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  1. Yes, I am slowly listing and selling some items from this collection - there are many more still available that are not listed. I posted here seeking information rather than sale but am open to discussing if anyone is interested in them
  2. Very interesting! G.M. Ross was definitely a very talented designer and there are a very wide range of vehicles and body styles in this collection including many commercial trucks
  3. Thank you! Based on additional searches, this seems to be "De Forenede Automobilfabrikker" or Thrige https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrige_(automobile) The overall lot is a mix of cars and commercial trucks, as well as a few ships
  4. Hi all, I recently acquired a large collection of original car and truck design blueprints and some drawings from the late 1920s-1930s. All signed with the name G.M. Ross. I acquired them from Germany but they appear to originate from Denmark (Danish text) Does anyone have any information on the coachbuilder / company / designer? Some examples attached but there are many more in the collection Thanks, Mike
  5. Sorry, all badges in this post have sold and are no longer available. Thanks for your interest!
  6. Just listed a large lot of over 70 vintage car brochures (with a few magazines, etc) on eBay. These range from the 1950s to 1980s and are mostly Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth with some Cadillac, Desoto, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet and others Most brochures in this lot have some damage including staining, creases, wrinkling, corner bends, tears / torn off sections, surface scuffing, etc. Covers are separated from the 1958 Desoto brochures. Individual items range from good to poor but all are still nice pieces. Great lot for resale, to re-purpose or for collectors Auction runs for less than a week and opening bid is just over $2 per piece including shipping within North America: https://www.ebay.com/itm/363329049084 Thanks for your interest, Mike
  7. I have available some vintage 1970s era metal license plate frames - both novelty pieces and car dealership. I have multiple copies available of some. Asking $65 usd each including shipping in North America with tracking. Open to package offers or can reduce the price if you are ok to ship without tracking. Worldwide shipping available at extra cost. Message for details or to arrange purchase Regards, Mike
  8. Absolutely - my eBay store is https://www.ebay.com/str/classicallydriven Many of the data tags in this post have since sold but some are still available - see link below https://www.ebay.com/str/classicallydriven?_bkw=data+badge
  9. Offering an original Plymouth car radio trim plate with knobs and badge. This has a great vintage look and would be a cool item to re-purpose or potentially restore. A Plymouth expert has identified this as 1949 - 1950 model years. Measures approximately 9" by 13 1/2" Condition: See photos for exact condition. This is a used vintage part and condition reflects this. There is surface wear throughout including scratches, corrosion, finish loss to the emblem, metal pitting, etc. The is some white substance on the back that may be mold - I have not attempted any cleaning but a thorough cleaning will be required. This piece is sold as-is and may be missing parts required to make it operational. Still a great vintage item overall Asking $84.99 including shipping within North America (Due to weight, postage is a large portion of this selling price). Worldwide shipping available at extra cost. See my eBay listing below for more photos and information: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Plymouth-Radio-Trim-Plate-Metal-Original-1949-1950-Metal-Authentic/392919095250?hash=item5b7bcd97d2:g:5EgAAOSw4O5dVG4M
  10. Offering an original lot of 2 left and right Mercury Marauder trim pieces. These appear to be window trim and include the "Marauder" letters. A fellow enthusiast has identified these are 1965 parts that go around the C pillar to the rear window (one year only parts that are likely fairly rare as a result) Each is approximately 6" on the short side and 17" on the long side to longest point. Condition: See photos for exact condition. These are used car parts and condition reflects this. They have heavy metal pitting / flaking throughout, as well as chips, scratches and some light corrosion. It appears that mounting pins have broken off. Still hard to find original parts See details and more photos in my eBay listing below: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Mercury-Marauder-Trim-Parts-Badge-Emblem-Window-Trim-Chrome-Original/363077968127?hash=item54892220ff:g:F3MAAOSwj39d7SKO Asking $59.99 including tracked shipping in North America. Worldwide shipping at extra cost. Note that most of the item cost is postage.
  11. Offering a spectacular 1940s era architectural rendering of a Ford Dealership - Broadway Motors. The building design is a classic mid-century auto dealership with wonderful curved glass and a prominent sign. Two vintage Ford cars are visible. This is a hand-painted work of art - not a print or copy. Mounted in a period wooden frame without glass. Absolutely stunning! The piece measures approximately 22" by 32" including frame (very large piece - pictured with a large 1.5L water bottle to show size) Condition: This painting has some foxing (brown spotting) throughout on all blank space. There are some scratches on the frame and art piece. Asking $1,250 usd including shipping anywhere in North America and listed now on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/363128925669 Serious offers considered if this piece does not sell in the first week.
  12. Offering original UAW-CIO Union membership pins from the 1930s - 1950s. See photos for all available. Beautiful pieces of history The largest measure about 1" in diameter and the smallest are about 3/4" in diameter. All are in good condition with some having light corrosion, slightly bent pins or other wear consistent with age and use. Asking $25 usd each including shipping within North America (no tracking included on 1 but will include tracking on 2 or more). Open to discussing package offers on multiple pieces. Please message with any questions (including to confirm condition of individual pieces) or to arrange purchase.
