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  1. Yep, the bolt in the ignition lock assembly is an antitheft device. It is designed to snap off when it's over torqued. The vast majority of the time you can simply unscrew it when the bolt head is still on the rest of the shank. You do need to have the ignition in the unlocked position to slide the ignition lock assembly off the steering column mast. Thanks Leif
  2. Guys I'd love to provide you with the pictures. I am computer challenged so soon as I figure out how to post them on this site I'll gladly do so. The photos are in "Buick's Busy Acres" and the fuel lines are easily seen in an original copy. A reproduction can be purchased through the Buick Heritage Alliance. Terry Dunham and I were friends. I opened up my archive material to him and Buick Heritage so that folks restoring a late 30's early 40's Buicks had access to rare information. I appreciate and enjoy this site where car enthusiasts do their best to help one another.
  3. I've seen this topic discussed in the past and I recently discovered some factory photographs which should answer the question whether fuel lines were painted or not. My photos show the fuel line from the carburetor to the fuel pump being painted and the vacuum advance line also painted. The fuel pump appears not painted. It makes sense the fuel pump was not painted because the paint would obscure the sediment bowl. The photos can be seen in the factory tour booklet "Buick's Busy Acres" which a reproduction is available from Buick Heritage Alliance. I have other pieces of literature posted on
  4. Thanks guys great suggestions, The lock button in the trunk handle would depress and we were able to remove the lock cylinder. Unfortunately the door handle is another story.The cylinder assembly will not budge and so far soaking hasn't worked. Has anybody had any experience with Coca-Cola? I know some of the Lincoln K series guys will use Coke on head bolt studs to dissolve the aluminum electrolysis between the aluminum head and steel head studs. Apparently the citric acid in Coke will break down corrosion over time without damaging valuable parts.
  5. Good morning gentlemen, I have a friend with a seized lock cylinder in his driver's side door handle and he needs a front bumper bracket, and 2 running board mounting brackets. So far I've given him Dave Tachney's contact information. I'm guessing somebody has been through the seized lock cylinder rodeo before. Thanks Leif
  6. This is an important question and I appreciate any feed back from folks on the Prewar Buick Forum. I could be wrong and if I added inaccurate information on this forum I appologize. I am aware there is supposed to be a 1 degree difference between 38-39 and 40 synchros. I have nos for both types. I looked for the angle difference and couldn't find it. It is true the drums must seat solidly or they will not shift properly. I've had good luck running 40 synchos in my 39 case for over 30 years without a problem. At the time the drums were used so maybe they were worn enough so that a difference
  7. For years there has been a lot of confusion surounding the use of 38-39 and 40 and later synchro drums in 40-50 series cars. Both styles are nearly impossible to find but a 38-39 owner will have a better chance of finding drums if 40 and later will work. The short answer is yes, 38-39 models can use 40 and later synchro drums. In the Master Chassis Parts Book 38-39 has 1 part number and 40 and later has another. The reason for that is there's a design change between 39 and 40. 38-39 synchro drums had the bronze inserts spin poured into the steel shell and then the bronze friction surface was m
  8. I just went through this with my 39 46C. 1393395 consists of 2 tie rod ends and 2 tie rod sleeves. According to my Buick Master Parts Chassis List years 1940-1962 this part number will interchange with 1938-1940 40-50-60-70 series and 1941-42 60-70-90 series plus 1946-52 70 series. My Master Parts Chassis List years 1928-1941 has part number 13144791 left which will interchange with 1938-1941 40- 50- 60 series and part number 1314790 right will interchange with 1938-1941 40-50-60 series. There is a cosmetic difference between 1393395 and the earlier types. 1393395 has a 1 piece rubber dust cov
  9. I have a factory photo of a 39 special engine from the factory tour book "Buick's Busy Acres". The paint job on the engines were very poor quality. Buick placed bags over the starter, generator, distributor, and carburetor with no attempt to be careful. The factory then painted the whole engine including parts of the bagged components not totally covered. There was overspray and areas that were hard to reach were simply missed. Buick gave 40 models the same treatment. Kgreen did a great very accurate job describing the painted components.
  10. Charles Halpin's phone number is 215-896-0065. Interesting foot note; Charlie fitted out a correct tool kit for FDR's 36 Ford convertible at the Franklin Roosevelt Museum.
  11. Contact Charles Halpin in Pennsylvania. He is an expert on tool kits and he's in the BCA roster. Thanks Leif
  12. I have a bumper guard, possibly a front bumper as well. Where do you live? Shipping a front bumper will be expensive Thanks Leif
  13. This brings back great memories. Thirty years ago I bought a 49 super convertible engine from a similar looking yard. I knew I was in trouble when I saw a salamander crawling into a spark plug hole. Thanks for sharing
  14. During World War II many prewar Buicks were driven until the engines wore out. After the war Buick designed straight eights to double as replacements for worn out engines in prewar models and for use in new model post war cars. A 1951 263 will work in a 37 special by using a 37 timing chain motor mount and possibly the bell housing. Be sure the crank in the 51 is not for an automatic transmission. Too bad you live so far away, I may have a 37 short block. Thanks Leif
  15. I don't know how well they work but Bob's Automobilia had modern replacements in their catalog 4 or 5 years ago. I bought a set but I didn't throw a caliper on them and I haven't tried to install them Thanks Leif
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