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  1. Very Happy to find this info on the series, I will now watch it again. enjoyed it years ago
  2. 1930 Essex, with belt line where door handles mount. Also two rows of hood louvers, with end louvers tapering to shorter length at end louvers. 1931 Essex had door handles mounted on flat sheet metal.;
  3. The grove might be squared up to a size and perhaps a larger ring used?
  4. they still said they are a 112 year old company. well they went bankrupt and started a new co, remember?
  5. Received Saturday, Mailed Monday Planning to be at Hershey for 58th year
  6. So good to hear of so many of us doing well ! My Hershey group is 81, 82, 86 and 98, plus I am the baby- will turn 81 on the 28th. Have 6 automobiles all need some sort of effort, from just take it out and drive it to complete restoration. Happy Birthday to all, of any age ! 57 consecutive years at HERSHEY, was there this year to meet a friend who came to meet me from NY.
  7. Very colorful, 1930's had some very interesting colors.
  8. I am saddened to some of the negative comments about others enjoyment in collecting their interests. I have followed so many good inputs to this forum. Unhappily observed others I held as leaders in informed sharing of knowledge, appear to be using their skills and cars supposed pedigrees to diminish others in their enjoyment.
  9. bolt pattern, diameter would be helpful
  10. well with provision for a moto meter it would be used up to about 1927 when many cars started to have in dash mounted water temp gages, of course except for Fords or others.
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