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  1. It's been done many times............no issues that I am aware of. It isn't for Pebble Beach........but if you like it, why not?
  2. Correct......I have the names somewhere, but just not at hand.
  3. During the summer, driving the 35 Auburn SC Speedster, coming off the line at a stop light while it was 95 degrees plus with a 106 feels like temperature our slick little speedster was becoming unhappy. Remember, at these temperatures ANY carburetor and fuel system is going to have issues. Well, when I got back to the shop I went through everything, and didn't find any issues. I attributed it to temperature and the super charger not liking the heat. Car ran fine at 2000 rpm, but just off idle it still wasn't happy. With other things to fix during the pandemic, I placed a post it note to take t
  4. Walt.........thats why our shop motto is............." Drive it like you stole it!" It makes for great stories. Sadly, many can't be told while current owners of the vehicles are still living. Yes, there are a very few who drive the cars the way they were designed. If you're not in danger of crashing, you are NOT driving the car. Of course, this refers to street racing type of machines. Do a four wheel slide in a 70 to 110 year old car.....two to three tons drifting...the stuff that adrenaline is made of.........smiles, fear, terror, hysterical laughter, eye watering, wind blowing
  5. I origionally listed this as Murphy........a more experienced eye suggested Judkins; which I am sure is correct....since he owns one! Thanks to my Sensei for putting me on the correct path! .
  6. I am NOT an early Pierce expert. That said, there are very, very few intact 66 horsepower cars.........most were converted into trucks........because they had three times the power of a 1920's built truck. I know nothing about the car in the photos......nothing. That said, in the early 70's I saw a bunch of Pick-Wick bus engines in a pile in someones shop. They are the commercial 20's version of a 66. All of them are cars now. How do you build an "all Pierce" 66? It was much easier than most realize. Take a WWI Pierce Arrow three ton truck, and build a car. You need to make new gears for the t
  7. Paul’s is top notch, and they do many of the cars on the lawn at Pebble. Also, they usually have a very reasonable turn around time. They have done three or four engine bearing sets for us in the last few years.
  8. Taking one look at that wind age tray and I have to say I wouldn’t modify it in any way. The downside is huge. Unless you put an excess pressure dump in one of the lines.......no easy task, and it’s not exactly clear from the photos how the front and rear drain back into the lower portion of the pan. Strange problem, and the only safe way to get pressure down is make the pump less efficient. Another not very good option.
  9. It’s owned by a friend, and currently for sale............I almost owned an identical car but a series 38, but I choked and waited two hours before pulling the trigger........I lost out.
  10. Not yet.........need to get faith in the tires......which I do not have yet.
  11. The set up looks quite good. On this particular engine, you don’t want anything too tight. We always try for perfection when cutting bearings.....that way we usually achieve excellence. In a one lung machine, it’s very forgiving. With today’s oil, I would build the entire thing on the far side of “loose”. Keeping everything square is important. As is making sure the rod is straight. I don’t know the status of your piston or bore......but in this application mass is probably your friend, and a cast iron piston is probably best. If making a new piston, a modern ring package will increase horsepo
  12. Fantastic car.......fantastic driver, unfortunately project cars are almost impossible to sell today.
  13. If it was after the crash......it was scrap in ten minutes flat.
  14. Work is winding down on my new capital WHITE so we decided to take the Stearns out for a spin before we start playing around with it some more.
  15. I had my glasses on George. But the damn phone is so small I couldn’t tell. The size of the doors made me think it was a small car. If there’s no front brakes it must be a series 33.
  16. Yup, that’s me in a seersucker suit..........except I would prefer a Series 36 with a one off body by LeBaron. Notice the date, car is a 1925 model, and it’s taken in 1931.
  17. All years, all series, up till 1931 for open cars, closed cars after that. Open cars remained till after the war. They were built with special gearing in the rear ended and transmission for climbing.
  18. There is nothing quite like stoichometry..............if your not familiar with the term, look it up.
  19. The Pikes Peak photo is common, there was a fleet of twenty five Pierce Arrow’s from the Broadmore Hotel that hauled sightseers of the mountain road. Tens of thousands of photos were taken at the top of the hill, with a chalk board usually giving the date on the running board. Many, many cars from their fleet still survive, and are still being found. They would stamp their own car number on the frame horn to identify it in house. I had one of their cars in my garage for five years.
  20. Unlike some other people, I actually have a job and work. I didn’t have access to my eBay account at home, so I had to wait. As far as holding something hostage.........unless I’m mistaken I have two of your items here your rather attached too.
  21. A good friend spied a magazine on ebay and sent me this.......yes, I bought it.
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