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  1. Nice car you bought. Try these people EATON Detroit Spring - The leading manufacturer of leaf and coil springs for the street rod and restoration industries
  2. You think it would cost more than $40,000 to fabricate this replica. Plus would the Auction House have any liability for selling an copyright infringement. They probability should be held more accountable like a Real Estate agent or Lawyer.
  3. Holy handbrake turns, Batman! Museum puts road legal replica of the BATMOBILE up for sale for £30,000 An incredible replica of the iconic Michael Keaton Batmobile is set to sell at auction for up to £30,000 It was purchased by the London Motor Museum in Hillingdon where it was on display until the museum closed Now the vehicle, which is built on a vintage Ford Mustang, is being sold by Bonhams on March 20 An incredible road legal replica of the classic Batmobile used in the films starring Michael Keaton is set to sell at auction - and fetch up to £30,000.
  4. NOT MINE Description 1927 nash . ,tires and rims ,front straight axle ,most glass Rear doors Rear quarters Window cranks Door latches Hinges Floor pan Heater box Lots of small parts
  5. EV Surge Sends Cobalt Prices Soaring; China controls big chunk of market for key metal in car batteries that is mined largely in AfricaFriday, January 22, 2021, 11:38 AM ETBy Yang JieA 20% rise in the price of cobalt since the beginning of this year shows how the rush to build more electric vehicles is stressing global supply chains.Already a shortage of semiconductors is slowing the recovery in auto production. Now cobalt, a blue metal that is needed for many types of batteries including those in EVs, is a concern, according to people in the auto and battery industries and analysts."The deman
  6. NOT MINE I assume they could reproduce different year Reo mugs also.
  7. I needed some electronic contact cleaner for electronics I was trying use it up and it seems to remove paint on squeaky hinges.
  8. NOT MINE Reo Motor Car Co Advertising Cow Bell 1915 "THE RED SIX" "RED THE " | eBay
  9. MotorCities - The 1934 REO Automobiles Offered No Gears to Shift | 2018 | Story of the Week
  10. Here is a response from the Reo Member Carl who is doing the registry. Send me a Personal Message PM with your email or telephone number and Carl will call you if you want ? You can tell him 1935 was the last year REO made a Royale, the 7S. What may well have happened is the car was not sold till 1936 or the new buyer did not go in to title and license it till 1936 and it was then licensed as a 1936, a mistake which occurred all to often in those years. Carl
  11. I belong to the Reo Club of America here are some links that might be able to help you. I currently own a 1931 Reo Royale Victoria in pieces. You might also put your inquires in the Reo Section on the main Forum page. I will forward this Thread on to a Reo Member who is updating the Reo Directory he might be able to give you more information. https://reoclub.org/contact/links-to-other-reo-sites/
  12. The amazing Nissan 'business' van that comes with a built-in OFFICE (and it even slides out so you can work in the fresh air) Nissan exhibited the concept at the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon - one of the world's biggest custom car shows A demo video shows how the office pod has room for a computer screen, an office chair and a coffee-maker The van is a customised NV350 Caravan, which also has a roof balcony for 'relaxing in between work'
  13. Tesla's Hot Wheels production line: Elon Musk shows off the workshop of giant casting machines that make cells for his electric cars Tesla shared a video of its new tabless battery and Roadrunner production line The battery was first announced in Sept, but was only shown in a render Elon Musk shared the video saying the casting machine will make full-size cars in the same way toy cars are made He also compared the line to those used bu high volume industries This includes food and beverage, medical devices and toys
  14. I know a Reo member who contacted Emblem Magic and they had his emblem and he is happy.
  15. You might also put your request in the Reo section along with the Parts wanted section. Here are some Reo links that might help you out. I used to own a 1926 Reo T6 Sedan a very mechanically dependable car. What model did you get ?
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