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  1. I just double checked, no part numbers on the gauge or in the pamphlet.
  2. Thanks flipping the picture!
  3. Found this in a box of old tools I acquired. What was it for? Correct box for the tools? Pamphlet says Copyright 1938 Carter Carburetor Corporation. Reprinted November 1946. Sorry the one picture is upside down, I can’t get it flipped.
  4. Any fix (other than rebuilding the engine again) for this?
  5. Bought a '66 Impala with a 283 engine. Engine was rebuilt a number of years ago, 20 years ago by looking at the receipts, but only has maybe 3,500 miles on the rebuild. My understanding of the history of the car was the previous owner had many cars but drove them infrequently so the car sat for extended times. The engine seems to smoke more than I would like with such a fresh (mileage wise) rebuild. Not clear the mosquitoes type smoking but a light haze behind the car and a wifs of burning oil smell. Got a feeling the engine was never broken in properly and the rings ne
  6. Found this with other tools at a sale. Stand has fractional sizes labeled like a drill index. Price was right so I bought it not knowing what it is. Any idea what these were used for? Sorry the one picture is upside down.
  7. Found this in a box of car parts. Hooked it up to a 6V battery and the fan runs. Looks to be in decent shape but may be missing a couple of vent covers. Any info about it?
  8. My son wanted to sell a dead car battery and asked me what he should price it at. I said "free of charge".
  9. My first thought is to give them a reason to get the car done with a generous time frame... AACA National meet next year, niece's wedding in 10 months, etc... that you need the car DONE before then. My dad was too generous with vendors/shops and said "no hurry", that meant things never got done. For all I know things are still "out" over 2 years after his passing, I just don't know where they are at. My mechanic has told me point blank that he would rather have me look up and find/buy parts than pay his help shop rate to do that work. Might be that I have an AMCs/Ramblers and you
  10. Considering I got my 1st old car when I was 9 (and my dad showing it at AACA meets) and I am now going on 55 it probably would have been money well spent to get a lifetime membership at that time. Now I will just pay the yearly dues as I don't think I would be money ahead by getting lifetime membership
  11. Jack M- Similar issue with a smaller parts store chain that carries more things for older cars. Through my employer I get 25% off at Advanced Auto. Asked the manager if he could give me a discount as I did a fair amount of business and would do much more with the discount. Was told I was a "retail" customer, not a "commercial" customer, so no additional discounts. I explained my volume of parts would be close to some of his smaller commercial accounts. Didn't matter. No "achy breaky heart" for me if they close up. As for Rock Auto, no problems with returns and on a few occasion th
  12. I was going to suggest going to the Erskine dealership but I guess they closed up a number of years ago.
  13. When we built our house a few years ago I was going to mount the mailbox on some car rims welded edge to edge, maybe 3 if I set it at an angle. Was going to switch out hubcaps/wheel covers every once in awhile as a change of scenery. For some reason my wife put a kibosh on that.
  14. What make the van a "95"? The black van in back in one of the pictures, from what I remember, does not have this designation on the front of the doors.
  15. More just wondering if anybody recognize the hood ornament that I haven't seen on other Corvair vans and who may have done the conversion. Now if it was a one-off custom show van that would have been interesting.
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