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  1. Hello, i am looking to get in into the automobile hobby and i am looking for my first car. I have some particular makes, models, and years in mind...however i'm open to anything (including alternative engines and fuel...steam, electric, ext). Thank you for all your leads or support...
  2. Looking for an American lafrance with what I believe is the e series v12. It would have dual updraft carburetors and four distributors. thanks for any info
  3. Hi Folks. This is a really long shot. Back in the 1970’s. My father in-law rebuilt a ‘32 Pontiac. He ended up selling it at auction in Atlantic City in 1983. My wife has fond memories of “helping” him in the backyard during the build when she was very young. We believe that this car was last in Atlantic Highlands, NJ 3 or 4 years ago. I will add 2 photos. One from the add that I found and one of the last pictures my father in law had of the car. He is from New Brunswick Canada. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated. Chris 587-215-5051
  4. Searching for a 1968 Imperial Crown or LeBaron hardtop sedan, not interested in coupes or convertibles. Another restoration project is not desired. Imperial is to be in very good condition, sound body, interior, and chassis, drivetrain fully operational and safely operable for a test-drive evaluation on public streets and highways. Original factory-installed air-conditioning is required. Buyer will inspect, evaluate, and test-drive your Imperial personally. A dark color exterior is highly preferred: dark green, dark blue, burgundy, black, et cetera. Original unrestored cars are preferred, high-quality original restorations are acceptable. An Imperial without a vinyl-top covering will require factory documentation to prove validity. Modified Imperials are not desired, but unmolested limousine models may be considered. Your Imperial will be used solely for fair-weather personal pleasure and AACA events. Price offered will be commensurate with your Imperial's appearance, original or restored condition, mileage, mechanical condition, records of maintenance, operation of all power accessories, completeness of all accessories in the engine bay and the trunk, and original manuals provided. Please contact Joseph Seybert at seyberspace9@gmail.com or call 304-669-0770. Email messages are preferred, please include three introductory photographs of the Imperial sedan (overall exterior, interior, engine bay), its location, and asking price. I will reply promptly.
  5. My '56 Dodge Coronet Royal Lancer has a BAD torque converter. Apparently it was built/welded off center when new or improperly rebuilt. Its junk. Looking to buy a used original that I can have my shop rebuild or if you have one by a reputable builder, that would be great too. '55-56 Dodge and Plymouth V8 cars with PowerFlite share this torque converter. THANKS !
  6. From the album: OldChargerGuy Miscellaneous

    I am searching for one of these fine automobiles. I learned to drive in one just like this.

