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  1. Bump... Try to find this handle... not easy to do.
  2. Are you looking for the 41 jack that is a friction pole jack ? I think I have one somewhere here.
  3. Enjoyed the replies... George wins. I approach and said "I have just one question...". Driver begins to tell me it's a TR6, the poor man's Jaguar. I complete my sentence asking WHY ARE THE WINDOWS DOWN..? Oh he say it's got a mouse in it somewhere and it smells. Car fresh out of storage. Neat looking ride... Happy new owner.
  4. Traveling 70 mph down l-81 why would anyone leave the windows down in a classic car ? I had to ask... Any guesses what the answer was ?
  5. Assume this is automotive related...
  6. Neat looking wrench...
  7. A pothole took out my front ball joint on my 65 Rambler Wagon.... that was a little more than a jolt. Wheel actually fell off a week later in my parents drive way.
  8. Releases when you push or pull. Great for tail gates. Many uses these for quick change parts. 3/8" Dia x 1 7/8" Shaft (4 Total) Avibank Co. $24 for 4 pins. Shipping included with this price. I sell these on eBay for $30 so grab these while my sale is offered.
  9. You'd think I'd had my head on backwards.... the part came with some 1955 Ford parts...!!! I beginning to think it might be something from the front end. THANKS....!
  10. Easy ID for the right expert... I can ID old jacks but not this. Bills coming fast this time of year so I needs to ID this and find it a new home. Thanks in advance...!!!
  11. This is the whole Sha-Bang: Reverb unit part number #980869 and condition is show car quality chrome. Includes harness which the wire is in good shape shows no cracking. Dash control knob and mount is super nice. The trunk unit looks to be in great cosmetic shape... Delco radio tag is perfect. Copy of GM installation instructions included. I wish I could test this but I don't have the means. There are folks who repair these. Caps will surely need updated. The harness I assume is complete. Control knob has original grounding tab still on it. I opened up the box and the four springs that hold the reverb are as they should be. Inside the floating reverb are two long springs that the current pass thru... one of the springs has broke away at the tip and will need rejoined. I'm told this is the number one reason these go out of sevice. Asking price includes shipping: $250. Sleep on it... it's only paper money. After a weeks time has passed I'll be open to offers. This new dimension in musical reproduction will excite and enthuse the most casual listener and provide the ultimate listening pleasure to the music lover. The Tone REverberator produces concert hall effect by electronic means. A portion of the sound is heard directly from the front speaker. Another portion is routed through the Reverberator, where it is delayed, reverberated and amplified through the Rear Seat Speaker.
  12. STAYGOLD I've been collecting jacks for 15+ years and have never seen this style base in real life. It does match the illustration exactly. What ever it fits... not many of the jacks were made ( or survived ). Here's to hoping you find an answer, keep digging..! With two additional part numbers there's a chance one of the numbers was for a "hook" that slipped into the jack mechanics. Hooks didn't show up till mid 1950's.
  13. Looks very sturdy. Probably from a small orphan car company. Haven't seen many like it.