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  1. Phillip Cole

    Just retired - need some advice

    Don't sit down unless it is behind the wheel of a classic car that you always wanted....
  2. Phillip Cole

    2019 Glidden Tour

    Earl, Hope you can make it!
  3. Phillip Cole

    Deduction for Flare O Flames

    "Dealer installed tailgater deterrent"
  4. Phillip Cole

    TC Maserati Tool Kit

  5. Phillip Cole

    TC Maserati Tool Kit

    Bandaids, tape, gloves, pliers, screwdriver, Victorinox double bladed pocket knife From a TC site. But there is a seventh item in pic below that is not on the list. Sorta looks like a tire guage... Google it, plenty of pictures online.
  6. Need to read the HAGI index fine print... Their data is on "rare, exceptional " classic cars.
  7. Phillip Cole

    cadillac transmission repair

    Ditto! Could be both.... I just had the transmission repaired on an 89 Buick. A big part of the problem was electrical but still did some mechanical work on a partial rebuild. My local mechanic who I trust fixed the electrical, but he told me the only way to diagnose the mechanical was to open it up. That explains the $2.5k to $4k shop response. My mechanic sent my transmission to a local shop. Counting both electrical and mechanical it cost only $1600. So, talk to someone you trust locally and shop around....
  8. Phillip Cole

    Trunk Gasket Removal

    Dave, If you change your mind, let me know. I've got a cleaner from a local body shop. My friend used it on his old trunk gasket with no harm to the paint. Then he passed it on to me. I used it on some adhesive leaks with same results. And a little went a long way... still have most of the can. Not home right now and don't remember the name. Phillip
  9. Phillip Cole

    what motor do i have please help

    If it doesn't have a engine code suffix of DZ (you listed KS), then it is not a 69 302. How about checking the stamp pad and date code. The date code you listed is a 1968. Chevy did not use the 3970010 block until 1969. Also, it looks like you left out a number (or possibly numbers) in the V100KS.
  10. Phillip Cole

    what motor do i have please help

    Yes, DZ for a 69 Z. That block for a 302 would be late production April or May. I checked The Lime Book and no KS, 2 digit code. Plenty of 3 digit with KS, mostly 350 trucks. Are you sure about the pad stamp?
  11. Phillip Cole

    what motor do i have please help

    Listed as 290 hp, but tuned properly could easily make 370 or more like 400 plus. Terry1985, Could be a 302 or a 350. From Camaro Research Group: "The 3970010 casting was only used during the latter half of 69 Camaro production (for 302 and 350 applications), but the block continued to be produced throughout the 1970's for 2-bolt and 4-bolt 350 applications. It is one of the most common Chevrolet engine blocks." You really need to decipher the stamp pad. Try dusting it with talcum powder . If it is a Z28 set up, those motors were high revving and wouldn't work all that well in a truck... unless you plan to race it.
  12. Phillip Cole

    2019 Glidden Tour

    Yes, September 22 - 27. Registration information will be made available from the national office at the appropriate time. Sorry, didn't see your post until just now.
  13. Phillip Cole

    How to hunt for an older car?

    As lump alluded, most state privacy laws prevent such a title search. Have you tried a Google search of the VIN? That too is a long shot. You might try the Camaro Research Group at The CRG has close to 6k members. A detailed description and original location might turn up something there. Most current First Generation Camaro owners are going to be suspicious of such inquiries, unless you have a good story...
  14. Phillip Cole

    Merry Christmas from Spain

    Y Carolina del Norte también. ¿Que coches antiguos tienes?
  15. Phillip Cole

    '41 Buick Limited on Ebay

    I agree. It would be nice to see this car go into caring, knowledgeable hands. Earl, glad to hear about the 91 Park Avenue! Is that the one you were considering when you called me? I have mentioned your 39 to a few buick lovers here in NC.