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  1. Happy, healthy, prosperous, and safe 2021 to all! Best Charley
  2. What does the script on the front door read? Maybe Pontiac Eight? Charley
  3. FedEx ground by far has been the best for me shipping and receiving. Their people are helpful. Never lost anything to or from me. A+ UPS and USPS give them a C. Haven't used UPS for years. Not that they care. Wouldn't abandon FedEx but hopefully Amazon will grow their delivery business and accept outside packages for delivery. Charley
  4. Results: https://www.proxibid.com/VanDerBrink-Auctions-LLC/Amazing-Collector-Cars-Regehr-Collection/event-catalog/178346 Charley
  5. Bill Squires cell 216-832-8697 billsautoworks1@aol.com When it comes to car hauling. Bill's Auto Works is all you need to know! Best Charley Kulchar
  6. George Thanks for sharing. Good memories. Charley
  7. Tire is four years old. What would cause this? Tire store rep where purchased. Never seen anything like that before. 1999 Tahoe. Thanks in advance. Charley
  8. Bills Auto Works is all you need to know. Great guy has hauled for me in the past. Just recommended him to haul my friend's 1915 White and 1925 Chrysler roadster from Ohio to Wisconsin. My friend was quite happy. Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. This is on the HAMB NOT some Mickey Mouse site I created myself so I could post my own feedback & block customers from posting theirs!https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/nationwide-single-car-transport-hauling-open-or-enclosed.6144
  9. Good for you! Can't beat good friends Charley
  10. Sorry for your lost. Remember all the good times. Charley
  11. Hi Steve No she doesn't have any desire to drive the truck. Not much room on the inside. We have fun with it. The early 1930 truck above is really nice. Our A is a late 1931 with the Budd cab metal roof. Just happened to be the truck we located when looking to buy. My buddy Don Vincent, Mr. Model A, stopped over to view it. He said "someone put a sheet metal roof on your car". Told him yeah the factory. Lol Best of success on your search. Charley
  12. Friday the wife cut and loaded some yard waste in the 31 Model A. Then asked if I could drive her over to the township recycling center to unload it. We went to Lowe's and lunch. Noticed the truck wasn't charging. So all we did with it on Saturday was haul delivered mulch from the front yard to the back yard. Charley
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. Was able to purchase a tap from Western Tap in California. Got prices from $109 up to $177. Taking price, service, attitude, and shipping into consideration.
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