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  1. Jack, did you see he is not telling you where the three cars are located. I wonder if he is for real. Karl
  2. Jerry. The guy who did my Wills died years ago. I have not needed any since. We lost a great guy here in the North East when he past. He was in his 80's when he did mine. They have been fine for 15 years. Karl
  3. Panhead, I can download all of last years programs on line, he did not buy advertising in any of them I opened and I tried looking for venders from Ohio in that end of the market for last falls show, both produced nothing. If he is sharing a space it will make it more difficult to find. I will try calling them. Karl
  4. Thanks John, I see he is from Kansas. He is doing the same thing as the guys in Ohio. As with any piece of iron, shipping becomes an issue the farther they have to ship when ordering more than one. I hope someone here can come up with my Ohio Metal shop. Karl
  5. HELP! I am looking for the guy who sets up at Carlisle Flea Market with these laser cut key wall racks. Anyone have a card from him? I put one somewhere for safe keeping and now can not find it. Thanks, Karl
  6. For Sale: I have 2 pallets of Series 80 parts for sale. There are 3 rear ends, one front end, and 6 loose wheels. $300.00 for the lot. Located 20 miles from Hershey. Thanks, Karl
  7. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    Ed, 34 Pierce was my first thought, but when nothing was marked Pierce I started looking elsewhere. Franklin is a big car too. Karl
  8. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    I found this here in the for sale section! 1932 Franklin Airman coupe. Thanks for everybody's help. Karl
  9. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    I have an e-mail reply that it fits 1932 Franklin. Does anyone have a photo of this dash to confirm? Thanks, Karl
  10. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    I will look for any info on the back, and get better speedo photos and post. Thanks, Karl
  11. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    Glove boxes makes me think 1930's. Pierce uses two glove boxes. Not like any Pierce or Studebaker dashes I have seen. I am still looking. Karl
  12. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    more photos, thanks, Karl
  13. KRK Sr.

    dash 1930's?

    Can anyone ID this dash?
  14. I am sure the magnet was less than 1/2 inches from the sensor. I saw parts of one of these sets on the shelf a few years ago. I will check and see if it is still collecting dust when I get back to work tomorrow. The sensor is second electric magnet, so a bolt is correct in the center. I would glue two magnets on 180 away from each other and go for a ride. You could locate and just tape them to the shaft. Karl
  15. I installed many of these on 70's Mercedes. There should be a 1/4 by 1/2 inch magnet glued to the drive shaft. Is the electric cable and sensor there? They were pretty trouble free. Every auto parts store sold them. There are a few little screws in the holes in the "black box" that controlled speed drop and speed. Once they were set, never had to go back to them. You may have to adjust one once you put the magnet back on. We always mounted it as close to the transmission as possible. Karl