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  1. I’m about as far down the food chain as you can be on a Mercedes 540, that being said, car looks great, and has not been seen in years, all big positives for the sale. My one question is if/how much the POST WAR modifications effect value and desirability. I would think some people would just walk away due to the timing of the changes. Trying to apply this car to the standard 540 marketplace may not make sense. It sure has enough eyeball to exceed the high estimate. It will be fun to watch it hammer at the sale.
  2. Front clip and dash are “car” 1935 style........hood is modified and non standard from what I can see. Neat truck/bus. It should be saved, but it’s probably 100 to 1 that it ever gets done.
  3. First off......it’s a 1935, as far as I can tell. I have seen photos of at least a dozen different units......all similar, but no where near identical. There is an earlier example and I think one other that’s similar. I’m not a truck or bus guy, so I don’t try to track them.
  4. Another easy restoration.........about 1.2 large to restore it to original condition. Worthy project, need the right owner. I’m a purist, but I would use a modern chassis and mount the body on it.......it would save you about 200k.
  5. I have owned a set of 18 inch wheel disks from the factory.....they are stamped steel, and chrome plated.
  6. Interesting......she smoked cigars according to the build sheet!
  7. There is a military website in the UK that has many WWI truck guys with lots of history and photos. I recommend you inquire there. You may be surprised what you find. HMVF.CO.UK
  8. I have more than a dozen installed. Never had a problem.
  9. I know what the next car is coming out of the shop..............It’s hush-hush top secret. 😎
  10. I have an unfair advantage.........289AJS is parked about 100 feet from my computer as I write this. Drove it last week about 80 miles.
  11. Roger......Chicopee! Breakfast at Lucky Strike lately? 👍
  12. That’s not AJS289. There were three of these Special Newmarket’s built, two had a standard front seat with divider, 289 had no divider and bucket seats in front. At over 28,000 dollars delivered in 1933 289 was 8300 dollars more than the famous Duesenberg “20 Grand”.....nothing like a bargain basement supercharged Model J!
  13. The most important rule of owning an antique car.........buy what you like, not what everyone else says. Make the car your own........
  14. I cleared it with your wife.......You can buy the Packard..........”Just one more!” 😄
  15. Ralph has a few other “distraction” from Packard cars in the collection. All unusual and very special. He has a great post war collection also..........and all of his stuff is well done and tasteful.
  16. Agreed. The Old Motor has a decent article on them, with interesting comments from people familiar with them. Results of using them are mixed at best.
  17. There was an old thread here back a while ago with a pair for sale and the guy couldn’t get any offers on them. I have seen at least a half dozen pairs and singles for sale in the last few years, and they seem to just keep sitting on the swap meet table. Let’s face it, they are not very stylish or attractive. They look OK on a few cars(gold bug) but they are a distraction or a detriment to most any car you place them on. They are like those gun handled spot lights that go through the front windshield glass..........just like Woodlights.........they are often more of a distraction than a positive addition to the lines of the car. Just my two cents..........
  18. Here is a restored set on a car that belongs to a friend.....
  19. Frank....your correct......had a senior moment, E&J is correct.....late 20’s and very early 30’s. They are not that hard to find. People ask big dollars, but they seldom sell for much..........have had two sets of them over the years.
  20. Lots of reviews, everyone keeps asking me if I have seen the movie. Got to know Shelby a little bit over the years, and know most of the story, I just keep thinking it will be a disappointment. He was an interesting, hard core individual............
  21. Early type wood lights .......not rare. Not much value. My fault.....not woodlights.....E&J is correct. I see them often.
  22. Did you try the professional car society?
  23. You are mistaken.......it’s a fifty percent up charge............ that reminds me, I haven’t sent you a bill for all the help I have given you the last seven years. Please send cash.
  24. To the best of my knowledge Ralph can’t say any automotive related word that doesn’t include Packard.