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  1. Essentially.... With Hershey cancelled, Fall Carlisle has the chance to be extra strong this year.... Hershey vendors have been calling to get spots at Fall Carlisle for the last couple of months.... So it should be full to the hilt !!! Wednesday, Sept. 30th through Saturday , Oct. 3rd --- Four full days of finding what you need and want.... Make sure to stop by spots I L 78 - 80... Middle of the Infield ( I ), Row L, spots 78 - 80 for a nice juicy spread of New and N.O.S. parts from the 1930 s to the 1970 s...... Yours, Craig.... Mobile Parts..
  2. Is this you, John Mahoney of Glen Cove ??? Craig, Mobile Parts, here, I will take it, of course.... I am leaving for Fall Carlisle, can't have it shipped while I am away... Call me --- 516 - 485 - 1935......
  3. RockinRiviDad, If you scroll up three messages -- you will see my second response... On this matter.... If you scroll up about 15 messages, you will see my initial response..... And success is achieved by dialing my number ...... 516 - 485 - 1935..... Craig .... New York.....
  4. This 2020 is some wonderful year.... Deaths of many of our childhood idols, Waves of coronavirus, Hurricanes Galore, Deathly Wild Fires out West, Shootings and Rioting and Looting all over this nation....All our Car Shows cancelled, including HERSHEY...... Did I miss anything???? Anybody got ANY Good News, no matter how small ??????? Stay safe to anybody and everybody affected by these latest Tragedies and Events......
  5. Hope you , your house, your car's, etc. Are all okay, I think of all the poor animals that call the woods their home -- and how sad that they are going to all perish in this... Haven't we had enough tragedies in 2020 ????
  6. "Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy..." & September 11th, 2001 must be the two darkest days in United States history.... Just completed "reading of the names" at the annual remembrance, And, afterward, they played the musical piece that has no words , always chokes me up, and is my LEAST favorite music EVER ----- Taps.... God Bless us all --- to a better tomorrow --- Let's Keep America Great !!!!!!!
  7. 19 years ago -- and I remember it like yesterday.... A Tuesday morning and at 8:51 A.M. when the second tower was hit, I remember thinking, " This is war... Or Terrorism.... This is not normal." And living here at the beginning of Long Island, 35 miles East of New York City.... I still remember the smell... I don't ever want to smell that again... God bless us all on this day of remembrance...
  8. Every 6 cylinder Studebaker from 1941 - 1959 used one set of points.... It was an Autolite set of points from the factory... I have an Autolite catalog from yesteryear, but not handy... My Standard (the best brand of non original ignition EVER, and some of their products, Blue Streak for example, were actually far better than O.E.M., in the GM world, in the Ford world, in the Mopar World, and beyond...) The CS715A illustrated above (it is not in my interchange, but Echlin, an acceptable middle of the road company, would supercede #s frequently... I can look at my i
  9. Wouldn't you rather utilize brand new , made in U.S.A. wheel cylinders???? They are not expensive brand new... $ 35 each for the Fronts, $ 15 each for the Rears === adds up to $ 100 --- sliced to $ 90, if you would like or want all four (4)... I have evvvvvverything else for your T Bird !!! Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935....
  10. Zodi, Indeed, you can bring a 1949 Pontiac to life... I have everything for the brakes -- all NEW U.S.A. made parts -- the Master Cylinder, the Wheel Cylinders, the Brake Shoes, the Brake Hoses, Emergency Brake Cables, Bearings & Seals, BRAKE DRUMS, I have everything for the Front End --- king pins, upper & lower outer pin kits, tie rods, and more... I have ++ NEW ++ Water Pumps !!!! And the Water Distribution Tubes, I have ++ NEW ++ Fuel Pumps, Motor & Rear Engine Mounts, Ignition, Electrical, Quality Tune Up parts , and a whoooooooole lot more !!!
  11. Now that we all have answers and solutions for "raycuda", the next question is --- Does he come back to this site, and this thread, in particular.... Like the Hall and Oates song, "He's gone !!! ".... One hit wonder -- not Hall and Oates --- raycuda so far !!!!
  12. I have one N.O.S. floor mounted --4 post indeed for the early Mopars ---- Dimmer Switch.... Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935....
  13. I have unearthed two (2) G M # 561062 in the G M package !!! 1949 - 1958 OLDSMOBILE Oil Dipstick Tubes !!!!! Price is $ 95 + 5 shipping to U.S. 50 for one.... Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935.....
  14. That fuel pump you are holding in your hand is far from NEW ..... If you want a NEW, ethanol-gas compatible Fuel Pump, I have them Brand New with NO CORE required.... Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935.....
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