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  1. Nicolas, I have been doing this for over forty years.........trust me, find another engine. If shipping is easy, a chassis would be a better choice. It will give you many more options. Between the cracked transmission and block, it’s the best option.
  2. edinmass


    Agree......90 percent of the time. The factory wasn’t that fussy installing what was on hand on any particular day. Great car.
  3. 50k today will buy you much better cars than the ones on your list.......turnkey. If your not comfortable hire a consultant.......one who knows what they are doing. There are not many. If you like, PM me your phone number, I’m happy to help via email and phone. I’ll charge you the same as I did for Auburnseeker, AJ, and the others....a drink at the next show we are both at.
  4. Crazyfamily..........we must be related with a name like that. Machine it out and install a bushing, if it’s not tight it will leak. If the only purpose is to heat the carb/intake just block it off so it can’t leak. You dont need extra heat today with modern fuel, and heating it will only cause headaches..
  5. Your going to have to make them. Similar to Pierce Arrow, and we have mad and sold them in the past. Difficult and time consuming, which means expensive.
  6. Sighting in my pellet gun, we have been over run with iguanas...........filthy animals that make a mess the same size as a Great Dane. My neighbor shot one last week........17 pounds. They cooked it, down here they call the big ones chicken of the trees. I had it for lunch one day in Honduras..........actually not bad.
  7. Well, if you like, I have Pierce Arrow engines available........they are 366 or 385 cubic inches, and I can also get you a V-12 Pierce. I have a good running 1934 Pierce engine that was taken out of a car under restoration. All depends on what you want. The Stude motor shouldn’t be too hard to locate. It’s probably worth your time to buy an entire chassis......and use yours as spare parts.
  8. Should be easy enough to make out a chunk of brass or bronze........probably less then three hours work.
  9. I have driven 20’s and 30’s cars on those hills. At the top everything is smiles and joking around, half way down, even the best car has you concerned with brake fade in first gear........and by the bottom of the hill, you have found religion and learned how to pray......all in just seconds.
  10. After seeing the crack, and the rest of the engine, I would start with another entire unit. It’s too far gone to justify the expense and still end up with a block with problems/repairs. You need to sonic test the wall thickness on the cylinders. (Holes and thinness issues are common.) And the surface around the water jacket. This engine just is too far gone, and replacements are not that expensive........shipping, I have no idea.
  11. I have purchased four cars from them over the last three years. I deal with Jenny. They work on a almost zero budget, fast, cheap, wam bam. Not everything is done as listed.....they change on the fly. Parts will get tossed into bigger and bigger piles as the day goes on if things are slow. Cars and parts are auctioned at the same time.....makes things difficult. There is NO help loading or moving anything. Since I know them, they let us remove items as soon as they are paid. Don’t plan it it to happen to you. The load up after the sale is a Chinese fire drill.If you win a car, have someone stand by it or parts will disappear. Dirt bags show up, and will wait for you to go make payment and steal all the jewlery......ash trays, lenses, mascots, ect. Last summer I had to tell three people to get out of my car, as all the chrome was in boxes, and they were going to steal whatever they could. That said, the auction people are nice, and fair. It’s just they charge the sellers a pass through on the labor to run the show, so that’s why it’s under staffed. As any auction, buyer beware. And two more cents.........seems they specialize in junk......I have never seen a good car at any of their sales. I think the running/easy sellable stuff gets pulled ahead of time and brokered out.
  12. Looks like we’re are going to have to make a production run of some Strombergs for 8-90 Stearns applications.
  13. That’s a five main bearing engine, Pierce was a nine main bearing engine, every year. Not much will cross over. Rods are different for sure.
  14. Cookie man..........were going to go with the Stromberg UUR2. Here is the current carb......a boat anchor.
  15. Update on the building please.........what’s next in line. You need to get it finished, lots of us are waiting for the grand opening,,,,,,,
  16. Should not cross over.....unless Stearns bought product from Franklin..............they also often use weird thread pitch.
  17. Ternstedt is the manufacturer’s name. John.......it’s made by a devision of GM. Each line was dedicated to a particular manufacturer.......so it’s unique to Stearns.
  18. I agree with James 100 percent on the three shoe set up. We only use old friction.........and use a Barrett Brake Doktor to machine the friction to the each individual drum size. Properly set up, they work fine. Used on Packard, Pierce, Stearns, Stude, and many others.
  19. Rods and mains are Babbitt. You can convert thr rods to inserts but it’s big time expensive..........like five times the cost of Babbitt. Not worth the effort. I have 25k very hard miles on my motor with Babbitt, and it’s still like new.
  20. I don’t have a Trico book. The wipers are very, very difficult to find. Made of unobtainumum, they usually are bad when found, and 1000 or more if good. Many people buy new Model A units.
  21. The Bahannalite pistons are multiple piece, and often fail.......had one go bad two years ago.
  22. The company Gary mentioned isn’t worth wasting your time........trust me. We have new valves and springs.......oil pump, usually timing Gears. Good used cams.We would also have rods, pins, and probably good used pistons in 20-30-40 over sizes. Probably have a new set of .040 pistons in stock.........Ross or a similar company, not the overseas junk. We never install used parts on customers engines......ever........but we will sell them to people trying to stay on a budget. Be aware, Stude and Pierce pistons from 29&30 are known to fail. Our valves come with new valve guides. I think using old valves is a mistake, as they burn easily with today’s fuel, and often they are sunk way to far down in the block. I have rebuilt countless of these motors, and the Chinese junk valves others sell are worth what you pay for them. We use modern stainless German blanks that are CNC machined....and have sold THOUSANDS of them, yes, thousands. If you want information on the parts, pm me, and I’ll get you our shop number. Best, Ed
  23. It’s interesting. The real value is the entertainment it brings us watching the price fall until it doesn’t sell.
  24. If I told you, I would have to kill you........... Its my understanding that Marge Brunn had them in the 79’s and sold them to a friend in the PAS. I bought lots of stuff from her in the 80’s. Paid all the money, and now, much of it has slowly worked its way out, even though I was under the impression no one else had Ever seen them, never mind copied them.
  25. At 100,000 per month, yes, definitely a different proposition........but that’s less than .000001 percent of the dealers. I expect you were running cars at the exclusive dealership sales, not the general auction for the small guys. Ultimately it’s a “retail” situation when the mess hits the fan......what dealer would dream of buying in when his inventory is almost worthless compared to his in number. It’s a shame that Wall Street over leverages world class companies, steals what it can for their pockets, and leaves a crippled entity to try and limp along......and then die. Just ponder these thoughts while thinking about the big picture. Probably 75 percent of the regular used car market purchasers are broke, trying to keep in their home or apartment, figuring out their retirement picture, send their kids to collage, trying to pay off debit that should have been easy to control until the shutdown. Just about every big dollar purchase is going to be in jeopardy for several years while people do without and land on their feet. Yes, 25 percent of the population will be ok.......but LOTS of people are hurting now, even thy big boys. Time will heal most of the wounds........but the used car market is a short term problem, and it will have to be solved very quickly. I think almost any prediction you can come up with in the daily used car market will be true.......on the down side. I have good friends in the Industry.......and I bet most of them won’t make it. Sad.......