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  1. I think I know the car...........the Packard class at Pebble can be ridiculously competitive. It is often the hardest class to win an award in.........100 points in it means nothing.........that’s just the ticket to get it. That being said, Pebble is always a blast, and the town car done well would probably get an invitation............just be sure he premieres it at PB. PS- Notice how no one posts photos of cars going to Pebble? Be sure he keeps the car low profile and under wraps..............no exposure is the best chance to make it on the field.
  2. Pete......I think people are just trying to be helpful.......the wheel I have is 90 Series.......if I still have it.
  3. Pierce and a Stude were under one ownership at the time, and that is much lighter than what Pierce used. It’s made by Ternstdet Hardware a division of GM. I agree to switch it over to an acme thread........it will be all off the shelf parts.
  4. Derham Body Company was doing actual restorations and upgrades post war. There is a 1936 Pierce eight sedan they “restored” and did a modern style interior and other details, the car is now in Florida.
  5. Monotone was a big improvement. Nice car, great driver. It’s a great value for a tour car that looks that good.
  6. I have seen signs sell in the 60’s and 70’s. Very good ones that are rare Routinely sell for six figures.
  7. I’m disappointed Steve didn’t make a cameo appearance! Having him being chased down the hallway with Jason and the machete would make me want to spend a lot of money.
  8. The 1910 Pierce Arrow Suburban had A/C and a FLUSH toilet..........the ice rack on the roof provided the A/C and the drip water flushed the toilet. Don't ask how much it cost. And yes, all the window shades made of silk pulled down for privacy.
  9. The American left hand cars are much more deseriable in the states..........both from a historical and a drivability reasons...........they don't change hands very often from what I have seen over the last ten years.
  10. I may have one in very nice condition............we used it to reproduce the stainless beauty rings a few years ago.....I would need a photo and measurements to figure out which one it is in the pile of wheels. Can deliver to Hershey for free........
  11. edinmass

    Barn Find!

    Looks much better.............make it run! John is asking about the 29 parts car.........any update?
  12. PS - a correct coil tester will heat the coil, and remember you spark has much more resistance in the combustion chamber...........if you also suffer from voltage drop when cranking, you may get hard starting/no start.
  13. Well.....I have had good luck and bad luck with old coils. Often the old coils only throw a spark at ten percent compared to a new modern coil.........I have a Herbrand coil tester, look at the video on you tube, and you will get the general idea. The good news is even at ten percent they will still run the car. I think I would only run an original now for Pebble Beach or some other over the top show where judging takes them into consideration. I will have De Jon coils from 1929 on the car on the show field next week at Pebble........and I have two extra I am taking with me. Heat can cause lots of problems...............
  14. They make a tool to pull a rope seal in position without pulling the engine. One problem........if the motor is recently rebuilt, and it's leaking, you may have a line bore or bearing issue. I would try and do the easy fix first.............but if it fails again, you will need to pull the crank. Summit Racing and Lisle Tools sell them.....and they are cheap. I would buy two or three of the tools, since one my be easier to use than the others.
  15. Time to re-negotiate the deal........to six cars or more. Don't tell her I said this!
  16. We always called it a speed wrench. I still have the one I bought when I was twelve years old. I’ll admit I am a dinosaur, but I use the small electric battery tools today. I never cared much for the air tools unless parting out a car. The hose was always in my way, And I never felt I had good control with them. Today I have at least ten different battery pack powered tools, plus the shop vac and blower. Can’t live without them now.
  17. Call John C at 413-543-9017, he should have one.
  18. Anyone know if there are any interesting 500/540 cars showing at Pebble Beach this year?
  19. As the most public ambassador to the hobby for the entire planet earth, I do believe you should buy the project, and restore it to Pebble Beach standards...............🤡
  20. Neat ride for very little money......
  21. I have played around with the Cab C. It’s is the best Mercedes I have ever worked on. Well sorted, (yup, I helped out), starts, drives, shifts, steers, and stops great. Almost no one will spend the money to sort these cars out..........And I can tell you straight away, this is the best there is. No excuses, history from new, always cherished, and lovingly maintained by the current owner, who has had a 500/540 in the garage since he was born.........simply none better. Ed
  22. Steve.....you SHOULD buy it! 😎
  23. I think the price issue is directly related to supply and demand, and the amount of people the venue can safely handle. The economy is very strong, and the choice is limited ticket sales, or open ticket sales at a higher price. With Thursday morning line up and the drive into Carmel, and the drive down to Big Sir, there are plenty of free choices to see 80 percent of what is on the field for no cost. Thr field ticket for me is less than my coach airfare............so while not insignificant it is in the zone of a normal discretionary spending bill. My cable and internet bill is 140 a month...........