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  1. Thanks for the advice and recommendations and advice. Unfortunately I took the advice of of a supposed expert and painted the raised molding first. The doors are off the car and painted which is where I had the wicking issue. Raised moldings on the body are painted and tomorrow is my only window of warm weather in the current forecast so I hope to paint Wednesday. I will check a local automotive paint supply store to see if they have the 3M tape. If they have it should I use the fine line tape with the wide tape edge down the middle of the narrow tape? Raised molding is about 2" across
  2. I am using a single stage paint from Tamco.
  3. I am in the process of doing my first total restoration and am having trouble with the paint leaching under the tape where I have the raised reveal. At first I used the wide tape and then switched to using the thin line tape with the wide tape edge down the middle. I had the same leaching problems with both. I thought I was using quality tape. Am I using the wrong tape?
  4. That is great news, you sure know how to build the suspense with old car buffs though.
  5. FYI I threaded three short pieces of 1/2" pipe on the lathe to 7/8" 18 TPI.
  6. Took me a while to figure how to make my first youtube video. Only did three cylinders but you get the idea. https://youtu.be/ECJ2zZ8pkYQ
  7. Ed, if you are not sure of the proper timing sequence how about trying this. Assuming your spark plugs are the 7/8" variety I am sure you have some old ones you can destroy. Break the porcelain so air will pass through them. Stretch a balloon over them and install them with the good plugs laying next to them. Crank the engine like you did to get oil pressure and watch each balloon inflate to see if the spark occurs when the balloon is almost fully inflated. Doing them one at a time would also work but not as entertaining.
  8. Just curious, what is the wattage of the heater you used to get the Evaporust to 163 degrees?
  9. Is spray welding one of your options to repair the shaft?
  10. Sealing washers would probably work also. https://www.mcmaster.com/sealing-washers
  11. McMaster has them. https://www.mcmaster.com/dies/external-thread-repairing-files/for-threads-per-inch~14/
  12. I made a small kiln using you tube videos and made several needed aluminum castings. Started by melting cans but scrap aluminum works so much better. It is really not that hard to do. Made the crucible from an EMPTY fat camp propane cylinder.
  13. A couple years ago I dropped my daughters manual transmission VW at a garage parking lot for new tires. Later in the day I went to pick it up and they had not touched it. Turned out no one knew how to drive a stick shift.
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