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  1. I am nervous about someone that does not know how to start it trying to turn the engine over. Trying to think of the best way to proceed.
  2. No one doubted him more than me. You should have seen his ebay write up. I told him he sounded like a Nigerian Prince. Let me see if I can get a video of the car starting from a cold start. See if there are any leaks underneath and if there is smoke. He is not near the car but might be able to get someone at the facility to do it.
  3. HI everyone, I received a phone call yesterday (and a follow up this morning) from the owner of the 1936 Cord asking me to sell the car for him. He is quite a pistol and just a generally great guy. He bought this car because he loved it. Never had a chance to drive it and now personal circumstances are forcing him to sell. It is located near Akron OH. He posted the car on ebay (that is where the current pictures on the forum are from). He has never been on this site and was amused when I told him about the thread. I have attached the tags for the car. It does not have the original engine (it now has FB 411). It does run. His asking price on ebay was $42,000.00. Let me know what questions I can answer. I will be moving the thread into the for sale section at some point. Kely
  4. Wow that explains why I get so many spam calls - my phone number is in advertising everywhere and on posts. I rarely answer my phone anymore it is so bad. Thank you for that valuable tip.
  5. He called back and not only is he legit he is an awesome guy! I love it when I'm wrong. His name is Shawn L. Ritchie and he owns Medina Plating in Ohio. He is fighting cancer but the guy is so full of energy I have no doubt he will beat it. He had a TV show a few years back called Island Hunter where they found islands and turned them into resorts. He has a collection of about 30 cars - mostly GTO's and American metal from the 50's through the 70's although right now he is just selling the Cord. He was saving the cars for his sons - neither of which took an interest in his passion (don't I know that story). He laughed that a lot of people thought he was a scammer and said that they are welcome to come and see the car in person (although someone is coming to see it tonight). My scammer radar failed me miserably!
  6. Called and left a message. We shall see. But I am leaning toward scam. It would be unusual if he has a collection and no one in the area knows about it number 1. Number 2 the misspellings in the copy. And the way the phone number is spelled out not written numerically. All red flags. I always approach everything with a high level of mistrust. Maybe that's why I'm single LOL!
  7. Preference would be for a full CCCA open car preferably an open prewar (1930's) V8 Cadillac or V12 Packard for example. A car that has a strong engine but needs a little cosmetic work. Art deco design preferred. We posted a few weeks ago for a V16 but have decided that this would not be the best option for this particular buyer at this time. Open to suggestions.
  8. Thanks to some good advice written by Matt Harwood concerning V16's and I paraphrase: A V16 Cadillac is A LOT of car for anyone, and borderline too much for a first-timer. It is both expensive to buy and expensive to own, and the purchase check will only be the first of several (maybe many) large checks to be written. Club sedan is desirable, colors manageable, make sure interior is good. If you are dead-set on a 1930-31 Cadillac, my professional advice is to start with a V8 car at 1/4 the price and decide if you like it. If you want to move up to a V16 later, it's easy. Starting with a V16 means you're in with a big up-front cost and if the car is wrong, it will be VERY expensive to fix and/or sell. We have decided to concentrate on V8 Cadillacs, Packards, etc. I will be posting a new request. Thanks Matt for helping us dodge a bullet.
  9. Thank you. I will put on my Nancy Drew hat and attempt to track down the lead!
  10. Thank you Wayne. No answer at the first number and the second is disconnected. Just tried the email. Fingers crossed.
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