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  1. wickwire starter springs: Seagrave 1929 - 1941 starter- DR 374 / 443 / 483 / 578 USE SPRING NUMBER SS8R ///////////////////// OLDFORD MAY HAVE THE CORRECT SPRING, AS YOUR PICTURE SEEMS INVERTED
  2. just an idea, ship him some boxes with labels, If he can drive to a truck stop then he can drop them at a pick up point.
  3. It is emailed, hope you get it Hans
  4. l used my phone to take a picture of my friends very old photo. Then copied the image and pasted it to the AACA site. We did receive an answer to the model, and could see it our selves. I tried to send a messige with picture to PFindlay, but do not know if he received it. Some of the suggestions, to help me, apparently are beyond my current skill level.
  5. Gentlemen: I am sorry that the picture is not visible to all. I will try to learn another way to enter the picture. I do so enjoy looking at all the other entries and will try to find a way. TO PFindlay, I WILL TRY
  6. Thank you, now my friend Jim knows what kind of car his father took his mother out in.
  7. nice siren, 6, 12, or 120 volt?
  8. 1928 had 4 wheel 3 shoe bendix wheel brakes. the first year for 4 wheel brakes, so had extra frame bosses. The lower frame bar, is a different thickness than the earlier year cars. Earlier frames were for rear wheel brakes. A 1929 frame has the thickest lower frame bar, and will fit. It had 2 shoe brakes.
  9. I just reviewed the parts listing on line, it is still up with part numbers that is helpful.
  10. Terry, thank you, while I suggested you determine shipping cost and holding the parts until check cleared, your demonstration of the finer qualities of the AACA is your kindness in shipping the parts and trusting an AACA member for payment. Thank You very much ! Hans
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