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  1. Wowabunga

    Identifying vintage bumper jack Help

    Looks very sturdy. Probably from a small orphan car company. Haven't seen many like it.
  2. Starlight your jack in your car does not match up unfortunately. The factory illustration shows no holes in the upright... and you can't see it but the correct jack has a two tier screw that are set up like risers after one is deployed if you need more height you can unscrew the second inner screw. Also the correct jack uses a folding handle and the tip end of the handle is flat like many of the modern handles. Correct jack is made by Auto Specialties. The handles are tough to find they all got bent up back in the day. If I find a correct jack in my travels I'll give you a hollar. Don't toss the jack you have now I'm pretty sure it has value, just can't put my finger on it right now which car it matches up... I think it's a 30's Mopar.
  3. Music to my ears Al. Factory literature that had a page showing the tools and a jack was pretty common in the early years. The only reference I have is that the Lane Jack Company supplied jacks for Locomobiles. Here's a photo of a number 8 which is very sturdy, and a number 4 that is lighter. Anyone have one of these Lane jacks in the trunk ?
  4. There is a factory Studebaker shop manual that shows this exact jack with the matching handle. In 18 years of collecting old jacks I've only seen one of these original handles, and as an old auctioneer one told me: "If you don't know what something is you better buy it." Well I bought it and it's been sitting on a shelf for years waiting to be identified and that happened just last week - yea for wise old auctioneers...! This jack is SJ270 and it's a hard jack to find as few ever show up for sale. The matching handle is in super shape, as well as the tang that the handle fits into on the actual jack. Most 90 year old jacks the tang socket hole on the jack is worn and rounded out making the jack look old and tired. Asking price is $200 and includes shipping and tracking to US 48 This jack was spoken for last week in error and here it is again in it's full rare glory. Does anyone know if this jack accompanied other year Studebaker cars or are we content to say it's a one year 1927 offering ??? Thanks for looking, Ramblin Randy
  5. This effort is poetry in motion. Wonder if the artist would consider doing work for the antique car hobby drawing up hard to find parts ???
  6. Here's my thinking... All over the planet in dusty barns and old garages sit old forgotten jacks waiting for someone to discover them and send them back on their journey home to their original auto or truck. Seriously, to help move this "migration" along I've spent 10 years working up a ID Guide for old jacks...! I won't be touching on tools for that's a huge expanse of knowledge to compile and I'll leave that to the individual clubs to wade thru. Today we tackle the Locomobile Company and my questions if I may are as follows: Did your cars come with factory supplied jacks, some yes some no ? In your factory literature are there any illustrations to be found of jacks for your Locomobiles ? Are any online or print publications where I can find more info ? Thanks in advance for any productive direction. Ramblin Randy
  7. Studeeq.... the top image plate 5... from what year is this please ? Your images are incredible as a research tool...!!! Just this week have found that there are 3 different handles for the same jack... a one piece, a two piece, and a three piece. I'm seeing a very slight difference in the two jacks illustrated looking at your two reference images you've provided.
  8. Very thankful for these photos. See previous comments about this jack. Looks like the handles were slightly different than what is pictured in the factory literature, but this is very slight difference. Wonderful info...! Thanks.
  9. Tom looks like your jack is identical to the drawing I've seen that appears in the Studebaker literature. My jack (58) on the left is identical to your jack as well as Keniman's jack. All three are the same visually. AJAX marked their jacks with a small circular red tag that was attatched to one of the rivets near the crank. Seems all three are missing or simply were not supplied to commercial accounts. Both handles are two piece handles and look very similar to the factory documentation.
  10. Wowabunga

    Looking for Correct Style Jack

    Grog... your jacks are truck bottle jacks. Left to right... 60's Chevy and GMC / 70s Ford / 60's Chevy and GMC. Just here to clear some of the fog...!
  11. Wowabunga

    Unique GM Ignition

    I read the nib was a big hit on farms where the farm truck was always on the ready to go.
  12. Wowabunga

    1941 Studebaker Clock

    The design here is super cool... putting the hands behind a faceplate really is classy...!!!
  13. Wowabunga

    Unique GM Ignition

    Yes I found a new repo that has the backing matching 47-53. Not sure why there is a chrome nib... the nib moves with the key when turning. Maybe some mountain men with huge hands were breaking off keys and they added a little bit of a "bumper guard" to aide in keeping things rolling along ?!?!? Ok here's the exact setup for those looking to learn something today... Thanks Carolina Chevy for the productive direction...!
  14. I found this super nice pair of AJAX jacks at the spring Winchester WV swap meet a few years ago and am finally starting to sell my collection of automotive jacks. Before I sell a jack I try my best to get a solid ID, because there is a lot of mis-information and mis-representation to be found. As far as condition when's the last time you saw a NOS jack from the 1930's ??? A seller on eBay has a similar jack listed but his does not "exactly" match the factory illustration. My jack pictured on the left ( #58 ) has a much closer match in my opinion. Am believing this jack to be the correct jack for the 1930 Studebaker Dictator 6 & 8, and the 1927 Erskine 6. Any comment ? The handle with the NOS jack is one piece. On the factory illustration page ( Illus No 23 ) it shows this car came with a 2 piece flat folding handle. Humm. The jack on the right ( #59 ) I'm still digging up info on that one.
  15. Wowabunga

    Unique GM Ignition

    Probably an easy ID for a GM person...