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  1. Very interesting - thanks! Curious how it ended up in Canada....
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses! Very interesting This piece was in a local online downsizing auction - All auction items are sold as-is with only a few photos and minimal description. Based on the uncertainty, I chose not to bid. It sold for $130 Canadian for anyone interested - not sure if this was a good deal Thanks again! Mike
  3. Hi, Hoping a license plate expert can help provide more info on the piece attached - it looks to be very old. The plate is located in Ontario, Canada but it's possible that it could be from anywhere in the world Does anyone know the year and city / state / country where this would have been used? Thanks in advance, Michael
  4. Thanks everyone! Appreciate your thoughts and info. This isn't my item - just a piece I came across for sale locally and was curious to know the history. I did think that it looked a bit crudely done to be a factory item but wasn't sure
  5. Hi, Came across the vintage hood ornament attached - can anyone help identify the year(s) / model(s)? Possibly 1930s Dodge? Thanks, Mike
  6. Offering an extremely rare piece of automotive history - an original 1968 Pontiac concept design sketch by noted designer Geza Loczi. The sketch is signed and dated. Most material of this type was destroyed in period and rarely comes to market today as a result Measures approximately 8 1/2" by 11". It has multiple pin or staple holes at all corners which indicate it was pinned up for design review. Otherwise, there is a small bend on the upper right corner and a diagonal crease running along the top from the left corner. This piece would look great framed (sold as-is unframed) Asking $500 usd including tracked airmail shipping within North America. I am moving within the next year and thinning my personal collection Hundreds of other unique vintage automobilia items available in my eBay store including sales brochures, badges, vintage photographs and posters: Message for details or to arrange purchase Thanks for your interest! Mike
  7. Offering an original hand-painted advertising agency concept art piece for a Pontiac service flyer, postcard or poster. "Your Key to Greater Service Value" Not to be confused with a regular printed literature piece, this is a hand painted work of art produced by an advertising agency. Sold as-is, however, and I am not sure if this exact design was used or details of the agency, artist or year produced. It is very rare to find material of this type Measures 7" by 10 1/4". Has some creasing / wear at the upper right corner and on the upper edge. This would be a beautiful piece to frame (sold unframed) Asking $500 usd including worldwide airmail with tracking. Open to considering serious offers. I will be moving within the next year and need to thin my personal collection Lots of other vintage automobiliia available in my eBay store: Thanks for your interest, Mike
  8. Offering a unique vintage Morgan Roadster poster circa the 1980s or early 1990s Measures 19" by 27". Good condition for its age with some light corner or surface wear. Asking $60 USD including airmail to anywhere in North America (happy to ship worldwide at extra cost). I have several copies available of this piece, as well as many other vintage posters (mostly Ferrari). Message for details or to arrange purchase Thanks for your interest! Mike
  9. I have available a large number of unique vintage badges and emblems from the 1930s to 1970s approximately. These are great pieces to display as-is, repurpose or put back to use on a classic car or truck. They are sold as-is and I am unsure of exact year(s) or model(s) in most cases. Priced individually from $15-$75 each. All badges pictured can be found in my eBay Store: Hundreds of sales brochures, vintage photographs, posters, etc also available. I will be moving within the next year and need to sell-off much of my collection / inventory. Open to considering package offers on multiple pieces. Happy to ship worldwide Message for details on any of these items Thanks for your interest! Mike
