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  1. try Car-Part.com-- its easy to get through--user friendly---Tom
  2. Matt, how about the timing chain & gear--didn't the 400's eat gears ? Tom
  3. David, I like the 4dr. also--the movable driver seat helps us big boys--Tom
  4. Trim-a-car---great book to recommend--got one this morning--still reading--you should get a gold star or a atta-boy for this=thanks Tom
  5. John, your so right--I just spent $22.00 for a factory mix rattle can--& was black---Tom
  6. I used the one Steele offers--made it work in my 22 & 23--just took a little time to get it to look right--you know, a little glue & a heat gun--Tom
  7. maybe one of the Ford/Mercury speedster projects ?? just a idea for you, I've only seen one years ago---Tom
  8. Keiser, how many years of collecting are we looking at ?? Tom
  9. one thing going for it, you can't wash it, just get a bottle of endust--Tom
  10. that's where the left & right swing-out hinges attach--Tom
  11. I've used clean-strip for years--always had good results-
  12. Grimy,wow 13.3--you building a stacker ?? Tom
  13. Jeff, Don was a true gentleman--met him at Chickasaw years ago--toured his collection--always enjoyed seeing him every year at Hershey--Tom
  14. Jeff, were you fortunate enough to have met Don ? Tom