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  1. Only so much you can do with a dark photo but I had to try.
  2. From the pictures I don't see any significant body parts from a Crosley. If it has lever shocks it will be a 1946 to early 49 Crosley chassis.
  3. Fellow I use to share a spot with found a car he wanted (this was about 20 years ago) for $26K. He had brought $10k with him and was talking to the guys next to us in the Chocolate field, we have been neighbors since the field opened. In less than a minute he had multiple offers to take his personal check for $16k in cash. He ended up giving the guy a downpayment and let him take it home and came out with a trailer a week later and picked it up and gave him the rest of the cash. Lots of cash floating around Hershey.
  4. I think I still have one somewhere too. Bought it at an auction about 50 years ago because I knew I would need it. May have used it once just to see how it worked.
  5. This topic seems to come up every year. I attended a couple of times with my parents in the 60s and in 1971 as an adult. The couple we drove down with in 71 were not in a big hurry and we didn't pull in till almost noon. Vendors were already starting to pull out. We have had a space since 1972 and Saturday has never been a big sales day most years near zero. We always stayed over till Sunday till the year they came around and told us we had to be out by 6am. Then they started pumping porta johns about 4am, the noise and smell were bad enough we got up and packed up and left earlier than 6am. Since we have always had a distance to travel and no place to sleep when packed, we started leaving on Saturday around noon unless weather is bad then we leave Saturday morning.
  6. Got our stickers this week also, our booth has gotten a bit fancier than our first year having a space in 1972. We camped in the back of a 67 Ranchero with bows I made out of 1/2" conduit with a tarp over it. Brand new tarp and it leaked like a sieve, luckily a friend had some plastic which we put over the canvas to get by.
  7. I wasn't suggesting you buy their restored gauges, I thought maybe they sold the parts to restore your own and you could buy a nice ring for your gauges, the rest looks very nice.
  8. Looks like you need a better chrome ring for your gauge set. Service Motors restores these, not sure if they offer restored rings for the DIY restorer.
  9. I went to a discount flooring store and bought linoleum in a large black/white checker pattern. The pattern helps you get your car aligned where you want it and is easy and cheap to replace when it gets nasty. Since my cars tend to leak I keep an incontinent pad in the appropriate place with tape on the corners and just change as needed, usually once a year. I used the paint and sand treatment on the ramp and it has held up well. I just used some leftover house paint and sandblasting sand.
  10. Looks a lot like the speed wrench I bought in the early 70s. Can't remember the last time I used it.
  11. Fellow at the Crosley Nationals did a two tone paint job on his Crosley wagon with Rustoleum rattle cans. I could not believe how nice it came out. After the normal prep he did 4 coats of Rustoleum wet sanding between coats. He said he planned on one more coat.
  12. A good lock guy can make a matching set. My 50 F1 didn't match and a friend that is an amateur locksmith changed the tumblers in the door lock to match the ignition key I had. I told him if he could get at least one tumblr to work I would be happy and he ended up getting four to work by doing some length adjustments on a couple of tumblers. He didn't have any tumblers the right diameter is why he had to get creative.
  13. Early registration ends on June 20th. http://crosleyautoclub.com/2019_MeetInfo/2019RegistrationForm.pdf Got my packet today since I will be pulling in before registration opens.