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  1. edinmass

    1937 Cord enquiry

    Stewart, what is your location? I will be at the Florida ACD meet next month, and I am sure someone will know the car.
  2. edinmass

    1937 Cord enquiry

    Are you an ACD club member? They also have a forum that is broken down by marque. They probably can help, as the 810/812 cars are a tight knit group. Great car. Ed
  3. Mark, my brother-in-law will be coming down south in a few weeks, he has an enclosed 48 foot trailer heading to Miami. Depending on timing maybe he can haul your car down.
  4. Mark, if you are going to haul the car home from upstate NY yourself, you should stop by and see John Cislak in Indian Orchard Mass on your way home. It will be only about 15 miles out of your way, and he can help you with almost any parts you may need. He can also go over the car by eye for you and offer some advice. John and I were on the tour with your car about ten years ago in upstate. PM me for his information. Good luck with the new car! Ed
  5. edinmass

    What does original mean?

    What does it mean TODAY? Absolutely nothing!
  6. There must have been a special on brown paint early in the decade! Could be an early Bill Harrah's tour........
  7. edinmass

    Schebler Carb parts

    Stan is great............
  8. Franklin Hershey did a handful of cars in that same basic style. On a Model J they called it a Town Limousine. Interesting chrome tire cover which I also have seen on some of his other one off cars. He was still designing cars in thr mid fifties, and the Ford Thunderbird is his best known work.
  9. The big green Simplex was local to me in Western Mass for decades, and recently traded hands, it was bought new by the Atwater-Kent family.
  10. That’s why they were in Mecum....
  11. edinmass

    1908 REO touring original unrestored.

    More and more, cars make NO ECONOMIC SENSE, that said, why should they. I buy and drive what I like, to hell with the money/cost/out. While I don’t want to flush money down the drain, a well lived life for a car guy with gasoline in his veins means owning and driving interesting vehicles. Keeping it in perspective and within ones means is reasonable, but I have made and lost seven figures on cars in the aggregate, in the end, what does it matter. I have had more fun than any reasonable person could expect. And I’m still doing it. I plan to die broke, shrouds don’t have pockets. Ed PS- One can always make more money, no one can buy more time.......no matter how much you have. Drive you car.......your time is shorter than you realize.
  12. Many of thr pre war clubs are still like the one in the movie. Many clubs still don’t have judging or Concours displays, HCCA and many others just drive, have fun, and stop at collections along the way. Ed
  13. edinmass

    Interesting side-mount mirrors...

    Thr mirrors are from the 20’s.......off a large series car, they were a common accessory. Using that style after 1928 would look awkward on most cars, a few 29’s might pull it off. Today, most collectors are removing accessories not adding them, there is a glut of bolt on bling.......mirrors, trunks, lights, ect. In days gone by they would have been expensive and in demand, today they are not often perused and difficult to sell. Ed
  14. edinmass

    Breeze B-D Carbueter ID help please

    Looks small, several motorcycles used them, and they are very expensive if the application is for a motorcycle. Ask carbking, he can tell you.
  15. The Olds is either in Rhode Island or Michigan, as of last count there were only two. The Michigan car is apart, the Rhode Island car is white and an older restoration. Fred Roe was in the single cylender Cadillac going over the logs trying to balance the cocktail tray....a common pre war car event, as well as the teeter toter. Fred went on to wright the definitive book on Duesenberg cars......after owning a bunch of them. Right around this time is when Fred bought the Amelia Earhart Kissel Gold Bug Speedster.
  16. edinmass

    seafoam vs stabil

    Gasoline is formulated differently in many metropolitan areas. Where I’m from you cannot buy fuel without alcohol and all the additional additives. I have had carburetors get gummed up, floats stuck, and jets Plugged all in less than 60 days. The best option for laying up any length of time, is some type of aviation gas or racing fuel. Even at $10 a gallon it’s still much cheaper than fixing the car.
  17. edinmass

    Wisconsin Museum needs help to ID Duesenbergs

    PM me the numbers, and I am sure I can get you photos. Should not take more than a day or two.
  18. edinmass

    seafoam vs stabil

    I wouldn't use either........when storing over the winter or long periods of time use VP Racing fuel for classic cars.......it has a six year shelf life. Drain the tank, fill with five gallons of vp.........to the top if you can afford it, then run for a mile around the block. That way the carb, pump, and lines all have VP in them. You will NEVER have any issues this way........
  19. edinmass

    How do you drive a 1934 Bentley?

    Until one has thrashed a 6 1/2 Liter WO Bentley around the track, and put it into a four wheel slide , you haven’t lived a life on the edge. As Mr. Bugatti used to say, Mr. Bentley builds the worlds fastest lorries! 👍 Here is a W O Speed Six I am rather fond of, having had some chance to stick my little finger in it back in my college days............It’s time for another restoration again......too much track time!
  20. edinmass

    How do you drive a 1934 Bentley?

    We have a shop motto on how to drive any pre-war car........”Drive it like you stole it!”
  21. I do NOT agree...........and most people here would also......also, it has been reported they no longer make pistons, they resell from other suppliers........not sure about how correct that is. I like many others have had very poor service and poor quality parts from the above company, I would use anyone else.........
  22. edinmass

    1929 Pontiac 6-29 Two-Door Sedan *SOLD*

    Nice car for a fair price. 👍
  23. edinmass

    Glidden Tour

    Making it run on the 29 if not too expensive or difficult is a good idea. Then you can take your time on the original and swap it out at some future time. Very unusual and neat Leland Lincoln........I like it!
  24. edinmass

    Glidden Tour

    Neat car...how about a photo or two.