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  1. I know a guy that has/had one of these. As far as I know he only tried it once and found it quickly got very scary. He was just displaying it when I saw it and wasn't willing to demonstrate it.
  2. I use to have one of those laying around. I think you will find that a short wooden pencil without eraser will slide into the metal part so you can carry a pencil on your keychain.
  3. I have a habit of clicking the "Mark Forum As Read" after checking each different forum. Probably not needed but this make sure I start fresh next time I go in to that forum. Another website I frequent has the "Mark Forum As Read" at the top and bottom of each page so if there is a lot of new posting you don't have to scroll to the top to click. From the look of the other website I think they use different form software so if it is hard with Invision, never mind, but if it is an option and easy you might consider it next time your in tweaking something.
  4. When I had the job of cleaning out my Father's main building, probably 30'X60 with 30X40 of it two story. Much of it you could only get through by walking on top of stuff. I pulled what I wanted out. A fellow came to look at it in the hopes of buying a couple of things and I told him I really wanted to sell it all. He asked what I thought it was worth and I told him, he was about to walk away when I said that I wasn't planning on spending 10 years of my life to get that price (very poor hourly rate). He threw a number at me that was about 10 cents on a dollar from what I told him. He wanted to
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