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  1. Great book--got mine this morning & haven't put it down yet--i have always enjoyed Richards work & this is right at the top---Tom
  2. Steele Rubber Products has nothing to offer ? you may have to improvise with something--just keep shopping their catalogue--Tom
  3. it's a shame all the chrome is gone,parklamps,sidelamps,wheels--is there a engine too ?
  4. looks very nice just be careful who you let plate it--you don't want to have to make it again--don't ask me to talk about it---Tom
  5. Ft Wayne Clutch redid the clutch in my 19--great work--no problems---Tom
  6. if i'm dreaming just say so--i've quit drinking so...--wasn't there a Cadillac listing at one time ?? Tom
  7. Michelle,just a idea--maybe there's a AACA chapter close to you- get the director to talk it up at the meeting--your help & questions may be answered close by---Tom
  8. is there a AACA chapter in Tampa--they may help you out--Tom
  9. i just don't have what they want,anymore--it's like having a trailer--
  10. You might try Green Sales in Cincinnati ohio--513-731-3304--they buy out old Ford parts from dealerships--Tom
  11. Did you buy enough extra to practice with ? Tom
  12. is that molding the one the goes around the roof insert ? Tom
  13. I've been trying to find instructions on how they hookup at the streering box end---Tom
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