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  1. I have a 1925 Jewett Sedan, nothing on dash other than gauges, ignition switch and a clock. In looking at dash board pictures in my collection of sales brochures and reference manuals I do not see any amulets on the dash.
  2. Great thread! On our street we had a 56 Nomad for the family car, down the street a 48 Anglia for work transportation to the steel mill, BMW Isetta, around the corner was a 61 Impala Super Sport and a couple of streets over was a 289 Cobra.
  3. Surprising how many bumpers rust out these days.
  4. Thanks for posting the vacuum tank instructions!
  5. I do remember riding in a 66 Chevelle convertible with 396 and three on the tree back in the day, I thought that was very old even then.
  6. Hi Bill, Just sent you a PM Roland
  7. Went to start the push mower part weekend and would not start. Did not have traps in the shed.
  8. Looking for information on the Luray Pre-War Swap Meet this week, days and location
  9. Ed, Great thread! I probably missed it, what kind of heater were you using with the flushing system? Roland
  10. I have has this one for a long time.
  11. Thanks for the pictures. I may be interested in the Jewett just let me know if it is for sale.
  12. Myers Early Dodge 734-856-1207
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