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  1. Akstraw

    Source for cover for Continental Kit

    How about a magnetic sign?
  2. Akstraw

    Beltline molding fuzzies

    I think that Restoration Specialties in Windber, PA has them in 2 or 3 foot strips.
  3. Akstraw

    To use undercoating inside or not

    I have used a product called Lizard Skin for sound/heat insulation and liked it. If you are just looking to seal, then paint would do the job nicely.
  4. This is an interesting building in downtown Hickory, NC. From the owners website: "The Harper Family built the two-story brick structure in 1928 as a Ford Dealership, which continued until 1970 before it became Armstrong Ford. In 2005 the Jackson Family purchased the building and it served as the home of the family business, The Jackson Group, from 2005 to 2018. Zagaroli Construction Company completed the renovation for the Jackson Family, keeping many of the beautiful features of the 1920’s building such as the original pressed tin ceiling and the terrazzo floor in the lobby. A common belief is that the beautiful arched window on the front of the building, flanked by the two small port-hole windows, was built to resemble the front of an old Ford car."
  5. Akstraw

    Early Distributor Cap

    Have you tried Tom VanMeeteren ? I have purchased one of these caps from him. PM me, and I will find his contact info for you.
  6. Agree with Matt. He expressed exactly what I was going to say.
  7. Haven't seen this one yet. Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. Akstraw

    22 Nash 691 delco distributor

    My thought as well.
  9. Akstraw

    Air cleaner size

    There are some very inexpensive kits on the aftermarket. Mr. Gasket #4354 for example is less than $15. Perhaps you could just buy one or two and do some experimentation. If you find a setup that works satisfactorily, then you can spend more time and money on it to make it look 'period correct'.
  10. Akstraw

    Fink Bread Truck

    Perhaps the AACA Library can help you research this.
  11. "Outrage" and "shame" are pretty strong words over an aftermarket accessory. Okay, I get that you don't personally like it, but I would suggest that it is our differences in tastes that make for such eclectic and interesting meets. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember a time in the past when AACA accepted up to three period-correct factory accessories. Of course, at the time, that meant you could have a manifold heater, a motometer, and an air cleaner on your Model A. Heck, back in the "period'', I was a teenager putting 'period correct' accessories on my car. I think it's fun to see some of them again. What is a bigger "outrage", a 1950s car with mag wheels, or an over-restored classic era roadster with a mirror-finish basecoat/clear coat "concours" finish on every chassis and undercarriage part? IMHO, what will keep our hobby and our club strong Is some appreciation of what the other guy is doing, regardless of whether or not it is what you might do with the same car.
  12. Akstraw

    Where do you get parts

    Being the owner of several orphan cars, I would offer the following advice: 1) If there is a club for your marque, join it. That is the best link to experts that have such knowledge in their heads. (For example, that's how I learned that the ignition parts from a 1950 Chevy will fit a 1930 Franklin.) 2) Find interchange manuals pertinent to your year. They are often available on eBay. 3) If your town still has a NAPA or similar store with some old-timers working there, they may be able to help you match up parts by sight. Unfortunately, experts such as these are much less common than 20 years ago. 4) Consult the vendors who specialize in various parts: Olcar Bearings comes to mind; also Olson's Gaskets, and Tom van Meeteren for ignition parts. These are just a few examples. Many advertise in Hemmings. Just some thoughts from my own experience. Good luck! Andrew
  13. Akstraw

    Daytona 1957

    I think I see Elvis.
  14. Akstraw

    How many days..

    I think 60 days is reasonable for an international buyer, presuming he/she stays in touch with you along the way. After sixty days, I think it would be reasonable to say deal is off. Just an opinion.