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  1. I have used Buckeye Auto Electric in Painesville, Ohio, and would recommend them.
  2. Have to largely agree. I have an unheated shop in NC, so usually stall for several weeks in February or so. Good time to research sources for hard to find stuff, and also to package up send-out work such as plating, re-silvering, custom leaf spring work, etc. Thanks for posting.
  3. Steve' Auto Restorations did a nice job on my 22 Marmon reflectors last year. I would recommend them.
  4. Same for me. I had two cars in a movie shoot this summer. I wouldn't necessarily do it for the money, but the opportunity to be on set, in a scene, and see how the whole process of making a movie works was fascinating to me.
  5. From time to time I have wondered whether the popularity of the worn and rusted look is related to the high cost of automotive paints these days.
  6. Sad to see AutoWeek and Automobile go away. These were my two favorites of all the 'modern car' magazines. On one hand, the trend is disturbing, but on the other hand, we are part of it. (After all, we are reading this online.). Some of the various club publications are now offering online-only option, some at a reduced cost vs. print. I expect the trend will continue.
  7. There is a 1949 Veritas with a Spohn body similar to this one in the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC. The founder and curator there, Dale Walksler, may be able to provide you some further information on the car.
  8. Congratulations! It is a majestic looking automobile!
  9. Glad to hear it found a new home. It looks like a terrific car.
  10. I think that the OP is quite misleading in implying that PayPal is responsible for the additional charge, when the origin is the seller. PayPal is quite clear in showing you the total before you commit to the transaction.
  11. By the way, what does the STOP "Thru Traffic" sign mean? I remember one of these as a kid, it was yellow. How did this differ from a plain red STOP sign?
  12. I very much enjoyed seeing this car at Hershey, and thank you and your son for talking to me about it. I am just about to undertake a restoration of a Detroit myself. Thank you for bringing it. It was a joy to see.
  13. I guess they ain't all the same.
  14. and here I thought I was the only one who did that...