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  1. Would you purchase a late model used vehicle that previously had been sold via auction on a Carfax report? Anything on this Carfax report that you would question? https://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?vin=1GCPTDE1XJ1208574&partner=COO_0 Thanks in advance. Charley
  2. Auto on the left is a 1910-11 Cadillac demi tonneau. Charley
  3. Need for 1913 Cadillac ignition relay replacement 11084 contact spring assembly. The above fit Delco 5677 and 5661 ignition relay. Would buy either above ignition relay. In the states only. Googled the 11084 and currently shows an alternator. Thanks in advance Charley
  4. Please explain exactly the meaning of this in a free AutoCheck report. Information Reported: One or more non-major state title brand(s) and/or additional significant event(s) has been reported to AutoCheck. It is recommended to have pre-owned vehicles inspected by a third party prior to purchase. Here is the link to the full report. https://www.cars.com/ajax/coreshoppingsupportapi/1.0/listing/vhr/763709292?linklocation=detail&aff=national Thanks in advance charley
  5. Car & Light Truck tanks which are coated inside and outside with our patented process have a limited lifetime warranty — All other tanks are 1 – 2 year warranty. Can't hurt to call as Matt suggests. charley
  6. 1913-14 Cadillac four cylinder are rated 48 hp. Charley
  7. Reply from a friend with a 1911 Cadullac. I have that exact same bumper on my 1911 Cadillac. The bracket goes under the heads of the front spring bolts and has a mounting arm that attaches to the frame farther back. My 1913 Cadillac has one that attaches with u bolts to the front frame horns. Thanks for asking. Charley
  8. Looking for a pair of accessory mounting brackets or complete bumper and brackets suitable for a 1908 Buick two cylinder automobile. In the states please. Thanks Charley
  9. Anyone have or reproduce the accessory front bumper brackets for an early automobile.  The photo is not detailed but gives a general idea of what I'm looking for. I do have a 1-1/4" diameter front bumper without brackets. Would like to put on a 1908 two cylinder Buick. Would purchase a complete bumper assembly if no brackets available.  Thanks Charley
  10. 110 years ago everyone had a horse and only the rich had an automobile. Today everyone has an automobile and only the rich have a horse. Might not apply here. I just read the above and had to use it. Charley
  11. 1925-26 Buick was correct. They fit a 1912 Cadillac. Charley
  12. I believe it's a two cylinder REO. Not sure of year. 1905-07 had wood fenders. 1908-10 had metal fenders. Charley
  13. Hello In the event you don't locate a 110" wheelbase chassis. I could supply a 120" 1914 Cadillac frame. Also have the three rear springs. Two parallel and one cross spring. Also front and rear shackles with or without front axle. Located in Amherst Ohio. Charley
  14. I've conducted business with Bill twice. Without a shadow of a doubt he is one of the best. Charley
  15. Have two right hand drive Timken front axles 1913-14. Also have two left hand drive Timken front axles 1915-18. Located in Ohio. Thanks Charley