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  1. I just watched the movie It is Wonderful Life Sam Wainwright says he is heading south to Florida in his Duesenberg J ? . So did his chauffeur stay in the same Hotel as his boss or did they have a chauffeur's quarters ? Or did he go with the car to a local Motel and come back later with the car .
  2. I heard if you have an old copper radiator even thought there is not rust or scale inside it . There was an article written about it . The metal loses it's ability to dissipate the heat is this true ? or has any one else heard this ? I own a 1931 Reo Royale with a Honeycomb radiator which was tested for leaks . It is the original radiator and when i ran the motor I had no overheat problems .
  3. Here is good story about the woman who must of really liked her job . When she was young and cared for the product . Dorothy Peters worked at the Land Rover factory in post war Britain She posed for a photograph with Land Rover number 16 in 1948 Dorothy treasured the photo and took it to a Land Rover event this year She showed it to Land Rover engineer Mike Bishop - who said he owned that car He arranged for Dorothy and the Land Rover - HNX 331 - to be reunited
  4. Mark Gregory

    1936 REO flying cloud

    This fellow has 1936 Brochures for sale for a 6 and a 8 cylinder .
  5. Mark Gregory

    1936 REO flying cloud

    I know a Reo Member who rebuilt his 1928 Reo Flying Cloud brakes with parts from Then and Now Automotive . You might see the banner at the top of the page here on the AACA website .
  6. Does anyone know of a supplier of a rubber upper radiator seal shroud with fastening tits on it for sale . Here is one available from Mac's Ford but missing the fastening tits on it . It was used on a high end Orphan car a Reo Royale .
  7. Mark Gregory

    32 Reo

    I also know Bill Barker and he is a good guy he keeps his word . I bought a car from him and he mailed to me parts he found for the car long after the deal was done . Here is a another Royale for sale it is a Sedan . It makes this look like a real bargain .
  8. Not Mine Look at his other items for sale also .
  9. Mark Gregory

    1939 Monet and Goyon Motorcycle

    Not Mine
  10. Mark Gregory

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    I agree with everyones comments about importing cars and saving jobs . Here is part of an article about Electric cars . If I understand this GM wants a regulation enforcing Electric cars . And even if GM no longer plans to build gas-guzzling automobiles in Oshawa, there's a decent chance that the company's shift towards electric vehicles will eventually receive government support. General Motors is calling for a U.S. rule that would mandate 25 per cent of all new vehicles be green by 2030.
  11. Interesting story about Steve McQueen's bike .
  12. Mark Gregory

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    So I guess this statement does not apply anymore ? ? What's good for the country is good for General Motors, and vice versa. A statement made by Charles E. Wilson while president of the General MotorsCorporation, a leading United States automobile manufacturer. Wilson later became secretary of the federal Department of Defense.
  13. Quite interesting this suit as it saves all the lifting and compare it to lifting a bag a flour 4,500 times a day . ting
  14. Mark Gregory

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    According JD Power the quality coming out the plant was number one . I heard a lot of the Buick's went to China . Ford in Oakville also had good quality control and then they took the Truck production to the USA . Current products include the Buick Regal, 10th gen Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac XTS sedans, (including the Cadillac PRO model, which are later converted for use as hearses, stretch limo's and armored limo's), 9th Gen Chevrolet Impala, and Chevrolet Equinox until July 2017, after which one of the plants wa retooled for production of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra which began in early 2018. The next generation Buick Regal will be assembled in Germany for the North American market.[citation needed]
  15. There is rumour on the news that the GM Plant in Oshawa is to close . About 3,000 people will lose their jobs . The plant location has been there for 100 years . The McLaughlin Buick was made here .