss I couldn't figure out until I opened the hood at night while the car was running, sparks arcing off plug wires! I can barely change the oil in my late model cars but the 50s, 60s and 70s cars are what I learned to work on as a kid with no money and few tools.
  3. Dave is going on information he got from me. I talked to the owner at length but have not seen the cars in person. -Greg
  4. Matt, the statement I made was in jest although it was real easy to read your advice more like a criticism. it sounded as though you thought I had made a mistake by not jumping on the first thing that came along and that my "logical, analytical mind" had talked myself out of it and that I needed to trust my gut. I get the gist of what you were saying and am not offended. Sorry if I offended you.
  5. I'm pretty sure that buying a car that has not run for many years and will most certainly need much attention will not do much to improve my happiness. I am apparently not rational as I already own several old cars. I also have a few old car projects that I have a hard time finding opportunity to work on now. I do trust my gut but I seldom make impulse buys. Big difference between the two. My gut said these were not the right ones for me at this time and that I need to be patient and spend time working on my current projects instead of adding more to the pile. Thanks though for letting me know how I should think and react in order to be successful and happy. Maybe one day I won't be the curmudgeonly loser that I am now.
  6. I might regret not buying one or both of these for myself but once I made the decision personally to hold off I wanted to bring them back to the attention of the fine folks here and see if I could help the family a little as well.
  7. How about putting sugar in the gas tank will seize the motor? I had a fellow tell me once his engine was balanced and blueprinted. he even claimed to "have the blueprints around here somewhere!". I think it was another fellow that was arguing about how powerful his engine was that he had built. he claimed he had installed the "biggest power band" that he could buy. The one about taping the $100 bill to the dash is a classic.
  8. My experience had been pretty much 100% opposite. Whenever I make an impulse buy I've gotten burned and always wondered "why did I buy this piece or s**t?". Having patience and being conservative has always worked best for me.
  9. Please disregard the pricing in the initial post. As I said in my post above, the owner knows the initial pricing was too high and is very flexible and open to offers and negotiation. She wants to make sure that her Father's cars find good homes and I believe any interested party that contacts Marie for details will not be disappointed. These are beautiful cars and I feel certain that they can be bought reasonably. Hopefully she will chime in at some point.
  10. I just revived an old post on the main forum for these two cars. They were originally posted about three years ago with a pretty hefty price tag but I have talked at length with the owner who is the daughter of the now deceased previous owner. The cars were beautifully restored by her Father but since his death they have been sitting idle. I believe she would be more than willing to negotiate a fair price for the cars so if interested, please contact Marie Snyder at She wants these cars to find good homes and I am posting this simply in an effort to help her sell these beautiful cars. The cars are located in north central PA and there is a large stockpile of parts available for these cars as well.
  11. Well, after doing a lot of searching, considering a lot of advice and following up on leads I found the perfect car(s) for me. A pair of Studebakers, a '21 Special Six and a '24 Big Six located in north central PA. These cars were beautifully restored by the current owners father and have unfortunately have been sitting idle now for a number of years. They had been advertised on this forum about 3 years ago with a fairly hefty price tag, but it seems that from my conversations with the current owner, she is more than willing to negotiate a fair price so these cars can find new homes. Why am I not buying one or both? I have been re-evaluating my priorities and feel that at this time it is simply best for me to wait a while. Things like current unfinished projects, storage space, and other personal issues all factor into decisions like this. Please contact Marie Snyder, a very nice lady at if you have interest in these cars. There is also a large stockpile of parts available for the Studebaker Special and Big six cars of this era. I am posting this simply to help her find homes for these nice cars.
  12. I just wanted to revive this post. I have had much discussion with Marie about these beautiful cars and she is very flexible regarding the prices of the cars and would really like to find good homes for these cars. She is willing to separate them. I have not seen them in person but she has sent me many photos and the cars appear to be well restored and always kept inside. The story of her Father and how he restored and cared for these cars is an interesting one. There also is a valuable stockpile of Studebaker parts from this era that needs a new home. The cars, although in beautiful condition have not been run for a number of years so they will definitely need some attention to their fuel systems and so forth. Marie has had some personal family issues over the course of the last two years that has dictated that her attention be directed elsewhere rather than focus on the sale of there cars and parts. Please do not hesitate to contact Marie at if you are interested. She seems like a very nice lady that wants the cars to find a good home. They are located in north central PA.
  13. Moderators don't like us to stray off topic guys. Keep politics, religion and paranoia about the boogeyman out of the forum and we'll be ok!
  14. Carlisle and Hershey are typically back-to-back and many vendors do both so I'm not sure what the difference would be. I typically go to Hershey because I prefer the overwhelming majority of pre-war cars and parts. If Carlisle was to do their normal fall swap meet followed by a "Hershey type" pre-war meet, I'd just go to the 2nd week. People that do normally do both could still do both. People like myself that normally do one would still just do one.