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  1. With things opening up a little in our area we decided to do a small business appreciation drive thru for our local Dairy Queen that has supported our car cruises for years. We have had a Memorial Day Cruise here for the last 15 years. We followed all CDC guidelines and had a great time. It was super hot and the ice cream was a hit. Had about 30 cars drive in and get ice cream and leave. For other clubs that have car cruises at local businesses, maybe something like this would work for you, it gets the cars out and also helps the local businesses that have supported you in the past.
  2. It really is not much of a survey. 3 questions.
  3. Today was the day to get some color in the engine compartment. The color had been decided years ago, but I wanted to ask here just in case someone had an "Aha" moment and I said yes that's a better color choice. First two pictures are the base coat, then last four are with clear. The color is a 2001 Ford F150 Toreador red pearl met.
  4. Wheels are not Crosley. Problem with bumpers is they are reproducing them in stainless steel at a cost that is less then getting old bumpers chromed.
  5. The Kiski Valley Region went to our local county park today for a bagged lunch meeting. Since the start of this virus we have not had a meeting and with PA starting to open up, we had a fun afternoon. Got the cars out and had do fun! Everyone had a great time and practiced social distancing.
  6. Should be an Amphicar on that boat trailer!!!
  7. Applied the primer today. Now to sand it an get it ready for color. What color should I paint it????
  8. I worked on the 50 Crosley convertible this morning and finished up the patches on the floor. Now I need to grind the welds some and, thank goodness, when done it will all be covered by a rubber mat! Now for another light coat of filler on the firewall, and then on to primer for the engine compartment.
  9. Today I was able to get back to the convertible. First I did a little filler and sanding on the firewall and then I started working on the patches on the floor where it was cut out for the flat head. One side done and two patches left to go on the passenger side.
  10. This Crosley body was converted to accept a Ford flathead 60 by another Crosley Club member, but before he could mount it to the frame it was outside during a bad storm and rolled around his yard for awhile. The body is pretty straight now after alot of tweaking. I had removed the fiberglass and metal changes to the firewall and floor and welded in the replacement panels from a parts car I had years ago. Now comes the time to do the final body work on it and paint the engine compartment prior to installing the engine.
  11. Today was grand shuffle day at the garage. I wanted to get the 66 Mustang convertible out so the wife can drive it this summer and I wanted the Crosley convertible out so I can do some work on it. It needs the original engine put in it and while I am doing that there are plenty more things that I can do... I also wanted to get the 1984 Mustang convertible out so I can try and sell it. I also got a Chrysler 6 cylinder spitfire engine and transmission that I will go over and see if it is good and then the customer will bring the car down for me to get it together and drivable. Busy morning... P.S. I added pictures one or two at a time due to the size of them, 4.23mb-5.5mb with no real problems. Just kept backing out to the "our cars and restoration" subsection and then back in to my thread. No time at all and they were all added. This is for those people who say they only have a two picture limit per day.