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  1. The id stickers from the manufacturer on the tube or the inside of the tire, especially if they have a wrinkle in them. The sticker with as little as a hundred miles of wear can become a small piece of grit and cut the tube. Ran a new set of Diamondback wide white radials with radial tubes on my 40 Buick for over 800 miles on the 2019 Glidden with no problems. But when my local shop installed them they removed the stickers and cleaned off the adhesive first. The installer showed me an old tube with a sticker that had developed a slow leak from wear where the sticker was applied. Said most shops don't install enough radial tubes and tires on classic cars to know that's a problem.
  2. Yes, welcome! A picture would be helpful, including how it is wired and the shroud. Under fan alone, you would likely have 9 deductions, plus wherever the "trail" led. Matthew is right. An inauthentic part would start a search for more.
  3. The Antique Car Museum at Grovewood is a small museum (less than 20 cars) in Asheville, NC. But the only admission fee is a donation. How far are you willing to go off the route you mentioned? And will you go home by the same route?
  4. Clean with mild detergent and treat with 303 UV Protectant for Vinyl... Rubber etc. It leaves a matte finish. UV rays destroys rubber. Harsh detergent drys rubber out.
  5. Thanks for the info. I knew you would have already thought this through! HNR is having a breakfast early next month to encourage more of our members to show and drive. And I know someone will ask... Speaking of showing and driving, having hosted two national tours and close to a decade of SE Spring Nationals, my year would not be complete without hosting a national event. If your chapter or region is "on the fence", let me second Mark's recommendation! Yes, it requires some effort, but the joy and satisfaction it brings to your chapter makes it worth it. Mark, thanks for all you do. And my hat is off to all the 2020 hosting chapters and regions.
  6. Mark, Are any provisions being made for the two meets and two tours that overlap in 2020? Phillip Cole
  7. If you are under 6' you can drive a TD. Actually, Charles is average size: 5' 9" tall, weight 165 lbs. His father and brother Andrew are both 6' tall. Many of their pictures are made beside the Queen, who is small. I think that makes us think the royal gentlemen are larger. Queen Elizabeth II may be small, but having seen her in person, she certainly presents a royal presence.
  8. Pretty sure the mounting slots are on the tag behind the year tab. The tab slides in and covers the mounting bolts.
  9. Yes, they are not original to a 48 Dodge.
  10. I called Dave Bowman, who is on the HPOF committee, and asked him to look at your post. He said he would look later on today. So, I'll let him tell you about the radials. Nice looking car, btw. Do you ever tour it?
  11. Look at the Compliance block (For Judges Only) on both the HPOF, 3-10, and the HPOF ORIGINAL, 3-11, certification forms in the Guidelines and you will see the points range is smaller for HPOF ORIGINAL. In other words, ORIGINAL must be "more original" (fewer compliance points subtracted). Note that the items on both sheets are the same. I have an HPOF ORIGINAL car, but have never judged in HPOF. Hopefully, one of those judges will tell you more about their judging process. The best advice I have been given is "Clean it, but don't change/restore anything."
  12. The Lomax is a British-made kit conversion for a Citroen 2CV chassis and drivetrain.
  13. Peter, I just sent you a PM reply. Ted, I called Chuck Crane, VP of Judging, and he said, No. The reason is due to the size of Hershey, substitutions are not allowed. Phillip
  14. 17. Batteries, headlights, belts, tires, hoses and clamps may be of modern manufacture, but must be visually of the era of the vehicle and of the type specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Specific brand is not important. Guidelines, 2-17 When you say "specific" are you looking for a list? That would come from factory documentation. So which vehicle...?