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  1. Standard $84.80 Handicap $106.00 They always look like new. No I do not get a cut!!
  2. I got mine yesterday, Karl
  3. Roger, this is used with your brace and bit. Brace goes on the top, bit in the bottom. The chain goes around the barn beam. When you turn the brace it keeps pressure on the bit so it keeps drilling. This was a big help when hanging on a ladder while drilling for a wooden peg hole. Karl
  4. It’s a 16 ounce jar, that must be one year supply.
  5. My best find from Carlisle was this keeper. I never knew Valvoline made hair products. Has a nice smell to it!
  6. I did not see Old Cars or Hemmings in the usual spots, Karl
  7. Yesterday rain at 10 AM then sunny with wind, today snow AACA volunteers waiting out the storm today. When the sun came out we were busy selling raffle tickets and getting new members thanks to everybody who put in the time this week.
  8. AACA will have a tent at the bottom of the stage and a few members cars will be on display on the stage all week including my 67 Ford. Stop by and say hello. Karl
  9. until

    The Willow Street Fire Co. fairgrounds will the location for Saturday's Judged car show. Free Admission, Parking by "boot donation" to the benefit the fire company. Food trucks will be on site to feed us. Join the fun! Willow Street Pike is PA Route 222 North. Show will include Pierce-Arrow cars, Bicycles, and wagons on display. Address: 2901 Willow Street Pike North, Willow Street, PA 17584 Questions? Contact Karl Krouch - Meet Chairman email: Krouchs@msn.com Web site: Willow Street Fire Company - Lancaster County, PA (wsfc512.com)
  10. The Willow Street Fire Co. fairgrounds will the location for Saturday's Judged car show. Free Admission, Parking by "boot donation" to the benefit the fire company. Food trucks will be on site to feed us. Join the fun! Willow Street Pike is PA Route 222 North. Show will include Pierce-Arrow cars, Bicycles, and wagons on display. Address: 2901 Willow Street Pike North, Willow Street, PA 17584 Questions? Contact Karl Krouch - Meet Chairman email: Krouchs@msn.com Web site: Willow Street Fire Company - Lancaster County, PA (wsfc512.com)
  11. PAS members can find it's known history on our web site's roster, it lived in NY before me, western PA after me. Now it looks like CT? Karl Motor Number 8016588 Serial Number 8016488
  12. "BARN FIND" the top photo is when I pulled it from a METAL BARN? ....
  13. George and Ed, This car ran when I owned it about 15 years and at least two owners ago. The wood was good and no dropped doors. I don't think a thing has been changed since I had it! It had slumbered for many years when I got it. It ran within a week. It looks like it has had dry storage since, so I would think it could run again. I have nothing to do with the sale of it now. Photos from when I owned it.
  14. We have great plans for you for some wonderful fun with your Pierce-Arrow pals! We've worked hard to make the necessary changes so everyone will feel safe and and stay healthy! The river and farm country of Pennsylvania is ready for you! FEATURE FOCUS - Thursday, June 10th Our daytime fun starts with a fun ride on a BIG train, the Strasburg Railroad, where we’ll see some beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. Next, we’ll ride thru Amish countryside for an Amish Family style lunch then head to the National TCA Toy Train Museum. We’ll finish up the day with BIG trains just a few blocks away at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. Here we will visit impressive Railroad exhibits from their locomotive restoration facility to restored beauties of time gone by. Thursday Evening - Ladies' Event The ladies of the Pierce-Arrow Society are in for a special treat Thursday evening. Local historian Janeal Jaroh of Time Traveler Trunk will entertain and educate us on women’s lingerie starting from the Colonial Period to the present. Her hands-on historical presentations are designed to engage, inspire, and enrich understanding of American and World History. Her high energy story-telling program brings the past to life! The audience will learn about what clothing represents in terms of cultural expectations, economics, resources, and technology. In addition to providing insight to historical events, the presentation will make connections revealing how the past and present are related. Make plans to attend! You won’t be disappointed! Thursday Evening - Gentlemen's Event We are back on the road for a short drive to learn about the casting process used to keep our Pierce-Arrows on the road. Our Gentlemen’s Tour is a visit Cattail Foundry in Gordonville, Pennsylvania. Emmanuel King is the second generation owner of this foundry located in a bank barn on his farm. His father, Benjamin, now in his 80’s, will treat us to homemade ice cream made using a steam powered 1/3 scale Traction Engine. We will tour through the pattern shop, the foundry floor, and the finishing rooms. This local Amish sect believes in being off the grid – using gas lamps, and battery and air powered tools. Horses and buggies remain their mode of transportation. This foundry produces cast iron, bronze and aluminum, and parts for the Strasburg Railroad shops, steam traction engine owners, and many award winning antique automobiles. REGISTER FOR THE MEET TODAY! MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS TODAY! Room Reservation Deadline 5/07/21 Use Group Code "PAS" Questions? Contact Karl Krouch - Meet Chairman email: Krouchs@msn.com
  15. until
    63rd Annual Pierce-Arrow Meet Host Hotel: Double Tree by Hilton, Willow Street, Lancaster PA For more info: Karl Krouch Sr 717-697-9543
  16. Mark, interesting that they have 3 valve grinds in the first 10,000 miles! You have to wonder if they really did them for $140 plus all the other stuff. Then again people could be earning $5 a day working on them! Karl
