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  1. Wow! George, I didn’t know you were a code talker back in the war..............(read Civil War, not WWII) 😎 PS- I can now fly direct to Oakland for 160 bucks round trip..........when things slow down, I will come out and visit all you “old” guys on the left coast.
  2. I noticed the wheels. If the heads are cracked or repaired be ready with money. Never can tell until you are there. Recently saw a very nice 1912 that needed nothing and was a proven tour car sell ..........very slowly at 65
  3. DIG THEM OUT.......I would be interested............steel or aluminum?
  4. The actual reason for free wheeling was upshifting without the clutch........thus only first required the clutch to get the car moving. I regularly use it in all of cars as long as I am not in the mountains. I NEVER use it on unfamiliar roads.......once every year or two you can get a very unpleasant surprise if driving in free wheeling and you find a "mega" down hill.
  5. Free wheeling was invented to scare the hell out of the drivers of the car eighty years after it was built.........they accomplished their task well!
  6. At this point in my life, they would have to pay me to take it......
  7. Fact is, the market is much more .....how shall I say.........different than most people realize. I can buy a car, or five........all in the same deal. It’s often feast or famine. I have a formula on every car deal........I plug it in, and get a yes or no answer accordingly. Cars to me are no different than a coffee and doughnut........I’m willing to pay a certain amount for the product, no more and no less. Some cars still excite me, and I need to temper my emotions and passions...........and I’m good at controlling them. I have owned a great bunch of junk........beyond imagination. I’m the luckiest guy in the hobby.....and a I know it. Trick is volume.......look at lots of stuff...........
  8. Greg, the Canada issue is what it is, but I have my own equipment to move things. Fact is there are LOTS of cars available, but 90 percent of them have too many issues for me to deal with....IE .......want to own or able to flip to make a few bucks. Experience tells me there are always five cars a month for me to consider to own.....play with, ect. I often pass on good deals......and hand them off to friends. Randy’s Auburn is one example..........I was in the market for an Auburn, but wanted a V-12.........so I passed and handed it off to a good guy here........and I’m very, very happy he ended up with it. Fact is, I spend 80 hours a week doing pre war cars...........when you put time in like that you come across lots of stuff.........wish I could share some of what I do, but most of the people prefer to be out of the public eye.
  9. Depends on head condition and a few other things..........its worth 25k as is.........add or subtract when standing in front of it..........fun driving car that has a good following, a club, and helpful other owners.....your not out in the cold like some other makes.....
  10. My 12 nickel comment came from a forty year owner of a 12 with extensive early Cadillac background, but he is gone n ow and I can’t ask where he got his information. Some of the early Cadillac group guys have copies of the production logs, so it shouldn’t be hard to find out about the body style. I had a 1914 with the two speed rear end........great car.
  11. Too many people who wish to impress others with their limited knowledge of things.........if you want a multi cylinder starter car that’s in the CCCA world, where in the HELL can you find anything better for the money? NO WHERE! The problem is too many internet experts that have no clue at what they are talking about...............anyone who has an interest in this type of automobile would be foolish not to take a long hard look at this car. I do NOT know the seller, and have never inspected the car.......just 40 years of dealing with great cars is where I am coming from. Ed
  12. Yes, it was offered in 12. They also offered nickel instead of brass finish on the brightwork. PS - maybe a early 12? The car looks very correct to my eye, but it’s been years since I played with a Caddy 4.
  13. If that car is your first rodeo, there is one thing for certain.........it will be your last rodeo!
  14. Looks like a decent car..........with a 50’s restoration. Too bad about the color. That tells you everything else you need to know. For the correct price, it would be a great at home restoration project. Interesting car when done, and drives in the 35-40 mph range. Not a car for a beginner!
  15. Thanks George...........I thought they would fit............PM him Greg’s phone number if you have it. Bet he has some available......
