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  1. Bob, 2008 was his last year at Hershey. He died in 09.
  2. Carl, I first met Ed J back in 1971 when we traded a 57 T Bird for a 1931 Cadillac V-8 Coupe. To say he was an original is an understatement. He knew his Cadillacs well. His spot in the chocolate field was always a regular stop every year at Hershey. He sure did love the 20’s Cadillacs.
  3. Since you asked........ I worked for Michelin in collage in the racing devision for North America, ran my own motorcycle shop, and owned a very large modern car repair shop. I have been in antique cars since I was very young. I bought my first CCCA Classic at the age of 14. Have owned more than fifty CCCA cars, and a handful of Brass and HCCA machines........and countless others. I manage one of the top car collections in the states........been around a LONG time. I have driven pre war cars tens of thousands of miles.......all over the world under almost every condition imaginable. The gentleman who was asking how to change tires had NO CLUE where to begin. A snap ring tire is NOT the place to learn how to do tires by hand. If they are so safe and simple, why do 98 percent of the garages refuse to service them? Most have split rim exclusions on their garage policy. The photo below is a Duesenberg wheel, snap ring, and tire. They were all new with less than fifty miles on them when the snap ring failed..........want to guess how i safely changed this one? I literally had to yell at people to keep away and not stick their face down by the wheel to look at it. The failure occurred while going down the road, the wheel did not strike anything. The failure occurred due to improper clearance between the ring and rim from too much clearance in the groove. Assembled by a restoration shop.........they didn’t catch it. By the way, .............25 psi on the Dodge tire is a huge amount of stored energy, do the math............surface area of the tube in square inches at that pressure is very dangerous.
  4. eBay, UPS, and Fedex have a competition to see who can have the most asinine website that is unnecessarily complicated and defies logic. They are all very successful at making their pages incomprehensible.
  5. One more interesting item........a Dexter 7k and 8K axel are the same, only the magnet on the brakes are different......IE stronger..........thus, when you ever do brake work, replace your 7k magnets with 8K.........direct fit, and more braking power.
  6. Without extensive tire and wheel experience I respectfully disagree with the above post. Don’t try it without someone who is very experienced. I have changed hundreds of them, and suffered a failure last year when the ring failed as we were inflating the tire. Part of the ring stuck in the ceiling 18 feet up, and another piece went clear through my new garage door installed earlier in the day. Fortunately we had it pointed in a safe direction for people and equipment, just not the building.
  7. Two running V-12 Franklins is something I have never seen before at one time.........neat!👍
  8. I agree with Matt, but would add......don’t use modern wire and connectors. Use period correct stuff, and paint it all the chassis color when done to hide it. 99 percent of electric pumps are installed poorly, and when I see pumps done half assed, I assume the rest of the car was also done that way. Take you time, they don’t jump in. Figure a entire days work.
  9. If you don’t know how to remove the ring, it’s too dangerous for you to do your own tire work. Improperly installed, it can and will kill you.......literally. Get help from a car club member. It’s easy to damage the snap ring, and scratch the hell out of the rim. Crome rings are very prone to cracking. Do yourself a favor, get competent help.
  10. It's always a challenge to get electricity to flow up hill against the pull of gravity! I'm probably going to regret giving you a hard time, as I have three difficult cars I'm working on now.............
  11. AJ, have you ever seen the Wombat in person? The wheel is off center, so the 4 passengers in the front seat is a mess. It's not a car that was designed to be anything but a curisioty.
  12. It’s interesting how being in a city vs unincorporated make life easy or difficult as a homeowner. I was looking at a place near by, and just one street over there are no county or city restrictions............build what you want. Five hundred feet to the west......your a criminal if you want a shed. Due diligence is the name of the game. Where I was up north, there was no side yard parking of any type.
  13. I think they are a neat vehicle. There was an extensive story on them published back in the 80’s. From design to build, it was an interesting story. The idea was a power plants that could be changed out in fifteen minutes. It had some kind of cradle set up. If memory serves me, there are about a dozen left. Most unrestored and rough.
  14. Unfortunately the Stewart Warner tanks made it way past the nickel era. My 1931 Cadillac had one. It was trouble free for tens of thousands of miles. They work ok..........but can be a challenge at 100 years old. V-16 Cadillacs had two of them..........twice the headaches. Usually every problem is associated with hack tractor mechanics.
  15. Four rear view mirrors......now if only someone could show them where the blinker lever and accelerator are we will have some progress!
  16. Thanks George.........help from people in the hobby is always appreciated. Spent two days going over the truck and trailer, in an effort to make things go as smooth as possible.
  17. Since a I am now driving solo, It looks like Wednesday afternoon. It’s 11 1/2 hours one way without stops for fuel. The rig is 58 feet so I prefer not doing 14-16 hour days anymore. I expect to be loading the car early Friday morning. I’ll shoot some photos and video. I asked them to leave the car in the corner where it’s been for the last twenty years. I’ll just pull the wood blocks and winch it in the truck. Then it’s off to the other garage to look at some very unusual cars for sale. I will get photos there also. Probably won’t load many of them till I get to a hotel at night. While I plan on splitting the drive up, I think I will make a straight shot home. Time, weather, traffic, and chance will dictate the timeline.
  18. Race-maker Press in Boston would be the people who would know of any publications of that type. If anyone has done a book, it would most likely be old and very low production.
  19. If it has a clutch brake, try shifting while only pushing the pedal down between half way and 2/3 of the way.
  20. 17 inch lock ring Buffalo wheels are like unicorn horns................I have no idea what they fit, but unless the car is going to Pebble, I would make new drop center rims and run them.
  21. I move more cars than most people, I have my own equipment, and also use one national carrier. Of all the national carriers, I only let ONE touch my cars.........the others I shall not comment upon or give factual stories of nightmares.........major nightmares they have been involved in. Trust me on this one boys. You have a car you care about, don’t want to fix after it arrives at your house, and they have drivers that car about what they are doing............there is ONLY ONE............ InterCity Lines. They ship 25 to 35 cars a year for me, for the last seven years. Big, 100 point stuff. I have NEVER had an issue. They also move all my friends cars. They are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. I can tell you this.......they ARE the best. Ed.
  22. On the eight, I agree, the 12 is a coin toss.....the 16........I would take the 32, as it’s twenty times more rare.
  23. I know the car well.........there are only a few 1931 355A Cadillacs that are really done right, and this one is one of the top two I have ever seen. And I have owned a dozen of them. It’s a great car.
  24. Well, since I had a conversation with a salesmen from Stutz, Willis St Clare, and Pierce Arrow......... Specifically about this type of mirror, I shall tell you what he said after a twenty year career selling high end CCCA type cars. They are individual mirrors for each front seat occupant. While I used my two open cars that had them for the driver only, he came up to me at a Grand Classic and explained I was using them incorrectly. He also did a stint at Brunn and Waterhouse for a few weeks learning custom paint and upholstery. Thus, I respect the guy who was there when they were new. I still use mine for the driver only going down the road.