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  1. My old stomping grounds for so many years.... seems like a lifetime ago!
  2. Fantastic Ed, Thank you so much for allowing us to share in the discovery, gentle awakening and a ride along! Wonderful piece of history!
  3. That's typical packing gland wear from over tightening. The shape of the gland acts to create a narrow wedge of packing material against the shaft. Over time, with people wrenching on it to stop the drips rather than replace the packing, it grooves the shaft. With properly applied packing, and a shaft in good condition, it should take very little torque on the nut to make it drip free. However, for some reason people think reefing down the nut with every ounce of strength is going to solve the problem. Interestingly Abner Doble in his steam engine designs advocated flat seats for packing gland
  4. Ed, If you ever find your way up here we will take a spin in the beasts. (LOL)
  5. September 25th in Bradley, Maine. We had high winds and rain yesterday so we lost quite bit of color. The face mask thing detracts but still a wonderful day!
  6. To further it... Many used cars are sourced from rental car agency's which have not been doing that well and are hanging on to cars longer. Those cars that do go to the auctions are getting top dollar simply because of supply and demand. In regards to the Tacoma... Back in July I bought a 2019 crew cab 4x4 TRD with 16,000 miles for $25,000.00. I got a bargain considering what they are demanding now. At the moment our local Toyota dealer (45 miles away) has two used Tacoma's on the the lot - one is a 2019 crew cab 4x4 with 19,000 miles for $34,995.00 the other is a plain 2 door
  7. Always had a soft spot for the Avanti. I remember lusting after one that was sitting behind a gas station in Yarmouth, Maine. 1963 All original (needing TLC) with the four speed. I believe it was a either cream or pale yellow (pale primrose like my 68 MG?????) Unfortunately at the time I didn't have the means to acquire that lovely beast. Often wonder what happened to it.
  8. Hello Thomas, Automatic inlet valves or atmospheric valves were very common particularly on hit-or-miss engines and even early aircraft engines like the rotary Gnome and LeRhone engines used in WW1. If accessible you can hold the inlet valve open with your hand to relieve compression until its on top dead center than spin it through. If your using batteries often when your are just past top dead center you hit the switch and off it will go if all is well. Early fisherman who used the old 2 stroke make and break marine engines took great pride in that skill. Also
  9. Yesterday the Maine Forest & Logging Museum's 1928 Lombard dump truck actually earned its keep (somewhat) I am sure the amount of fuel we burned offset the value of the work! Its amazing how much ethanol free gasoline that big Hercules will suck down. One of these days I will have to calculate out the fuel burn rate. Anyway, the University of Maine Construction Engineering Technology students were working on several projects including putting new roof's on the Sawyer House and the Blacksmith shop as well as repairs to a privy and improving handicap access to some of the buildin
  10. I agree Ed, the folks at Brillman are excellent to work with! Can't wait to hear that baby with the cut out open! T
  11. Here you go Ed, Not sure if this will help - its more parts and maintenance than how too. https://oldcroak.com/du1-du2-du4-ad-nauseum-catalog-50/
  12. Makes sense Ed, I didn't fully understand the problem. Preserve all that you can. A quick Look into ALAM threads is rather an interesting read in itself. T
  13. Ed, In regards to the big nut on the exhaust manifold. If it won't budge with the wrench (might be surprised with that) can you cut the pipe then split it with a cold chisel and collapse it so it can be pulled out of the nut? Its not a fun way of doing it but it has worked for me.
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