  13. I have available some very rare 1981 Buick Regal 65th Indianapolis 500 Pace Car interior badges. I believe that only 150 of these limited edition cars were made making these exceptionally rare. They are authentic and new old stock - I believe them to be factory seconds to the badges applied to the cars Each measures approximately 1 1/4" by 3 1/2" and has the adhesive strip still on the back. Each car was individually numbered and I have the following numbers available 4 5 6 49 59 66 89 109 119 132 140 144 These are new old stock but some do have age related wear including some light chips / finish loss around the metal. The raised decal portion of some badges is lifting or discolored from age on some badges. Happy to provide more photos or condition details of individual badges to interested buyers. Asking $125 usd each including tracked shipping within North America. Worldwide shipping available at extra cost. Thanks, Mike
  14. Thanks all! I have updated the eBay listing to clarify what appears to be missing. As noted in the original listing, this is being sold as-is and may not be complete. The pieces included are still very rare. There are a lot of watchers on this item and I will let the market decide value
  15. Offering an incredible 1920s or early 1930s era Spirit of Liberty hood ornament. Includes the metal lady liberty ornament, 10 American flags and some mounting hardware. Also includes the original box, which is flattened and heavily creased / torn but still has amazing graphics This piece is sold as-found and I am not sure how it fits together or whether any mounting hardware is missing Box measures approximately 4 1/2" by 11" and hood ornament is approximately 9" tall at widest point. Condition: See photos for exact condition. The box has been flattened and has many tears / creases throughout, as well as missing side flaps. The metal Lady Liberty has some wrinkles / dents and a few scratches but is overall in good condition. All flags have some staining and wear consistent with age. One the top points has come loose on one flag and a second flag has a small portion broken off the bottom (see photo showing this damage). This is sold as-is and mounting hardware pieces may be missing. Overall, a very rare piece and a great display item! Available this week on eBay at no reserve auction https://www.ebay.com/itm/363079270113 Thanks, Mike
  16. Thanks @edinmass!! I really appreciate your insights. It's easy to see how this can be mistaken for a print if not viewing in person. This did come from Walter Miller's estate - He was a true gentleman and I've always greatly admired the incredible business and collection he built. I have my own small collection of original design studio and advertising agency art from the 1920s - 1970s and really love this piece. Thrilled to learn it was used in the 1936 brochure.
  17. Thank you everyone for your feedback - I have removed this piece from the frame and happy to report that it is on artists board. Please see the attached for the reverse and also some close ups of the white sections (I am not sure of the type(s) of paint used). The blue mat on the front is glued on and cannot be removed. For provenance, I acquired this in an estate sale from a very prominent collector and leading expert on automotive design and advertising art. I would have been shocked to find this was anything other than an original painting. I just wasn't sure whether it was for advertising or design. FYI, it is approximately 23 1/2" long - much larger than even a prestige brochure. @edinmass - Thank you for finding this image! Can you possibly share a clearer photo of the plate with this same car?
  18. Thanks for the info - Unfortunately, the frame is sealed on the back and it won't be possible to remove the piece from the frame / mat without damaging the frame.
  19. Hoping someone can provide some additional insight on an incredible piece that I have just acquired. The item is a 1930s era illustration of a Cadillac limousine. The work is very finely done and I believe that this is either an advertising piece or a design rendering from either General Motors or a coachbuilder. I acquired this as-is and don't have any information Does anyone have any ideas regarding the exact model pictured and / or the history of this painting? Thanks, Michael
  20. Offering original 1974 American Motors Press Kit (Jeep & AMC). Canadian Market with FRENCH TEXT (not English) Includes 15 press photos and additional press release sheets covering CJ-5, CJ-6, Cherokee, Wagoneer, Hornet, Gremlin, Jeep Truck, Matador, Ambassador, Javelin, Renegade, Matador Cassini Edition and more Press kits were only available to automotive journalists and are very rare as a result. Outer folder measures 10" by 13" Condition: This press kit has some damage to the outer folder including creasing, bends and a 1" tear at the top of the spine. There is a pen notation on the front of the folder. Some of the press release sheets may have small stains or corner bends. Overall, this kit is still a very nice piece for its age Asking $125 usd including shipping within North America. Worldwide shipping is available at extra cost. Please message for details or to arrange purchase
  21. Offering an original Classics Unlimited poster of a 1930s era Auburn Speedster. The car pictured may be a reproduction (not sure). This is a vintage piece dated 1986. The poster measures approximately 24" by 36" Condition: This poster is in good condition for its age overall but does have some light damage around the edges. Asking $50 usd including shipping within North America. Worldwide shipping is available at extra cost. Please message for details or to arrange purchase
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