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  1. Where I am getting confused is the directions for use that came with the gauge repeatedly states "do not overfill" and "if the needle is in the green section do not add refrigerant". Nothing about if the needle moves from good to low back to good. I want to avoid adding refrigerant until it is good while the pump is running but then be overcharged when it shuts off. I am 99% sure this shouldn't happened but wanting to ask before I try it.
  2. 45 degrees at the vent with a 65 degrees outdoor air temp. The radiator fan (electric) turns on and off as it should when the A/C pump is on and then after the car is warmed up if that makes a difference.
  3. Getting my '84 Chrysler Lebaron "woody" convertible ready for spring/summer. Car was retrofitted to R134A about 8 years ago according to the sticker. Turn on the A/C to test and works fine, cold air blowing out after a few minutes. Leave it running to charge the battery back up and open the hood to do some under the hood checks. Notice the A/C pump cycles on/off rather quickly, 5 seconds on, maybe 35-40 seconds off. Hooked up my hose/gauge that came with a R134A fill kit that I used for another vehicle and it shows in the middle of "green/full" while the pump is off. P
  4. For the Mitsubishi built engine from the early to mid-80s. It is a 2 piece water pump and need the face plate that the hoses attach to. Mine has some previously repaired damage and would like to replace with one in a better condition.
  5. No need to be perfect, just so I can see the coolant level. I don’t think this stuff is a stain or discoloration as where I could reach with a piece of cloth on a wooden dowel it would come off.
  6. Changing out the anti-freeze/coolant along with the radiator and heater hoses in my mid-80s Chrysler. Removed the overflow tank for better access to the lower radiator hose and have attempted to clean the inside of the tank. Hot water, various soaps/cleaners, shaking it, and letting it sit for several days has gotten some of it out. Still more in there, especially on the underside of the curves and along where the hot/cold level is. Any ides on what to use to get this stuff out. I know there will always be some staining but this stuff looks like pond algae stuck to th
  7. The speaker(s) are labeled 8 ohm.
  8. 4 speakers, need to replace the rear speakers.
  9. Finding 8 ohm speakers isn’t my issue. Finding a pair that are “budget friendly “ is. I can get 4 ohm speakers that fit for around $25.00 a pair. The 8 ohm speakers I have found are much more expensive. Due to the cost difference is why I am asking if 4 ohm speakers would work.
  10. If the car speakers I am replacing (not working, sun baked, paper/cone shot) are labeled as 8 ohm and the ones I am thinking about buying because they fit the car and my budget are 4 ohm, what kind of issues (if any) would I encounter?
  11. Suction guns. I have 3, a "cheap" one bought at an auto parts store, a "premium" one bought at the same store, and a Harbor Freight one. All 3 will suck the liquid up but with each one 1/2 the liquid will run back out by the time you try to transfer it. The latest was when I was putting one of my old cars away for the winter and the antifreeze/coolant was only good down to -10F due to topping off the radiator with plain water this summer. How do I easily get some of the coolant out and replace it with full strength? A suction gun with the hose stuck in the radiator of
  12. I think a big issue would be if you try to compare a part (i.e metal patch panel) from "Ed's Edsel Supply", "Edsels-R-Us", and "A1 Edsel Parts" is that they probably get the part from the same manufacturer. They would put their own part number and name on it but would be the same supplier for all 3. I would think word of mouth or posts in the specific car forum/Facebook page would give the best feedback with actual experience, not my cousin Bill's B-I-L said they were junk.
  13. The "g" remind me of the "g" in Goodwill Industries.
  14. Found this in a for sale ad for a project car/street rod, not a Jenson Interceptor. Seller says it is a 440 cid. With the Jenson valve covers was it from a Jenson Interceptor? Anything special about these engines?
  15. I don't remember much about the car for I had drivers ed, remember more about the instructors. I had summer drivers ed that started at 6:00am and the classroom instructor would fall asleep while we were sitting at our Drive-o-Trainers watching the "movie". Us gearheads would try to see who had the fastest (top end) Drive-o-Trainer according to the speedometer which looked to be mid-70s Ford instrument clusters. The red lights would be a flashing on the instructor's panel and when he was finally done sawing logs he would wake up and go "HEY HEY! SLOW DOWN!! The "movies" were pretty good, even t
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