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  1. Better yet.......”Ran when new!”
  2. I have posted some information from the factory to help you.......it clearly states to take the car to the local RR Maintenance Depot near you.......good advice! 😎 Here is a listing of your car from factory records............nice machine. I was born and raised in Springfield and worked under original factory service technicians as a young teen. Great bunch of guys. I have never needed to service or adjust the output on a P1 or P2. also enclosed is a photo of P1 production....good luck!
  3. Nothing has changed if you only cleaned the pan, and didn't change the regulator adjustment. Was the oil pressure perfect before you cleaned the pan? Low oil pressure just isn't bad lower end bearings, cam bearings and an open oil gallery or leaking oil line internally are other possibilities. Are the rods pressure fed or splash? While 5 lbs at idle is low, its not the end of the world.....rule of thumb is 5 psi for every 1000 rpm. Is it possible the regulator was installed up side down? Missing a shim that was dropped? If things were fine before, it shouldn't be too difficult to get thing back to square one. Also, if the engine is clean inside consider a 100 percent synthetic oil........with low pressure it will stop gauling and overheating on the bearing surface. Something just doesn't sound right about the whole problem here. Either an engine has good pressure, or it doesn't. If things have changed, you need to figure out the regulator.......or, adjust it so it will not dump pressure under any circumstance.......then you will really know what the condition of the system is.
  4. Yes......although the shifter is in a strange position.
  5. I know where there is a 1914 two speed rear...........PM if intrested.
  6. Did your mom tell you that................now I am one up.
  7. 901 is correct....the only way this car makes it to the eighteenth green at Pebble Beach during car week is if you drop it out of a helicopter. Still a nice car and lots of fun for the next owner. Maybe a perfect car to let the grandchildren learn to drive a stick. If you think it’s had to sell this car now, wait another twenty years where only people born before 1980 know how to shift a car.
  8. Great car.......too bad about your face. Just getting even!😎
  9. Looks good to me......sort it and drive it!
  10. For some reason I had 27 years in my head......not 17. Anyways, I wonder why it took so long for the others to adapt........or was it that the image of a different car with fender lights seemed like a “rip off” or poor taste on a off brand car? I agree it’s a much better set up, and that’s why all cars went that way. Maybe the depression slowed down the faster changeover? So which car was first after 1931 to put the lights in the fenders? Ford/Lincoln come to my mind as the first large production cars........there were so many cars that were gone by 1933 the list of manufacturers was getting very short. Had to do a google search........Ford and Lincoln went to them in 1937, Chevy(GM) 40/41. Quite a delay for such an obvious better way to do things.
  11. Take it all back........post war........you know better than that........
  12. Its right next to the zerk fitting for the muffler bearing.
  13. Also check firing order.......often changed back in the day from year to year.......
  14. Machine a new collar, and use a modern over the counter bearing......it will save time and money. Parts are just about impossible.
  15. Walt, I agree, nice car. Just no one collecting them. Similar story on the Pierce Series 80/81 six of the twenty’s.
  16. Very nice car.......value is depressingly low.........
  17. Someone must have swapped over to Buffalo Wire Wheels back in the day. Condition looks excellent.
  18. Funny, all the guys I know who have sold cars through their company (four of them) were upset about every detail the way it was run. Car on the block for a few seconds, auctioneer not working the crowd, ect.
  19. Any car at a well advertised public auction is only worth the high bid offered at that time........simple and true fact. Oftentimes auctions are the absolute worst way to sell a car. But try and explain that to some people.......it’s like trying to hold back the ocean with a broom
  20. Wow.......a Pebble Beach car for 30k............who knew!
  21. The 370 wasn’t that great of a platform, why bring it back 20 years later?
  22. Don’t forget to use the correct water pump grease or the radiator could get plugged............and DexCool is best for the application.
  23. Right or left hand drive? Photo please! I can connect you with someone who is familiar with them. Is the chassis complete or parted out? Also, wheel size and chassis length....IE wheelbase, will all be required to properly ID it.