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  1. I was going to suggest going to the Erskine dealership but I guess they closed up a number of years ago.
  2. When we built our house a few years ago I was going to mount the mailbox on some car rims welded edge to edge, maybe 3 if I set it at an angle. Was going to switch out hubcaps/wheel covers every once in awhile as a change of scenery. For some reason my wife put a kibosh on that.
  3. What make the van a "95"? The black van in back in one of the pictures, from what I remember, does not have this designation on the front of the doors.
  4. More just wondering if anybody recognize the hood ornament that I haven't seen on other Corvair vans and who may have done the conversion. Now if it was a one-off custom show van that would have been interesting.
  5. Out at a guys place getting parts and noticed this Corvair van. Is it some special conversion? Inside, which is in poor condition, has fake wood accents. Plus the unique side windows. No other special badging except the hood ornament that had nothing I could read.
  6. Went back and took a closer look under better lighting conditions, no electricity in the outbuilding. Interior looked great, engine looked clean and complete. However - rust bubbles above the headlights and on top of the rear wheel arches. Due to the car color being brown it blended in when I first looked at it. Previous posts mentioned the difficulty in getting body parts. Still no price (make an offer!) so I passed.
  7. Always wondered what these went on. A post from yesterday makes me think they are off a Chrysler. What year?
  8. Was at a private salvage yard getting some parts and the owner and I went into one of his buildings. Sitting there was an early 70s Mercury Capri. Car looks, without doing an under/over/in/out comprehensive inspection to be a very solid and complete car. Mileage was in the 40,000 range and "ran when parked" maybe 30+ years ago from what he remembers. The building has a lime chip floor and the tires still hold air so not too worried about rust underneath, but will obviously check if I get serious about buying it. Inquired about a price as he had mentioned everything is for sale but he said "make an offer". I have alway wanted a HPOF car and I think this would be an ideal candidate. The biggest demerit for me is that is a nasty shade of brown used during that era. A couple of questions, first and foremost how hard is it to get parts for these cars? Any trouble areas to pay special attention to when looking it over?
  9. Hit an undercover cop car in an empty parking lot with my dad's '66 Impala SS convertible. Some of us high school students would race around the shopping mall's parking lot later at night when it was nearly empty. I was following my "friend's" V8 Chevy Monza when BAM! I thought I had it a light pole or something. Got out of the car and I had clipped the front end of a Chevy Caprice 4 door. Walked over to the car and the guy rolled down the window (while noticing the patches on his sleeve) and was on the radio saying "please send a car to XXXX as I was just hit by a young punk racing" . Cops show up, file a report but wasn't charged with anything as it was private property but an insurance claim for the unmarked cop car. I then had to ask them to call my dad to come and get me and the car. I think the mall owners had asked the police to patrol the lot as kids were racing at night. I think he saw the Monza, but not me, and pulled out in front of me. I put friends in quotes because as soon as they seen what happened they took off.
  10. I regularly clear cookies and history. It is not saved as a bookmark. The error page does have a "contact us" box so I will try that next. I asked this in "Forum Application Support" in the event other people are also having this issue.
  11. I get this error everytime I login-- 2S119/1 I just click on the "forums" tab and I can proceed. Not a big deal but curious why I am getting it.
  12. An old car friend added power brakes to his '65 Ambassador. Brakes work and has vacuum to booster but doesn't seem to have any "power". Do power brake cars have a special brake pedal rod or master cylinder? Sounds like he just put a power booster in and expected power brakes, I would have thought the same thing. Drum/drum car if that make a difference.
  13. I have an '82 Lebaron convertible along with an '84 Lebaron "woody" convertible. The '82 has an analog dash, 'the '84 has a digital dash and the EVA. I wish I could shut my EVA off!! I have looked and can not find the switch! Anyways... I think some of the switches/sensors that might be different. Don't know if this is because one is an '82 or the other is an '84 . Thinking like the oil pressure switch as one needs to just light an idiot light but the other needs to actually measure the pressure for the gauge to read and announce "your engine oil pressure is low". A good place to ask is the "EEK AllPar" website as they have answered many of my questions. If you do get an a car with the EVA the standard joke is to open your door while the car is moving and it will announce "your door is ajar" which you tell your passengers "stupid car, it's not a jar, it is a car door!"
  14. With combination manifolds (like my '51 Plymouth) bolt them together loosely then put them on the engine. After you have torqued the manifolds to the engine block tighten the bolts that hold the manifolds together. Reduces the stress of the manifold being square to the block instead of try to be square to each other. Went through 2 exhaust manifolds before being told this and the the last one has lasted 40+ years.