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  1. I own a 2016 Toyota Highlander and my wife put her purse on the dash on the passenger side . The zipper parts on the purse left faint scratches in the rubber - plastic dash . I was told Armour All is had on the dash . Any pointers Thanks
  2. Not Mine Rust-bucket 1936 Bentley once owned by RAF hero who bombed Hitler's Eagle's Nest mountain retreat goes on sale for £200,000 after languishing in garage for 30 years 1936 Bentley Vanden Plas tourer bought by Charles Blackham after the War Mr Blackham drove the car for 36 years before his age forced him to stop It is being sold by auctioneers H&H Classics of Cheshire
  3. Glad it is not mine . I do not know the condition of the original car when they started this mess .
  4. I do not see how car makers could use this ? Scientists develop method to weld metal to GLASS in breakthrough that could revolutionize the way cars are manufactured New method relies on pulses of infrared light last only a few picoseconds This measure of time is to a second what a second is compared to 30,000 years By focusing laser through material between two parts, they created melt region Scientists say the new technique is a major breakthrough for manufacturing
  5. The dune buggy is back: Volkswagen plans an electric buggy with waterproof seats and holes to drain off water after surfing – as designer admits 'when it rains, you get wet' Volkswagen are releasing an electric, modern version of the iconic dune buggy The I.D Buggy is the flagship vehicle in their new range of battery-powered cars New buggy has no doors, no windows and can only s
  6. If the workers in Detroit had this mans work ethic the domestic car companies would still be number one . What beautiful work .
  7. Not Mine Check his other listings he has an Indian Frame
  8. Not Mine Many Engine parts-, 6bins. Will Sell Select Pieces Separate.... Starter, water pump, magneto, carbs&vacum tank. rods, pistons,speedo, clutch,valves& springs, spindlebrake pedals&bands etc. REDUCED Price - Best offer/CALL 519-532-5685, Norwich. Call with your needs. L Les Private seller View 4 listings +1519 532XXXXReveal phone number < 2 hrs avg reply -- reply rate 11 yrs on Kijiji Contact Les adId emailRequiresVerification Send me a copy of email Send message To deter and identify potential fraud, spam or suspicious behaviour, we anonymise your email address (as applicable) and reserve the right to monitor conversations. By sending the message you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  9. Thanks Dave . I am surprised that just two manufacturers did it I though the high end cars would do it also .
  10. I just received a picture of an original 1931 Reo Royale battery cable with Reo stamped into the cable at the terminal connection . Did other manufactures do that also ? I thought they bought all the electrical from Delco , North East , etc .