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  1. PII - English Chassis, AJS Chassis? I had a set of AJS disks in my hands last week. AJS ran 20 inch wheels, not sure on the English ones.
  2. Having a spare head and using it as a guide is a good idea. I would still turn some stock and drill a hole in it to use as a guide. If you can hit every one that is snapped off dead center and drill it out 90 percent you will get them out with heat, oil, and time. You approach of heat and oil on the full studs several time a week is dead nuts perfect. Everyone today gets into trouble trying to knock things out in ten minutes. The trick now is to not snap off any more, as they are twenty times easier to get out when you have the entire stud to work with.......which you obviously know..........it’s always the little things on a project like this that kick your ass..........and let’s face it, none of us have as much time as we would like to deal with these ass busting problems that always pop up. Keep at it.....you will have it done before you know it. Best, Ed
  3. Yes, you could order anything you wanted, but almost everyone with money had better taste than to pick the colors on this car. The correct question to ask is why is this car such a nice older restoration, and yet it needed another half asxed engine overhaul. 300k for a club sedan that has soo many red flags...............I think I would keep looking for something that will hold its value in the future, and has better provenance. Just saying........Ed
  4. I’ll be in New England until Saturday. PM me the location your phone number and his.
  5. Either the car is or is not a 1915. You can buy one for 4500 bucks and call it whatever you like. But asking for a 1915 implies you want one that is if not all original, then at least a car that can be inspected and verified as a 1915. For most, they really don’t care what the have or drive and that’s fine, myself, I wanted a HCCA car that was an honest and intact unit. To each their own. Since a correct car can be had rather reasonably as far as money goes, why not just buy a good verified example. They sell much easier than assembled and mis matched cars. Good luck in your quest.
  6. Down here in Southern Florida it’s common to see a sign at the valet desks that reads.......... If you car is valued at more than $500,000 dollars, please park it yourself. Recently I took a customer car up to the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach........a “big boy toy” and pulled it up to the valet. They declined to park it, gave me a very nice spot in front of the hotel, but asked for the keys once it was parked. I gave them the normal tip, I did all the work, but they kept an eye on it while I was inside. Im not sure there is a valet anywhere that can drive a early car and get it in a spot without great difficulty.
  7. George.....no spare on........just off with the flat. I get to a safe location and then replace the flat tire. With the triple axel I can safely run with two tires and not be overloaded on the tires. So, with a flat, all I do is jump out with the impact gun and remove eight lugs, pull the wheel off, and toss it in the rear. All very fast and easy. Talk to you soon......Ed
  8. George.....I keep the gloves, safety vest, and impact gun in the cab of the truck. Getting the tire off in the minute isn't the hard part.......It's getting it in the back of the pick up bed without hurting yourself on the tire thats all ripped up that is the worst part. I have almost been sent to my maker twice on the side of the road about fifteen years ago. I now will no longer change a flat on a modern car or antique car on the side of the road myself anymore, its just not safe. With a valuable car in the trailer, I am not comfortable leaving it on the side of the road for any amount of time with the way people crash into stuff in the breakdown land today. With my all steel casement tractor trailer tires, I think flats on the trailer are a thing of the past for me. Now I just need to deal with the truck tires. My last set of new Michelins went 35k and they now need replacement, they seemed to cost three times more than the coopers I ran for so many years, but only last twice as long. I will reinvest in the Michelins next week when I get back down south. Got to have you pick up the brake tool box this week.....Ill give you a buzz. Ed
  9. I carry the jack ramp, along with a bunch of other stuff. I took the hit and bought a cordless Snap On electric impact and carry it when on the road. I also carry a four ton floor jack in a custom made box, a 25 ton bottle jack, and three spares. Overkill but worth it when hauling very heavy cars. After too many issues over thirty years, I have learned to carry every imaginable spare..........brake away battery, bulbs and lens covers, triangles, ect,ect,ect. Nothing like being 100 percent prepared for a trailer issue.......cuts down stress when you know you have most everything you need. I carry an entire backing plate assembly with extra spindle, drum,lug nuts......bearings and seals.......yup.......I over do it......but have never regretted it. With the new tractor trailer type 16 inch tires I don't even think about flats anymore.........the last 80K have been the best I have ever hauled. Today doubble tire failure is common when the front tire lets go putting trash into and on the rear tire. Seems every time I have some issue it in the worst possible place........with the three axel trailer I can pop a tire off without jacking using the electric impact, and get going again in less than a minute. Preparation is the key.
