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  1. It is a very gray day here in PA. A flash will not work to get a good look at the brilliant colors, but here is the whole car. I will post some other photos when the light is better in the room. Spring? Karl
  2. My painting is home. After a good cleaning we found the original background color between the steering wheel spokes. This was the only part of background that had not been covered with white house paint! The two tears and 6 pin holes have been repaired, the complete background stretched and painted to match the original color. I picked a frame to bring out the chrome details. I am told any over paint can be seen with black lights and ex-rays so the background at the steering wheel remains original. With no tears in the car itself the original artists strokes are now bright and details are cris
  3. I chose a local Artist to restore my painting. She was recommended to me by a friend and local art dealer who has used her in the past. This past Friday I checked on the progress. It looks great! After cleaning, the colors on the car are bright, the wrinkles in the canvas gone, and the first coat of new color are on the background. I did not take any progress photos but attached is a before showing the whole illustration. I knew that American Illustrator, Harry Timmins, did a lot of Pierce's work during the time of this piece. It looks like we found an HT on the courtesy lamp bezel above the
  4. When it comes to on time pick up of autos, and I have moved 5 running autos with the "big guys", I have found they only lie when their mouths are moving. I am still waiting for one to move since Hershey... That said, they all got here or there when they finally showed up!!! Karl
  5. Brad, this is the 1921 Pierce truck I want to find a coal dump bed for, Karl
  6. Brad, thanks for the lead. I bing mapped the location and it does look like a "junk yard". I am not sure how old the Bing photo is but you can see rusty iron on the lot. If you can snap a few photos of the bed that would be great. If not, I have been looking for an excuse to go to Philly with my camera in hand. Out at the Philly Zoo there was a Wills Ste Claire dealership that still exists with the Goose logo in the brick work three times across the side of the building. I am told that it not a very good section of town either. Maybe I can check out both locations. Karl Wayne junction station
  7. I am looking for a 1920's "lift" coal dump bed for my 1921 Pierce Arrow 5 ton truck. Dump must be min. of 7 foot wide, 10 foot long. Will consider any mechanical scissor or hyd. lift truck bed. Thanks, Karl
  8. No, not Randy. I am told he was there when deal was done. kk
  9. I understand this "J" will be going back together, I don't know names, but heard the guy who makes the superchargers for all J's bought it off e-bay. If anyone can, this guy should be able to make a car out of the parts. Karl
  10. Terry, I do believe you could have a late open and still some stuff. We open at 7:30 am and like everyone else, stand and watch the parade. At 9 am the parade slows and our spaces fill with buyers and stay that way till after lunch. If more people did this Hershey could last a little longer... Karl
  11. In recent years my sales for Saturday make up only 10-15% of sales for the week. However that said, the Chocolate field is not as near to the show as the Green and Orange fields so do they have a better crowd on Saturday? Every year Saturday is the day people come back to see if they can negotiate "bargain" pricing on an item and it's the day that we make sure if someone touches an item we don't want to haul back home that they become the owner!! Maybe I just don't want it to end. Karl
  12. When the car show was on Blacktop, the average car count was 1800? now less than 1300. More flea spaces were open too. Karl
  13. http://hersheyaaca.org/images/arialphotos/2009.pdf<!-- google_ad_section_end --> Do you vend on Saturday? I do. I looked at the Aeriel photos on the Hershey Region site for the last few years, and I had to go back to 2005 to find most of the vendors still filling the flea spaces on Saturday. Look at last years photo link. It's a ghost town! Hershey like many other flea markets get fewer and fewer vendors for the last day. This may not be our best day, but adds enough to the total to stay open till 1pm. every year. If the 3300 vendors won't stay open the buyers wont come. There would be
  14. I sold two of these at Hershey this year that were destine to be book ends over the fireplace in a MANS CAVE. $65. each. PAT dates are 1911, so this could be used for earlier Cadillacs too. Karl
  15. Did you figure it out? 1929 143 inch wheel base Pierce Arrow. Karl
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