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  1. I was told that the first woman to buy and drive a car in the USA and recieve a drivers license was a spindle Loco, 1901 if a I am not mistaken, is that correct?
  2. Just reread the entire thread.........fantastic build. Looking forward to see it running down the road. Best, Ed.
  3. There are only a few known with the cut down doors, the three I can think of are, the one with the rear spare in Michigan now, the one that was in Florida and then Ohio and was yellow, and the one other was also yellow, and for a short time in the 90’s was up in Maine. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
  4. It’s probably a six cylinder dual plug Chevy fire truck cap. We see them often at swap meet for sale, as they don’t fit cars they don’t sell.
  5. Spinny.....my fault, not expressing a correct and clear thought. It prevents it from sticking to the block, it did not prevent it from forming. It held the contaminated particles in suspension. It was certainly temperature related also, running the motors hotter prevented build up.
  6. I have been to this event, a good time, and some great cars pull in the parking lot.....you never know what you will see. Ed
  7. Pre war high end engines were painted inside, as well as transmissions and rear ends. It was done to stop the early oil from producing excess sludge, and help prevent porous castings from leaking. We still do it on all our builds.
  8. Evapo rust will only attack rust, scale, and nothing else. I recommend not muddying up the advice here....first run the evapo rust for a few months, heat cycling the car as much as possible. If you still have issues pushing water, then you can run a flush through it.
  9. It’s off a late 1928 P1 that was rebodied in 1935 I to a station wagon. I wonder if it made it past the war? I haven’t researched the name yet.....been busy. It was marked as a new special order.
  10. Do what Matt said, evapo rust full strength, drive it for a few weeks. It will probably be fine once you use it, as it takes a while for you to push water, a good sign that the evapo will probably cure you issue. It’s a shortcut, but it works 60 percent of the time without pulling everything apart.
  11. Actually, I have two.........Haggis & Tattie........ It’s easy to see why they are so cute.........
  12. Insuring non tagged cars is not expensive if you have a good garage. You can bundle them all together on one policy. Now.......I respect all in the hobby, and how they pursue their fun.......why would one own a car that you don't drive?
  13. You should be justifiably proud of your accomplishment. Your busting you ass three times harder than most people. I am quite sure you will get it done, to your standards, and on your own terms. Keep at it. You will have your Auburn soon....,..it’s easy to see you will make and exceed you goals. 👍
  14. As I commented before, Tesla isn’t just a car. It’s half car, half tv, half computer, and half something else. Technology in it is fantastic.......I have had one apart in my hands. It’s hard to describe how advanced it is compared to any other vehicle. I think people are still trying to figure out what it is, what they want in a electric car, how to use and consume it, it’s value as a used and junk car, etc. Recently I moved from New England to South Florida. I went from 12 thousand miles per year on my every day car to less then two thousand. Thus, a Tesla would be fine. I wouldn’t want it as my only transportation. Maybe when I’m old. I think a Tesla is a lot like modern computers......you can have a desk top, lap top, tablet, or smart phone. I have all four of them, and multiple copies. Never thought I would want or use this much technology. Makes life better in many ways, and worse in some. The same I think is Tesla’s future, if it has one.......it hasn’t been figured out yet. I wonder if it needs to go bankrupt and then start over without all the debt........that may be it’s future.......or not.
  15. It’s interesting to watch it play out........they are building LOTS of cars considering how new they are to the marketplace as a real player. That being said, the numbers involved are CRAZY HUGE and almost beyond comprehension. Weather or not an electric car is a good idea, they have proved one can be built and marketed, there is demand, and people are looking for alternatives to what has been offered for the last 100 years. Is Tesla’s economic model safe, stable, logical, and possible to keep moving forward into the foreseeable future.........I don’t know, but my gut tells me it’s 75 to 1 or 100 to 1 that the current model of business operation is sustainable. Interesting article in the WSJ stated that 60 percent of the value of Honda Motor Cars Inc. was the dealership network in North America. (IE- more than half the value of ALL of Honda is the US dealer network!)Think about that for a minute, and realize that they have no dealer network. Now the question is, what is the future of car dealers. Very interesting to ponder.........
  16. I agree.........what about the charming good looks and wonderful personality of the gentleman in the photo? My latest find..........and it's ON TOPIC! 🤯
  17. I admit I didn't look at the brakes, just the worm. My father had an Advanced 8 of 1933 that used the worm drive. That rear was available from 27 if memory serves me. With those brakes its probably on the early end of the range.
  18. Fantastic car.............congratulations!
  19. Yes! I am a BIG W O Bentley fan........have experience with them......Speed Six, Three Liter, and a Blower. 👍 Took the DV-32 for a rip last Saturday...........and spun up a J to the 4000's on Sunday..........Like it says in my signature line....... "Dive them like you stole them!" Best, Ed
  20. What series LaSalle 341? That’s a long way to punch it out. Why not just make new pistons to a custom size, less expensive than all that machine work.
  21. I approve of the Scotty Dog mascot...........
  22. 1932-1933 if memory serves me, for the large series cars. Not much value in the rear, but the axels are very difficult to find......if they are good.
  23. Terry.......it MUST be pre war! My old ride...........my idea of sporty............V-12
  24. As Henry Ford II once said..........."Never buy a car you can piss over"...........even though he was the father of the GT40. Hope it doesn't get censored.......true quote. I'll take the Page or the Gold Bug........😎
  25. George, the Paige sure resembels a Gold Bug....forgive me for that...........not too familiar with either of them. Looks like a fast car for its time. Obvioulsy well made. Ed