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  1. Still seeking 23” Buffalo number 5 wheels
  2. Looking for an American lafrance with what I believe is the e series v12. It would have dual updraft carburetors and four distributors. thanks for any info
  3. I should add. I would be interested in a complete set of wheels as well if somebody didn’t want to split up a set
  4. I am looking for a pair of wire wheels that match the two I have. They are 72 spoke. Included are pics with measurement. Any info appreciated
  5. Al i am waiting on the mag and distributor to come back from the rebuild shop marc
  6. I am looking for a wheelwright preferably in the Midwest part of the US to respoke a set of wheels. Any info is appreciated
  7. It is starting to look like something BBC
  8. Looking for a right hand drive steering column. Preferably fairly complete with gear box and etc.
  9. After years of gathering parts I have begun this project. It’s using a 1913 packard truck transaxle. A 1919 lafrance front clip and a 1013 cubic inch seagrave t head
  10. Yes. The felt seal cam be made. I determined the thickness that it would have beenand order a square of felt from mcmaster carr. Cut my own seal. It worked quite well
  11. Looking for an unfinished auburn boat tail speedster.
  12. Looking for a set of knock offs for a custom set of wheels I am building
  13. I am in central Indiana. Looking fo a nice heavy set of frame horns. I am planning to build a frame. Also would like to find a heavy right hand drive front axle. I would be interested in parts and pieces or a whole chassis thanks for any info marc
  14. In search of a big car chassis from the teens to early twenties
  15. Thanks for the reply. That’s what I am looking for but need it to be heavier built .
  16. Looking for a set of frame horns from the teens to twenties. Need to be from a big car or truck. Thanks for any information
  17. Pulled this out of a barn on a farm my friend bought. Thought I would see if anybody needed any parts or the whole thing before it becomes part of a 2021 Honda
  18. I am searching for an oil pump for my Wisconsin 4 cylinder t head engine. It is a type A . A hard piece to find I am sure. Any info is appreciated
  19. I am looking for a Bosch 12 wire magneto. running condition or complete and rebuildable
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