  16. Looks the same as a Pierce Arrow Series 80 & 81 handle.........try Ebay.
  17. Interesting that when you need advice from the Sensei, you call and talk for hours..........and the best four moves you made in the last 18 months?????? Sensei is wise beyond his years............🤔
  18. They are basically a Pierce Arrow cheapened chassis.......but still fantastic, with a Stude body and Pierce front doors........while that description is not totally accurate.........think of it as a 31 Cadillac 8 VS a 31 LaSalle. Similar but different. The Pierce guys basically don’t collect them, and often times a newbie buy’s one and then finds out later what it is. My opinion as to value........a very, very, very nice parts car...........25, nope.........20, nope..........15, nope...........10, nope............get the idea? It’s worth it’s value in parts, minus the headlight lenses, which is half the value of the parts car. If it were ten miles from my house, I MIGHT give 5k, after I look at it, maybe. The most important lesson here is understanding what your looking at, and understanding the market. There are many car companies that did similar things in the 30’s.........and it’s easy to get burned. Like a Series 80 & 81 Pierce...........if anyone is ever intrested in a Pierce car, feel free to pm me...........Ed
  19. Yup............but it’s only time and money...........lots of time and a huge pile of money. To be fair, for someone looking for an original car, and they have mechanical talent, it could be a fun car to get on the road. The issue is price and cost.............price of what you have to give to own it, and cost to build the engine............if you get the car for free, the numbers don’t work on a engine rebuild and a complete sorting. Sad, but true. PS- It’s the deluxe model.........actually quite rare when new. The definition of a rare car? One that nobody wanted when it was new. (Still a great car, and I like it, it’s just the dollars that don’t work for ME, maybe someone else.)
  20. Its a very nice parts car, for a model car that no one is looking to restore or needing parts. Unfortunate but true. Recently a very similar car that was nicely restored sold in the mid 20’s. This particular Pierce is the “poor little brother” car in the Pierce world. While a great car and it’s all Pierce quality, it’s usually the lowest on the list to own. It even has better lines than most of the larger series cars.
  21. We have been rebuilding the 215 series boxes for fifteen years, and have made all the parts. We have done about 75 of them. We still have all the parts in stock except new worms, which we manufactured for Cord, Pierce, Stutz, and others. The cost of running another batch of worms at ten at a time was well over two grand each and that was five years ago. Currently we have good used core worms in stock for Pierce and Stutz. Prices vary on rebuild costs depending on condition and missing or modified parts. When finished, we install all modern seals in the box, and run ATF as a lubricant.......they seal that well. The factory in South America who has been asking to make kits for us won’t run them in batches of less the one hundred. Since there were only two machines on the planet that can make the worms, and one is no longer running, between the limited demand and high number of worms required to be ordered, I doubt the run will get done. Also, all the original bearings are no longer available, and the substitute replacements being offered a few years ago were not conducive to steering box applications. We made new worms in both right and left hand drive for the Pierce and Stutz, as well as a few Cords. On the Cords we changed the box ratio so it would steer easier. We would buy a few worms for inventory, but we wouldn’t be intrested in entire kits as we have plenty of inventory on the shelf for all the rest of the items. Our kits replaced the bushings with bearings, so the boxes end up working much better than new. Getting the heat treating correct was very, very difficult. Ed
  22. Early Cadillac V-8 engines were governed down by restricting the carburation to prevent the engine from tearing itself apart. Caution is advised when hot rodding one of them.
  23. Windfields are popular with the vintage racing crowd. I know there a quite a few series, small to large. The setup shown above looks like a setup we have sitting on the shelf at the shop, and it was identified as a Ford application. I have no idea if this info was correct or not, as we have had several opinions. Windfield prices tend to be all over the map, with the larger units demanding more money. That said, I have several friends with shelves full of them. Can anyone verify the application of the unit pictured?
  24. I’m quite sure it’s better than before..........and, if it were my car, I would fill it with evapo rust on start up and run it for the summer.......one last treatment. It looks like it’s clean, and my car after running it for a few months going down the road looked a a shot blasted casting out of the foundry. I called your shop on Monday.....found out you are not open. Will give you a buzz later this week with a few other ideas...........Ed
  25. Pre war parts drying up???? Yup, since the mid seventies. I still find the impossible stuff..........it just takes more work. In some ways, I think it’s getting easier with electronic and social media.