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  1. This is a car set up for rallying it has done the 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia and the Competition of Reliability by Czechoslovakia (1500 miles around Czech and Slovak Republic). These are traditional long distance rallies (tradition since 1933 and 1937 respectively). And also some shorter local rallies. So not a Buick to be tucked into a car collection in the states for sure.
  2. That is so cool. Would love to see it restored to original condition but it might be a hot rod next.
  3. This is from a very good client of mine: She came to my collection in 2020 from the US. I use here normally even for long distance rallies. Asking price is €40,000. $42,000.00 US The car is located at my collection, so Hradec Kralove, Czech republic. The car is EU registered (CZE registration). More pictures available by email: duesdealer@gamil.com
  4. Thank you Jeff. I have been a part of the forum for almost two decades. I am sure the readers do not feel offended that I put a list up. If they do, well then we should take it down. What ever the forum wants Kelly does!
  5. Hi Tim. I represent a wide range of cars - from Steam to Sportscars so sometimes you might see an Auburn Boattail Speedster, maybe next to the 1984 March Porsche "Kreepy Krauly." I send it out about once or twice a month. One thing I can guarantee is that if you love cars you will love the newsletter. In the past few weeks I featured and sold an Arnolt Bristol, a Bugatti T40, a Mustang, you never quite know what will pop up.
  6. Chassis no 102041 (T26) Original engine no 833096 (Type 11 S 103) Present gearbox no 3009A Owner will pay the fee for a copy of the original build sheet and date which will allow the new owner to then apply for a V5 or road registration for his country of designation. . Notes from the owner. Car located in the UK Price is 120,000.00 GBP 1952 Lago Talbot T26C rolling chassis with all parts to complete including instruments, gear selection and steering gear and iconic sprung steering wheel. We have built it up from a donor Lago Talbot T26 saloon with original chassis & engine plates and enamel radiator badge. The 4.5 litre engine, preselector gearbox and offset back axle have all been rebuilt by professionals. The engine has a special racing aluminium head. The car needs final assembly, trim and a new body. Many parts, enough to complete one rolling chassis and a spare engine! Engine built up by professional specialist with rare aluminium head, only two known! Our “car” is not fitted with either inlet or exhaust manifolds. We were planning to have them up to suit. Choice is dependent upon carbs.There are two options, SU or Weber’s.SU carbs are easily sourced being the same as fitted to Jaguars. The more desirable and powerful option are Twin Choke Weber carbs. The Original cast items are as rare as the proverbial “ hens teeth” !We have managed to acquire some but they have to be extra! 3 X SU carbs Original Talbot Lago Rocker Covers 3X twin choke Weber carbs 3X Original Twin Choke Weber Carbs chassis plate riveted to the engine bulkhead shows chassis no 102041
  7. I can do one.. but after that it will be on a request basis. Although if you were on my newsletter you would see cars that are never advertised but just offered to my readers. The phaeton sold last week.
  8. One of my collectors in Europe is downsizing and could be interested in selling. This is what he has available prewar. The dollar is at a record high as of today! 1927 Stutz Model AA Roadster 1930 Buick 46S Coupé 1934 Lagonda M45 two-seater tourer 1934 MG PA 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster SC 1935 Auburn 851 Roadster SC 1936 Alvis Speed 20 SD VdP DHC 1937 Buick Special Sport Coupé 1938 Talbot 3-litre Whittingham & Mitchel Tourer (1 of 3 existing survivors) 1948 Delahaye 135M Pennock DHC These cars are not on the open market. email duesdealer@gmail.com for more information.
  9. Larry, I just saw this. Let me put it in front of another client. I will touch base with you after I talk to him. Thanks for sharing.
  10. the confusion is in how I wrote the request. He was actually looking for 1) Sport Phaeton 2) Roadster 3) convertible sedan Packard of any prewar year. He is good now though.
  11. When he crawls out of the car at the end - that's exactly what I feel like when I get back in my driveway after driving from New England to Philly through New York. And staying to the left is the trick. I actually realized that today and then read Steve's post.
  12. Oh man. Talk about the good ole days. Where are the 18 wheelers trying to squeeze you out of your lane? The panicked drivers lane shifting without a blinker? Where's the fun? I cross the George Washington Bridge back and forth from PA to CT several times a month. As a matter of fact I will be doing it again tomorrow. Let the dread begin.
  13. Kind words. Thank you. Hopefully I can find it a new home soon.
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