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  1. 6 bolts on 6 inch circle likely 72 spokes Wolverene comes to mind
  2. what size is the threaded portion of the hub?
  3. Heaters mounted in rear seat floor also required a diverter.
  4. A very clever invention, rearview mirror on a wind wing !!
  5. Distance for bolt holes on the two support arms, at base of mounting?
  6. What is the circle diameter of the face where wheel would mount? Perhaps 6", 5 1/2" or other?
  7. Several compression horns and whistles used spark plug adaptors to provide pressure for operation. Remember the wolf whistles, Steam train, and Buell Turbo Horns. Buell had small turbines to power the horn sounds. The control to operate them, a pull cord, did not require electricity.
  8. I have a NOS one, It is a horn operating lever that has a long wire to the horn. Look closely at middle of handle there is a little pin the wire attaches to. Mounted on steering column you pulled lever to operate horn, vacuum or electric.
  9. Last picture looks like Dodge, 2 bolt holes Essex has 4 holes
  10. a reflection from something???
  11. It is very pleasing to learn and then to see two companies recommended. I learned about Apple on this site, told my friend Jim, he sent his 1940 Buick front shocks, they had rebuilt exchange on the shelf and he had them installed with in a week. This site is a wonderful source of help, guidance, suggestions and friend ship to many. Thanks to all Hans
  12. As I recall, 1919 and '20 had lipped fenders. And '21 and '22 had curved lip fenders. sure hope I am remembering correctly.
  13. The small triangle cover on brake drum is a feature of Hudson and Essex wheels. Used to test clearance of shoe lining to drum. Use wheel diameter to determine tire size, and hub cap thread size for determining year. Pin stripe on wheel looks familiar.
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