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  1. Most likely a form of governor. Can you remove the small square cover above the carburetor ? I would expect it connects to a additional throttle butterfly that regulates airflow dependent on engine R.P.M. . Not unusual on truck engines of this era. Any idea of the make of Engine ? Is there a makers tag anywhere, most likely on the crankcase ? Greg in Canada
  2. There were several racing engines based on Ford T blocks. Some were reasonably simple overhead valve set ups like the Roof head and others were single and even double overhead cam. Some were virtually hand made few of a kind and some were produced in reasonably large numbers. Greg in Canada
  3. That's really outside the box. Rare when new, a handful of survivors at most. Greg in Canada
  4. I am also curious about the price however Jim { poster of this thread} is not the owner. Possibly he can direct us to where it is advertised if it is indeed advertised. Unfortunately there is no possibility of me affording a Packard like this however we all have dreams. These cars have always been prominent on my top 10 list. Greg in Canada
  5. Another of the rare sport models, a fine car. Your customer declined purchase ? Looks like a great opportunity to me. Greg in Canada
  6. Yes, I do tend to overlook the advantage Southern residents have. Here in the Pacific North West that Chevy would be considered not that bad a deal at say $1500.00. Many around here {British Columbia particularly, Washington State uses very little road salt and the cars are definitely better} are significantly more corroded and definitely at least $1000.00 and up. A rough condition parts car for the $200.00 you mention in these parts usually has no floors whatsoever, the bottom inch of the doors missing, no trunk floor at all, you get the picture. $200.00 parts car is actually a $150.00 piece of scrap metal. With virtually no salvageable parts. Greg in Canada
  7. The one your wife is thinking about would make an OK "rat " style ride. If the paperwork is in order, and the body free of serious rust {more than the all over surface rust} then $1500-$2000 might be understandable. But only if the seller has a valid title in hand. And don't even think of restoring it. Just a fun driver rat with blanket seat covers. Spend only on getting it driving, nothing cosmetic. And you will learn, meet people, have fun and at the end of the day you just might get 75 cents back for every $ you spend. Relatively cheap fun. Greg in Canada
  8. Dnepr motorcycles with sidecars were sold here in Canada . Not big sellers, you still see the odd one at motorcycle shows. They seemed OK , but never really caught on. Too many well looked after used BMW's in the same price range I suspect. Ural motorcycles also had a slow but steady sale in Canada Greg in Canada
  9. Thanks Ron. Only one of the 1909's. Too bad as they are the nicest of the 4 cyl. cars. But they all are great cars. I doubt the semi racer model was produced in very large numbers. So 7 survivors seems reasonably good. Greg
  10. Definitely one of the better proportioned speedsters. I wonder if there are any known survivors ? Its one of the cars I have filed away for design ideas when it comes time to build a body for my Staver Chicago chassis. This model { G9 } is from 1909, so as usual Kissel - Kar is a styling leader. Greg in Canada
  11. Distributor #3, A tag number 632L . Good condition , both cap clips good. 1932 Dodge 6 and possibly some Desoto's. $25.00 plus postage I am in Canada so post will be somewhat more expensive. I will get you the best rate possible. Greg
  12. Sorry, I didn't mean to jump in where I shouldn't. Is there still a possibility this is a more desirable Trans. than it would appear ? Or are you like many of us and like to know the whole story on the specifics of a given part ? I know the devil is in the details. Greg in Canada
  13. Does not take GTO value. Even cars as "cheap" as Shelby mustangs are rarely permanently "lost" these days. Even less valuable but still seemingly never given up on are Lotus Cortina's. As long as the owner does not give in to a feeling of hopelessness when the fire first occurs and sells the remains for scrap, sooner or later they all seem to get rebuilt. Greg in Canada
  14. Definitely January 17 1966 casting date. Not a particularly valuable unit. I have seen them anywhere from $50.00 to $250.00 and even at the lower end not very hot sellers. Greg in Canada