  10. Offering an incredible archive of authentic, ORIGINAL letters and other memorabilia related to the career of Erwin George "Cannon Ball" Baker - Car and Motorcycle racing legend, speed-distance record breaker and the first Commissioner of Nascar. Also the inspiration behind "Cannon Ball Run" These items span the 1920s to 1950s and many are one of a kind. This collection originates from the estate of Jim Watson - an automobile executive who apparently worked for Franklin, Chrysler and Nash and appears to have been close to Baker. The archive includes: 1) 1920s? (undated) Telegram document sent by Cannon Ball Baker: "Belt Franklin Auto Co Gay and Fifth Streets Columbus OH - Expect to be in your city sometime tomorrow. Please leave instructions at your office where I can contact you by Telephone - Cannon Ball Baker". Document is torn but still an amazing piece 2) 1953 Letter from Cannon Ball Baker to Watson - This piece is signed by Baker using his nickname "Bake". Letter includes amazing content regarding Nascar races, a Pikes Peak run, patents granted to Baker for a carburetor and a great quote: "I intend to wear out, not rust out". Read this letter in the photos - very interesting. Some staining / wear throughout but still in reasonably good condition 3) - A letter from a Chrysler Sales Promotion Manager dated 1931 which discusses “stone walls” from Chrysler leadership regarding contracting Baker for a speed record run. The letter is marked confidential and references meetings with “Mr Chrysler”. Heavy insect damage around the edges but amazing it exists - indicates "strictly confidential" 4) A 1947 Nash Motors letter to Watson providing a detailed account of Baker's trip to Boston, Providence, Springfield and Hartford. Some light water damage / staining but still a great piece overall 5) 1949 Nash - Kelvinator Corporation "Interdepartmental Letter" discussing concerns with a new carburetor design proposed by Cannon Ball Baker. References reports attached but only the 1 page letter included. Some water damage, staple holes / staining but a one of a kind piece 6) 1928 Letter by Jim Watson to Cannon Ball Baker. Congratulates him on his Pikes Peak hill climb and discusses a planned speed record run by Baker in a Franklin car. Some wear around the edges but a nice piece for its age 7) 1932 Hudson Triangle factory magazine. Includes many interesting articles including a rear cover feature on a record that Cannon Ball Baker set in a Hudson car between Columbus and Marietta, Ohio. 10 pages. Good condition for its age overall with some light wear. Has been 3 hole punched. 8) Two glossy photos of Cannon Ball Baker with a Chrysler Car. These may be more modern prints than other items in the collection but I am not sure. These would be cool to frame with the Chrysler letter 9) 3 copies of 1928 "The Record Breaker" flyer by Franklin Motor Company. Features the text of a Telegram sent by Jim Watson about Baker's Columbus to Marietta record in a Franklin car. Both have some folds, edge tears and other wear but still rare pieces 10) Original vintage reprint of an article from Automobile Digest about records set by Cannon Ball Baker in a Ford car. Undated but appears to be 1930s? Some surface staining / wear throughout. 11) Cannon Ball Baker's Family Christmas card - undated but looks to be quite old. Also included are over 10 original brochures, newspaper clippings and ephemera pieces as an added bonus. All of these items are in poor condition with heavy water damage, surface staining, pages stuck together, tearing / creasing, missing pages, etc. Still very rare and interesting items despite the condition flaws. My thought is that some of these pieces could be framed together with the one of a kind items to create a unique display (many have great photos) Asking $1000 USD for the full collection or open to considering any serious offers. Price includes free worldwide shipping with tracking. Happy to provide additional photos or info upon request! Thanks for your interest, Mike
  11. Offering an original Rod Caudle Lamborghini Countach poster from the 1980s. Very large piece measuring 24" by 33 1/2" Good condition for its age with some corner and edge wear. Asking $60 USD including shipping within North America (International shipping is significantly more expensive). This piece requires shipping in a heavy cardboard mailing tube and postage is a large portion of my asking price. Several copies of this iconic piece available. Other Ferrari posters from the 1980s-1990s available as well - message for details
  12. Recently acquired this vintage Desoto Hood ornament, which is mounted to a metal dish for display. Hoping for more information about the year(s) / model(s) this went to - Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Michael
  13. @Curti If it helps, here is a close up photo of the logo on the top center of the poster. The brand name is "Classics Unlimited" . I'm not sure, however, if this is the company that produced the poster or the company that built the actual replica car pictured.
  14. @Curti - Thanks for the information! As the poster is from 1986, it is not too surprising to me that the car pictured is a replica from that time. The poster itself is original from 1986 and still a great piece for the right enthusiast
  15. @Curti I am actually not sure whether the car pictured is an authentic original Auburn or one of the many reproductions produced of this body style. As a result, I'm not certain of the company