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  1. Early registration ends on June 20th. http://crosleyautoclub.com/2019_MeetInfo/2019RegistrationForm.pdf Got my packet today since I will be pulling in before registration opens.
  2. I thought the same thing. Don't you see the Ford Super Duty pickup hidden in the camo.
  3. We are planning to show up Monday the 8th and I know there will be a bunch of people already enjoying their Crosleys and Crosley talk. Plus I assume, the now famous Crosley garage will be open for business by then, servicing and repairing members cars.
  4. My Dad worked part time at a Chevy dealership before going in and returned to the job when he returned, after serving as a tech sergeant in Europe. I assumed the dealer pulled some strings but my Dad bought a new 46 Chevy. Not sure what used car he had till he bought the Chevy but he had fond memories of a 34 Buick that he had before going in so he may have had it tucked away. The 46 was the only new car he owned till 1966. I was expensive to have around I guess.
  5. Good shot with dash not installed, really shows how far back the engine sits.
  6. I use 90W in the rear and 240W in the transmission, i don't remember what I out in the transfer case but I would guess 90w. The 240W helps in shifting if you don't drive in real cold weather. The paint looks good. Had my FOR out for it's first drive of the year today. The F1 has been out for a couple of month but just didn't get around to pulling out the Crosley.
  7. My Mother and I did something similar with one of my Dad's buildings fulllllll of stufffff. We had an interested buyer, we agreed on a price for it to be cleaned to the walls no cherry picking and then rented him the building for 18 months while he cleaned it out. I figure we sold for 10-20 cents on the dollar but would have taken 10 years of serious flea marketing to get full value, not what I want to do in retirement. Plus my Mother got rent on a building she wasn't using.
  8. I have issue one of Old Cars somewhere. May be a future collectable :-)
  9. MIne is a 51 SN FR-285. I'd have to pull some engines out to find the right one but I don't have an external oil filter if those are the fittings you are talking about.
  10. No notch in mine just a lot of grease. Since I have never put the hydraulics back on I have never gotten around to cleaning it up.
  11. Many years ago I worked the Summer between high school and college at a company that plated plastic for assorted companies including the auto industry back when they had armrests that were shiny on the bottom. And a lot of thee dash parts had shine highlights around the edges. As other have said it is aluminum vaporized onto the plastic but it has several steps. They ran the plastic parts through a solvent bath, heat dried, coated with a clear lacquer, heat dried, loaded on rotating racks with filaments down the middle with thin aluminum strips bent over the elements. You then rolled the racks into vacuum chambers, drawn down and heat up the filaments while the racks rotate. When you remove the parts they are given another coating of lacquer, clear for chrome tinted for gold. Then back in the ovens one last time. I worked second shift with a reduced crew. Was hired to roll the large racks of parts in and out of the ovens and load racks of parts on the rotating drums but helped out with the other parts as needed. They also did small metal pieces and I did manage to run a few parts for the Metropolitan I was driving through the system. Not for the home restorer.
  12. You have been in Crosleys long enough you probably know this. It might take a few cold warm cycles to loosen up the rings. If it is valves, yep a lot of work.
  13. Dale, I don't know if your FOR has hydraulics but something to check. Mine had hydraulics and they were not put back on and was missing the piece that drives the pump from the front pulley. My Dad had swapped engines and didn't remember an adapter. When I cleaned out his stash of Crosley stuff I found the original engine with the adapter still attached. It is just a disk with two pins that attaches to the front crank pulley. Could be made but it was nice to find if I decide to add the hydraulics.