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  1. I just got my letter for the special fall meet at Gettysburg and have a couple questions. 1. The AACA Vehicle #, for vehicles previously entered in an AACA event. My car has never been to a show yet but it was registered for Hershey, should I use that number or will it be assigned a new number? 2. I see that we can register online, would it be better to do that or do it by snail mail with the check?? Thanks, Dale
  2. Work continues on the FOR. Today the rubber hose was installed on the wire connectors for the turn signals, the flasher unit (was found) and installed, the belt was installed, the battery was stripped of decals and installed. The battery was hooked up and the front parking lights work and when the turn signal switch is activated the opposite front light gets brighter. Oops 😬. I guess I will have to flip the switch over... Now I hear that Hershey show may be cancelled... I sure hope not, but we will accept whatever comes down.
  3. More things done today. I painted and cleared the wire cover for the license plate. Also put the hoses on the wiper motors to the intake. Slowly getting done.
  4. More items checked off the list of things that needed finished. The turn signal light in the dash was cleaned and installed, emergency brake springs and cables were connected to the rear brake drums, one shock is now installed with new rubber bushings,(waiting on the rest of the rubber bushings to come in), and installed the two rubber bumpers for the hood. Still waiting for the state to send me my antique plate. The application was sent in on July 18 and on Saturday it was returned to me because we didn't put the unlaiden weight and gross weight on the application. Why they need tha
  5. I got a lot of the little things done on the FOR today. Finished installing the fuel tank and line to the fuel pump. Finished the tail light wiring and installed the bulbs in the parking/turn signal lights. Installed the cotter pins in the emergency brake rods. Tightened the steering box nut. Lots of little things. Lots to do yet... And Hershey is coming fast...
  6. Ed, that is where the air horn connects to the bowl and yes it is cracking. I am hoping not to touch the carb much for fear it breaks. I have a few pictures of other hupps but the fuel line is in the way on every picture.
  7. I am working on my 1929 Hupmobile 8 and need some pictures of the throttle linkage. I think mine is hooked up wrong. Any pictures or diagrams would be helpful. Here is mine, it hits the side of the carb when you hit 3/4 throttle.
  8. Looking for pictures and information on the throttle linkage for a 1929 Century M 8 cylinder. Here is what mine looks like. The problem I have with mine is that at about 3/4 throttle, the linkage hits on the carb. Thanks, Dale
  9. Yes Emberglo met. First year offered on Mustangs. The year before it was offered on Thunderbirds with the Special landau.
  10. Attended the Shannock Valley Region AACA car show today with the 1966 Mustang. Was a beautiful day and over 120 cars and great food!!! A special surprise for me was the Mustang was picked as the Fireman's Choice. I think it was our dog or the food tray that they liked.
  11. More little things done on the FOR today. I made a ground wire for the fuel sending unit and attached it to the frame. Then I made the emergency brake rods that go from the handle to the cables on both sides and installed them. Then with more time I installed the fuel tank. Now in the next few days I can plumb the fuel line and put some gas in it and see it it runs on it's own tank. The list is getting shorter... and Hershey is getting closer!
  12. I'm thinking somewhere around a 1988 VW Passat????
  13. ...well maybe not the world, but at least on the forums!!! Thanks to the people that work so hard on the AACA site!!!!!!!! Dale
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