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  1. I am working on a '33 Pierce Arrow 836 with Bendix power (cable brakes). My cables have been destroyed and am trying to find original or a source to make new ones. Any help would be appreciated as I would like to stop. Bill
  2. AC Aceca and Ace had 5.5 x 16 curly hubs,
  3. Matthew, Here you go. Little over 10" Let me know if you need something else. Bill
  4. MCHinson, Is this what you were looking for? Probably will have to blow them up. What else can I get for you. Thanks, Bill
  5. I bought some NOS trunk hinges that were listed as fitting a Senior '38 Packard, but they don't, the bottom part of the hinge is too long. They were listed as NOS 1937 and 1938 Packard big series or possible Buick trunk hinges. Pair right and left. Part numbers 17771-R and 17771-L. Are those Buick numbers and if so what do they fit? Thanks
  6. David, By the way thanks for your help. BIll
  7. I just checked and there is another speaker in the right rear door, near the front. Maybe to talk to the jump seat passengers? Did this system operate separate from the radio? This car has front and rear radios. Bill
  8. David, My car is not a divider car, it is a 7 Passenger Touring Sedan, which seems a little odd to have an intercom. I have only found one speaker attached to it and oddly that is in the left rear door, but that is the only one I have dismantled so far. Bill
  9. David, I miss wrote, it is a Dictograph and the internals look like a yoyo that could wind up wire. What does the passenger microphone look like, if you don't mind my asking? Thanks, Bill
  10. In the process of dismantling the interior of a 1938 Packard 1608, I found this on the bottom of the right (passenger's) side armrest. It had small speaker wires to several doors. It is stamped Motor Dictaphone. What is it and what does it do and how do you use it?
  11. I have this large tank on the firewall of my 1938 Packard. I assume it is some type of oiler, but for what. It has 2 lines that go down and toward the back. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks
  12. I am trying to find a source for 8.25 x 16 white wall tires for a '38 Packard and I have checked the usual suspects but can't seem to find that size. Anyone have a clue? Also, is Wallace Wade out of business? Thanks in advance.