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  1. Oh. Just south of Keene. In the town of Swanzey. The old gent that had it could get in it. But could not get out after he sat down in the big old low rider seat.
  2. Ohh Ohh… It is a Motorsorusus...Rare and before the days of the dinosorususes.
  3. What a Boat, a gas guzzling, over weight, yacht from the days before the energy embargo of 73. A piece of the Detroit Iron Mountain of yesteryear. I'm sure you Dad would love it being a Ford man himself.
  4. So, Could not help myself. Bought a 1971 Ford LTD Rag Top and have been working a few bugs out of it. Nothing is in full bloom here quite yet but it is not far away. There was still piles of snow over in New Hampshire where I picked up the car and then brought it back the Hudson Valley.
  5. And so it goes in the not so great north east.
  6. Larry, I had more fun with that White last year at car shows than I have had with anything else in a while. So many people said it was the most interesting thing they have see in a long time at a show. Picked up a couple of bushel baskets full of trophies with that rusty old truck. Vehicle that was the most fun, Show favorite, and so on. Got at least one at every show. Sometimes two for that rusty old Hillbilly truck that runs like a clock. Dandy Dave!
  7. Glad to hear that it is 0.2% better. That Pontiac is a lot harder to get pieces for. Model A parts are everywhere. I found leads to several different motors and the week isn't even up yet. Dandy Dave.
  8. LOL. Yeah, But nothing draws a crowd like that hillbilly White. Had it at Mills Mansion this past fall. Was a little on the cool side and the crowd was a little light. I let it sit and Idle for most of the day. A friend was kind enough to take a photo from a distance. All the shiny stuff not many were looking at, but around that early White truck there was a crowd of 20 to 40 all day. The 1930 Rolls Royce 20/25 that I finally got up and running is right in the lower center of the photo. It is easy to spot the White. Just look for the crowd. 😉 Like my pal Mike said when he sent this photo, Like flies on poop. 😜
  9. Agree that It should at least get seat covers for now and needs a roof kit. May upgrade the interior later. The mice have had a field day with the seat stuffing, I swear I found the remains of Jimmy Hoffa under the back seat. The rear floor pad is in really nice flexible condition. Aftermarket from the 60's or 70's perhaps?
  10. That's the biggest reason I jumped right into this one. Door screws are missing. Look on Mac's website and there they were. 5/16 ths - 24 tapered head screws. Hinge to doorpost. $3 bucks + shipping buys enough to get the doors hung.
  11. Interior is ruff but still there after all these years. speedometer says 66,000 original miles.
  12. They're still out there. Picked up this 1930 Ford Tudor a few days back. Going to get her up and driving, tour worthy, and preserve that irreplaceable patina. It dawned on me that this car is 89 years young and in decent solid unrestored condition for its age. Un wrapped some NOS headlight bulbs some one bought for it way back when. The date on the news paper they were wrapped in was July 22, 1979. Almost 40 years ago someone started tearing it apart and never got to restoring it. Unfortunately the engine was totally taken apart and was left to rust but not to worry, I have leads on several engines so we are on our way. Dandy Dave!
  13. Should be a 230 CID engine in the 39. Been rebuilding one for a friend.