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  1. That's very helpful! Thank you so much. What data book are you referencing? Sounds like it has some useful information and I should try to get a copy!
  2. Hello! I need to have the foot brake bands relined on my 1922 Cadillac. I can't find anything in the shop manual about how thick a lining it should have. Do you usually specify that when you send your bands in to be relined? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the Shout out Cadillac Carl! I've enjoyed the calls, learned a lot, and really appreciate you helping me learn about my '22 and suggestions to keep it running safely. BTW - I did remove the carb this weekend and the float is a mess as you and others suspected. Very soggy and deteriorated. It's being shipped out today to be rebuilt. Thanks for the tips! Kurt, I wish I could join this tour. It's just a little too far away, although I would love to explore western and northern Michigan someday. I hear it's beautiful!
  4. Good question, I'm not sure how trustworthy the gauge is, but at idle it never exceeds the 1/2 lb out mark, and at speed it never goes beyond 2lbs. I did examine the pressure release and it is tightened all the way up to max pressure. Eeek. Cadillac Carl suggested I take the release valve out and clean it up, which I'll try next. Perhaps it's gummed up from years of infrequent use.
  5. Thank you so much for the info Carl! I'll definitely use them. I have their mailing address and will be removing and shipping the carb to them soon. Regarding the pressure relief valve. How do you know if it is set correctly? Is that something you need to bench test?
  6. Good to know! That link says Type 59. Would it also work for my Type 61? Did they use the same float?
  7. Thanks so much! I've only had it a few months and only started driving it now that it's warmer. I'll make check and see if I have a brass float if I need to dig into the carburetor.
  8. Thanks for all the advice! I've ordered a couple of the Halon extinguishers (the extinguisher under the seat expired in 1986!) and will dig into that pressure relief valve. That sounds like a likely culprit and easier to check first than digging to the carb, although that sounds like it needs work too. Thanks so much!
  9. Hello! I've got a 1922 Cadillac Touring and one problem I'm experiencing is that it seems to flood itself when the gas tank is more than 2/3 full. It seems the engine fuel air pump over-pressurizes the gas tank forcing gas into the carb, flooding it at stops (forcing me to rev the engine or it will stall) and then pouring all over the garage floor. This problem seems to be less severe when the gas tank isn't full. Any tips? Is there an adjustment?
  10. Good news! I was able to get the starter working again. With your help and the help of my friend Kyle Barrow, we found the issue was caused (as some of you suggested) by a faulty electrical contact in the Generator switch. I think lack of use may have allowed the connection to deteriorate. A little sandpaper and dielectric grease and the car started right up. Thanks so much for your help and guidance.
  11. Thank you! These pages are very helpful.
  12. Thanks so much Carl! I have a friend with a 1922 and 1929 Buick (among several other cars) coming down to take a look next Saturday.
  13. Thanks so much Marty. I did check the amp meter and it was indicating a positive charge. Assuming the gauge is reliable I think it is working. I also charged the battery at home with a separate charger after being towed back in case that was the issue, and it didn't fix the issue. Right now when the starter pedal is pressed I don't hear any noise at all. which makes me think perhaps a brush is jammed up or something. The amp meter does go negative when the ignition is switched on, which I think indicates power is flowing, but no movement is happening. Could that indicate a brush issue? Thanks so much for your help. I've had the car about two weeks and obviously have a lot to learn!
  14. That's a good point. I just got the car and while it seems very well cared for, I don't know when it was last oiled. I'll try to check that pin. Thanks!
  15. I'll give that a try! Thanks so much fellow '22 owner. haha.
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