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  1. I'm looking for a company that refurbished grills. I have a 1966 Buick Riviera GS that has overspray from a previous paint job. Any technical advice or a referral to a pro would be great. Thanks
  2. RivNut you have the Aurora video and then a link to turnswitch. They appear to be different companies. Which do you recommend?
  3. Thanks for all the great input. Still undecided. But I could use some help and instructions to take the existing radio out. Links, photos or instructions would be great. Thanks again.
  4. Looking for tips and guidance on removing the stereo on my 1966 Riviera GS for renovation. Considering an experienced local pro or just DIY depending on the guidance from the Guru's. I have time right now but I am sure the cursing will be reverbing across the Sierra's for decades to come.
  5. Wanted to reach out to the Kings of Buick Riviera to see if there was some good/great advice when selecting a stereo for the 66 Riviera. Any purchase types, types & install info for the beginner. Also, I know there's a 6x9 in the rear but does anybody know what size is in the front?Thanks & have a great Memorial Day weekend.
  6. Does the 65 work on the 66? Thanks. I will check.
  7. Great info. May I ask how do you tell it's missing the cornering lamp option? Also, if anybody knows where I could find one or a place to rebuild, that would be great. Thanks!
  8. Does anybody know where I can find a switch for a tilt wheel 66 Riviera GS?
  9. Looking for assistance in locating a radiator for my Riviera GS. May have to just get this one fixed. Any recommendations out there?
  10. Good day Kreed. Is it possible you still have the fan shroud? Question: does anyone know what material the shroud was fabricated from? Also, are the Rally wheels for the 66 Riv GS still available?
  11. Any luck finding a fan shroud? I am in need as well.
  12. Thank you all for the great responses. I purchased the 7041304 and that fixed all the acceleration hesitation. Not a glitch. The 240 will be getting rebuilt at some point. Starting is still slightly tough. Starter is probably the culprit there.
  13. Where is the part# stamp on the 7041304? Does it look like this? I have a better pic of the "304" on ebay. I'm guessing he's trying to pull a fast one.
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