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  1. Peter, I just sent you a PM reply. Ted, I called Chuck Crane, VP of Judging, and he said, No. The reason is due to the size of Hershey, substitutions are not allowed. Phillip
  2. 17. Batteries, headlights, belts, tires, hoses and clamps may be of modern manufacture, but must be visually of the era of the vehicle and of the type specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Specific brand is not important. Guidelines, 2-17 When you say "specific" are you looking for a list? That would come from factory documentation. So which vehicle...?
  3. That's too bad! Don't know about Texas, but most of the dealers here in NC try to be helpful.
  4. There is bound to be a John Deere dealer in Fredericksburg. Give them a call.
  5. In 35 no Buick model shows up with white walls in their brochure. By 37 they all had white walls.
  6. If you want to see the form ahead of time, look at 3-10 in Appendix Section 3 of the Judging Guidelines, found on You mark the items that you know are not original.
  7. Well, Paul, I'm glad you got your car running! Hottest September in SC history. Lots of heat issues with the cars. But everyone seems to be enjoying their self. Great day in Chester, SC today.
  8. Hopefully, you obtained factory documentation on those unique items for your Olds. Bring it with you. The team captain will check on the class prior to judging. Make a point of telling the team captain that you have factory documentation. For what it is worth, there is a show field map on the Hershey AACA web site. It does not show where the classes are for this year. Matthew's description seems accurate to me. Besides, Hershey Region members do a great job of showing you where your class is and offering guidance. BTW, production classes do have different brands being judged together. Team captains know there are distinct differences. And It sounds like you are well prepared. Now go and enjoy the experience.
  9. Does straight Evapo-rust work better than their radiator flush, Thermocure?
  10. There will be another car display in downtown Chester, SC on Thursday, September 26 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.The Chester Chamber of Commerce has a lot of activities planned, including local actors walking around in period dress. Basically, the folks in Chester are using the tour as an excuse to throw a party.
  11. We have planned a car display at The White Home in Rock Hill from 4 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24.
  12. HNR and the Speedway do not allow the two wheel scooters at the Autofair. The only persons authorized to use such scooters are certain Speedway staff that deal with emergency situations. Someone may have seen one of them and thought they were not staff. We actually restrict some vehicular traffic in the infield during busy days. As to the Spring National, I've had to have a few trucks towed when they tried to hide behind the show field and not pay Speedway parking. But never had a scooter issue.
  13. Was there much talk on the tour about the cars that were stolen during the tour?
  14. mechanical horn heinz electric company lowell massachusetts&f=false Try the above link from the Automobile Journal. I cannot figure our how to capture the page from the Motor Age article.