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  1. Hello Lamar I will have go at freeing the engine up, diesel and ATF works wonders. It is clean inside and out, has good tires and a clean title. Do you get to drive your 79 these days? Thank you for all your hard work on this forum it is appreciated. Take care John
  2. Hello Everyone I apologise for not giving more precise information and the photograph. I brought this car a year ago with good intentions of getting it going and using it. It is a good clean car which has been sitting in a garage for the last three years unloved and untouched. The engine does not run and the lock on the driver's door is not working. Apart from that it is all there and has done 79,000 miles. Tires are good and while there is an aftermarket radio fitted, the original unit is in the trunk. It has ben hard to get to where I live because of the recent snow. Thank you. Regards
  3. Hello Everyone As part of my spring cleaning process I need to move on a couple of "project" cars and one is a 1966 Wildcat 2 door hardtop. This is mostly complete, (trunk lid and rear bumper missing), however what is under the hood is all there, (401 cubic inch engine and turbo 400 transmission) and all the front including the chrome parts are also there. It would be good for a project or for parts and it is on its wheels. I would like to sell it for $1250 obo. If interested please get back to me and I can send you some pictures. Thankyou John
  4. Hello Everyone Greetings from a very cold South Dakota. We had another 2-3 inches of snow here last night. If anyone has seen "spring" please tell him/her to head this way. I am in the process of "spring cleaning" and need to thin out the herd a little to make space in my garage. I have a 1979 Electra Limited Coupe which is a project car and I can't see that I will be getting to work on it for sometime in the future. It has the 403 cubic inch engine in it and is a clean nice looking car, (light blue). Photographs are available if requested and I would like to sell it for $1250 obo.
  5. Hello Everyone I would like to find a new or rust free used floor pan section for my 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible. It is the rear right, (passengers side) foot well section. I have some rust on my car, which I could repair, however if I could find a replacement section it would be an easier way to go. Thank you Regards John
  6. Hello Bernie Thank you for taking the time to reply to my request and for your comments. What you are saying matches up with what I have on the 1983 Riviera and I will take your advice on the paint description. Thank you once again and good luck with your projects. Regards John ROA # 14353 BCA # 46404.
  7. Hello Everyone Happy New Year to you and your families and greetings from a very cold Sioux Falls South Dakota. I am currently working a 1983 Buick Rivera Convertible, which I recovered from New Jersey last year. It is a flood survivor from Hurricane Sandy. There is quite a bit of work to do on it and fortunately I have had the benefit of two donor cars to get this work to happen. I am currently cleaning the floor pans, (inside and underneath), and I am trying to work out what the finish on the car was originally on these parts. I am told that GM used an under sealer, (body Shultz)
  8. Hello Everyone Such a tragic loss and Adam will be missed by all who knew him. Sadly taken when so young. Adam had Buick Knowledge and skills well beyond his years. Rest in peace Adam.. Regards John
  9. Hello Everyone Thank you for the comments and for taking the time to reply to me. I contacted Bill Squires and he seems a very pleasant person and he gave me a price and date when he could do it and as it turned out Bill was one of the most competitive quotes. I then contacted the other companies who were recommended by the members who got back to me. Their prices varied from between $1800 and $2300 for the 1400 mile trip. A colleague at the school where I teach suggested that I start an auction on "USHIP" and see what others have to say. This I did and the auction produced 10 replies, (b
  10. Hello Matthew Thank you for the message and for the name. I will send him a message Regards John
  11. Hello Everyone Greetings from Sioux Falls South Dakota. I would like to ask if anyone could recommend a reliable car transport company. I have just brought a car from the East Coast and would like to have it transported back to South Dakota. It does not have to be an enclosed transporter? Your advice and opinions would be appreciated. Thank you John BCA #46404 ROA #14353
  12. Hello Everyone Can anyone tell me what the correct color of the carpet is supposed to be on my 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible? The current carpet in the car matches up with Oxblood, however I am told that this was a 1985 color only and not used in 1983. Where do you go to buy carpet for the convertibles, as it is different from the coupe and no one seems to have carpet sets for them? Thank you John BCA #46404 ROA #14353
  13. Hello Everyone Here I go again with my 1983 Riviera Convertible. I have been looing around trying to find out if there is any information among the members as to how to touch up and refinish the "yellow" pin stripping which surrounds the dash panels. I have three different sets of panels, however none are what you would say is in show quality. My local parts people cannot find any pin stripping tape which is that thin, (about 1/32 inch). I am hoping that there is someone out there who has had success with this issue? I imagine that the original panels were photo etched? Thank you
  14. Hello Everyone Thank you for your comments and for the contacts. I will get onto them and see what happens. Regards John
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