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  1. -Recover from PHD -Post Hershey Depression. -Get the trailers unloaded and stuff put away. -Get some listings put online and continue moving some parts. -Get some work finished on my '51 F1 so it'll be ready for the road next spring.
  2. I have about 6 1/2 years to go, just hope I make it there and still have decent health. 🙂
  3. Local gas/service station give-away items such as ice scrapers and maps for sure but what about these cool little trash bags?
  4. Well to start off with I didn't try to negotiate without seeing the car in person. We didn't discuss price at all (he had posted his price), I just wanted some information about condition. I also would've been happy to take a road trip, I love to take road trips! As I stated above however I do not have the free time to just take off at the drop of a hat. All the seller had to do was take a tiny little bit of time to answer a few questions and he was unwilling to even do that. On top of that the title had NOT BEEN SIGNED by the previous owner and there was no offer of a death certificate or any mention of a power of attorney being involved. He stated the title was still in the previous deceased owners name, was unsigned and that's the way it would come with the car. -The seller did not offer any description beyond that it was an older restoration in driver condition. -The seller did not offer any help to straighten out the title issue, as a matter of fact his attitude was basically "take it or leave it". -Had he even made any effort at all to be helpful I would've already had made the trip to check it out. To even suggest that I should've hooked up the trailer and made a long drive (two states away) to see a pig in a poke I find astonishing. Maybe if I had lots of spare time on my hands and plenty of surplus cash to burn.
  5. 1926 Buick master 6, all original, runs and drives very well. Motor is smooth, starts right up, no smoke or knocks. Great oil pressure, good clutch, smooth shifting transmission. Seats are shabby, show areas of foam rubber in places, covered with a throw blanket.All body parts straight and dent, rot free. Appears to be original paint. Gas tank needs to be cleaned, car is running off vacuum tank (which also is rusty but passes thru a gas filter). Doors in great shape, Aftermarket (?) bumpers on rear floor.No key, turns on with toggle switch. Generator charges, horn works. ***I was poking around the cars for sale section and found the above ad. The seller gives a pretty good description of the pros and cons of the car. I guess my whole point of my original post is why can't some sellers not give these types of details even when asked? That is all I was looking for.
  6. I agree except the seller is a 9 hour round trip away from me, was not wiling to answer even simple questions or send additional photos AND there was a title issue. I was way beyond skeptical because he would basically tell me nothing about the car. I'm not going to make the drive with virtually no information. I don't need to waste my time that badly, there are too many other good cars out there to consider.
  7. That would be a completely safe scenario. However I think in this case the buyer is a flipper that bought the car to re-sell and has no intention of titling the car in his name leaving it open with no signature.
  8. With the title the way it is someone would need to forge the signature of the deceased man's name, then head for the DMV hoping for the best. I have taken sketchy paperwork to the DMV before and flew through with no questions asked and I have taken perfectly legit paperwork to the DMV and gotten grilled like a criminal. Maybe it depends on whether the person behind the counter is having a bad day or not. If the DMV asks for a notarized bill of sale from the owner (name on the title), then what? Like I said, my gut says this one is not worth chasing after. There are plenty of Model A Fords around (ok, an open car at a good price narrows the field a bit) but there will be others.
  9. I would never ask "what's the least you'd take?", not even after looking at the car. If I'm interested I'll either pay the ask or make an offer. I am absolutely in no hurry to make a purchase. The right car will come along.
  10. Thanks everyone for your opinions and advice. I did not call the seller which is something I should've done but my impression from the beginning was that he really didn't want to be bothered answering questions about the car and he just wanted someone to show up with a bunch of cash and take it off his hands. Well, I'm sorry but it doesn't work that way, not for me anyway. The title issue as I stated earlier is what brought the whole process to a halt. Someone said above that you need to trust your gut and that is very true. My gut said "keep looking, this one doesn't feel right". Last summer (2020) I found a 1951 Ford F1 on line about 4 hours away. I emailed the seller (nice lady) and she not only answered all my questions to the best of her ability but sent me a huge slug of photos and a video of the truck running. It was obvious that she cared about the truck and took care of it and had a box full of receipts to prove it. I went down to look it over and I ultimately purchased the truck. If I'm going to spend thousands of hard earned dollars on a toy, I need to feel that the seller at least gives a crap. I also still work for a living and can't just take off on a 9 hour round trip anytime I take a notion.
  11. The car was advertised as "older restoration, driver condition". That's about it. For me I just wanted a little more before I set off on a wild goose chase.
  12. I agree that 4 1/2 hours away isn't too far to go take a look but I want to feel comfortable with the seller as much as the car. The title issue was the nail in coffin for me however. I have also driven long distances in the past just to find issues that made me turn around and go home with an empty trailer. An honest seller will be helpful and willing to answer any questions without hesitation.
  13. That sounds interesting! Unfortunately I didn't get away from my spaces too much. We got over to the green field to visit with a friend some Friday and walked most of the car corral but that was about it except for going up to the showers a couple of evenings which took me through part of the red field.
