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  1. Take a close look at the car up for auction, I like it, and have inspected the Guyton car since the sale, as it ended up with a friend. Walter’s old car is on my want to own list. A quick back of the envelope calculation makes me think the number being tossed around is too high. I’ll guess 35k all in.........maybe.
  2. Could it be the Sergio Franchi Packard? About thr right time and place.
  3. This thread just keeps getting better.......and well over 300 pages!😎
  4. Hello, thank you for posting. We have many people who are 50 year members in the Pierce Arrow Society and some of them likely remember your father and uncle. The paperwork is collected by some people, but most of it has been digitized and is available through the club website if you are a member. What was your fathers and uncle's name? Where were they from? Do you know what car they had, we may be able to locate it for you. Best, Ed
  5. Most of the above IS ACCURATE..........but there is hope.........I think we will begin to see speciality guys doing component restoration...........total coach building from scratch will just about disappear, but service and rebuilding of the components will stay around. I expect my future will be sorting old restorations that have not been run in years, and fixing the issues the owners didn't even know they had when the car was freshly restored. There is a lot of interest in driving and owning the cars....just not dumping in money by the boatload to own it. I think we will actually see some pre war stuff make it to the crusher....the hard leftover projects.......maybe they will be cherry picked for good spares, but there are going to be more cars than owners for a lot of the off brand sedans that were poor drivers when new. On the bright side, I will be able to buy a few cars every year or two, play with them, and then pass them off and find another interesting one. The good stuff is still getting better.........its the bottom 35 percent of the market that is going to hell.
  6. Ask AJ'S dad.......he was there and taking photos....(and bought a car?)......I'm sure AJ will chime in. At the time that Packard with those lights would set into someones memory.
  7. I'm not sure its a total dead hole..........I think he said a skip or something similar. Thats why I suggested pulling the push rods and putting it on a five gas........to be sure the hole is the offending one. It's going to be an interesting fix.........Matt.......get it fixed! A bunch of us are wondering what the problem is......😎
  8. Yup....but a dealer is always fishing, and I'm ok with that. If the car were tour ready and needed nothing, it would be a very fair asking number to start with. I don't know the dealer, but have friends who have done business with him and say he is a good guy. His site sure has a lot of stuff for sale, mostly cars I am not familiar with. It's worth a look.
  9. V-16 Cadillacs have a huge amount of die cast pot metal..............and it's falling apart now........on every car. Add in a car that has sat, been neglected, needs sorting, and the regular basics..........your gonna dump 40-50 in a car like the one for sale at the top of the thread. Its a fun and rewarding challenge, and hopefully someone takes it on. Getting in is easy.........getting it done is VERY difficult on a 16, and getting out??????? Well we shall not even go there. Example.......I know nothing about the car, but if it needs exhaust manifolds, you're going to spend 30 grand by the time you are done. Bad heads or engine............or internal problems? Buying a V-16 is difficult at best without a budget, and few people understand them anymore, and those of us that do are getting old.
  10. Yes, that’s it. Hammer was in the lower mid 60’s. And the car was owned by one of the leading V-16 Cadillac collectors in thr world. It was sorted and ready to tour.
  11. Jack took me for a ride in his Loco back about ten or fifteen years ago. I have had a Loco on my want list since I saw my first one back in the 70’s. It was a 1928? Floyd-Derham convertible sedan. I wonder where that car ended up.
  12. Trial and error.........every car is different. Yup.....it’s work. PS- most cars have different thickness shims........thus just stacking random ones in not a good idea. Clean all the ones you have, measure them, and start playing around with it.
  13. Dave....you should make a production run of jackets for “Big AL”, I would buy them!
  14. Anyone who has 50-100k to spend on a sedan today has twenty five times more options than five years ago. In ten more years, it will be two hundred times more options. I always try and buy good cars.......which means price is the second or third thing to consider after I determine the car is acceptable to me. I rather overpay for a good or great car, then get a deal on a mess. I’m getting older........which means I have less time to fix and restore things, and hopefully a bit wiser every year also. I think comparing a dealer offered car to a recent public sale is fair game. If it were a private seller, I would not have commented.
  15. I still have my CT-90 up north. My driveway is VERY long, so we use it to get the mail when its cold outside when we don't want to take the ten minute walk.
  16. Post a photo or two. Polishing the aluminum would be incorrect, and the oxidation would be a huge problem. Also, the panels would warp from polishing them with a machine. Wire wheels were available, but require different hubs/drums, and spindles. You not going to fine the parts....you can make the wheels for about 20k for six painted. Have you driven a similar car yet? I would recommend you drive a Loco BEFORE you start restoring your car to understand it's driving envelope. It may or may not be what you expect. Ed PS- who is the body builder? Rubay?
  17. Yup...in that condition....look at the sale in Arizona from January and tell me what you think. A MUCH better car, turn key for 60. The market on 4 door sedans is NOT static.........
  18. Yup........except the price is twice what it should be for an asking number.
  19. It’s a wheel bearing shim, if I am not mistaken. Too tight and a fire or snap. Be sure you figure it out. Don’t guess.
  20. John, a 1931 Pierce Series 42 is the closest thing you can buy to a model J, and it’s beyond fantastic. Properly set up and tuned, it’s the best car in 31 after a J. It’s easy to get 175 hp out of them, and they absolutely fly. Steering, stopping, and suspension are better than a J. It will eat a V-16 Cadillac for lunch. Only problem is that are like unicorn horns........very difficult to find, and very seldom change hands. It’s one of those rare cars not well understood except by the people who own them. It usually only becomes for sale at an estate situation. Yup, I have one. 385 cid and they drive like a modern car. Ours has been in the family 49 years, and it’s going nowhere. I have a nephew who will have it next......and add to the family History doe another 50.
  21. Matt....I just realized you didn't mention if you checked the filter on the plug wire..........just thinking out loud. 😁