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  1. I purchased an adapter similar to this for my Gravely tractor but it works also for my 29 Hupmobile. https://brillman.com/product/spark-plug-adapter-78-to-14mm/ I have found many other uses for it.
  2. I have a spanner that I purchased from McMaster and had to file the pin to fit the hole. What I plan to make is a custom spanner that fits the outer ring perfectly and clamps tightly around the ring. I think that will give me the best chance of turning the ring without defacing it.
  3. Thanks for the Deep Creep suggestion I will get some to see if it makes a difference. As for the hole it does not go through. I have tried at least six kinds of penetrating oil in the area between the ring and handle. I would put a few drops on it every time I thought about it through the winter. I'm giving some thought into trying to make a custom spanner wrench in the form of a clamp with multiple pin locations that I could use to turn the outer ring. I truly do not think the threads on the outer ring are the issue. I feel the problem is the pot metal is tight against the outer ring.
  4. I am restoring a 29 Hupp and I am stumped at how to get the window cranks and door handles off. They have a threaded outer ring that when turned pulls the handle onto or off of the spline. Some of the outer rings appear to be brass but some look like pot metal. The outer ring is meant to be turned with a spanner wrench and is held on with a wire ring. I made a spanner to fit but none of them will budge. I am sure the pot metal has expanded causing it to seize. The picture of the handle with the chewed up ring is one that I bought years ago that someone unsuccessfully tried to get the ring off.
  5. They will help you in any way they can. There is an incredible amount knowledge that can be obtained. Many purchased parts cars to aid in a restoration and may have what you need
  6. The best source for Hupmobile parts is belonging to the Hupmobile Club. They publish a "Parts Locator" that is far better that scrounging the internet or flea markets.
  7. FYI miles apart but similar. https://www.streetsideclassics.com/vehicles/3954-atl/1931-hupmobile-coupe
  8. A friend of mine last week was telling me that him and three other friends were at a large flea market where he found some oddball part he wanted that was grossly overpriced. He made a reasonable offer that was refused. He then had each of his friends make the same offer 30 minutes apart. He went back a little later and bought it for his original offer.
  9. Steve, Your bodywork skills are impressive. Dick Arnett 29 HUPP
  10. Just bought 2 gallons of Aircraft Stripper a Rustoleum product at Advance Auto Parts in Walton KY. Cleaned the m out. Discounted price.
  11. I would sure like to see close up pictures of all those 50.00 bearings. I had most of a spare engine so at $50 per bearing I did both engines. I had the crankshafts turned on both before having the bearings done. One engine is assembled and running in the car and the other has the crankshaft installed without the pistons. FYI he line bored both at no additional cost I just needed to go help him lift the engines.
  12. Eastwood makes a Power Coat chrome. Requires curing in an oven. The advertisement sounds good but I have not tried it. https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-extreme-chrome-bonded-powder.html
  13. Steve, I admire you for taking on a project like this yourself. I have a 29 Hupp A sedan that started in a similar condition. It appears you plan on doing the lion’s share of work yourself as I am doing also. Curious if your engine transmission upgrade is by default. I almost went the same newer engine route when the first restoration shop I got a quote from for new bearings was $13.500. Fortunately I later found a man that only charged $50 per bearing. I had the same issue with removing the door hinge pins but wound up removing the hinges completely where I could turn them upside down and drive the pins out. Looking forward to see how you progress. Dick Arnett
  14. I plan on installing the top material myself. So far every thing on restoring this car has been done by myself including making some fairly complex engine and drive train parts. I have become self taught at castings and machining several parts. The only one judging the car will be me. I just want a nice looking (to me) and reliable car that runs well that I can drive as much as I want.
  15. Thank you both for the great help. I ordered from Snyder's.