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  1. Akstraw

    Fink Bread Truck

    Perhaps the AACA Library can help you research this.
  2. "Outrage" and "shame" are pretty strong words over an aftermarket accessory. Okay, I get that you don't personally like it, but I would suggest that it is our differences in tastes that make for such eclectic and interesting meets. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember a time in the past when AACA accepted up to three period-correct factory accessories. Of course, at the time, that meant you could have a manifold heater, a motometer, and an air cleaner on your Model A. Heck, back in the "period'', I was a teenager putting 'period correct' accessories on my car. I think it's fun to see some of them again. What is a bigger "outrage", a 1950s car with mag wheels, or an over-restored classic era roadster with a mirror-finish basecoat/clear coat "concours" finish on every chassis and undercarriage part? IMHO, what will keep our hobby and our club strong Is some appreciation of what the other guy is doing, regardless of whether or not it is what you might do with the same car.
  3. Akstraw

    Where do you get parts

    Being the owner of several orphan cars, I would offer the following advice: 1) If there is a club for your marque, join it. That is the best link to experts that have such knowledge in their heads. (For example, that's how I learned that the ignition parts from a 1950 Chevy will fit a 1930 Franklin.) 2) Find interchange manuals pertinent to your year. They are often available on eBay. 3) If your town still has a NAPA or similar store with some old-timers working there, they may be able to help you match up parts by sight. Unfortunately, experts such as these are much less common than 20 years ago. 4) Consult the vendors who specialize in various parts: Olcar Bearings comes to mind; also Olson's Gaskets, and Tom van Meeteren for ignition parts. These are just a few examples. Many advertise in Hemmings. Just some thoughts from my own experience. Good luck! Andrew
  4. Akstraw

    Daytona 1957

    I think I see Elvis.
  5. Akstraw

    How many days..

    I think 60 days is reasonable for an international buyer, presuming he/she stays in touch with you along the way. After sixty days, I think it would be reasonable to say deal is off. Just an opinion.
  6. Akstraw

    Where do you get rare parts ?

    One of the keys to buying an orphan car, or any old car for that matter, is to buy one that is complete or very close to complete. The most difficult parts to find are body and trim pieces that are unique to one particular make and/or model. Beyond that, the parts you are most likely to need are wear-out items like plugs, points, bearings, brake and clutch linings, light bulbs, etc. that are by the thirties to fifties largely mass-produced and interchangeable among makes. A good interchange manual can be your best friend. Agree with all the comments above, especially to join a marque club and network; that is the not only the best source networking for parts, but a great way to find a nice car as well. Good luck!
  7. Akstraw

    Mystery late teens touring car

    Drums on the rear of a 34 are 17 inches in diameter.
  8. Akstraw

    Mystery late teens touring car

    I agree that the fender and running board construction looks like Marmon, but I think the hood and nose are too short for the big six in th Marmon 34.
  9. Akstraw

    Havana Cruise-in

    A parade of antique cars down the Malecon in Havana is pretty darn close to my view of what heaven must look like.
  10. Akstraw

    WTB: Marmon 34 engine parts

    Found a nice pair of cylinder blocks and a good set of lifters and guides. Still looking for a good 34B head and cam to put this car back on the road after 50+ years.
  11. Akstraw

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Although I did not buy it, I saw a repro Boyce Moto Meter with a Franklin emblem on it. Think about it... guess it's not a big seller. Great show. Nothing like it in the world!
  12. Akstraw

    Interesting car 1904? any guesses?

    Love the picture, Bob. This must be the upstate NY part!
  13. Akstraw

    Great Sunday Drive

    Wow. Sounds like a great outing!
  14. Akstraw

    6 volt battery maintainer

    I got one brand-named Viking from Harbor Freight that does both 6 & 12 volt charging and maintaining that I like. I think it was less than $30.