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  1. Hello Everyone Such a tragic loss and Adam will be missed by all who knew him. Sadly taken when so young. Adam had Buick Knowledge and skills well beyond his years. Rest in peace Adam.. Regards John
  2. Hello Everyone Thank you for the comments and for taking the time to reply to me. I contacted Bill Squires and he seems a very pleasant person and he gave me a price and date when he could do it and as it turned out Bill was one of the most competitive quotes. I then contacted the other companies who were recommended by the members who got back to me. Their prices varied from between $1800 and $2300 for the 1400 mile trip. A colleague at the school where I teach suggested that I start an auction on "USHIP" and see what others have to say. This I did and the auction produced 10 replies, (bids). They all started around $1850 and after two days they all lowered their prices to $1650. It is almost as there was someone coordinating them. I did my own homework and worked it out that I could haul it back myself, (I have an older pick up truck and trailer), for around $1200 and this is probably what I will do, as there is a problem with the Riviera in that it does not start and run and is stuck in park. It appears that the car hauling companies did not want to deal with these sort of problems. However thank you once again and for the next few weeks it is back to work on my '68 Wildcat, as I get it ready for Denver and after that Cedar Rapids. I hope to see all of you at either of these meetings. Take care John BCA # 46404 ROA # 14353
  3. Hello Matthew Thank you for the message and for the name. I will send him a message Regards John
  4. Hello Everyone Greetings from Sioux Falls South Dakota. I would like to ask if anyone could recommend a reliable car transport company. I have just brought a car from the East Coast and would like to have it transported back to South Dakota. It does not have to be an enclosed transporter? Your advice and opinions would be appreciated. Thank you John BCA #46404 ROA #14353
  5. Hello Everyone Can anyone tell me what the correct color of the carpet is supposed to be on my 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible? The current carpet in the car matches up with Oxblood, however I am told that this was a 1985 color only and not used in 1983. Where do you go to buy carpet for the convertibles, as it is different from the coupe and no one seems to have carpet sets for them? Thank you John BCA #46404 ROA #14353
  6. Hello Everyone Here I go again with my 1983 Riviera Convertible. I have been looing around trying to find out if there is any information among the members as to how to touch up and refinish the "yellow" pin stripping which surrounds the dash panels. I have three different sets of panels, however none are what you would say is in show quality. My local parts people cannot find any pin stripping tape which is that thin, (about 1/32 inch). I am hoping that there is someone out there who has had success with this issue? I imagine that the original panels were photo etched? Thank you John
  7. Hello Everyone Thank you for your comments and for the contacts. I will get onto them and see what happens. Regards John
  8. Hello That's one very nice "cat"! My wife likes it too. Is the price like telephone numbers, (ie lots of digits)? Take care and good luck selling it. John BCA #46404
  9. Hello Everyone The shop which I have used in the past to chrome plate plastic parts has closed down. Therefore can anyone suggest a place which can do this type of work? I am looking for someone who could re-plate the egg crate grille on my 1983 Riviera. Has anyone had this done and how did it turn out, as most of the plastic chrome work which I have had done have been on smaller parts and not so intricate? It would be nice to find someone who has a NOS or a top quality second hand one for sale, however ---. Thank you John BCA # 46404 ROA # 14353
  10. Hello Matt Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. My 1983 Riviera has a push button release type handle and not the flip type which Dorman show. I have sen the handles off to a Plating Shop which I use in Minnesota and I will let you know what his quote is for re-plating them. This shop is the best one which I have found and have used for Zinc Die cast stuff, (pot metal). Thank you John BCA # 46404 ROA # 14353
  11. Hello Craig Have you had any luck with this website and Lewis? It seems that it is all quiet on the Western Front? I have two Riviera Convertibles and would like to see the work which Lewis did, which is fantastic and needs to be continued. It would be a shame to lose this data and information. Any comments from the forum would be appreciated. Regards John BCA # 46404 ROA # 14353
  12. Hello Jason and Matt I did have a look at the after market people including Dorman and could not find anyone who had them. None of the known Buick parts sellers, (Cars, Buick Farm and Classic Buicks) have them. I will keep looking as they must be out there. I do not have a Hollandia parts manual for the Riviera to check out where the handle was used on other manufacturers? I will keep looking thanks for your advice and comments. Regards John
  13. Hello Everyone I apologise for not being more diligent and keeping on top of my messages. I will reply to those who have shown interest in the 1966 Wildcat. Because of the snow and winter weather here, I finally managed to get the car off the trailer where it has sat since late November. I can now open the doors and get to the car. Therefore as the weather gets above freezing here I will venture out and start taking off parts for those who I have agreed to supply. Thank you John
