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  1. Sad to see. I've seen that dealer tag on cars around here from time to time. Dandy Dave!
  2. Thanks. My Miss Patty was born in 1947 so when she was a young girl she remembers riding around in those 50's and 60's Buicks when they were new. She went there during the summer to visit her Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in the 50's and 60's. Must have been fun with all those Buicks around. She remembers the Building. Thanks again. Dandy Dave!
  3. My better other half's family owned a Buick Dealership in Salamanca NY. It was Uhl Buick. It was owned by Syd and Bill Uhl. Bill was her uncle from her mothers side of the family. Just wondered if any of you ol Buick pals had any photos or info you could post here. Thanks, Dandy Dave.
  4. I did hear that about Barry. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. 😢 I did have a ride in that Lincoln. It was a very nice car. Dandy Dave!
  5. Drove all the way from the Mass, N.Y. border all the way to Clear Lake, California a number of years back to get a 1915 Buick C-37 parts car. Glad I went myself as some of the parts and original tools that were laying on and around it I'm sure would have been lost if I hired an open car hauler. Dandy Dave!
  6. OK. Thanks. I also have an ad in "Parts Wanted" on this site. Thanks, Dandy Dave!
  7. Yes, I was at the show the year Barry had this car there. Had a real enjoyable chat with both he and his wife. I heard he was in a wreak with one of his old cars a while back. I haven't seen him on this site in a while.
  8. Yeah, I need whatever springs and parts fit in the square hole in the top cover. Just post a photo here as I don't have a smart phone or do texting on one. I just have a simple flip phone. PM me on price and shipping. Thanks, Dandy Dave.
  9. Yeah. I just have a simple flip phone and don't do text. That's what we're looking for. Need the stick and all the little pieces that go in that square hole in the top cover. Would most likely be best to just take the top off and figure shipping that way. We may need other stuff. The car these parts are going in had its original engine and transmission scraped by relatives of the owner. The old fellow that had it was pissed when he heard they were going to hot rod the car and sold it to a pal of mine. That is also me that messaged you on eBay. Thanks for replying. PM me here for price and shipping. Dandy Dave!
  10. Bloo. Thanks for the info. It's out there somewhere. Dandy Dave!
  11. OK, Somebody has a real big project there. Would be neat put back together. Obviously someone out there has a dream, and hopefully deep enough pockets to realize it. Dandy Dave!
  12. I see it did not sell. Wondered if anyone did see how much it was bid up to? Dandy Dave!
  13. Getting closer. We need a shift stick lever if anyone has a spare. Part number is 1293963. Fits 1932 to 1936, F32-F36. 1933-1936 L33-L36. Also some smaller Buicks and Pontiacs of the same vintage. I have a ad in Parts wanted. Thanks, Dandy Dave!
  14. We are looking for a shift stick for a 1936 Oldsmobile. Part number is 1293963. Parts book says it fits F1932 to 36 6 Cylinder and L1933 to L1936 8 Cylinder. From what I have found out this also was used in Buick 40 and 50 series and Pontiac of the same vintage. Dandy Dave. Call 518- 965-1162. Please leave a message or message me on this site if you wish.
  15. Super Bowl. Hummmmm. Sound like a new fangled car seat that is self flushing and self cleaning. Dandy Dave!