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  1. Today I spent some time helping my brother in law get his FOR ready for the national meet next month. He hasn't had it out in 3 years and the brake cylinders were bad. He had new ones already so it was a matter of swapping them out and cleaning things. Also changed the fluids in the engine, transmission, transfer case and differential. Tomorrow my wife and I will be leaving for Scotland to see our daughter and son in law and check out the sights! Will also be going to Ireland.
  2. Yesterday I got some cleaning and blasting done on some small parts. Windshield frame brackets, seat brackets, and brake and clutch pedals. Also sanded the wheel covers and long seat brackets. Next step, primer and paint.
  3. dalef62

    50 Windsor

    Did you hook the charger to the battery terminals or one to ground on the car frame or block? I you put the positive terminal from charger on the positive battery post and the negative terminal from the charger on the block or frame you had a dead short.
  4. Last tire on the FOR is mounted and installed. Four nice shiny wheels and tires ready to go!
  5. Just a small update on the FOR. Over the weekend I played locksmith and made a key for the ignition switch. Works good now so today I installed the switch in the dash.
  6. Once I had the painting done, I moved on to the FOR. I was able to mount 2 more tires on the powder coated wheels. One to go, well really 4 to go, two more regular tires and two agricultural tires. It is looking pretty good!
  7. Today must have been "Paint Day" as I got two jobs wrapped up that needed painted. First was a customers truck hood, She got a hi-rise hood and wanted it painted to match her truck, so I got that finished today. And while I was at it, I had a little boo-boo on my truck that I needed repaired so I worked it out yesterday and today. I was able to touch up my truck with blue, switch over to orange and then switch to clear and by lunchtime both repairs were done! Now tomorrow, if I can get some help I will mount the hood on the truck and it will be ready for the customer!
  8. The 50th Anniversary meet of the Crosley Club is fast approaching. Members are set to arrive on July 8, or even sooner!!!! Things will start happening officially on Wednesday. Don't miss out on this big event for little cars!!!!
  9. Beautiful looking car! And we all know the hard work you put into it! Great job.
  10. Could be a good thing!
  11. Roger, I was so looking forward to meeting you and that all changed! I won't even get to see your new green Cadillac.
  12. Just a little update on the FOR. I mounted the steering column support today. One more step in the right direction. Was also at my brother in laws over the weekend to get some dimensions and such from his FOR. Now I can make the brackets for the front bumper, make the brackets for the emergency brake handle, make the linkage for the transmission (after I change the clutch fork to an offset one), and several other things that I wasn't quite sure of. Will be taking a short break from the FOR to work on painting a customers hood on her truck. Then it will be time for vacation! Our plans have changed from going to Switzerland to going to Scotland and Ireland as our daughter and son in law are now in Scotland.
  13. Keiser, They are just smooth moon style caps. Actually they are the Crosley wheel cover bases without the chrome skin with the "Crosley" logo on them. They will be painted green like the rest of the FOR. I have seen some with a star on them in white.
  14. Today's projects include the gas tank, windshield frame, seat brace and wheel covers. The gas tank is much worse than I thought, having severe rust through just above the seam on the one side and pinholes above the seam on the other side. The filler neck is also loose, easy fix. The windshield frame will need a new piece for the one side, which is available. The seat brace is just getting a little filler as are the wheel covers after a wire brushing and some massaging with a hammer.
  15. Spinneyhill, Unfortunately there is no adjustment on the angle of the rear end on the FOR. For the speeds that they travel and the miles that are put on them I guess Powell Crosley didn't care? On another note, the transfer case and the pinion are not on the same center line on the car looking down on it either.. Here is a picture of my brother in laws FOR with the same angles.