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  1. Jim Bollman

    christmas cards

    I made this one a few years ago for eMail distribution.
  2. Perfect timing, one of the fellows that was suppose to send me a story for the December newsletter didn't and I had almost 2 pages to fill. I put in the capital fundraiser and member recruiting columns, filled up most of my blank space and it was good info to pass on to the members. Thanks
  3. Jim Bollman

    What do you display with your car at a show?

    I always display with the hood closed (I'll open if asked). My F1 I have 3 laminated sheets I clip to the racks on the stake bed racks, one gives the history of the truck, and the other two give some specs on the truck. My FarmOroad I throw a thin booklet on the seat that shows some copies of factory information. I do use my F1 stake bed as a platform to display things on at engine shows. If I'm around my vehicle I also allow children to be displayed sitting in my cars so the parents can take pictures.
  4. Jim Bollman

    Hershey wooden nickel

    I throw mine in my 50 cent box at Hershey after they have been replaced with newer ones scattered around the house and shop. Not big sellers at 50 cents so I doubt many get sold at $5.
  5. Jim Bollman

    Mystery Tool

    My Dad had a stroke 20+ years before he died so he may have actually thought it might be helpful or maybe just bought it in a box of junk at an auction, he liked those too.
  6. Jim Bollman

    Mystery Tool

    Thanks, I knew you guys wouldn't let me down. Not sure how often I would use such a thing but I have one now. The gloves may have been there and I didn't know they went together. :-) Jim...
  7. Jim Bollman

    Mystery Tool

    No real crimping jaws and it is just plastic, I think it would flex or break if I tried using it that way. If it is for crimping it would be a special fitting.
  8. Jim Bollman

    Mystery Tool

    I found this tool cleaning out some drawers and my Mom's place. My Dad was buying lots of strange stuff before he died and I assume this was out of junk catalog or off TV but it looked interesting so I brought it home. It is made out of hard plastic. No real hints written on it. Any idea?
  9. That was my plans till they paved everything, I figured now I would just be wash down the sewer if I was spread so I changed my plans. My first trip to Hershey as an adult, was in 1971. Because we came with someone that wasn't in any hurry we got to the flea market about noon on Saturday. Vendors were pulling out already. In 72 we had a space for the first time and every year since. Saturday has never been a good sale day for us. We use to stay till Sunday morning until HerCo let us know on Saturday evening they want us out by 6am and then turned the PortaPotty people lose on the field at around 3am. The stench was bad enough we got up and left shortly after.
  10. Jim Bollman

    Ford 8N sputter and die

    When my 8N starts running a little rough I either dump some Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas if I think I have a valve sticking a little or SeaFoam if I think it is a carburetor problem. So far I have had a 100% success over 35+ years of using it as a tractor not a collectors item.
  11. Jim Bollman


    We will be at our usual spots Chocolate CI-8-10 with some misc Crosley parts and left overs from past projects. Friends sharing the spaces are bring some early Ford parts and a 1899 Locomobile repelica steam car. Watch for the red Crosley signs Stop by and chat. I'm usually around till around 9-10am, back for lunch and then back around 3 or 4pm for the day and night. Wife runs the booth the rest of the time.
  12. Jim Bollman

    How do you know if your into cars?

    Pretty common way to move your collector car if you collect the right size. Even a full size Crosley fits if you leave the tailgate down. Just be sure to take the front hubcaps off to clear the truck interfeinner fenders.
  13. Here is a factory photo of the FOR plowing. I have seen them running a sickle bar mower and I know a fellow that use to plow his garden with his every year.
  14. Looks pretty nice Dale. Maybe you should make a spare for sale at Wauseon next year.
  15. Jim Bollman

    1950 Crosley Station Wagon Body with current title

    Just in case Junkyard4 isn't actively watching, I heard on a different list that it had sold.