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  1. Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having Paul. I wish I lived closer, I'd be happy to help you out any way I could.
  2. I agree! I could spend an hour just looking at everything in the first photo! Paul I'm sorry we couldn't make it by your place while we were down in the Smoky Mountains. I would've enjoyed meeting you and looking over your collection I'm sure.
  3. Have had a good week although not accustomed to huddling in our trailer around a propane heater! Parts sales were great Wednesday and Thursday despite the weather. Huge crowd today and much better weather but disappointing sales. Has been good all-in-all. Was great to be out at a swap meet for a few days.
  4. https://harrisonburg.craigslist.org/pts/d/gerrardstown-junk-yard-going-out-of/7308008802.html
  5. I hear what you're saying. I have an early pair of headlights that I have identified as belonging to a 1920ish Liberty Six. Very unusual style. To the right man they are probably worth a considerable sum, but with only a handful of known examples in existence, who's going to need a set?
  6. I have these, or I did. Sold the one on the right. Still have the one on the left. Not sure if it's correct.
  7. You might be on the right track though. When I start looking at Studebakers, a 1940 sure looks close to me.
  8. Yes I see. Curious that the seller was last at $400 or offer. I'm thinking more like $50 each for the ones I have. I like to see parts get into the hands of restorers that need them.
  9. I'm not familiar with that, I assume it must be a highly sought-after piece.
  10. '59 Lincoln Premiere apparently.
  11. Bumper wrapped in very old protective paper/padding. No tags or markings. Anyone know what it fits?
  12. It seems like I saw a post recently that had a similar fan for sale for a very stout price. Does anyone know what these might fit?
  13. These 13 pcs. of trim were in a box marked "1957 DeSoto". Can anyone confirm?
  14. I'd like to sell the lot of 13 pcs. The box is marked 1957 DeSoto, can anyone confirm?
  15. Set of DeSoto Hemi Heads. Have rockers, shafts, valves, etc. Free delivery to Carlisle. $275 for the the set.
  16. Half Ton Mobile Gantry Crane nearly new, barely used. Same as pictured. Bringing to Carlisle. This was over $500 new. Save a bunch of $$ and pick up at Carlisle. $350. I'll also throw in a nearly new chain-fall hoist!
  17. Two Chevrolet windshield frames. One early 20s and the other late 20s I believe. Can deliver to Spring Carlisle or Hershey. Prefer not to ship. $150 each.
  18. Thank you but considering the size, glass, and current shipping issues I would much prefer these be sold and picked up at local (Carlisle, Luray, Hershey) swap meets.
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