  10. PM’s are ALWAYS sent on “boat tail” leads.......lol.👍
  11. Matt.......a few suggestions.......first, NO HEAT on the block! NONE! I would heat the stud themselves to red hot several times and while it’s cooling put some break away or whatever you like on it. #2 You can turn a guide up very easy on a lathe to drill out the studs accurately. Machine a sleeve that just slides over the stud about an inch, and have a pilot hole in the center to guide the drill. You can cut the stud length down so you don’t have to drill as much. Make several up, so you can have each step up in drill size to guide you and that way you will always be in the center. You can drill out 90 percent of the stud without touching the threads in the block. Then a very little heat will allow the oil into the threads and an easy out should back them out without issues. Works slick, and turning the guides is easy and inexpensive. Give it a try. Just use good drills and keep them sharp. I think doing them now is the right way, and the best forum of action. Also, the studs are known to get stuck on the head over time, so I would ream the holes just a little bit oversize to give them just a tiny amount of extra clearance. You almost turned the page on the car.......slow, steady, and don’t let it aggravate you.............you will get there. Best, Ed PS- you can install a set screw to hold the guide in place flat and square.....with this many it’s the way to go. Also, two studs a day should be your limit.......doing this hours on end can and will drive you crazy.
  12. I don’t think you can buy a 15 T touring that is correct for less than 15k, and probably more. Correct cars tend to be expensive........floor sweeping made up of a bunch of stuff would still be well over ten grand. It takes a good eye to understand T’s......and good ones are NOT easy to find. Below is my car.......very nice and correct unit. And a joy to drive.
  13. I’m sure Ralph told me what his plans were for the car, but I can’t remember. Most likely it is in line with a handful of other cars he has that are going to be restored. Then again, maybe he will trade it for another Packard.........I think his collection is one of the best, and is continuously upgraded with new and better Packards.
  14. Ralph and Wayne are good people.......lots of fun, and always smiling. We see them regularly on thr circuit, and occasionally on a tour. Never a dull moment.
  15. The Stutz belongs to my friend Diljeet Titus of New Delhi India. Helped him with parts and some odds and ends, and made a clutch adjustment on it after the tour. Great car of the Raj.........it won a special award.
  16. Tool roll, looks like from a Series 80/81 from 1925-1928 . Has a value of 50 - 100 bucks to most collectors......some may offer more, some less, but that range is where I would expect to see it.
  17. Cars considered under restoration several years away...........no. 18 months to 24 months out would be a reasonable limit. There is a strategy to get in..............and if you want to separate yourself from the other 500 enteries in your class, you need to understand what they specifically are looking for in any given class in any given year. As far as all the post war stuff.......I have no clue, as that is not the world I travel in. I would be happy to assist for anyone with a pre war car......just pm me. Now, if you have a barn find special roadster, a unknown and never seen Alfa 2.9, or a long lost SSJ that Clark Gable owned, you can bet your odds of getting in are pretty good.........just another run of the mill fantastic pre war car..............maybe the overall acceptance rate is the same as Harvard...........1 out of 50 get in on any given year.
  18. It was actually four pieces of masking tape floating around.........now.........how did it get in there?😱
  19. The lot of all the extra/leftover card were in a big pile at a collection near me a few years ago, must have been tens of thousands of the things............
  20. That Paige sure looks like a Gold Bug Speedster to me??????
  21. Pebble Beach..........the Super Bowl of Automotive Art. So many details and special things to account for, busy from 5am to 11pm for and entire week.......on edge like drinking fifty cups of coffee a day. To be honest, I have been enough times that I have developed a routine that works great for me..........when showing cars. Most importantly is good parking access or you will be miserable. Figuring out what to do, what to skip, when to arrive, and when to leave are all very important skill sets. My routine makes the pressure drop a few notches, get me to bed at reasonable times, and now I can honestly say besides the long hours, everything else is just a pleasant time working hard........all that said, it can be VERY expensive, or not too bad.........it’s all in how you approach it. I do recommend everyone who has gas in their veins to attend at least once.......just like the Hershey fall meet. If anyone wants pointers or tips, I would be happy to share them. And, I can tell you from experience, when your there with a car and get recognized..........it’s quite a thrill. Just driv g on the grass at the dawn patrol is fantastic. Acceptance letters should be in the mail this week.......keeping my fingers crossed. 👍
  22. Matt........tried to call you today before you opened.........wanted to talk to you about Lincoln head studs.........see you have it covered! Still would like to give you some insight on a few other things. Might as well do as much as you can now with the engine out and have easy access, It’s insane what engine hardware can cost today.........when your done I am quite sure you will fall back in love with the car. They are a great platform and yours is one of the better body styles. The worst is over........it’s only going to get better from now on. 👍
  23. What’s the shop owner doing? That’s easy........working nights and weekends, on the phone yelling at the chrome shop, begging the upholstery guy to work faster..........just the normal Pebble Beach dance...........been there, done that.
  24. Tom's a great guy and a good friend. The best! AJ- I LIKE the old flat tread Lesters.......except when its raining out.
  25. Matt......over the years I have made trims rings and sold them as a project. For some reason they weren't common on Lincolns and the rings I have worked with over the years in 18 and 17 inch would never fit a Lincoln Kelsey-Hayes drop center.(Several people tried, and returned them, per our agreement.) Its also interesting to know that the differences in manufacturing the wheels means you need slightly over and undersized rings if your going to make a run of them. If you can spin some sets in stainless for the Lincolns I am sure you could sell some........IF the rim has the slight dimple or retaining edge on the surface......I bet it may not be there, thus they would be difficult to impossible to keep on the wheel. Ed