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  1. Extended Cab RV. Great for hauling part to Hershey next year.
  2. Just a standard 6 volt battery and some youngsters working at the auto supply. I bought two this Summer at the local auto supply and when they wanted to know for what I decided to have some fun and said a 1950 Ford F1 and a Ford 8N. The youngsters had a similar reaction, then an older clerk walked back and brought out one and sent a youngster for the other and them carry them out to my car. Tractor Supply also carry them. Available lots of places just a lot more expensive than they were 10 years ago since they found out they could and they don't make as many.
  3. Didn't intend to derail the humor with the charging wagon just thought it was funny. Please now back to humor.
  4. Reminded me of a couple of Crosley friends that have a small can of V8 Juice strapped on the radiator brace in their engine compartment. Then when a wise azz comes up at a car show and ask if they have V8 under the hood they say yes, a small one, and open the hood.
  5. I actually have an adjustable crescent type wrench that is marked as 200mm. I have a nice selection of adjustable wrenches but almost never use them on a nut or bolt. I believe in using real wrenches when possible. Probably should say what we use to call them back in the day, not politically correct these days.
  6. I had a Willys FC170 for many years and while I still owned it a picture I had posted of it showed up in an eBay auction. I sent a note to the fellow and told him to please use his own pictures to sell his FC170. First he said it wasn't my FC. I told him besides being the same color, sitting on my son's trailer connected to my F250 in front of my barn, he was right I couldn't be sure. Then he said his looked just like mine and he didn't want to get it out of his building to take a picture. I turned it over to eBay to figure out.
  7. Yet another way to get that stuck bolt loose. I think I would have used a box end instead of the crescent for safety reasons.
  8. Local Ford dealership owner is an old car guy and opened a 2nd location initially for used car sales but then added a couple of vintage mechanics and says they will service anything from Model T's to the 80s. All American makes and select foreign makes, free estimates. I may try them out when I have a repair I don't want to mess with. Hoping a NY friend reads this thread and tells about taking his 1913 T in for a NYS inspection at the Ford dealer a few years ago. He had a good time.
  9. Here was my entry in the Crosley Clubs Virtual Nationals back in July.
  10. Guess I should have taken a picture of the snake that got stuck on my sticky trap. But then it didn't have 4 legs. Second one I have caught on a sticky trap over the years. USe to have two shop cats that were brother and sister. They were suppose to keep the mice under control but were pretty worthless. One of them liked to sleep on the seat of the FarmOroad and I found a mouse nest under that seat.
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