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  1. You're getting excellent advice from the forum about gas with ethanol, your car will run fine using it. Be aware gas containing ethanol can rupture the diaphragm in your fuel pump and it's not a bad idea to replace the diaphragm with modern ethanol resistant material. In answering the question about oil pumps it's mainly a problem with 248 engines 1938, 1939, and maybe early 1940. The oil pump gears prior to 1940 are 1 inch in diameter and the later oil pump gears 1941-47 are 1 1/4 inches in diameter which allows for a higher oil out put. The 60-80-90 oil pumps also have 1 1/4 inch gears for
  2. I have original nos fabric but I'm not sure exactly what 38 used. It's my understanding the inventory from Lebaron and Bonney was bought by SMS out of Portland Oregon, not 100% sure but I think that's correct.
  3. Thank you so much. I took interior photos of a 40 Buick convertible coupe at Indianapolis 30 years ago but I didn't get any shots of the top well. It's a great help Leif
  4. After obtaining original upholstery patterns from 4 cars I have a complete set except the convertible top well. I'd really appreciate any information regarding details about the center section of the well and upholstery on the plywood shelf located directly behind the back seat rest. Also there were 2 toggles which secured the rear convertible window frame into the well when the top was down. I have no idea what kind of hardware these toggles were attached to. If anybody has other upholstery questions I'll do my best to answer them
  5. Thank you bloo, that was very helpful, now I know what I'm looking for.
  6. After a 10 year restoration a friend is going to start up his 39 Buick 40 series. My concern is he might have a 40 Buick voltage regulator rather than a 38-39. As I understand it the part number is 309 which does not coincide with any reference numbers I have. How a person can identify a 38-39 from a 40-47 Buick voltage regulator by looking at them ? Thanks Leif
  7. As long as a customer was willing to pay for it they could have any color/fabric combination they wanted. I have a 1939 Interorganizational Field Memo which states that. If the customer wanted something other than a spec car stocked at the dealership they would select individually the car color and upholstery from the dealership Color and Trim Book. A triplicate order form would be filled at the dealership using the identifying codes obtained from either the Color and Trim Book or the Buick Distribution Book. One copy of the triplicate form was kept at the dealership and the other two would be
  8. Yep, the dimmer switch is held in place by 2 screws in the toe kick underneath the floor mat. Once the 2 screws are removed the dimmer switch will drop down on top of the frame and you can access it. Thanks Leif
  9. Stop light switches with pictures are available on E-Bay 1940 Buick NOS
  10. I'm next to positive you have the correct switch but you're missing the correct wiring connectors. The screw type will work but they were used in 1939. Also the original switch for 1940 had a 6 point bolt configuration. Long story short your current switch will work but the wiring looks dangerous and needs the correct connectors. Sorry I don't have a 40 brake light switch or connectors. Thanks Leif
  11. Shout out to Earl Beauchamp Years ago Earl was kind enough to give me the remaining original upholstery patterns from his 39 46c. Between his patterns and the patterns from 2 other 39 46cs I now have a complete set. I am collaborating with 2 other guys in the Portland Oregon area who are also restoring 39 convertible coupes and the patterns are going to be used by all of us. Thanks again for the banter about my yellow car. I was not offended by my wife's comment; actually I thought it was funny L
  12. This is a car I've owned since 1986 and it's been in the process of restoration for 20 years. Finally the paint was finished several weeks ago and my ego was promptly deflated by my wife. I proudly displayed the enclosed picture and she calmly replied the car was painted canary sh$t yellow, but I think that was a Ford color. This car has had quite a colorful life. The original owner ordered the 46c from the Buick dealership in Wenatchee Washington. Eventually the car was given to his son who would use it to go rabbit hunting through the eastern Washington sage brush. The second owner bou
  13. I had the inquiry about heater motor cleaning and lubrication and your post was very helpful. Thanks for your reply, Leif "Buick looks fine for 39"
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