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  1. Sorry, I know very little about engine pad stampings beyond 1969. That's why I went to the Lime Book for the engine code suffix. It covers engine codes thru 1999.
  2. According to The Lime Book, V0929TYZ is 350 ci truck engine from the Flint engine plant, dated September 29, 1975 - 1977.
  3. Actually, the T was the best selling car in England until the twenties, when it was surpassed by the "Bullnose" Morris Cowley.
  4. Earl, No matter what you decide, my prayer is you get excellent news from your doctor on March 4!
  5. Earl, As the brochure says, Special locations on the Speedway grounds at Charlotte AutoFair have been set aside for Antique Vehicle trailers, haul-ers, RVs and motor homes. All must be self contained. All the spaces are assigned and must be pre-registered. Credentials and maps will be issued to you for these special reserved locations. Full-time, secured trailer parking is provided Thursday night through Sunday morning at 10 AM. Let me add, The closest exit from the trailer lots is an eighth of a mile from the show field. Trailer parking is not in a hole. Everyone who registers by the March 14 deadline will receive credentials, maps and directions by mail.
  6. AM stations have been declining since the 70s, when I was driving my MGB daily. Doubt that it will get better. Medium wave (MW) is the part of the medium frequency (MF) radio band used mainly for AM radio broadcasting. For Europe the MW band ranges from 526.5 kHz to 1606.5 kHz, using channels spaced every 9 kHz, and in North America an extended MW broadcast band ranges from 525 kHz to 1705 kHz, using 10 kHz spaced channels. The FM broadcast band, used for FM broadcast radio by radio stations, differs between different parts of the world. In Europe, Australia[1] and Africa ((defined as International Telecommunication Union (ITU) region 1)), it spans from 87.5 to 108 megahertz (MHz)
  7. When you say "First show I went to they placed it in DPC. I though as you noted 35a.", I assume "they" was the team captain for 35a in consultation with the chief judge? Nothing wrong with DPC. We own three DPC cars, which we do show and tour. But mainly we drive them. There is a National Award for Post War DPC cars "not only as works of art but for the fun of driving on the highways. This award is given to a pre-war and post-war vehicle."
  8. Class 35a in class judging. Post a picture, please. Discontinued Automobile Award Outstanding automobile whose manufacture ceased during the period of 1939 through current allowable year entered in a National Meet. Established in 1999 by Darrell and Jacqueline Davis in honor of Paul D. Davis. (Sorry about the rich text. That's the way it was printed from where I copied it.) 35. DESIGNATED LIMITED PRODUCTION, PROTOTYPE & EXPERIMENTAL VEHICLES... 35a.Vehicles having a minimum of four cylinders, 75hp and 100" wheelbase. All three requirements must be met or exceeded to be included in this class. All other vehicles not meeting this criteria will be placed in Class 35b. Avanti, Avanti II .................1965-1985... NATIONAL AWARDS TEAM The National Awards team, under the supervision of the VP National Awards, observes all of the vehicles judged at all Nationals and compiles a list of the most outstanding vehicles at each Nationals. These vehicles will be considered for the various National Awards by the National Awards Committee. The Chief Judge will assign to the National Awards team only those members who indicate on their judges’ registration form that they serve on the National Awards Committee and who are also on the approved judges list provided by the VP Judging.
  9. Okay, I called Polara61, who will be teaching the majority of the CJEs on HPOF this year. "Canvas" tops are considered replaceable items like tires or fan belts. So as long as the top is a harts cloth (canvas) material and designed like the original, you should be fine to neatly repair it. BTW, if you haven't already, you should evaluate the total car using the HPOF Original sheet found in 3-11 appendix in the Judging Guidelines. It can be downloaded under Publications on the AACA homepage at
  10. If that tear is the only issue from excellent Original condition I'd say a clean and neat repair should not keep you from the HPOF Original award.
  11. The id stickers from the manufacturer on the tube or the inside of the tire, especially if they have a wrinkle in them. The sticker with as little as a hundred miles of wear can become a small piece of grit and cut the tube. Ran a new set of Diamondback wide white radials with radial tubes on my 40 Buick for over 800 miles on the 2019 Glidden with no problems. But when my local shop installed them they removed the stickers and cleaned off the adhesive first. The installer showed me an old tube with a sticker that had developed a slow leak from wear where the sticker was applied. Said most shops don't install enough radial tubes and tires on classic cars to know that's a problem.
  12. Yes, welcome! A picture would be helpful, including how it is wired and the shroud. Under fan alone, you would likely have 9 deductions, plus wherever the "trail" led. Matthew is right. An inauthentic part would start a search for more.
  13. The Antique Car Museum at Grovewood is a small museum (less than 20 cars) in Asheville, NC. But the only admission fee is a donation. How far are you willing to go off the route you mentioned? And will you go home by the same route?
  14. Clean with mild detergent and treat with 303 UV Protectant for Vinyl... Rubber etc. It leaves a matte finish. UV rays destroys rubber. Harsh detergent drys rubber out.