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  1. Fantastic event! Always has been, always will be! And whoever was in charge of the weather, give him a pat on the back! Good Job!!
  2. My Hershey haul! Not much but will go along way to finishing the FOR. Also a hubcap for the Hupmobile, stuff for the shop and a rerailer for my old CCM bicycle that I haven't rode in 30 years... Why did I buy it??? Lol
  3. Steve and the whole Hershey crew... Thank you for all you do to make this the "Greatest Show on Earth!!" I know we all complain when something isn't as we would want it or something goes wrong, but this is a massive undertaking and all of the workers do a fantastic job bringing it all together.!!! Again, Thanks for all you do!
  4. Not much to see today. Yesterday I stopped at the metal shop and picked up several pieces of needed metal. Now I can finish several projects on the FOR and make a few sets of the shifter handles for the PTO and Hi/Lo shifter to sell. There is also metal there to make the front bumper brackets, the spare tire bracket, the emergency brake rods and brackets and the clutch rod. Will keep me busy for a while.
  5. This rule or guideline should be posted at the entrance to all fields! It has been brought up several times in past years. PS. 11 pm seems to be a little late considering most people are asleep by 10! LOL
  6. GBC 7-8 Bringing lots of valuable junk to sell!! Always looking for Crosley stuff!
  7. I have a Goerlich book and the front pipe at that time was NA. The tail pipe is different if you have a standard trans. or the Powerglide. I have the card to bend the powerglide tailpipe but not the std. trans. pipe. It is 1 7/8" pipe.
  8. We will be bringing several NORS exhaust pipes to Hershey. Don't know what they fit but if you know, the prices will be right. GBC 7-8
  9. Today I finished putting the trim and scripts on the MG Midget, so it is now officially a MIDGET again. I still need to touch up the peeled paint on the driver's side front rocker. And I noticed something that I hadn't seen before. Something else is missing on the car, can anyone else see what is missing?
  10. Oh the FOR will not be at Hershey, I was talking about working to gather parts to sell in the flea market.
  11. Cool FOR Keiser. Been slowly working on the FOR, little things that need done. Also working to get ready for that big car show in eastern PA. I think it is called Hershey??? Also spent some time on the 1973 MG Midget. Years ago when my dad painted the car he left off the MIDGET letters and stainless strip on the rockers. I decided to put them back on and have been working on that. Run into a small problem with the paint peeled off when I removed the tape to align the lettering. I have some of the original DuPont Dulux paint if it is still good... Anyone need any Crosley parts? Let me know what you need and if I have it I will bring it.
  12. I got one more part on that is required to start the FOR yesterday. A completely rebuilt carburetor from a dear friend of mine who passed away a few months after I got it. He always said, bolt it on, connect it up and don't touch it!