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  1. 29hupp

    Top Material

    I plan on installing the top material myself. So far every thing on restoring this car has been done by myself including making some fairly complex engine and drive train parts. I have become self taught at castings and machining several parts. The only one judging the car will be me. I just want a nice looking (to me) and reliable car that runs well that I can drive as much as I want.
  2. 29hupp

    Top Material

    Thank you both for the great help. I ordered from Snyder's.
  3. 29hupp

    Top Material

    I am in need of top material for my 1929 Hupmobile sedan. I need a minimum of 63 inches width and the widest I can find is 60 inches. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. 29hupp

    1956 desoto parts wanted

    I made a 33 Plymouth rat rod with a 56 Desoto 341 Hemi in in it in 1964. I sold it about 3 years ago with a few extra parts. I am told that he sold it last year but he may still have the parts. The guys name is Ben ?. Burlington, KY 859-630-2184 Nice guy.
  5. 29hupp

    1920s Floor Jack Wanted

    Not Mine https://dayton.craigslist.org/atq/d/farmersville-antique-floor-jack/6804519073.html
  6. 29hupp

    Distributor Mount

    It would probably be difficult to install a distributer with an offset tab 180 degrees out but I can almost guarantee that there is a gear that the tab inserts into possibly on an oil pump that is driven off of the camshaft that can be installed to make the timing 180 degrees + or - off. More information on the car would be helpful.
  7. 29hupp

    1922 Type 61 wont start

    I would try putting a dab of whiteout on the timing mark, taking the plugs out, take a plug with the porcelain center broken out with a balloon fitted over the top of the plug, install the plug with the balloon in number 1 cylinder, hook up a good timing light to a 12V battery, turn the lights out and crank the engine. You should easily be able to observe light flashes when the balloon inflates and check the timing to see how close you are to TDC.
  8. 29hupp

    What is this? Tire changer?

    Looks to me like a (Ladder Jack) which mounts on the underside of an extension ladder to hold a walk board.
  9. 29hupp

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    2013 Chevrolet, dealer wants $450 to change a headlight bulb. Front bumper plus other stuff has to be removed to change the bulb plus bulbs are $50 for the cheep ones or $85 or the better ones.
  10. 29hupp

    Ferrule removal - '30

    The Filling Station rents the tool for $15.00 1926-37 Installation tool, door and trunk ferrule. For all GM cars & trucks using door handle ferrule. ( C-111 ). Without it ferrules are very difficult to install. Buy or rent this tool. You may return the tool, in good condition, and receive a refund of $30.00 - if returned within 30 days of purchase. You must include a copy of your original invoice to receive your refund.
  11. 29hupp

    Using 3D technology

    Wow! I am impressed at your ability to draw the parts with that much detail and accuracy to the original parts. I needed a horn button for my 29 Hupmobile and 3D printed one. Most of our local library's have 3D printers that are free to use and you only pay for the material used. My horn button cost me 80 cents.
  12. 29hupp

    suggestions on repairing a hole in block

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and I seriously considered most of them. I finally decided to try and tap 10x32 threads a reasonable distance from the hole and put a patch with a gasket over the hole. The thickness of the casting for all holes is about 1/8 inch. Drilling and taping in the confined area was a bit of a challenge which added a couple additional tools to my collection. I used a piece of 1/4 inch thick stainless with a Water-Resistant Low-Pressure Rubber/Cork Gasket Material rated at 235 degrees and a Loctite Gasket Sealant for Flexible Seals. Attached is a picture of the repair. It will take me a while to get the engine flipped back 180 degrees and back in for testing. I also need to order some replacement gaskets.
  13. 29hupp

    suggestions on repairing a hole in block

    Thanks David I agree that JB weld would be better than a gasket and I surely hope I would never have to remove it.
  14. 29hupp

    suggestions on repairing a hole in block

    I appreciate all the suggestions and have looked at the videos of the stitching and am not convinced that it is a fit for this application since the remaining cast ion is so thin. The idea of using any two part mix epoxy product scares me because if it does fail I probably will not know until the engine is destroyed. I fear welding, brazing, or even silver soldering could cause even more damage. I am leaning towards a more mechanical patch on the hole that does not rely on adhesion. I may coat the remaining surrounding surfaces with a high end JB-weld type of product for added protection. I will post pictures of what I hope to be a successful repair. I have chipped away the paper thin areas and now have a hole that takes the appearance of a triangle. I made a drawing of what I hope to do for a repair. If the nuts overlap which I expect they might I will put spacers under two of them. Comments from all are very much appreciated. Dick Arnett 29 Hupp near Cincinnati
  15. 29hupp

    1931 Hupp top closed car roof replacement

    I hope you get some good responses and look forward to your technical paper because I have to replace the top on my 29 Hupp. Take lots of pictures! Dick Arnett 29 Hupp