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  1. Hans1

    Vacuum tank rebuild

    I have just used model airplane clear dope. Even used it to seal pits on the inside of oil pan. reasonable price, ease of use
  2. Hans1

    Piston question

    Thanks for the video, I have never seen it before.
  3. Hans1

    Piston question

  4. Hans1

    Piston question

    Sorry it is upside down. Could not seem to flip it'
  5. Hans1

    Piston question

  6. Hans1

    Piston question

  7. Hans1

    Piston question

    I do not understand the piston code you have of "E" for cylinder 5. Having checked several of my copies (5 of them from 1934 to 1940's ) and all do not show a letter "E". All copies show same info. I did copy the codes, and double checked them, unless there is a misprint in all of those years. Or someone had a stamp on the piston line and used a stamp for the valve chamber.
  8. Hans1

    Piston question

    info from Hudson Mechanical Procedure Manual: Original size of cylinder block is stamped on lower face of Valve chamber. The size code letters and piston weight, in ounces and quarter ounces, stamped on the heads of the pistons. In addition to to the size and weight marks all original pistons installations are numbered to indicate the cylinder block number and the number of the cylinder in which the piston is fitted. Cylinder size and code............................................Piston Code........................................Piston Ring size.................... (Stamped in valve chamber)-----------------------------------( top of piston )------------------------------------------ 3.00----------------------A------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------3.000 3.05----------------------B------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------3.000 3.01----------------------C------------------------------------------------D---------------------------------------------------------3.000 3.0015------------------D------------------------------------------------D---------------------------------------------------------3.000 3.002--------------------E------------------------------------------------F----------------------------------------------------------3.000 3.0025--------------------------------------------------------------------F----------------------------------------------------------3.000 3.004----------------------------------------------------------------------J----------------------------------------------------------3.003 3.005----------------------------------------------------------------------L-----------------------------------------------------------3.005 3.010---------------------AO--------------------------------------------BO--------------------------------------------------------3.010 3.0105-------------------BO--------------------------------------------BO--------------------------------------------------------3.010 3.011---------------------CO--------------------------------------------DO--------------------------------------------------------3.010 3.0115-------------------DO-------------------------------------------DO---------------------------------------------------------3.010 3.012---------------------EO--------------------------------------------FO---------------------------------------------------------3.010 3.0125-------------------------------------------------------------------FO----------------------------------------------------------3.010 3.015---------------------------------------------------------------------LO----------------------------------------------------------3.015 3.020---------------------------------------------------------------------BB----------------------------------------------------------3.020 3.021---------------------------------------------------------------------DD----------------------------------------------------------3.020 3.022---------------------------------------------------------------------FF-----------------------------------------------------------3.020 I hope this prints out in useful fashion
  9. Hans1

    What is it?

    Radiator shell appears to be newer than the style of front fenders.
  10. The information contained here is wonderful. I am forwarding to a friend with a 1927 model 50 who has not started on his car yet. This will be good for him to see Thank You Hans
  11. Hans1

    Red translucent lacquer

    Thank you for posting . What method did you use to mask unpainted areas?
  12. Hans1

    Car Logo Quiz...

    45 for me
  13. Hans1


    Thanks Joe
  14. Hans1

    Hershey 2018

    1963 with some Hudson Essex Terraplane Club Members from Michigan. In a pickup camper, on the way dropped off one guys wife and two kids in Akron Ohio. On the way home with a "very heavily loaded" pickup with four men we started to find tool booth prices significantly higher than cost on way to Hershey. So we tried to reduce cost by bouncing on rear of camper as front wheels went over weight pad, then dashing up to the front and into over cab sleeping area. It worked ! we had some lower costs. I remember camping on the grass just north of the cement stadium, they used little International Harvester tags with strings to be put on rear view mirrors to show you paid $1.00 to camp. Wife and daughter for several years, we rented a Scotty camper from Eytoners (sp) trailer rental High Spier several times I have many pleasant memories of the years...………………...including heat, snow, floods...…..and finding parts! This will be " 55 " years.
  15. Hans1

    Vacuum tank rebuild

    i cleaned and de rusted my inner and outer tanks as well as the float. Used model airplane dope, it is fuel proof. Also sealed some pits in oil pan.