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  1. Ed April fool's day was a few days ago. Charley
  2. 1909 or 1910 REO 2 cylinder. Charley
  3. Larry Thanks, I am familiar with the serial number on the rear frame rail. Unfortunately the Michigan title reads VIN MICHXXXX X being a number. The car has to have a vehicle inspection prior to the State of Ohio issuing an Ohio title. So they will look for something on the car that matches the MICHXXXX vin number on the current Michigan title. That's the reason for the brass tag. Actually the XXXX numbers on the Michigan title are the same as the numbers stamped on each cylinder. Mr. Hinson from a previous reply is going to make a brass tag.
  4. Purchased a 1908 Buick F. It currently has a Michigan title. Title reads Vin MICHXXXX X being numbers. Obviously an assigned number by the state. Can anyone supply a source for a brass Serial number tag with the above vin number. Something like the attached sample? Thanks Charley
  5. If you're unable to solve the problem try the fordbarn.com . Free to sign up and post your Model A question. Charley
  6. Need four new Champion #34 spark plugs. Please in the states only. Send pm or email through this forum. Thanks in advance Charley
  7. Mike Do you have a photo of needed top irons? Charley
  8. 1906-07 Cadillac for sure. Definitely Cadillac model M Victoria or (tulip) Touring. Could be 6 or 7 but It's 06. I tried to expand pic on my phone it gets blurry. 6 front fenders slant out like these. 7 fenders flatten out on top and have a skirt on inside that these don't appear to have. This also appears to have 06 bell shaped removeable radiator cap. 7 cap is fake and looks more like a mushroom. Details per Jeff Domer! Charley
  9. Happy, healthy, prosperous, and safe 2021 to all! Best Charley
  10. What does the script on the front door read? Maybe Pontiac Eight? Charley
  11. FedEx ground by far has been the best for me shipping and receiving. Their people are helpful. Never lost anything to or from me. A+ UPS and USPS give them a C. Haven't used UPS for years. Not that they care. Wouldn't abandon FedEx but hopefully Amazon will grow their delivery business and accept outside packages for delivery. Charley
  12. Results: https://www.proxibid.com/VanDerBrink-Auctions-LLC/Amazing-Collector-Cars-Regehr-Collection/event-catalog/178346 Charley
  13. Bill Squires cell 216-832-8697 billsautoworks1@aol.com When it comes to car hauling. Bill's Auto Works is all you need to know! Best Charley Kulchar
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