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  1. All Crosleys had 4 wheel disc brakes from May 1949 to June 1950. They were based on the Goodyear-Hawley disc brakes similar to those used on light aircraft. They were built like modern disc brake systems with rotors and calipers. They were a failure because Crosley didn't take into account road salt and the alloy that was used not being a good idea. They switched to standard drums to replace them. Crosley went from the most out of date, mechanical drum to the most advanced disc, they just didn't do enough testing. Chryslers disc brake system was limited use and doesn't resemble current brake systems. Here is the Crosley system.
  2. I built my third shop a few years ago all 3 on a much smaller scale than yours, so I will leave most of the advise to others, you may have more than you want already :-) Two things I would suggest take a comfortable chair over to the new place and spend hours sitting and visualizing what you want to do and the best way to lay things out. Make notes and when you have one area figured out move on to another. Much easier to plan when you are sitting drinking a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage. I did most of my sitting in the morning so mine was coffee. Much better to do the build once. Plus you can make measurements to make sure things you visualize will fit. I used this approach in my last two shops and they were much better than the first. My latest shop was empty but already had florescent fixtures but no where enough. I have one big room so I split it between a storage area and a shop area. I replaced all the florescent fixtures on the shop end with a lot of LED lighting, it is like outdoors on that end. I put most of the old fixtures on the storage end. The storage end and the shop end are on different switches so I don' need them all on. I added two LED lights on the storage end hooked to the shop end so I didn't need to turn on all the lights to just grab something from the storage end. I plane to replace the florescent fixtures as they fail with LED but have a couple of spares left over to use first and it may never happen since the lights on that end are not on that often.
  3. I haven't tried it yet but my cousin swears by SeaFoam. With a tank that he described as having a tar like substance in it, says he pour it in shake it around, let it sit for awhile then dump it out filter out any chunks and dump it back in repeat. Says tank came out like new inside.
  4. When we lived in Western NY it must have been the thing to do. 50 Crosley - Over priced by at least 2X over priced, try to buy it for 4 or 5 years as it kept going down hill. Last I saw it had been sent to the local wrecking yard and was on top of some other cars and had been jumped on so much that the body was shot. Delorean - Very nice when parked, sat so long a long in the guys yard it sunk into mud to the rockers. 70s Caddy Convert - same guy as above after the Delorean went away, he parked the Caddy in the same spot. Was nice till it started sinking in and the top rotted/ripped off. Late 50's Caddy - guy drove it in the Summer left it sit in the yard in the Winter, went from very nice original to near junk before it disappeared. 55 Nash - Was an almost perfect original, moved around 2 or 3 times to different homes but left outside and last I saw it needed a full restoration. Probably more but all of these were parked where I drove by on a regular bases.
  5. Yea I looked up the flag and it was used through 1908 but I'm sure not everyone ran out and bought a new one when they went to 46. I have some other pictures of the house from 1907 and the vines were not as big but 1910 photo was close so might be as early as 1909 to 1911.
  6. This picture was taken in NW Ohio, I think in the early teens. It is in front of the house I grew up in 40+ years later. Any idea what it is?
  7. Years ago I saw a truck for sale on eBay using pictures of my truck that I had posted online in a forum. Told the seller to take my pictures down and he said they were not my pictures and it was his truck. Pointed out the truck was on my son's trailer in front of my barn and then turned him in to eBay. The ad was pulled. Don't know if he really had a similar truck and was to lazy to take his own photos or if it was a complete scam.
  8. Currently at 132 confirmed with serial numbers as being unique and 7 that may be duplicates that changed hands from the 132 or real that just lost SN or I haven't been able to get them for whatever reason. Still get a few most years. A lot on my list have changed hands but show up again after a while.
  9. I like my smart chargers but have several old fashion ones that get dragged out often for questionable batteries or when I want to charge faster than my smart charger will charge. My favorit is one that was old when my Dad rebuilt it when I was still in high school (along time ago), it was one of the few things I grabbed out of his shop before selling the rest. It can start a car with a dead battery after about 10 minutes to take it off the flat dead. After all these years all I did was put new battery clips on it.
  10. I did the local friend wants to look at it first on an RV that was way underpriced. Played the same person twice. Once where they wanted me to send the money and they then said it in a different state, had a friend there to, then it was in storage and could not be seen but they would refund my money if I wasn't happy.
  11. I should post pictures of my eclectic sign collection but most of your collections put mine to shame. I split mine into two locations one has farm/forestry/parks/etc the other is auto/petro. I prefer originals but will not break the bank. The other problem is once friends and family know you collect signs they give you signs and some of them are repros, I hang the repros if I like them and store the once I don't (after a few years I add them to my Hershey pile). I still have some room for additional signs, but not a lot, so I'm selective on what I buy both in content and price. I figure if I stop now it is still a nice collection that I like to look at. I sold some nice signs back in the late 70s that I got cheap and didn't fit my interests, when I see how the price have went up I wonder if I should have hung on to them but I made a good a nice profit on them considering all but one I only had a couple of years. The last of that batch was a large Sunco diamond shaped sign that after hauling to Hershey a few times I found a spot on my wall where it hung for 30+ years. When we moved my new shop wall space would have been crowded with such a large sign, but was going to move it. I had a fellow deliver stone for the driveway at the old place to make it more marketable and the fellow walked into my shop where I was packing things to give me the bill and asked what I was going to do with the big sign. Said I guess move it, he asked how much I would take. I had not kept up on prices but threw price at him I would be happy with knowing I didn't really want to move it and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a roll bills and started pulling hundreds off the roll. I figured I probably asked to little but I was happy not to move it. I bought these signs out of the basement of a closed Chevy dealership and had almost nothing in them. When I went to look at the stuff the fellow wanted to sell he had several crates of dealer manuals with paint and upholstery samples and other manuals and all kinds of iron parts not in boxes but new. When he saw I was mostly interested in the paper he admitted to having hauled several pickup loads to the dump, I almost cried. When I got all parts and such off the benches and shelves the signs were being used as part of the shelving, I wondered how many of those went to the dump. I worked out a deal to haul a load to Hershey and split the profits 50:50, he agreed, I came back with 90% of the parts but he was happy with the cash I gave him. Ask him if he wanted to sell me the leftover parts for my half of the profits and he jumped on it. Still have some of the paper, sold out of that stash at Hershey for many years. So you can see the signs didn't owe me anything.
  12. Not a huge museum but has some interesting cars. A bit off your path in Greeneville TN City Garage Car Museum http://www.citygaragecarmuseum.com/ Lots of other things to see in and around Greeneville, You can even stop by the Bristol Speedway on your way back North. Now if you want to go way off path I highly recommend the Lane Museum in Nashville. https://www.lanemotormuseum.org/
  13. I use to sell the decals, I sold the last pair a few months ago. I think Jeff Ackerman has them. He found a cheaper supplier so I decided not to get anymore made. Wasn't doing it as a big money maker, not exactly a high volume market ;-) I do have factory pictures that show placement that I can post if you need them. I use to supply a copy of the photo with my decals, not sure if Jeff does.
  14. Fargoguy, I am the keeper of the FarmOroad registry for the Crosley Auto Club, I have FR-150 in Calgary, AB Canada, is that you or has it changed hands? If it has changed hands could you PM me your name and city so I can update my records.