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  1. Here is an old ad for one, you got is close and with one push of the handle it was off the ground, no jacking this jack or the ones pictured above!
  2. James you have a winter storage axle jack, You need three more, then you can "jack" up your car and store off the ground till spring, Karl
  3. In March of 2017, your Moderators and those above us discussed and came up with this policy, the offenders were warned, and posts deleted. Nothing has changed since then. Some posters think we will forget or not find them? To the "repeat offenders" who won't accept AACA's policy: go sell them on E-bay and pay the fees. Peter is not the bad guy here. Karl
  4. DB, Wills Ste Claire uses this same Lockheed brake system. I machined all new pistons from Alum. and got rid of all the original pistons in the system. All wheel cylinders were sleeved in stainless steel back to orig. bores. I have a few un-restore cylinders and arms if you are missing them. I have helped other Kissel owners in the past. I will check this weekend and see if I kept any original pistons you can use as a pattern. I also have a few reservoirs for up on the firewall. Karl
  5. Venders, I have nothing to gain from Tilletts, I just have found that when Hershey's toilets retired a few years I went from $85 to over $115, then quoted $140 per unit from one of the big guys. If you are happy, keep your current toilet vender. Warning: the toilet I saw in my neighborhood was PINK. If that's a problem for you.... waste more money for a green one. I will waste my savings on Pizza in the Chocolate Field. Karl
  6. Bings translation of Jaun's post: Hello, I can confirm that this is an Auburn sedan 1928-29 six, because I have many things of that car and another boattail 1932, the tires do not correspond nor the headlights, there are very few in Argentina. Luck
  7. Does anyone know the owner? I would like to contact him to see if he sold the truck since BAT. Thanks, Karl
  8. I am pleased to tell everyone about new local Toilet provider I found for the flea spaces. I just booked two toilets with them after seeing one of there toilets at a job site here in Mechanicsburg, PA. The price is way less than the other two major suppliers of jiffy johns! Price is $80 plus tax. They have been in business for 4 years and had 1 toilet at Hershey last year. I am glad I found them! They are about 7 miles from the event. Call Jennifer today and you too can save up to $50.00 or more for each unit... Karl Jennifer Craig TILLETTS INC. Portable Sanitation Manager 245 N. Lincoln Street Palmyra PA 17078 717-838-9664 I
  9. Jack, did you see he is not telling you where the three cars are located. I wonder if he is for real. Karl
  10. Jerry. The guy who did my Wills died years ago. I have not needed any since. We lost a great guy here in the North East when he past. He was in his 80's when he did mine. They have been fine for 15 years. Karl
  11. Panhead, I can download all of last years programs on line, he did not buy advertising in any of them I opened and I tried looking for venders from Ohio in that end of the market for last falls show, both produced nothing. If he is sharing a space it will make it more difficult to find. I will try calling them. Karl
  12. Thanks John, I see he is from Kansas. He is doing the same thing as the guys in Ohio. As with any piece of iron, shipping becomes an issue the farther they have to ship when ordering more than one. I hope someone here can come up with my Ohio Metal shop. Karl
  13. HELP! I am looking for the guy who sets up at Carlisle Flea Market with these laser cut key wall racks. Anyone have a card from him? I put one somewhere for safe keeping and now can not find it. Thanks, Karl