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  1. They actually want you to pay to go into a BJ Auction...........I wouldn’t go if you paid me.........
  2. Lots of car for the money. Great drivers. I think I would keep the flipped manifold, but install an early Stromberg downdraft just to keep the car period correct. The Stromberg wouldn’t even cost too much......three or four hundred. I agree with a stripe. Someone will have lots of fun for a very small investment.
  3. I have spent all my money on Whiskey, Women, and Pre War cars..........I’m broke but having a great time!
  4. Overall I didn’t see any cars getting dumped or selling at huge discounts from the auctions I attended. There was a lot of “junk” meaning cars with problems and issues.......they did NOT do well. Most of thr pre war stuff was “middle of the road” with a few selling for much more than I would have expected. Only saw one very nice car that I would call decent and well done sell for what my opinion is short money. It’s mostly perspective.............common run of thr mill stuff isn’t hitting it out of the park........I did see lots of optimistic reserves and estimates................I think I would call the market temperature “mixed” and “flat” right now. Also.....supply and demand seemed to be an issue......lots of supply of very similar cars...........Porsche, Jaguars, and Ferrari's seemed to be EVERYWHERE........many were very nice and well done......the supply seemed endless.
  5. What’s your tow vehicle............list the numbers please, and what is thr heaviest car you own? And the heaviest you will ever pull? Do you often carry extra parts and luggage? There is no one answer fit all. I recommend buying the largest and heaviest trailer you think you will ever need. I like to never exceed 80 percent of max rating for my heaviest car I won. It’s nice to have the extra numbers in reserve in the event you get a dot or other issue. With a truck and trailer st max capacity they car be scary even if the numbers are “ok”.
  6. Like to live on the edge......buy a small truck and light weight trailer. Like the living and enjoying yourself? Buy the best truck and trailer set up you can afford. Run the best tires, and best brakes you can fine. Inspect and service the vehicle and trailer very, very often. At best hauling a car in a trailer is a tricky business, and at worst very dangerous to you and the people around you. I would say more than 60 percent of the towing set ups I see are fair to poor, and many are asinine and dangerous. Stay safe.
  7. Castor and toe are easily adjusted, camber not so much. Until all your front end component are as new.......you can or may have the death wobble and other assorted issues. Steering box, kick shackles, springs and shackles, all need to be perfect before you try and align an old car. 90 percent of the time, the issue isn’t alignment. I have aligned more than 500 cars, and probably it more like 1500. No magic to it. Inflate tires properly, most likely you can just set toe and be fine. PS- some tires make the car feel very loose until they are half worn..........Lester tires seem to be the worst when new.
  8. On any pre war car, I have always thought that radial tires were a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. While the idea can be appealing, it creates more potential problems than it theoretically solves. Generally speaking, keeping a car “bone stock” is a good idea. Engineering was better than most people realize by 1925.
  9. I am impressed that this thread could proceed without negative comments, personal attacks, and general overall criticism today. It kept on topic about economics, trade, and political leaders........BRAVO! But it still pains me to have any comments of a political nature here, as this is the only place on the internet that hasn’t been polluted with negative comments and issues. PLEASE, while I have enjoyed this thread........let it die just the way it is. I enjoyed the comments in their entirety. Ed
  10. That’s what happens when you keep buying piles of junk from peoples garages.
  11. George.......it wasn’t the condition, it’s the supply. There are lots of them kicking around because of all the reproduction units installed. We must have a barrel full of them back at the shop.
  12. In 1933 the Twenty Grand was no where near the highest priced car sold that year. The actual number for highest priced pre war that I am familiar with is 28,300 in 1933. There may be others........
  13. I’ll post photos when time is available.........usually lat at night or early morning. 👍
  14. Best guess......1933 club sedan.......that have zero value. I have a trash barrel full of them. Wall hanger or scrap heap.
  15. Interesting to observe that this year, things seem twice as busy/crowded for Monday and Tuesday as compared to the last five years. Lots of Europeans........and many other foreign visitors than one normally sees. Wonder if it is due to the expanded auction schedule. Went to the Tuesday Carmel car show today........been trying to get over there for a while. Lots of neat stuff for no entrance fee. Parking was difficult......as it always is on the peninsula. Tomorrow starts the opening of the trucks.......and then it will get very interesting. Lots of good stuff so far, but mostly what was on the ground were auction cars.......no surprises yet!
  16. My tag......34 foot triple spread. Fantastic rig, my favorite I have ever owned. Nothing better. I will never sell this rig. PS- your truck and trailer are NEVER heavy enough, never. The tag trailer with one heavy car (6400) and the tripps makes stopping a breeze. I will NEVER own another trailer that doesn’t have the triple axel and spread set up.....never, ever.
  17. You need a Dually to tow a 48 foot fifth or goose neck. We use a GMC 3500. Be sure the trailer has triple axels with 8 lug wheels, and 8K rated brake magnets. The 7k and 8K axles and brakes are the same, just the magnets are different. The Duramax and Alison are the trick setup in my humble opinion, and I have owned five new Ford F-350 Powerstroke trucks over the years. PS- in my humble opinion this is way too much truck and trailer for 98 percent of the people. We have 41 foot on the floor, and seven above the bed. The unit has a 82inch door.....need to be higher for big brass....to be very safe at maximum load, I would prefer a 450 or 550, but we don’t often have two big cars and a bunch of cargo at the same time. This rig WILL eat up your truck if pushed hauling heavy. We have hauled two large Pierce V-12 sedans and some other parts at one time. Brakes are marginal at best under max load. Also notice the brush guard.....it’s very heavy duty.......it’s taken three deer over the years, and we didn’t lose the radiator or condenser. The plastic and light buckets took the brunt. I would recommend a heavy brush guard for every rig.......lots of deer, coyote, and bear in the roads today. If you find a moose........all bets are off.
  18. That’s a lot of car for very little money.
  19. That’s a big beast.......and I like it! 👍
  20. I agree............hack work.
  21. Yup. The ice was probably cut from a nasty polluted pond.
  22. There is another Y code car out there, unknown to the world........except to a wonderful young, good looking guy from the east coast. In time , you will learn more about it. 🤫
  23. George, ask me about the recent barn find 35 Pierce eight convertible coupe.......at Pebble! 😜