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For Sale Olds Tydol Special 1932

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Olds“Tydol” Special 1932
All Aluminum handcrafted body, highly modified chassis, Pre War Alfa Romeo knock-off spoke wheels.
12 volt hardness with hidden electro-fan. Desirable Olds 1932 straight 8. All Original Olds 32 drive train. dual carburetor intake with 8 to 1 exhaust
Leather seats. New gas tank, brakes, generator, clutch, etc.
A Real one of one.


Engine:                           Oldsmobile8 Cylinder

Intake:                           Special dual Carburetor

Exhaust:                        8:1

Transmission:             Olds Manual 3 speed

Rear End:                      GM Rear End

Front Axle:                   GM Tubular

Suspension:                 4 leaf Spring with adjustable friction shock absorbers

Brakes:                          4 Hydraulic GM with Volpi type Brake Heat Diffuser Fins cover

Electric:                         12Volts Neg Ground Alternator

Wheels:                        Knock Off Spoke Wheels

Cooling:                        Olds Radiator with electric fan

Body:                             Aluminum hand crafted

Chassis:                         Racing modified

Type:                              Two Seater





tydol poster-square.jpg

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Very well done. Great look. Interesting engine choice. Someone will have a fun new toy......

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