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  1. are you still looking for this ?? got a extra from a 32 model 55---Tom
  2. 13CADDY

    1921 Paige Daytona question

    Grimy, that car couldn't have a better owner than those two--they really enjoy their cars--Tom
  3. wow, I like that--let us all know how it works out---how is the body work coming--I've been fitting running boards--uh-----------Tom
  4. 13CADDY

    1925 Panel Delivery

    Dave, please explain--were all the early trucks r.h.d. ?? my 19 & my 22 cars are both l.h.d.---thanks,Tom
  5. 13CADDY

    Clutch Rebuild

    I agree with Gary--Ft. Wayne did the one in my 19 --had no problems, works great-TOM
  6. 13CADDY

    1929 Chevy Exhaust Manifold question

    Ted, did you show your Chev.
  7. 13CADDY

    Early 30's Potter Mfg Trunk Parts Needed

    i'm finishing up a 32 Studebaker st. Regis--trunk was in tuff shape, spent months repairing--needed the latch's too--the price was tuff,but the need was there--redid the mldgs & made a few--the fit of the new ones took a little time, but I did it--finished painting it in black Imron--if you need their phone number let me know, I should be in the garage tomorrow---good luck---Tom Currin
  8. 13CADDY

    Early 30's Potter Mfg Trunk Parts Needed

    ben there & done that--looked for 3 years for mine--both mine were broken--hooked up with Vintage and Classis reproductions.com--the company is in Michigan & deal with Dodge stuff--calledMyersedp@aol.com--they distribute for Vintage, who's located in Australia, yes I thought the same thing--tom & Cindy are the ones in Michigan--good people & nice to deal with--they happened to have my 2 in stock--just be sure your sitting down when you get the price--if you need any more help , pm me--I can get you Meyers phone number if you need it--good luck---Tom
  9. 13CADDY

    Before and after

    that should be very rewarding for you--looks real nice--Tom
  10. 13CADDY

    Getting old I guess

    Joe, Restorer 32 gave you the basic--if you need more advice with Hershey, just holler--not hard to do--I;ve been a rider far years--Tom
  11. 13CADDY

    Getting old I guess

    your saying a small cart--do you mean a electric scooter ?? Tom
  12. 13CADDY

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    if you look at the rabbit--check the windshield on the drivers side where they rust under the glass--the leak there drips on the fuse box & helps rust it out--that's where the relay is for the fuel pump--when one has a foreign car salvage car, you learn real quick what sells--good luck--Tom
  13. 13CADDY

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    UPS just delivered mine--sure wish I had waited--but I guess it'll keep--Tom
  14. Rich, thanks a bunch--got my parts today--Tom
  15. 13CADDY

    side mount

    Great Jan, thanks now if Auburn parts were close to fitting