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  1. marc1122

    radiator cap

    Thank you all for the input. i located a nice original from a member here
  2. marc1122

    Packard radiator cap

    I am looking for a goddess of speed radiator cap for my 1930 packard. thanks for any information
  3. marc1122

    radiator cap

    I am looking for a goddess of speed radiator cap for my 1930 packard. driver or less condition but complete. thanks for any leads
  4. marc1122

    1930 packard

    Thanks for the information.i will get in touch with them
  5. marc1122

    1930 packard

    I recently acquired a 1930 733 packard rumble seat coupe. This is the first packard I have owned. My question to the packard people out there is. Are there any prints or drawings out there of the wood structure of these cars. This car is very solid but will need some wood replaced. Secondly, the seat springs and most of the wood bottoms are there but in poor shape. Is there anybody that fabricates these? My upholstery guy is good but he doesn't get into seat frames or springs. Thanks for any help or insight. marc
  6. marc1122

    Graham supercharger

    Something from the 30's. No particular year. we are working on a project with a straight 8 studebaker engine and want to supercharge it with something looking correct for the vintage,
  7. marc1122

    Graham supercharger

    Looking for a graham supercharger. Preferably complete.
  8. marc1122

    19?? Apperson chassis

    Keith, i have no other apperson parts. it is located in central Indiana, just west of Indianapolis. marc
  9. marc1122

    19?? Apperson chassis

    Ron, the wheelbase is 127" rim size is 25" i don't know anything more about what year it is. I don't see any markings on it other than the wheel caps marc
  10. marc1122

    19?? Apperson chassis

    I bought this a while back from a member that posted on this site. it is as sound as he described and am very happy with it. however I am going in a different direction with things now. just looking to recoup my initial investment which was $750. hate to see it just sit here and languish.
  11. marc1122

    " The Checkered Flag" by Peter Helck-1961 SOLD

    What era is this from? A couple samples would be nice
  12. marc1122

    Speedster Builds.............

    Al, that is something that has crossed my mind. The rim that I have narrowed is an agricultural wheel rim.The bead height is the same as the buffalo wheel rims. I think I lucked out on this issue. I hadn't thought of that till after I started narrowing the rim. marc
  13. marc1122

    Speedster Builds.............

    Al, yes,once harvest is complete and everything is sheded I will have the shop space. going to lock myself in there till spring?
  14. marc1122

    Speedster Builds.............

    Al, i have big aspirations for the winter. Harvest will be here in probably two weeks. untill that's done I won't get much done on the project but have a vast majority of the components now so won't have to do much searching this winter and more building and fabricating. The t head showed 3200 miles on the odometer and I would have to think it's accurate from the looks of the internals. Looks like a hone, crank polish and valve and seat grind may get it in shape. marc
  15. marc1122

    Seagrave speedster

    I am not sure. I bought a set of 400 lbs. capacity scales. I am weighing components as I go through the engine so I can get an accurate weight. That will help me in reinforcements to the chassis I am using and wheel choices.