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  1. mechanical horn heinz electric company lowell massachusetts&f=false Try the above link from the Automobile Journal. I cannot figure our how to capture the page from the Motor Age article.
  2. Look on Books on Google Play. It is Motor Age, volume 33, page 37. It is listed as a free ebook.
  3. Looks like an HB2 model. Google "Heco Horn, Heinz Electric Company, Lowell, Mass" and find the Motor Age book page that describes it.
  4. Ah, the good old days, when pedestrians, bicyclists, horse drawn carriages, streetcars and automobiles could all share the street together. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I've labeled the one just above as "Beauty and the Beasts". Always enjoy Auburn...
  6. Nice car! I agree that you should start out in class judging from what you have shown us. Even if you don't get a First Junior the first time out, you can still get an overview (not points deduction) from the VP of Judging. How about the engine and wiring. Does it look as good? Definitely check maintenance items like spark plug wires, tires etc. to make sure of originality. You should go to, under Publications download Judging Guidelines. That will answer a lot of questions for you. BTW, you cannot switch back and forth from class judging to HPOF if you win a First Junior. It is a ten year wait to switch
  7. Tour is closed. It filled up quickly. Thanks!!! If you have sent in your registration but have not received a confirmation email, first check your spam folder in your email. Then, call the registrar, Shirley Carson, at 704 841-1990 to see if you are confirmed or on the waiting list.
  8. The VMCCA has published both the registration form and the flyer on its website.
  9. Matt and Cape Fear Chapter did a great tour. Cars from 1910 to 1994. Thanks!
  10. Checks payable to The Hornets Nest Region, AACA. (Knew we'd forget something important...) Reminder: Registration begins May 1.
  11. Isinglass from fish bladders or mica.
  12. Both national offices have the registration forms available. The quickest way is to download it from the VMCCA website under 2019 National Tours.
  13. Last picture is in the Red Field. Red Field sign in the picture. Blue Field is inside the Speedway, where you cannot see that grass slope.
  14. Congrats on your find! And sorry to get your shoes dirty. We were just washing off the pollen from the show field. 👍
  15. Registration forms are now available from both VMCCA and AACA national offices. Remember registration begins May 1st.