  14. So I've started putting out feelers again looking to possibly purchase a Model A (or other?) open car (or truck) in decent "driver" condition. It doesn't take long once you start looking to find some leads to follow. I found what appeared to be a decent Model A Roadster for sale about 4 1/2 hours from me and the price seemed very reasonable. I contacted the owner and yes the car was still available and he sent me a handful of photos. It certainly appeared to be an older restoration that might make a good driver and I was very interested. Here's where it went off the rails for me. I asked a number of questions including: How does it run? Any smoke or noise? Does the oil appear to be clean? How does it shift? Does the transmission and clutch feel ok or make any noise? How are the brakes? is there any glaring issues with the frame, suspension or poorly done body work? How are the tires? Does it have a clear title in your name that matches the frame/engine number? The sellers answer was "it's an old car in driver condition, you just need to come and look at it". "The title is still in the (now deceased) previous owners name, if that's a problem you should probably just pass". Maybe it's just me but once I received that response I was no longer interested. Do sellers not want to make any effort at all to describe the car they're trying to sell? Is it too much to ask to answer some simple questions about condition? Does the seller really expect me to make a 9 hour round trip to see for myself details that he could've easily answered? When I was selling my '64 Falcon this past spring I happily answered all questions that came my way and took good clear photos of any part of the car that a potential buyer asked for. A man from Florida eventually purchased that car and was ecstatic when he came to pick it up that it was exactly, if not better than, described. I've ran into this attitude from sellers before and it's a shame because I was really interested in the car. Am I wrong to be a little bit miffed?
  15. Thanks for sending the link, I appreciate it! Biggest hurdle with this is distance. I found a '30 Roadster about 4 1/2 hours from me that looked promising but all I could get from the owner was a handful of photos. I asked a number of questions and only got some vague answers and "well you just need to come and look at it". If a seller wants to sell a car is it too much to ask to answer a few simple questions before I make a 9 hour round trip? Then I found out the car's "clear title" was still in the name of the former and now deceased owner and the current owner is not willing to have the title put in his name. Oh well.......
  16. Please let me know of any Model A Ford open cars or trucks (Roadster/Phaeton/Cabriolet) that are for sale in the eastern/mid-atlantic region (Virginia-Maryland-Pennsylvania-West Va-North Carolina). May consider other makes late 20s-early 30s. -I'm NOT looking for a restoration project -I'm NOT looking for a restored car -I AM looking for a driver or older restoration or maybe a car that hasn't run for awhile that maybe needs a little TLC to get into driver condition. If the paint is worn and faded or the interior is a little ratty that's just fine, I intend to drive it!! Also always looking for Model A parts collections. -Thanks!
  17. I was able to catch Steve by our spaces long enough to introduce myself and thank him for all he does.
  18. I had a funny thing happen. An older gentleman came by our spaces wanting to SELL me some wheels, cheap, so he wouldn't have to haul them back to Florida. He tells me they came off a 1935 Lincoln and were Kelsey-Hayes wires. I bought them because they were decent condition and he was asking lass than what a decent lunch would cost the wife and I. Why he picked me I'll never know, he just rode up on his scooter and struck up a conversation. In any case I doubt they came originally on the same car as I think two are 16" and two are 17" but I need to double check. They are still buried on the trailer. Then one night after dark another man rode up and handed me a "Marathon Village" card and said he was from Nashville and was involved with the restored Marathon Motors building where the Pickers have a store. I had a riveting machine he wanted to restore and display there. It can be fun and interesting meeting new people. You never know what to expect!
  19. That thought crossed my mind but I dismissed it because it has about 9-10 less bars than stock Ford. Dimensionally I think they are close. I suppose aftermarket maybe didn't try to match stock bar count very closely! 🙄 THANKS!
  20. Looking better! Cloudy with rain chances appearing to diminish! Comfy temps! Hoping for the best but hey, a bad weather day at the Hershey swap meet is better than a good day at work!
  21. Look at 1935 DeSoto Airstream. Looks like a match to me.
  22. Not me. Perhaps that was Jack or Dick?
  23. No, I actually come to help older friends that can't do it by themselves anymore. Most of what is for sale belongs to them but I always bring some stuff to.
  24. Steve, a great big "THANK YOU!!" for all you and everyone involved does to make this happen! I'm sure most of us (including me) have no real idea of what REALLY goes into putting on this meet.
  25. Oh No! 😬 I need all the friends I can get!! C4Y 1-4 in the north Chocolate field (right across from Bricker's fries). Look for A-Bone the old mechanic sitting in my Model A Doodlebug. He'll be smoking a big cigar. I usually have lots of Model A parts but this year I'll have an eclectic mix of parts mostly from the now defunct Roaring Twenties Auto Museum. Grilles, grille shells, headlights, driving lights, speedster tanks, trunks, trunk racks, hubcap wrenches, early rims, wheels, fender skirts, hubcaps, etc. Stop in and say hello! I plan to be there from about 10:00am Tuesday thru Saturday morning.
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