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  1. I used N. C. industries also--did one for my 32-- do great work, easy to work with also--Tom
  2. 13CADDY

    Wanted best repro wiring for 33 Rockne

    I used a Rhode Island in the 32 St. Regis--they were great & big help when I got stuck--they have my vote--Tom
  3. motor looks good too !!!!!
  4. 13CADDY

    1961 Third Member

    What type car would you like it to fit ?? May help !!
  5. 13CADDY

    Richard Quinn

    anyone have a update on Richard's condition ? Tom
  6. 13CADDY

    Bantom driver size

    do your homework real hard--there has to be some out on the west coast--try to finf one to at least sit in, better yet drive--try some car clubs, museums, national club roster--the more work you can do the better--its tuff to a car that far away, ship it home, have that much money invested & you can't get it , get comfortable & or drive it-been there & done that--good luck--Tom hey maybe you know someone in the area of the car that will go drive it for you
  7. are you still looking for this ?? got a extra from a 32 model 55---Tom
  8. 13CADDY

    1921 Paige Daytona question

    Grimy, that car couldn't have a better owner than those two--they really enjoy their cars--Tom
  9. wow, I like that--let us all know how it works out---how is the body work coming--I've been fitting running boards--uh-----------Tom
  10. 13CADDY

    1925 Panel Delivery

    Dave, please explain--were all the early trucks r.h.d. ?? my 19 & my 22 cars are both l.h.d.---thanks,Tom
  11. 13CADDY

    Clutch Rebuild

    I agree with Gary--Ft. Wayne did the one in my 19 --had no problems, works great-TOM
  12. 13CADDY

    1929 Chevy Exhaust Manifold question

    Ted, did you show your Chev.
  13. 13CADDY

    Early 30's Potter Mfg Trunk Parts Needed

    i'm finishing up a 32 Studebaker st. Regis--trunk was in tuff shape, spent months repairing--needed the latch's too--the price was tuff,but the need was there--redid the mldgs & made a few--the fit of the new ones took a little time, but I did it--finished painting it in black Imron--if you need their phone number let me know, I should be in the garage tomorrow---good luck---Tom Currin
  14. 13CADDY

    Early 30's Potter Mfg Trunk Parts Needed

    ben there & done that--looked for 3 years for mine--both mine were broken--hooked up with Vintage and Classis reproductions.com--the company is in Michigan & deal with Dodge stuff--calledMyersedp@aol.com--they distribute for Vintage, who's located in Australia, yes I thought the same thing--tom & Cindy are the ones in Michigan--good people & nice to deal with--they happened to have my 2 in stock--just be sure your sitting down when you get the price--if you need any more help , pm me--I can get you Meyers phone number if you need it--good luck---Tom
  15. 13CADDY

    Before and after

    that should be very rewarding for you--looks real nice--Tom