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  1. Thank you, to all of you for your helpful information ! Hans
  2. Very nice plumbing job. I think it would look better in "BRASS".
  3. BEFORE INFLATION:: If you have no cage, that means a STEEL CAGE that is STRONG then consider : 1. use strong chain inside heavy hose like 1 1/2 inch fire hose and put three or more of these around tires and wheel rim, loosely. These are to try to control snap ring pop outs. 2. Hopefully this will restrain snap ring if it does get pushed out of the grove on inflation. This is the most dangerous part of the operation, except for the removal which you MUST make sure there is no air pressure in tubs. Note, some old tires may still have some stress and might POP snap ring out during release. 3. when inflating have snap ring facinging DOWN, or away from anyone or valuables. The straps hopefully will provide safety when you may have to use a soft hammer to make sure snap ring says seated during or after inflation. 4. I personally know of one person who was killed by a snap ring, an experienced service shop owner, mechanic, truck driver. That was in the early 70's but the rims are still here on many vehicles. 5. If you do not have the experience, follow the advice of several members here and have it done by a professional.
  4. A friend just called, has radio out of his '63 Corvette. It stopped working after experiencing a very slow warm up, for a long time. Any one with good radio repair experience in the Ann Arbor Michigan Area? Thanks for any guidance help.
  5. Hans1


    Cracked pump casting may be the result of unbalanced condition if fan blade is lost or blades not uniform profile. I do not have Hood open with engine running with others in the area. I of course have hood open with engine running to observe and adjust items: carb, linkage, timing and others. But I stay away from fan area as much as possible. I have seen and cautioned others to replace fan blades and be careful of them with engine running. Others and my self have seen the cuts in hood side panels where fan blade has come loose and hit inside of side hood panel. I avoid looking at running engines at shows or other venues.
  6. I sure learn a lot from these Forum entries. Liquid flux is something I have not seen or heard of since the 50's in the Navy. Thanks for the excellent input for us "followers" of efforts.
  7. Appears to be a almost straight head on shot of car. I noticed the off center shell, radiator cap and emblem.................. Head lights of center, and ?different headlight reflectors.................. front fenders appear different also................. A clever repair job way back then...........
  8. To bad GM did not do it .................... It would have met many of our expectations.................. Lots of physical skill ..............
  9. Here is info from Hudson Essex terraplane Club online info enter the link, scroll down to pink booklet, download book. You will likely ID series, body type, trim type etc for your car. I sure hope you join the HET Club ! https://www.hetclub.org/index.php?option=com_booklibrary&task=view_bl&id=963&catid=102&Itemid=1096
  10. there sure some expensive lenses on ebay, not mine, thought I has seen some earlier https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-1938-Desoto-De-Soto-tail-light-1932-1939-Ford-collection-scta-original-3/303124935761?hash=item4693a77451:g:Vi4AAOSwQTdcsSgF
  11. Very nice looking car! I personally can not ID later models to answer your question, But the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club certainly can. https://www.hetclub.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=12&id=5017&Itemid=1367 Very beat wishes Hans
  12. Posted on HET Club Very nice complete looking vehicle.
  13. NEAT,.................so far away..............!
  14. Please double check your repair did not obstruct internal passage.
  15. Yes, a Doodlebug Scooter. Is this what yoy have? https://nationalmcmuseum.org/2016/09/02/1948-doodlebug-super-model-e/