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  1. 1912Staver

    Advice / input on buying a late 20's - early 30's car

    I have seen this sort of connector used on a number of late teens / early 20's cars. A few variations but the same general idea. As the market became more competitive as the 1920's progressed the push within producers became the development of parts that did the same job {when the product was new or at most several years old}, could be produced , installed and maintained cheaper. As mass production took over these tiny cost savings added up on the bottom line of manufacturers who were producing hundreds of thousands or even millions of a given product or part. It was considered part of the progress which allowed almost anyone to own products like automobiles. Greg in Canada
  2. 1912Staver

    What is the story on this one..

    Heavily customised 1950's car. Judging from the licence plate I would say it is based on an early 1950's Kaiser- Frazer. Greg in Canada
  3. 1912Staver


    1918 's had a metal firewall, but I think you are on the right track with Buick 6. Sometimes the firewall comes loose from the cowl. Perhaps someone used the tin on something else and made up a wood firewall. Can you post a couple of photos of the windshield support casting ? The 5 pas , model 45 {common} cowl is different than the 7 pas, model 49 {rare in comparison} however the differences are difficult to tell unless you have them side by side. Greg in Canada
  4. 1912Staver

    Steering for early 20's International

    That's a later teens / early twenties Jacox steering box. Most commonly used on Buicks however no doubt other things as well. Small GMC or Chevy truck perhaps ? I have one from a 2 ton or so GMC, very similar but a heavier duty 5 spoke steering wheel spider.
  5. 1912Staver

    Gas Tank for sale

    I have one quite similar that someone tagged as Packard. No idea if that is accurate or what specific model. Later teens - mid 1920's would be my guess. Greg in Canada
  6. 1912Staver

    1908 REO touring original unrestored.

    Hi Ed, I agree with your statement that more and more cars make no economic sense. Your PS however about making more money is a bit more difficult. For lots of us the making more money is at best going to be a very uphill struggle. I had a reasonably decent job up to my retirement at the end of Sept. But even with that job my yearly income always lagged inflation by anything from break even to - 1-1 1/2 % for at least the last 15 years. You hardly noticed the difference from any one year to the next but over time the difference sure became apparent. That 15% loss of buying power represented a good portion of my discretionary income and the lions share of my hobby car funds. I was already working enough overtime that I was able to stop coming to work 6 months before my actual retirement date and simply draw down my overtime bank. Where would have the time to make more money have come from ? Of course now that I have retired my disposable income is non- existent, but returning to work after 40 + years in the workforce and post secondary training, the last 31 in a reasonably demanding shiftwork , technical position is something I am resisting. And yes I definitely have gasoline in my veins, just no useable hobby car. I did recently spend $7,000.00 on my Formula Ford however , came out of my overtime bank . I figured if I am going to get a season or two of Formula Ford racing in before I am too old it was something I couldn't delay any longer. Greg in Canada
  7. 1912Staver

    What's Going On in Macungie?

    I am only familiar with the AHTS {American Truck Historical Society}, however I am sure the ATCA is likewise a very worthwhile organisation. When I google them I see there are way more chapters in the North East than the rest of the continent. I am up here in the Pacific North West so it is not surprising this club is one I was unaware of. Greg
  8. 1912Staver

    What's Going On in Macungie?

    Was that an ATHS event ? I was at one in Washington State several years ago and it was very worth while. Greg in Canada 1918 Packard 2 ton basket case
  9. The thing that I find amazing is the majority of these cars are just unrestored "used cars". A 1910 car was less than 30 years old in 1939. Many of the scenes in this film could have been filmed last week. A real time machine . Greg
  10. Wow ! I doubt you could restore a roughish one that cheap even in India. The auction results make for very interesting reading. A very nice looking 1920 Buick 6 Cyl. roadster for just over $14,000.00. Any of us restoring a 1920's / early 1930's bread and butter car should have a good look at this window into the current state of the market. Greg in Canada
  11. 1912Staver

    1927Buick McLaughlan Rad

    If anyone needs a Master rad I have one. I think it's 28 but may be a year or 2 newer or older. A bit of damage to the core but otherwise quite decent. PM me if interested. Greg in Canada
  12. 1912Staver

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    Even paying for dealer service does not guarantee proper maintenance. My wife bought her 2009 Ranger new and had the selling dealer perform recommended maintenance for the first 5 years or so. That included 2 spark plug changes. After about 5 years or so she started to have me do them { I am a licensed Journeyman mechanic} . In the course of replacing the spark plugs I noticed the RH. bank were reasonably accessible and the plugs I removed were nearing the end of their life but still not all that bad. I then moved over to the LH. bank, much more difficult to access and it took a fair bit of time to figure out the combination of extensions and universals that would let me get the 3 LH. plugs out. Once I had them out a very obvious condition difference appeared. They were much more worn than the other 3, in fact some of the most worn I have seen . It became clear that the dealership mechanic had known the 3 LH plugs were a very awkward and time consuming job to change and simply not bothered . A great way to beat flat rate, and very difficult to prove except circumstantially. Needless to say my wife has not returned to that dealership for anything. Greg in Canada
  13. 1912Staver

    Just retired - need some advice

    A slight cautionary note here. My father of 84 recently passed away following a short illness. He led a happy, very active life right up to a month from the end. And did a considerable amount of estate planning that was mainly concerned with dividing his assets between his wife {2nd} and myself and my two sisters. The bulk of his assets were destined to be passed down to the three of us children, his wife has fairly substantial assets of her own so was allocated a relatively small share. Big surprise upon his death, the assets were primarily held in joint term deposits. Under Canadian law all jointly held assets pass directly to the other person. This is automatic and they don't form any part of the estate at all, the transfer takes place outside of the estate. Not really even a transfer, the deceased persons name is simply removed from the account. So it really did not matter what my Father specified in his will other than specific bequests of specific items of his personal effects. I am not sure if this is also part of U.S. law or not, however get assurance from a wills and estates professional that what you want to happen upon your death really does happen. Greg in Canada
  14. 1912Staver

    C.1925 Fuel Truck - South Australia

    It looks like the truck is possibly a model 63. Greg
  15. So there are at least a few cars if you look with a fine tooth comb. Thanks!...Greg