  17. I was looking at old Pierce owners manuals today and found it quite interesting that your new Pierce came with such a small window of warranty. The Great Arrow just 60 days, the BIG 48hp just 3 months! I would like others to share the warranty from other pre -WW2 autos they own manuals for so we can see if they were all about the same. Karl. 1904 GREAT ARROW STANDARD WARRANTY , under which all Automobile; made by _ The George N Pierce Company are sold . . · Adopted August 22, 1902.· WE WARRANT all goods furnished by us for sixty days following the date of their shipment, based upon the date of invoice c_overing the goods, th is warranty _ being limiterl to tfle replacement in our factory of all ·parts giving out · under normal service in consequence of defect· of material or of workmanship. If the circumstances do not permit that the work shall be executed in our factory this warranty is limited to the shipment, . without charge, of the parts int-ended to replace those ackn owl~dged to be defective. · · · · _. • . It is, however, understood that :..ve make ~o warranty whatev _er regardin g pqeumatic tires or the batteries. · We cannot accept any responsibility in connection with any of our mot9r cars when they have been altered or repaired outside of our fact?ry. We are not · responsible to the purchaser of our _ goods for any undertakin g_s and warranties made by our agents _beyond those expressed above. We wish it distinctly understood that ~e ma.ke no warr~nty of our good s except as ~tated above, but desire ai:d expe _ct that customers shall make a thorough examination of our goods before ·purchasing. 1917 SERIES 48 STANDARD WARRANTY under which all Automobiles made by the PIERCE-ARROW MOTOR . CAR CO. are sold. Adapted May 4, 1910- WE GUARANTEE the motor vehicles manufactured by us for ninety days after the date of shipment, this warranty being limit.ed to the furnishing at our factory of such parts of the motor vehicle as shall, under nO'rlnal use and service, appear to us to have. been defective in material and workmanship• This warranty is limited to the shipment to the purchaser without charge, except for transportation, of the part or parts intended to replace the part or parts claimed to have been defective, and which, upon their return to us at aur factory for inspection, we shall have determined were defective , and provided transportati<1n cha!'ges for the parts so returned have been prepaid. We make no warranty whatever in respect to tires and rims. The condition af this warranty is such that if the motor vehicle to which it - applies is altered, or repaired outside of our factory, our liability under this warranty shall cease. The purchaser understands and agrees that no warranty of the mator vehicle is made, or authorized to be made, by the company, other than that herein aboTe aet forth.
  18. Lebowski has been gone for 2 1/2 months before anybody missed him. My guess is everyone has their packages wrapped, and are waiting to see what Santa brings tomorrow. I guess no one has any car parts that need washed, sandblasted, or primed this afternoon. This thread has definitely given me some laughs. Thank you Lebowski! you will not be missed. Karl
  19. John 348, Lebowski? Banned for good, he could not follow rules after many warnings, the last by our leader. I am sure you all think the rest of this thread is on topic and needs no moderating. Continue on........ Merry Christmas! Karl
  20. Carolina, thanks for the info. I got a call from someone who has a 28 and needs them, so they will go back on a car. kk
  21. I showed them to someone today who thought they might be Hupmobile 1927 to 1930, can anyone confirm that?
  22. Newspapers have had a very hard time since I was a kid, the Harrisburg Patriot News had an early edition, morning edition, and evening edition. I think they are now a three day a week paper. I grew up with printed material so I guess my generation are dinosaurs, and will always want printed copies so we can go back and reference them for years to come. I’m sure Walt and I will adjust to getting everything from a small white screen, but even on this forum there are sections that I might visit less than five times a year. Getting an email from MoToR won’t make me stop what I’m doing and start flipping through it. I do open paper MoToR and look at the index and spent five minutes deciding what I must read and what I might read before I get back to work. CHANGE? Not me.
  23. My Motor magazine arrived this week at work. In big red letters across the cover is the sad news " last printed issue". I am sure many of you have the January issues in your pre-war collections with artistic covers and and latest specs on the "new" cars. My 1920's and 1930's copies are one half inch thick. This weeks is a little over 1/8 inch thick. It is difficult to think this will save MOTOR money and the magazine will survive. I know I won't look at it from cover to cover on my laptop . CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE, I must be getting old! 1929 January issue below
  24. PCNTV – Pennsylvania's Network I see you can become a free member of PCN and stream the shows as they air if you are not in PA. Lets hope it works for the members. I also see the have a pay for demand if you can't wait for the next showing... Steve, I figured by the angle you were Zooming, she did a great job of asking all the right questions! I took about 6 screen shots and I guess you are stuck with this one above for now. Being in front of the camera and creating a fluid conversation is a gift. Many others fail and fall back on awkward pauses and never ending AW's etc. Again: WELL DONE!
  25. Steve, who would of thought the first comment above would be about your hair! It is a curse that we few with lots of gray hair have to endure! 😂
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