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  1. Is there any kind of schedule for the meet in Pittsburgh? I was thinking about coming over the the mills to look at the Hupps. Is there a better day/time to view them??? There is a car cruise there on Wednesday evening, will the Hupps be there?
  2. You will be cruising in that sweet Lincoln before you know it!!!! Good job!!
  3. We are all waiting patiently for the sweet sounds from the V12!!!
  4. Try again tomorrow to get nothing done???? Good Job 👌👍
  5. Another wonderful Crosley Nationals in the books. Good weather, good cars, good food and great people! Fun times for all. The FOR did well getting first place. And the best part is it was the picture vehicle for the FOR trophies.
  6. My FOR is having fun at the Crosley National Meet meeting other FORs!
  7. These week is the National Crosley Meet in Wauseon Ohio. Today was the day to load the FOR and some spare parts so I can head out tonight. Hopefully the weather will hold out and we will have a great time.
  8. Sounds like you have the wrong key. As far as the steering turned, I don't think a '40 vehicle has a locking steering column.
  9. Yes, you must first obtain the 1st Junior to compete for a Senior Award.
  10. I'm thinking more like '70's Mopar????
  11. Was a good day to paint. The Mark III was calling my name saying paint me, so I did. The humidity was about 80 percent, but everything went well. This is a single stage acrylic enamel paint. Has been a while since I have painted with single stage 🤣😆.
  12. Got the proper color for the Lincoln. Valspars paint formula is wrong and the paint man at the auto parts said they don't care, he has called before and they never answered his questions. Got the passenger side painted and now on the driver's side. Also did some stripe work on the wife's car, plum crazy.
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