    © unknown

  7. I have come across a '36 Buick Special coupe in B-minus condition. It has a heater and a radio. It looks presentable. Can anyone throw out a ballpark value on this car? NADA guides show 23 to 24 grand for a nice one. The seller wants 28,900 for it which I think is 7 to 9 grand too high. Am I thinking right?
  8. My name is Jamie Weddle and I am currently in the process of trying to track down my grandfathers 1926 Ford Model T Touring. Back around 2007 (give or take a year or so) A couple by the name of John and Kathy Knoll of Fairmont, WV sold this car to John W. Howard. John Howard owned two car dealerships, one in Morgantown, WV and the other in Waynesburg, PA. They tell me at the time of the transaction that the car required transmission repair and it was dropped off to John Howard at his Waynesburg, PA dealership location. From there it may have been put in storage at a local bowling alley John used to store old cars, etc. John Howard passed in 2013 and I’m being told by surviving family members that this car was sold off due to a bankruptcy settlement. I understand it’s been a few years but wanted to know if anyone may have knowledge about the car or if you would know someone who might know where it may be located. Here are a few pictures of the car of how it would have looked at the time it was sold here in Roanoke, VA. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I was very close with my grandfather and this would mean quite a bit to me to find it again. Jamie Weddle 540-494-2416
  9. Howdy Guys and Gals. Anyone out there have a horn button assembly they can part with? Thanks!
  10. Hello. I am looking for a 1959 Chevrolet Impala convertible. I am not concerned about matching number motor and transmission or paint condition. This is a car for my father to enjoy and drive. I would be thrilled to find a family owned car that the owner wants to make sure it goes to a good home and they can visit whenever they want. Please email or send leads to Jason. Call or text anytime. 330-720-6129 email: jrmauro85@gmail.com
  11. Looking for a clean hood for a 1963 Wildcat, preferably a desert car.
  12. I am restarting my very picky search for an eighth generation Riviera, and I figure you are the first folks (other than my lovely wife) to inform of this and also almost certainly the folks I will come to with questions. I do feel I learned a lot from this thread back in mid-2019: Since some kind folks have continued to keep an eye out for me, these are the specifics of what I'm looking for: Supercharger (I know it was optional in 1996/1997 and standard in 1998/1999) 1996-1999 (I want ODB-II and the slight amount of extra power) Less than 100,000 miles (I'd prefer in the 30,000 to 60,000 range, but that's negotiable) An exterior in a dark metallic jewel tone (examples over the years would include Majestic Teal Metallic/Pearl, Dark Cherry Metallic, Ruby Red Metallic, Bordeaux Red Pearl, and Midnight Blue Pearl). I might make an exception for a few lighter-colored metallics such as Slate Green Pearl or Santa Fe Red Pearl. I like and respect the Silver Arrows, but they're not for me: we already have two special edition GM products in the garage, and I think that's enough. An Astroroof Leather bucket seats (I know they were optional in 1996/1997 and standard in 1998/1999) —and, yes, I know that's picky—but I am willing to wait until I find the right one for me.
  13. Looking for an unfinished auburn boat tail speedster.
  14. I am looking for original or good reprint (prefer original) pictures of the 1930 Dodge Marathon / mileage marathon car. Doing research and looking for any pictures I don't have already. What do you have?? Thanks
  15. Looking for a passenger side idler arm for a 1962 GMC 3500 v 3505 truck gvw is 18000 any help would be greatly appreciated. John phone 862 354 3535
  16. I am looking for my first Model T and I have narrowed my search down to a 1923 Touring with electric start. I would like the body, body wood, engine, transmission, and rear end to all have been restored already. I'd like it to be factory correct with no additional equipment. If you have one or know of where one is, please let me know. Thank you jarrodwilliams81@gmail.com
  17. Looking for 20's 30's era car which was turned into a pickup/utility vehicle possibly during the Depression or WWII era. No project which has sat outside for years. Any leads appreciated. PM thru the forum or call me at 703-966-8422
  18. Hey all working on a 64 ninety eight custom sport coupe I'm missing the door panels and am looking for cores to reupholster. I'll attach some pictures of the specific trim I want.I'm located down in Nashville Tn. But am looking everywhere for a set. Thanks
  19. Need help guys, I found a V12 engine in Old Shop trying to ID engine were would you recommend look..There was a 40s Zephyr in shop not sure if it was out of it ..
  20. Hello guys I’m looking for 71-76 impala or caprice any style preferably convertibles . Looking to buy if anyone has one for sale or know of any please inform me . Generous finders fee will be rewarded call keith 404-983-6987 thanks
  21. Hi Folks: After a 14 year detour into antique motorcycles, I'm looking for a super nice, no-BS, original or correctly restored '41 to '47 Cad 62-coupe or convertible coupe. Needs to be turnkey or 98% there - I already have 317 years worth of projects on my plate and I want a car that I can enjoy while I'm still alive. If you have one, or know of one that could be for sale, please message me, or call/text 978.three-oh-oh.24four2. Thanks! =Adam=
  22. Hey guys, I'm restoring (frame off) 1964 Buick Rivi, I cannot find upholstery buttons (silver) anywhere. I purchase my foam from Cars, and material but I have to re-do the buttons. I've seen other seats done without the buttons and I just can't me doing that. I have a gentleman that has the tools to do it, I just need the hardware. If any body has the buttons laying around, I'll buy them. I have enough material to do 32+ So...please respond soonest and/or share this. Thanks Team! Kevin 904-8914212
  23. no basket cases or needing loads of work mkolner14@hotmail.com
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