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  1. I am looking for an English Fordson model n. Exhaust manifold and intake manifold and carburetor.
  2. I have an early English Fordson model N. I am looking for parts. an exhaust I and intake manifold and carburetor. I am not sure if this is the right place to post
  3. How do you adjust the release. Where is the adjustment for the release. I see no signs of a bad rear main.
  4. On the 1925 Multiple disc clutch there are two rattle springs. I am told they just serve the purpose to keep down the noise. I have two problems. First the clutch plates keep wearing with oblong holes. The clutch does not like to release. I have gone through gallons of brake clean. It appears I will most likely have to pull the transmission. What can I do to remedy these problems.
  5. As of February 2021 the REO is available. It is for sale as a whole.
  6. Is there a way to jump the ignition. Once this car is running I can take it to a lock smith.
  7. I am just about done with this 1938 Chevy. The next step is to start it and test drive it. There are no keys. It looks like the original ignition switch. I can’t see any numbers. If there were any they were scratched off. Does anyone know how to jump it and where I can get a replacement ignition switch with keys
  8. I have been looking into getting a 1930 model a Tudor. I want to put an overdrive in it so I can keep up with traffic. Where can I find one (used is also good) that won’t break the bank. Also the previous owner passed recently and the keys are no where to be found. The car was driven about a month ago. Other than hot wiring it is there a better way to start it. I would need to get it to drive on a trailer.
  9. After a year I was able to get some photos.
  10. With the proper 10a fuse you can test the voltage with a volt meter. Run the motor and touch the positive and negative leads while giving the motor some throttle. There are two screws one locking hex bolt and the other adjusts. When running you can loosen the hex and adjust the output. Make sure the brushes are in good condition and the commentator is clean. Also watch the amp meter on the dash.
  11. I use avgas. It is 100ll 100 octane at altitude. At sea level it’s basically premium. It has no ethanol and stores very well. I only fill my car up once or twice a year. The fuel will be used long before it turns. Since I have a 12v system it runs well. If you are interested I have another thread about it. It’s called avgas in a Dodge.
  12. On the top of the tank there is a latch in the center. That kept the tank from falling if the straps came loose. I sent my tank to be sealed and it came back without it. They told me they never received that part nor the gas cap. Does anyone know what it looks like and where to find one.
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