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  1. Purple is a color of mourning. I do remember funeral homes using small purple flags on a hearse and sometimes on the family cars in the mid 20th century. In 1937 North Carolina added a section to the Motor Vehical Act which refers to purple flags and purple lights.
  2. I'd guess not many.... Each book held 1200 stamps!
  3. Autofair no SE Spring National yes, at Embassy Suites
  4. Let me suggest you go to aaca.org. Under Publications, download the Judging Guidelines and start at the back in the Appendix Section with 4-4. It gives the "family tree" of AACA awards and shows how our 400 points system works.
  5. I was fortunate enough to know several of Andy's friends in Mt Airy, and worked for several years with one of Andy's former pastors. Each one spoke of what a wonderful person he was. Yes, there are several places worth seeing in and around Mt Airy. The surrounding area is great for touring!
  6. In the 50s Holden did assemble Pontiacs from kits imported from Canada. By the 60s they did build the Canadian versions of the Pontiac but with Chevy drivetrains, etc.
  7. Yes, Hershey is the "big show", but it is not a Grand National. The Grand National in 2021 is in Minnesota. Should not be a problem getting it evaluated at Hershey.
  8. Yes, but I'm also smart enough...😎
  9. "There will be no refund of the entry fee in the case of the event being cancelled due to any UK Government restriction or directive after Sunday 4 October 2020." --as stated in entry form.
  10. It is.... Years ago a friend, who had to drive from Alabama to Atlanta, GA on Monday mornings, told me he had to wait till the sun came up to leave for Atlanta. Otherwise, he'd have drive with mobile homes being towed illegally at high speeds into Georgia.
  11. Mark, Glad you got the info you needed! I'll be interested in what works out on the Glidden rotation. I guess 2020 will be a footnote on a future list.... Sorry, Cheryl and I will not be at Gettysburg. I had three other judges from HNR talked into it. But now they have all decided to stay home. Oh well... Tell Marion we said Hi, we'll miss you guys. I've sent you a PM on your other issue. Phillip
  12. Come to think of it, Marty Roth probably has the dates for 1990 and 1992. 😉
  13. Mark, This may help your search: List of long-timers from last year's Glidden. Steve and Blanche Gordon, Thomasville, Ga, Steve = 52 Gliddens Walter and Margie Frantz, Warfordsburg, PA, Walter = 41 Gliddens Ron and Jan Shanholtzer, Dayton, Va, Ron = 40 Gliddens Ray and Nancy O'Hanlon, Putnam Valley, NY, both = 37 Gliddens Don't know what kind of record keepers these folks are.... If all else fails, try Bob and Sally Murray, Lisbon, Ohio. Sally knows the answer even before I think of the question! Phillip
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