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  1. Glad to see you were able to fix it. See you in Pittsburg.
  2. Finally getting to installing the headlights and realized a special connector is needed. Any help with a source or other information would be appreciated
  3. As a kid in the sixties I worked on my own car as a necessity and have mostly continued all my life. When restoring my first and only almost 100 year old car 60 years later I have had numerous how to questions. I joined a local car club hoping to network with others with how to knowledge. What I found is that almost all take their cars to someone else to be worked on. This forum has been a wealth of information and I am grateful to the many that have responded to my many questions.
  4. PayPal is great as long as you do not have a problem with the seller. I have used it for years without any problem. The problem is when the seller scams you. I ordered an item from the seller supposedly in NY. I get a tracking number and a package arrives with a totally worthless item in it. Any problem has to be settled using a pick from menu on PayPal's website. Absolutely no customer service phone number anywhere. PayPal then notifies me to return the item I received at my expense and when the seller notifies PayPal that they have received it I will be reimbursed. The item has to be returned within 10 days or case closed and shipping address provided is in Chinese. Fortunately this was not a break the bank purchase.
  5. It was a NY address when I bought it.
  6. I recently purchased an expensive item using PayPal and the seller sent me a worthless trinket toy. I filed an on line complaint with PayPal and PayPal wants me return the worthless trinket within 10 days and says when the seller notifies PayPal of the returned item PayPal will refund my money and the return address is in Chinese. PayPal does not have any contact information to take it any further. I will never use PayPal again.
  7. Thanks 37-Roadmasrer-C that is exactly the information I was looking for!
  8. My vacuum tank was missing parts so I installed an electric fuel pump near the gas tank. It pumps gas to the vacuum tank but I also installed a return line from the vacuum tank back to the gas tank. I plugged the vent and the tank is well sealed. As many threads on this forum have suggested I would like to install an oil pressure switch as a safety. Looking on line for oil pressure switches they do not give details such as normally open or normally closed or ampacity of the switch. My FP draws 3.5 amps and I need a switch that closes on pressure rise without one side grounded and will handle the current. Can someone please give me a part number of a switch that will accomplish this?
  9. Hupmobile The device is supposed to allow a small amount of special oil to be sucked into the intake to assist in oiling.
  10. This device was mounted on the firewall and connected to the vacuum line going to the manifold of my Hupp when I acquired it. It’s not 100% complete since it is missing the backfire device. I also know its intended purpose which I find hard to believe. Could even hook it up but not put any oil in it so people could ask me about it. Should I reinstall it? Opinions from others appreciated! What other snake oil car parts are are out there?
  11. Thanks for the offer, I just found one and it should be here in about a week
  12. Thanks I will look for a supplier for the real wool. First call will be to Miami Rubber in Cincinnati since that is local to me. I will check on the book also.
  13. I am impressed with your work. I have sewn on a sewing machine probably less than 30 minutes total in my life but within the next week I plan to start on the interior of my 29 Hupp which at present there is none. Any advice?
  14. This is the temperature gauge on my 29 Hupp. Picture was taken a while back and it is now almost unreadable. The tube to the sensor bulb is separated which I am going to try and repair with an old but working gauge. If it works I would like to have the graphics restored if possible. Is there an easy way to reproduce the graphics.
  15. Thanks Gary I will call them tomorrow. FYI I can not flip it because it is tapered.
  16. Do you think this cracked arm on my shock absorber is repairable?
  17. I have a 29 Hupp 6 cylinder model A and they are an exact match. If the person that needs them does not pan out please let me know.
  18. With all the on line help It is actually never been easier to get a license. You can do it two ways. 1. You can learn the material and actually know how things work. 2. Since the test is taken from a published list of questions you can memorize all the questions and answers. Ham radio for me is a good balance between enjoying working on the car in the garage and spending time on the radio in the house. I got my license 52 years ago because that was the only way to call home from GTMO and later from the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier. I literally ran thousands of phone patches (telephone calls via radio) for others in my spare time. Makes you feel good when the captain ask you if you would make a call for him. WB4SUV
  19. Had the pleasure of meeting him at the Oshkosh Air Show about 20 years ago. He was definitely one of the "Good Guys). R.I.P. Chuck Yeager
  20. They dropped the code requirement years ago. Always good to see another Ham on the forum. WB4SUV
  21. Mouse traps are great as long as you do not use Strong Cheese.
  22. Dropped my daughters VW stick shift off at a garage for new tires. At the end of the day it sat untouched because nobody at the garage could drive a stick.
  23. I have a friend with an old Mercedes that in the instruction manual it says to use the paper on a pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes to set the points.
  24. I have lots of friends. Not sure if they like me or just like all my tools that they borrow. Some tools I spend hours hunting for when needed first then spend hours trying to remember who may of borrowed them. I wonder sometimes how often something borrowed gets returned after the lender dies.
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