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  1. Bought my 29 Hupp in 1968 and completely disassembled it to restore it. After getting married in 69 I was getting drafted so I joined the Navy. Spent most of my time in Guantanamo and on the USS Saratoga working on radar equipment. Started family while in GTMO which put the Hupp on hold for almost 50 years. Been working on it for three years now since retirement and hoping this is the year it becomes drivable.
  2. The middle set of three door handles and three window cranks are not exact but very similar to the handles on my 1929 Hupmobile. Do you want to sell them?
  3. Cornett's Machine Shop in Somerset, Ky can grind and am quite certain can make a cam. They ground two 29 Hupp cams for me and I was extremely happy as to how they turned out.
  4. Have the engine running now but not yet driven. Lots of body work to still do ugg.
  5. I am aware of a very wealthy individual who built a huge warehouse and has numerous vintage cars and gives tours to older people and dementia patients for therapy. I am sure there is a tax loophole there somewhere.
  6. Very nice looking Hupp. I wish I would not have had to leave so early on Saturday
  7. Sorry for the experience you had. Most likely the guys talking were just visiting the space and the person that would have most likely greeted you was busy in the RV parked next to the space or left the space temporary. My wife and I have found the members of the Hupp Club to be very outgoing, friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I fully understand your first impression with the experience you had and hope you will reconsider. Besides the camaraderie the club offers many other perks such as a wealth of Hupp literature, help finding and selling parts, and copies of blueprints are in the works. We have made many lasting friendships within the club, just a great group of people.
  8. That was what I was going to do at first but became fearful that it would soon reappear after looking at many YouTube videos. The car has not been outside in 53+ years since I bought it (long story) and I am now on year two of it's restoration. Not planning on selling it, just want to get it on the road.
  9. I have three or four bundles of that stuff in my garage attic that was left by the previous owner over 46 years ago.
  10. Can't get the wood out but I think I can slip a piece of 1/4" copper between the metal and wood. Do not plan on letting it get wet as it will be garage kept. This is the only repair left that is keeping me from painting the body. Lots of fender repairs still to go but I hope to do those through the winter and they will be a different color.
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    I sent you a message
  12. Thanks for the advice. I have most of the tools Gary shows. The previous picture did not show the full area. I hope to avoid cutting all the way to the door because of the complexity of forming the metal in a double curve. Hoping that I can weld the holes at the far right to avoid that. There is wood about 3/4 inch behind the rust holes and nails underneath. Not much room inside either. Any comments about the shielding gas would be helpful also.
  13. 29hupp

    Paint Question

    My 29 Hupmobile has no primer
  14. I am in the process of doing a restoration myself and need to weld some new metal in some cancer areas. Welding sheet metal is something new for me. I have purchased a small MIG welder and am using .023” .60 mm wire with 75/25 argon/CO2. I have practiced stitch butt welding 22 gauge and am improving but still need more practice to keep from burning holes. The metal I need to weld appears to be 18 gauge. I have located a supplier of 18 gauge metal but have yet to get it. Bending the replacement metal to the proper shape without specialty tools could be problematic also. A couple videos I have watched have said to use 90/10 Argon/CO2 for welding sheet metal. Will having a higher argon content help that much?
  15. Can also turn the crankshaft with a wrench and when the balloon inflates to maximum look at which plug the rotor button is pointing to. Should be #1.