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  1. The 1933 Buicks are an absolutely gorgeous automobile. Best if it a complete car. Tune up stuff is available so that I would not worry about. There is stuff out there to keep it on the road and running. This era Buick was a very reliable car and can still be today. Dandy Dave.
  2. I would have never thought that the number day of the year would have been used but it makes total sense. Learned something new today. Thanks. Dandy Dave!
  3. My 1915 Buick is named "The Chartreus Lady". Dandy Dave!
  4. So Larry. 341 is that day of the year? And 89 is the year. Did Delco do this on a lot of parts?
  5. I can't remember working on anything that had a square battery. Rectangle ones are the general rule. It would be interesting to know its original application. Dandy Dave!
  6. It is not White. I though maybe it was because of your Transmission post. Dandy Dave!
  7. There is a Studebaker Building in NYC. Could have been a tool used and owned by the dealership and marked as to deter it from walking out the door. Studebaker Building (Columbia University) - Wikipedia
  8. Yes. You can tell it is overdrive if the shifter works and you can turn the shafts. High in an over drive is left and forward like the model 30 and 40 is pictured. High in a direct unit will be back like the 6 Cylinder model 60 is. The input is where the pulley is on the trans as this had a brake pad to stop or slow down the trans when shifting. Rotate the front shaft with the transmission in forward and left position. If the output is less that the input on a full turn of input then that would be third gear. If the output is more than the input on a full turn then that will be over drive. If you cannot turn the transmission then you would need to take the wing nut cover off and look at the size of the gears and determine that from the parts diagrams I included. The early Whites do have an odd shift pattern. Ed's car is a very special car and the components seem to be only for that model. The other earlier run of the mill cars were built with component's built like the Trucks. Your transmission could be a late as 1930 and from a B15. Get the stamped number off of the front motor mount horn. If that is the same as the serial of the vehicle we may be able to pin down a year. Dandy Dave!
  9. Also, from the White Motor car book, So you may grasp the way it shifts and still has 4 forward gears and a reverse. It is a gate shift transmission. Not a Progressive type. From the parts book. Direct 4th was optional. Standard was over drive. My truck has direct in forth as it stands to reason you would not want over drive with a solid rubber tire type truck. Dandy Dave!
  10. From a few books that I have. White Motor Cars and a Parts Book for the model 15 and Model B15 Truck. The model 15 was built from 1915 until 1925. The B15 started in 1926. It appears 1930 was the last year it was produced and it seems it did share parts with the earlier model 15. White motor car images first. I would say the book is mid teens as the cars are left hand drive. The model 30 White car was basically the same engine and it appears the same transmission as my model 15 truck.
  11. I guess you have this on here twice. It is a White transmission. Teens to mid 1920's.
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