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  1. I got the radiator back in and the valve cover painted and back on today. Almost done with the simple engine swap. It still needs the hoses, oil gauge line, fuel pump and line, and hood installed then it will be ready to go.
  2. This afternoon I got the radiator cleaned up and repaired the cracks around the flange and then painted it. Hopefully tomorrow I will put it back in and I won't break anything.
  3. Took the radiator back out and got the offending stud(bolt) out of the radiator. Now to get a new one and get it back in.
  4. The engine is back in the car and just about ready to go. I have to pull the radiator back out as a stud broke as I was tightening it(it was partially cracked already). It does look pretty good now. I will paint the valve cover and the "CROSLEY" letters tomorrow.
  5. Today I spent a lot of my time cleaning, wire brushing, and painting all the little things that I had taken off the firewall and engine to make it look pretty. The car is now where it was about a week ago, except everything is all prettied up and I am now ready to put the motor in tomorrow. I also worked on a power engine lift that a buddy had made years ago and when he retired he gave it to me. It is not pretty but he said it works great. We will see tomorrow. No pictures today.
  6. A little black detail work under the hood was done today on the 1946 Crosley sedan. I will need to do a little detail work on the engine before it goes in, but maybe by the end of the week I will have it back together.
  7. Those 3 cylinder engines were noted for cracked valves. I got really good at changing them back in the day!
  8. Today I was able to get the yellow on in the engine compartment. Looks pretty good, not perfect but I wasn't even planning on painting it. The yellow isn't that yellow on the inner fenders.
  9. Sorry to hear of this sad news! Prayers for his family!
  10. I have thought about joining the Hupp club, but I belong to so many clubs. I was thinking about joining at Hershey but nobody wanted to talk to me when I went to the Hupp club tent... Seems I wasn't important enough????? Maybe if someone would have approached me I may have joined the club. Maybe I am spoiled being a member of the Crosley Club, very friendly outgoing club that is more like a family.
  11. Lots of progress today on the 1946 Crosley. I applied a thin coat of filler on the welds and sanded everything with 320 grit. Then a coat of primer. Tomorrow I will sand it and clean everything up to prepare for paint. I talked to the paint store and I can get a quart of single stage paint for $40.00. Thought that sounded good! So I hope by the middle of next week I will have the engine compartment ready for the correct engine.
  12. Lump, Thanks for the input. I have a listing for front shocks in my parts book for it?? I thought someone would at least post a picture or two also!
  13. Famous last words:. I am just going to pull one motor and replace it with another... Well, I thought once the motor was out I should clean up the engine compartment and that morphed into I think I should paint it... That turned into there are several non-factory holes in the firewall and fenders and the battery box needs work. We all know how it goes... Today I filled all the unwanted holes and now it is ready for filler, sanding and priming. Oh what we get into...
  14. Look like Oldsmobile, early 40's
  15. Today I got the engine out and with the unseasonably warm weather I pressure washed the engine compartment. Not perfect but it is cleaner.