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  1. Politics aside it is a great museum.
  2. I have been to Lane twice in the last 6 years and had planned on going last Spring till Covid came along. Great museum. It is primarily a micro car museum but they have lots of other things too see like military vehicles, bikes, the nicest wood gasifier car I have ever see even in pictures and a lot more.
  3. This is a small but very interesting museum in North East TN. The owners are very supportive of the town and local car clubs. Several local car clubs use their facility for monthly meetings and party events. Not a destination but if your passing anywhere close you should make a side trip. Several other historic things in the area to combine with the Museum. Like David Crockett birthplace and Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. http://www.citygaragecarmuseum.com/index.html https://tnstateparks.com/parks/david-crockett https://www.nps.gov/anjo/planyourvisit/index.htm
  4. Yea, I painted my ramp with sanded paint also, it has held up pretty well for 10 years.
  5. Ok this time not so much gas, just ease it out.
  6. I bought some cheap linoleum at a discount building supply store for my trailer. I picked a pattern that has about a 6" square pattern so it helps line up the car when I drive in. Has lasted about 10 years so far. Got a couple of tears but should last a few more years.
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