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  1. The city of PITTSBURGH should sue them to the moon and back for defamation and stealing their good name.
  2. Well it obviously is for IH just wanting to know if it's from a truck or a tractor. This looks to be a 5 ton jack so it's for either a large truck or for a large tractor.... maybe both ? Original paint was red. Who painted this gold must have a James Bond thing going LOL.
  3. Many clubs compile a tool guide that's helps answer the age old question: "Do I have the right jack in my trunk". Has anyone ever put something together ? Looking for what a 1931-1935 jack looks like. Thanks
  4. There are SO MANY EMPTY vending spaces in the Green and Orange fields there should be no worries. Social distancing before it was trendy.
  5. Ok just sent you a instant message with fedex and usps rates. Look in the upper right hand of this page you should see a icon that tells you that you have mail here. Tks...!!!
  6. Hello...!!!! My chickens and I are on the job. I'll be back in touch this eve... need to transplant 100 strawberry plants :)
  7. Will restore nicely. Not sure on which year this fits ??? This is a SOLID and very sturdy working jack. Asking $120. Send zipcode for shipping estimate. Thanks for looking.
  8. Check your references to make sure this is correct for your car. Repro stickers available on line. Jack in great shape mechanically. These old jacks took a lot of abuse and wear over the years, but this jack moves up and down fine. Asking $150 These don't come up for sale too often. Send zip code and I send the shipping cost. Boxed and ready to roll.
  9. Hello JM Davis, I've been pondering selling this old truck to someone who could really give it the home it needs.... been thinking about it for a year or so. As to price I just checked and there are a dozen 1953 Corvettes up for sale listing from $150k to $250k each. Many to choose from. Yes Corvettes are sexy and fast.... but this truck has a sleeper cab and that's extra sexy ha ha ha. Hold on kids sometime in the wacky 1970's the entire interior was redone in thick red shag carpet, and yes especially the sleeper cab. I'm up to my ears in Spring planting so you wo
  10. I took it to Hershey was carrying a 1950's Dodge Truck on the back... sold the Dodge truck for cheep and even delivered it. Live near Hagerstown and I did take it to several cruizes.
  11. Only 12 of these were made by the Ford Motor Company and they were outfitted by Holman Moody. How many are still left today maybe 3 or 4 ? The cab-over option was rare and neat all at the same time. I'll update this listing later this week as I'm a small farmer and I have animals to care for and land to till. Buy my truck so I can buy a new tractor is my motivation. Truth be told, I bought this in 2003 and wanted to turn it into a mobile internet cafe... but hey everyone now has a smart phone and the truck has long passed it's intended purpose. It's got air horns and air bra
  12. The jack has some very slight remains of the original yellow decal on the base and looks like the word LINCOLN on the decal. All roads point to this being a Lincoln jack. Just looking to confirm. The 56-57 jack is super rare... how rare is the jack I have presented ?
  13. Which one of these OEM correct jacks are in the trunk of your car ? Both examples pictured I matched up with the Packard Tool Guide published by Reedy & Shaub.
  14. How about one more for the road. I've watched parts vendors describe the flat horizontal surface area of the standard bumper jack as "The Shelf" or as some people call it "The Perch". This is the part that slides and rests under the bumper. The 1948 Studebaker Commander came with the factory jack as pictured below. It doesn't have a "perch" or a "shelf" rather by golly it has in my opinion what amounts to nothing more than "A Slippery Slope". To the benefit of the Studebaker Engineering Department they did put a nice little nipple in the middle of their slippery slope that ma
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