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  1. A possible NOS front axle for a 29 Essex , center section, no spindles Not mine, but Jack # eight 10-8 four 5- 4 one 35
  2. 27, 28, and 29 wheel mounting spindles are different lengths.
  3. there are 4 large rooms, I enjoyed it, bought one brass fitting for .25 cents. My friend who had never been to Kazoo fm, bought three quadra jet carbs, one Rochester two barrel and two chev truck cyl heads. A good time terrific facility 250 miles round trip
  4. I do not get Hemmings now, but they uses to publish various copies. You might find the oldest one that could cover the years you want. I have the 6th edition pub in1937, it covers things back 10 years. good luck
  5. We are a helpful Club, the many responses I have seen, to inquiries is heart warming. I try to remember that many questions come from "outsiders" or "nubies" who seem unfamiliar with our formats. In every case we represent AACA and I think we do it helpfully. To receive a Thank You is a gracious reflection, but to try to be helpful to some one is the best part. Happy New Year
  6. We are a helpful Club, the many responses I have seen, to incomple
  7. Boy and Girl with Cadillac Chevrolet and Cadillac
  8. mounting bracket looks like 33 or 34 Terraplane
  9. I worked at Ford when the "2" was there I took Grand Sons on Thursday before Thanksgiving, the wife on Tuesday after Thanksgiving and saw it again last Thursday With the "Z" guys. I did enjoy the movie I think there are some things done to enliven the story but Miles was the real Hero. He made the car.
  10. Get a paper plate and press against wheel then trace holes with pencil. Then measure diameter of holes
  11. Essex in '27 had two sizes of wheels 21" and later 20". In 1928 and '29 used 20 inch wheels
  12. 1929 Essex used 30 by 5 or 20 inch tires. The wheel is for a 1929 Essex The red Essex was called a " sportabout "
  13. I am now in the process of replacing two water jackets on one engine. I have NOS covers and gaskets to replace them. However when removing covers from three other engines I found a clever repair. On one engine a previous repair was performed. A thin sheet of copper tinned on one side with mounting holes was placed next to the block, then the old gasket and the cover was bolted on. This allowed the old cover to be used, maintained water integrity. In my case will allow the use of the old covers with the patina on them. However the bolts will be new, but acid dipped to appear old.