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  1. Alright here we go one of the most controversial topics. Engine oil if I ask three people I get six answers. This is what I know. I have been using VR1racing oil sae 40. Because it has high zinc and says on the bottle it is designed for older engines. I used to use api sa non detergent oil. I have been told that modern oils do not provide the protection that our cars demand. Many people put additives. Such as Lucas oil stabilizer and zddp and recently boron to increase lubricity. I have been watching reviews about several oil additives and many of them do not deliver what they promised but a few do. I will list them if anyone is interested.
  2. I am trying to put the oil pan back on. It is quite difficult without a creeper or a jack. Upside down and on cold gravel is not an ideal condition. I managed to get that “DARN” oil level rod in the hole and I have a vise grip on it to keep it from falling. I got one bold in by the flywheel and one on near the carburetor. The passenger side (exhaust) is a mile away. Any tips and tricks. Also the oil pump is completely out is there any advice on replacing it?
  3. I ordered a rebuilt transmission for 2.1k and a 800 core change. The correct flywheel and clutch cost $975.
  4. 90% if the time my dodge will live in the trailer because I have no garage for it. It will also be my base of operations for the dodge. I will put a work bench in along with all my tools and car related stuff.
  5. The truck has a single mass flywheel. And a worn master cylinder rod causing the clutch to not fully disengage. Over time this has worn the synchronizer in reverse and other parts. This is what I believe happened to the transmission. My precived remedy is a new transmission and a new master and slave cylinders. Also with the correct dual mass flywheel and I might as well replace the pilot bearing and rear main seal.
  6. I found out from the previous owner that it has a luk clutch. Whatever that means.
  7. Fun fact if you look closely you can see the hood is open that’s because coming up a hill the engine overheated. I can not remember if this picture was before or after I replaced the water pump. I have a backseat exhaust heater but not installed. I usually use a blanket and a heavy winter coat. My floorboard is not original and is two plywood pieces spit vertically. I take the passenger side out and the heat from the engine blows in the cabin after a while it gets warm and I have to open a window. I have a squeegee to defog the windshield. I bought a winter front at a flea market but it was not the right size. I also bought a couple of period correct windshield defrosters.
  8. I am 19 I bought my first car a 1926 Dodge at the ripe old age of 14. I drove it daily to school. Halfway was a dirt road.
  9. I am 19 and new to the car hobby I have a 1926 Dodge and a 1997 f350 for my tow vehicle. The handle for the door broke off in Lake Tahoe on New Years and as I was walking in to O’Reillys a girl barely older than 20 and was a cross the room yelled “is that a 7.3 door handle” she then came out with two handles one OEM and the other was a metal upgrade. She then began to tell me all about her truck and how to fix some quirks. She told me about her antique and seemed to have real knowledge. I have been to many part stores and people 3X her age are completely clueless about the most basic things. She also told me that they don’t sell many parts for my Dodge but gave me contact to a part suppliers. I would go there every day if it wasn’t 5 hours away.
  10. I am looking for a safe enclosed trailer for a reasonable price . I go to school full time. I have a part time job.
  11. To stop me would require someone caring and an employee ( manager ) will have to come out to speak with me. I work there there is a lot of red tape when it comes to speaking with customers. For example, if someone is stealing stuff we are not allowed to say or do anything ( except tell a manager) the company fears that an employee could be harmed. I was hidden from View and far from the entrance.
  12. And if anyone is wondering yes I am in a Home Depot parking lot. I have no access to a garage.
  13. I have gotten most of the paint off. I am down to the original galvanize. Is there anything I can do to protect it.
  14. I am looking for an enclosed trailer for my 1926 Dodge to bring to tours. I am 19 and I have a 1997 f350. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area.