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  1. Do any of you 120 who have now "viewed" actually H A V E one (1) of these cars ???? And, IF so, how have you NOT grabbed these ????
  2. OldSoul97, Sorry.... I can't help you on this one.... None of us have a set of these N.O.S. and these have not, and more than likely, never will be reproduced..... Yikes.... Good luck in the search...... Craig....
  3. OldSoul97, I will see if I can rescue you..... Stay tuned....
  4. I just got a new car for my wife !!!! I thought it was a good trade !!!!! Do you know what the good thing is about a drinking brake fluid addiction ???? You can stop anytime !!!!
  5. 76 people have now viewed.... NOT one call..... The world has exactly one pair of N.O.S. U.S.A. made -- these are it, period.... They haven't existed for over 20 years..... Do you seriously want to put Chineseum on a LINCOLN ????? One lucky winner..... Who is the MAN ??!!!
  6. I have one for my 1969 Caddy --- I bought the only two that existed on planet Earth --- figuring I would help out some fellow CADILLAC owner..... 162 views later, I haven't gotten 1 phone call ?!?!?! Is there one other CADDY MAN out there ?????
  7. And ---- If you do want U.S.A. made Upper Ball Joints, I have exactly two (2) N.O.S. U.S.A. made !!!!! Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935.....
  8. What sort of parts??? I have some NEW parts for the IHCs -- the KB series of the 1940s and the Green Diamond and Black Diamonds of the 1950s and 1960s...but all NEW only.... No "pieces of vehicle" --- nothing USED --- no doors, beds, knobs, fenders, etc., etc.....
  9. harvest, I responded to you, also, over on Ford Barn... I may be able to help you on Front & Rear Springs... You and Gary F (hello !!!) Have a Happy New Year !!!!
  10. Then.... Don't Delay.... But, at this time, you probably are going to have to utter the Cubs' famous phrase..... "Wait 'til next year......" Happy New Year to all reading this !!!!!!
  11. Dogs ARE the GREATEST !!!!!!! Unconditional LOVE --- My first kiss of 2021 will be Reyna.... She will be licking my cheek !!!!! If you don't believe Dogs ARE GREAT --- Place your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for ten minutes..... Only one of them will lick you when you let them out !!!!!! Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!!
  12. Mr. Earl left you the phone number..... He couldn't have made it any easier for you.... In 9/10ths of a second, you can have your answer...Unless you have a rotary phone.... Then it will take you about 20 seconds.....
  13. Talitom, I responded to your message two hours ago.... You will have to wait quite some time for my "call back" ------- because, I don't have any phone number for you ?!?!?!? But, fortunately, I DID provide you with my phone number in the message ----- and here it is, here now....... Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935....
  14. I suppose.... But who among us are going to be around in 2921 ???? I want to live 50 more years to see if I Outlast the world or the world outlasts me !!!! Happy Holidays, everyone.... Remember, it should be better than Jolly Old Saint Nick's.... Santa Claus only comes once a year... (P.S. I am on the way to the North Pole now -- Mrs. Claus and I will have our annual uninterrupted rendez-vous !!!!!)
  15. Agree that it is a lot of car for little money.... If it runs acceptably, Someone should scoop that up...
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