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  1. So did they restore the trains...??? Or scrap them..? Neat story.
  2. I think this was the best comment LUMP I've ever read on this forum. A huge thank you for the great read...!!!!!!!
  3. Both are from the teens and 1920s. The sportscar Triumph didnt arrive till much later. I dont have any info on the jack sorry.
  4. 11am and sales are good I'm almost at breaking even. At $650 this gas powered Shriner car would really put me in a deep hole...
  5. Wagons of treasure every where...
  6. Some nice eye candy... Anyone got a good plow mule for sale..???
  7. Haven't seen this much brass since Chickashea... and I only had to drive 2 hours instead of 22 hours... Whew..!!;
  8. I'm giddy happy with my early morning treasure I bought and if I'm lucky I'll sell enough to cover for my addiction LOL. Pictured vendor offering a "clean out sale" and he's posted a sign saying he's leaving at noon today. Talk about pressure... He got me for $35. Busiest vendor on the lot..!
  9. This is year 7 and my has it grown. I attended the original maiden voyage effort and knew immediately success was in store: run by wonderful volunteers, the VFW show grounds is surrounded by mountains and the food good. Hot showers as I'm a vendor is a huge plus. Seven years ago something like 22 vendors kick started this effort... 68+ vendors today..!!!
  10. Some sell steam whistles while others hoard them...
  11. Thursday night setup and Princess can't wait for everyone to open up Friday morning. I did notice guys with flash lights shopping and buying late into the night..!
  12. Hemmings used to be just 8 pages...! I have an original edition and the front page was proclaiming the news that they had just switched from "mimeograph" printing and the new offset printing would give greater quality. I'll scan a few pages for fun and post them one of these days, I think it had Model A's for $100 a pop in the classifieds.
  13. I called Bobby Allison on the phone and talked to him and his wife for about 10 minutes. I asked him if he had any pics of his haulers and he laughed saying: "We didn't take pic of the trucks, it was about the cars, it was all about the cars...!" Asked him who he bought the truck from and he couldn't remember ( crashed affected memory so I pushed no further ). Turns out he may have never owned, just used it. Frank Plessinger who owned the Hagerstown Speedway was a race promoter and he sponsored Bobby Allison. From 1975 to 2004 the Hagerstown Speedway owned the big truck. The photo of Allison in 1983 was Allison's car, but the truck belonged to Plessinger. Allison's wife said they had Bobby's name on the truck, and it's red and white and with gold trim. That's the same colors as it sits today. I'm going to contact several NASCAR museums. I really need to find out who at FORD I should be contacting...???
  14. Billy what about the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame ( in Mooresville 20 mi north of Charlotte ). Their websites and social media seem friendly to the general public.
  15. I've learned from one of the racers Tom Peck who also used the truck in the 1980s... Tom said that truck was always breaking down with blown engines. My guess is the engine is not the original, but if it leads me to my answer I'll try. I need to find out who at Ford I need to call about original vin assignment.
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