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  1. Hemmings used to be just 8 pages...! I have an original edition and the front page was proclaiming the news that they had just switched from "mimeograph" printing and the new offset printing would give greater quality. I'll scan a few pages for fun and post them one of these days, I think it had Model A's for $100 a pop in the classifieds.
  2. I called Bobby Allison on the phone and talked to him and his wife for about 10 minutes. I asked him if he had any pics of his haulers and he laughed saying: "We didn't take pic of the trucks, it was about the cars, it was all about the cars...!" Asked him who he bought the truck from and he couldn't remember ( crashed affected memory so I pushed no further ). Turns out he may have never owned, just used it. Frank Plessinger who owned the Hagerstown Speedway was a race promoter and he sponsored Bobby Allison. From 1975 to 2004 the Hagerstown Speedway owned the big truck. The p
  3. Billy what about the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame ( in Mooresville 20 mi north of Charlotte ). Their websites and social media seem friendly to the general public.
  4. I've learned from one of the racers Tom Peck who also used the truck in the 1980s... Tom said that truck was always breaking down with blown engines. My guess is the engine is not the original, but if it leads me to my answer I'll try. I need to find out who at Ford I need to call about original vin assignment.
  5. In the 1980's Bobby Allison used the red truck when he was sponsored by the Plessingers. Here's his car in 1983 on the truck at a large race track, anyone know which track this is from ? I'm still missing photos from 1966 to 1982... a huge black hole. I'm pretty sure I've eliminated Richard Petty, because Petty only had a Ford for one year and I now have two photos of 2 different Ford haulers he used. Gonna call Ford next... have no idea who to call..???
  6. I have not had any eBay problems all year... I NOW REFUSE 1000% TO SELL ON A "PLATFORM" THAT DOES NOT HAVE MY INTERESTS. THE PROBLEM IS WITH EBAY.... Even after plowing down to a real person they will side with the buyer and refund the buyer shipping fees both ways. I'm a former advertising artist and I take studio quality photos, 500 watts of bright light every photo, and closeups galore. My advertisement showed the rust, and said zero returns but KAREN was worried the rust would give her a medical problem. I was selling metal wreath frames with surface rust LOL. 2
  7. I've made a few friends this week and Aaron just sent me this clipping of Petty using a Ford wedge back hauler... just when everyone said it never happened here's proof. I'm stirring up a lot of memories on the Petty pages and the Bobby Allison pages on social media. Here's to hoping someone out there will remember this truck and who was using it. There was a truck fabrication company in Charlotte called Baker Truck Body and I'm chasing after some info from one of the fabricators. My vin decode says my truck was from the Charlotte dealer region.
  8. Would like to present a "rumor of ownership" pertaining to my big vintage 1966 Ford C-750 hauler so that once and for all we can confirm the rumor or put it to rest. The rumor is Richard Petty used this truck back in the day. When I bought this rig from the Hagerstown Speedway in 2004 the owner told me that there is "Petty blue paint" under the red paint. This is fact as there is light blue paint under the fenders, on the frame in many places and the sleeper cab has light blue paint under the red paint ( but zero blue on the wedge and cabinets ). Is there really a snow balls chance in hell tha
  9. I've never done a title search. My truck has a Maryland title but I'm told prior owner bought the truck out of Pennsylvania. My truck has "been around the block" a few times and has had multiple owners and multiple states so what can I expect from a Maryland vin search at the motor vehicles...? Crazy to pay money to only have them say we can't help you unless it's history is Maryland tied. The "Marti Search" folks only work with 1967 Fords and up so strike that option out. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Tommy... send me a message with your email and I will forward more info. Thanks for the patience.
  11. A year later I finally got around to getting the big truck started. Just rebuilt the carb, cleaned out the fuel tank, and new wires and plugs and it started up like a champ. Currently dealing with a leak in the air brake system, but no worries we'll get this loaded up on your low boy no problem.
  12. The city of PITTSBURGH should sue them to the moon and back for defamation and stealing their good name.
  13. Well it obviously is for IH just wanting to know if it's from a truck or a tractor. This looks to be a 5 ton jack so it's for either a large truck or for a large tractor.... maybe both ? Original paint was red. Who painted this gold must have a James Bond thing going LOL.
  14. Many clubs compile a tool guide that's helps answer the age old question: "Do I have the right jack in my trunk". Has anyone ever put something together ? Looking for what a 1931-1935 jack looks like. Thanks
  15. There are SO MANY EMPTY vending spaces in the Green and Orange fields there should be no worries. Social distancing before it was trendy.
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