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  1. Hello Harm, I am glad we could help and the files are working out well for you! I see you have a Creality 3D printer. We have two Creality CR-10's in our lab that are running almost non-stop - affordable, good quality prints and they just keep printing! We really enjoyed this project. Not only did my students get to work on an interesting project they also got to apply their skills and talents to provide help to another person. Anytime we can help others and have a learning experience is always fantastic. Again, thank you so much for the excellent opportunit
  2. This week was a busy week. As usual not hands-on in the shop but on the design end which I don't mind and enjoy when it can allow for some creativity. or includes a nice challenge. With spring now finally here (the ice went out on the river last week) I had to turn attention to up-coming construction projects. As mention in an earlier post we have been working on a dedicated road to operate the museum's collection of log haulers and will greatly expand our capabilities for living history events. An addition to the scope of the project is the inclusion of a pavilion to house our col
  3. Per Dykes Automotive encyclopedia, primer cups also work good to test the fuel/air mixture. A blue flame from the primer cup means the mixture is just right, red is too rich, yellow too lean. The beast in the video has a 453 cid engine. As mentioned previously by others we find that we only need the primer cups if its been sitting for a few days.
  4. Hello Joe, Did the tube with the drawings show-up yet?
  5. Joe, I am so glad it arrived safely! Again thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work on such a challenging and interesting project! As I mentioned in the the letter, the model isn't perfect but it will explain how it all functions and give you a good base to work from. One issue I noticed is I think the case needs to be a bit longer and/or the slots the levers work in need to be larger - there wasn't enough room or play to get it to release. With the cover off I was able to get it to wind the spring and release and lock as its supposed to. Whenever I come
  6. I agree with Ed. I put one of the larger units back into service last year. It had been dormant for decades. As long as there are no vacuum leaks, the flapper seats, the float floats and the fuel lines from the tank are tight it should be good to go. I gave it a good cleaning , replaced the gasket (tapped out with a small ball peen hammer) and gently cleaned-up the flapper valve and seat and it works as advertised. Here it is photo of it installed but not all plumbed up which was a chore since both the outlet from the fuel tank and the carb itself are on the opposite side from the
  7. Some projects seem so easy.......... then they blow up on you. One such task is restoring the cab of the 1928 Lombard dump truck back to its original configuration. With the new doors and hardware fabricated and on hand we thought that it would progress nicely. With that in mind Herb and I tried to preliminary fit up the doors to the openings........ That's when reality came over and smacked us up side the head... and we are not talking a playful love tap either. The cab is a rugged affair framed out in welded steel angle. The wood pieces are simply bolted to it with carriage bolts
  8. First day of Spring! It was sunny and up in the high 40's at the Maine Forest & Logging Museum. What better weather to do a demo on scaling logs with a vintage walking wheel log caliper. This one was made by Valentine Fabian sometime after 1900. It took a bit to figure out how to read it and we have no idea which of the dozens of log rules it is calibrated for. Great piece of history and a fun day.
  9. Early V8 Caddy would be nice. However, I keep leaning towards a series 10 or series 9 Franklin - preferably a touring car. No the most powerful but good quality, reasonable prices and very interesting engineering. Unfortunately other priorities mean will be a dream for a long time.
  10. Looks great Joe! Not many people would take this on! Maybe treat the soft solder almost like "body lead" maybe try using wooden paddles to smooth it? then file etc. to final shape?
  11. This too shall pass and will soon be but a speed bump fast disappearing in the rear view mirror.
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