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  1. If possible I would love the paint code for my body.
  2. Hello I am looking for dodge brothers blue 1. I am looking for a small can maybe a 10oz or less. I am having my car detailed and they asked me for some paint. On the dB website there is a paint chart with the proper paint color. But after contacting DuPont the codes do not work. Any suggestions on getting a small bottle of touch up paint in a hurry?
  3. Update: rebuilt transmission. Shifts like a dream. New oem dual mass flywheel clutch kit and new master and slave. I have just about everything working well. Now I am ready to go to the national meet in Missouri a 4500mi round trip. Now all I need is 450gallons of diesel. Thank you everyone for the help.
  4. I am looking for the wire mount for the oil can that goes on the firewall. I have the oil can.
  5. As I will be turning the ripe old age of 20 and I found a space to set up shop I should probably start to acquire tools. I am looking for tool sets antique or old just not made in China. I could go to harbor freight for those. I am looking for in particular a set of 12+ sae combination wrenches where the box end is 6point. Then ratchets sockets breaker bars torque wrench’s tap and dies etc these can be sae or metric as my truck is 40% metric. I would also like to know what tools do I need to work on a 1926 Dodge and a 1997 f350. I get the empty space in the warehouse to do whatever. Thanks for the help as usual.
  6. In the first picture there is a modern type top of the spark plug. One where a rubber connector or a metal fork would attach to. The bottom is a threaded rod with a brass nut that the metal forks attach to. I got four new plugs from the Myers and they matched all but the top price. I had to ditch the brass nut. Does anyone know where I can find an oem plug.
  7. Throw a number out and see if anyone bites.
  8. The spare is different because my matching one was stolen of the car.
  9. This is the trunk that came with the car. It does not look oe. Since you can not fit the spare someone put a cutout on the drivers front fender for a spare to sit in the well. And they drilled a hole in the cowl to mount the spare.
  10. What I find interesting is that the spare tire carrier is on these racks. Mine and other sedans and tourings have a threaded rod on the back where the spare carrier screws on to.
  11. I found a trailer that I can rent but the door height is 70” my car is 73” could I deflate the tires. The interior is 73” or 74”
  12. If there is no way to fill in the emblem enamel then I can replace it. If can find a spare emblem. I do not know how to swap them.
  13. I used a 70/30 lead tin. The shell gets copper plated prior to the nickel.
  14. For short distances I can use an open trailer but for long distances an enclosed is a must.