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    Parts for Brass Nickel Era Cars

    Not Mine
  2. Mark Gregory

    Packard Radiator

    Not Mine What year ?
  3. Mark Gregory

    Reo Truck Parts

    I am trying to help out a fellow with some missing Reo parts any leads welcome or where to join Truck Clubs . Thanks
  4. Mark Gregory

    1932 REO cylinder head needed

    I have heard these people are very good with metal stitching .
  5. As everyone knows GM is closing plants in the USA and Canada and moving the work to Mexico . The Union at GM in Oshawa is begging GM to keep their plant open in Canada . Here is a short video of the Unions speech . Does the UAW ever get vocal like UNIFOR in the USA .
  6. Would anyone have a source for the clips in the pictures below . Also the proper name of the clips . These clips were used on a 1931 Reo Royale to hid the joint between the upper and lower windshield frames . I assume other makes used them also . I have checked Mac's Ford but could not seem to find any . Unless I am using the wrong terminology for the part .
  7. Mark Gregory

    1937 Rolls Royce

    Not Mine Not crazy about the styling .
  8. Mark Gregory

    What year is this REO engine, and what model was it in?

    Hello Paule , If you read the posting right above your pictures . Henrik bought the motor . If I was you I would contact Henrik he is a very knowledgeable and friendly person . I have his email if you want to contact him . Let me know by Private Message PM There is the Reo Club which might help you out also with parts . There is a good brochure for sale from this fellow . I have purchased Reo Brochures from him before . Mark 1931 Reo Royale Victoria 8 - 31 In many pieces
  9. Mark Gregory

    1934 Morgan Car

    Not Mine Many parts
  10. Mark Gregory

    Shipping/Postage costs

    Joe I do not understand the costs to get parts into Canada . I bought a seat and needle for my carburetor not much bigger than the parts to hold a watch to a watch strap . The arguing with the vendor to ship it across the border . If you use USPS there is not all the costs involved . The Vendor said he had to use Fedex . Canadian Customs charged me a $60 handling fee since it came in by Fedex plus the Customs Duty . There is no $60 fee with USPS except the Duty . Some US suppliers will not ship to Canada because of all the paper work involved .
  11. Mark Gregory

    1929 Reo Speedwagon

    Not Mine
  12. Mark Gregory

    1929 Reo Speedwagon

    Not Mine Could be a nice looking Truck
  13. Mark Gregory

    Gas Caps Original ?

    Not Mine Does anyone know what they fit ?
  14. Mark Gregory

    Delco Remy T-491 Synchronizing Tool

    Does anyone know someone who might sell an original or reproduction of this ? This was used on the 1931 Reo Royale Chrome / Nickel 8 cylinder 358 cubic inch 125 HP Motor .
  15. Has anyone used heard of this company . I know a fellow looking for a 1929 Speedwagon Radiator and Radiator shroud
  16. Mark Gregory

    Jefferson Coil ?

    Not Mine What car would take this ?
  17. Mark Gregory

    1920's Boat Compass Kelvin White

    Not Mine I know it is not car related .
  18. Mark Gregory

    Antique Hubcaps

    Not Mine
  19. Mark Gregory

    1920 Harley fuel cap

    Not Mine This fellow has tanks and other parts for sale .
  20. Mark Gregory

    1920 Taxi Meter

    Not Mine
  21. Could someone give me an idea of the year and model please . I was sent an email and I was told it was this . Thanks for your help . It is a 1909-1910 Model G runabout
  22. Mark Gregory

    1929 Reo Speedwagon Radiator

    Trying to help this fellow out with a radiator .
  23. Mark Gregory

    1929 Reo Speedwagon Radiator

    This fellow is looking for some Reo Speedwagon Fire Truck parts .
  25. Not Mine Interesting what the public has a demand for .