  14. Hello Everyone I am in the middle of putting my 1983 Riviera Convertible back together again and I am looking to find both front outside door handles. I have two sets however they are all "pitted". If anyone has a NOS set of a set which is in very good condition please let me know? The other alternative is the have these re chromed and therefore has anyone done this recently and if so by whom? Thank you. Regards John BCA # 46404 ROA # 14353
  15. Hello Everyone I was at the Granville Iowa auction where I met up with Roy. I was also talking to the person who brought the 1965 GS Riviera which from recollection hit the hammer at $1525. The buyer is from Sioux City Iowa and he brought it as a father and son project, as his son has just graduated from an Auto Body/Refinishing college in Iowa, He also brought a second 1965 Riviera, (it was a nice looking maroon car with a perfect set of spinner hubcaps) and he paid $200 for that car. I pointed out the GS to him and our concern with this car was that both front fenders were bent in the same place and it looked like the whole front end had been bent downwards. Because it had sunken in the mud we could not get a closer look to see the front suspension and chassis condition. Most of the cars there did not have a title, however the 65 GS did have one. I brought a 1966 Wildcat sports coupe because it had the period correct Argent wheels, (thanks Roy for your help here). Before I could collect the car it went missing and it took a few days for Mike, (the son of the collection owner) and the auction company to track it down and I was able to collect it. This person had brought 13 cars from the auction and will be looking to sell parts from these cars. He lives a few miles from Granville Iowa. If you want his name and phone number please get back to me. I will be getting back to those members who have asked me about parts from the 1966 Wildcat. Thanks John BCA # 46404 ROA # 14353
  16. Hello Roberta and Mitch I will get some photographs posted. It is still on the back of my trailer and the weather here has turned for the worse. It may be a couple of days before get your requests done. Thank you John
  17. Hello Everyone I recently brought a 1966 Wildcat 2 door coupe at an auction in north west Iowa. I want the Rally wheels from it and don't need what any other parts from the car. It is complete with a 401 nail head engine, transmission and rear end. Chrome is all there and most of the body parts are usable. If interested please get back to me, the car is now in Sioux Falls South Dakota.
  18. Hello Wildcatsrule Have you found your Wildcat? I have a 1968 Buick Wildcat which is in pretty good condition, it gained a silver at a BCA national meeting two years ago. It has 103,000 miles on the odometer and I have owned it for the last four years. It is not perfect 400 pointer, but it always turns heads when I take it anywhere. Please get back to me if you wish to see photographs. Take care John
  19. Hello Everyone Thank you for your comments, they are appreciated. Regards John
  20. Hello Everyone I own a 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible top and need to buy a new top for it. I was offered a top recently made by Aro 2000 and would like to ask for any feed back and comments about their products and quality? Thanks John BCA #46404 ROA #14353
  21. Hello Everyone I hope that everyone who attended St Charles made it home safely. It was a fantastic meeting and I will be looking forward to the next one. I am trying to find parts for my 1983 Riviera Convertible and hope that someone might have them for sale or could advise me where to go for them? These include; 1. The plastic drive belts for the rear quarter windows. Mine are OK, however since I have the car apart, I would like to replace them? 2. The front A pillar door seals and stainless steel moldings? 3. Rear quarter window belt lines? Thank you Regards John ROA #14353 BCA #46404
  22. Hello Is the cap still available for sale and if so what is your price? Thanks John BCA #46404
  23. Hello Everyone I hope that you have a great Memorial Weekend. I would like to ask for some advice and assistance in tracking down and buying all the rubber seals and window sweeps for my 1983 Riviera Convertible. Your comments would be appreciated. Take care. Regards John McCarthy BCA#46404 ROA #14353
  24. Hello Again I appreciate your comments. The car starts and runs fine, however it won't drive. Brakes and instrument panels seem to be working well while stationary. Rear quarter panels in front of the rear wheels are rusted out. The red leather seats and far from perfect. The car has been a daily driver for a college student and has not had much maintenance done to it, except for the front sub-frame being replaced. The headlights are stuck in the up position. Thank you for your comments. John
  25. Hello Everyone My name is John and I am a member of the BCA and ROA. Recently I looked at a 1988 Reatta which was for sale near Sioux Falls, where I live. It was what I describe as being "rough" and had done 157000 miles and the transmission had failed. On the positive side the engine sounded very good and the owner had fitted a rust free second hand front sub frame. He is wanting $500 for the car which has a clear title. I think that it would probably be best to relegate this car to a parts car, rather than fix it up. Is there a market for parts from this car that would justify the money which the owner wants for it? I have too many Buick projects on the go at present and while I have always admired the Reatta I would like to find a convertible, if I was going to buy one. I would appreciate your comments and advice. Regards John BCA#46404 ROA #14353.