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  1. Looking good! One part at a time. Can't wait to see it in the Lincoln again.
  2. Lacquer thinner will break it down, it takes time though. Ask me how I know!
  3. Look just below where the horn is mounted on the block, there is a machined area on the side of the block( just below the head) and there should be a number there. This is a 1948 Chrysler engine. If you look just ahead of the black oil fill tube you can see the number.
  4. OP car has "Cruiser Skirts" on it. There are also differences in the door trim lengths on the hardtop and Skyliner. Look at where the two pieces of trim come together below the door handle, on the Skyliner the single trim is longer on the door going rearward than the hardtop by maybe 2-3". The door key lock is incorporated in the trim on the Skyliner and separate on the hardtop.
  5. Yep, looks like a match for that.
  6. Hood trim looks like 1960 DeSoto. Headlight trim looks to be from a canted headlight system, but it is not 61-63 DeSoto or 58-60 Lincoln from what I can see. Are there casting numbers on the back of them?
  7. It definitely is a retractable. Split in roof and long deck lid.
  8. Looks like a Chrysler 6 cylinder engine, used for many years in many variations and sizes.
  9. Still using a Ammco Brake lathe in my shop just like that one. Wish I had the unidentified attachment for mine! It gets less and less usage every year with the throw away rotors of today's cars.
  10. Looks the same as the one in the 1948 Chrysler Windsor.
  11. I have stopped working on it to get my niece's Mark ready for her to enjoy this summer. The people that own the Chrysler are in no hurry.
  12. With the weather warming up, I got back on the bodywork on my niece's Mark III. Two bad areas almost done with metal work. One more to go on this side and then on to the other side.
  13. Checked on length, it is 24". This was the original one on the car.
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