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  1. Dandy Dave

    What have you ploughed up

    From working in the excavation business for years. Found the remains of an early 30's LaSalle roadster while grading a road. A bumper from a mid 20's Chandler on an old farm dump. A fuel tank for a 30-31 Model A Ford while clearing land around an old barn. Other car stuff I can not think of at the moment. Also tons of stuff not car related. Especially while digging and repairing septic systems around old places when burying discarded building material and other stuff was common place.
  2. Dandy Dave

    Help identify this axle/wheel please

    Looks like you are about 70 years too late to sell that fellow the rear end under that trailer. Dandy Dave!
  3. Dandy Dave

    DIY Cylinder Reboring

    I use to use the Prussian Blue to get rearend gears set correctly. I still use Dykem Blue from time to time for laying out and scribing on parts in the machine shop. I had one of those hand operated cylinder boring tools for years but never used it. Dandy Dave!
  4. Dandy Dave

    Ford T car TT Truck Steering wheel difference?

    Looked it up on Lang's website. The 17 inch wheel was used on a 1926-1927 Model T car or truck. Dandy Dave!
  5. Dandy Dave

    You don't see this every day...

    Yeah. I bought the gas powered 300 Amp welder I had at an auction years ago for one US Dollar. Put $100 in it at the time for brushes and welding cables and ran it off and on when the little buzz box was too far from the job, and away from a 240 Volt electrical Socket. Dandy Dave!
  6. Dandy Dave

    old mechanical exhibition in France

    Nice Show. Thanks for sharing. Dandy Dave!
  7. Say. I have a 17 inch hard rubber wheel ring here without the spider. It seems to me that the 17 inch wheels were used on the TT trucks and the 15 inch hard rubber wheels were used on the T cars. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks, Dandy Dave!
  8. Dandy Dave

    You don't see this every day...

    I had a 300 Amp Hobart stationary welder of similar vintage. He's right about laying welds with it. DC with reversible polarity and would run rods that an AC buss box would not. It did drink it's share of gasoline though. Dandy Dave!
  9. Dandy Dave

    What Make engine on the back?

    The radiator on that engine mounted in the truck is a 1926-1930 White design. There are no Westinghouse Shocks mounted on the sides of the radiator like the earlier White Design. Dandy Dave!
  10. Dandy Dave

    Got a new car for my birthday today!

    Cool Toy. We could build a big one if you only had room in your garage Keiser. ? Dandy Dave!
  11. I think I would try driving a Hot Rod first to see if you even like it. You may sell this and get one and find out you don't even like it. A good number of rods have been built by a novice that just put stuff together in a hap hazard manor and that is why it is now for sale as they don't like the way it came out. It is your choice but I would keep the original Buick and have fun.
  12. Dandy Dave

    Hershey 2018

    I would have been there to join in the shenanigan's, but Miss Patty has been under the weather and I was not comfortable leaving her here all by herself. Sure do miss being at Hershey and missing all the fun. At least your photos help some with the withdrawal symptoms of not being able too experience the Junque shopping and old Fogies and Codgers spur of the moment club meetings. Dandy Dave!
  13. Dandy Dave

    The Ridgefield Meet === RIP

    I remember that truck in Pete's yard and at some of the shows he displayed it at. He always wanted to put up a building but it never seemed to be in the budget. I was glad when he told me he let you fellows get it Frank as it was sad to see it just falling apart. Pete had good intentions, but also a full plate building that grand Castle that originally was suppose to take two or three years to complete. 40 some years later he was still building. He kept telling me before his untimely death that he had to stop adding on and finish up. Also maintaining what he had already built was getting to be very time consuming. Dandy Dave!
  14. Dandy Dave

    Simplex automobile registry

    I've heard stories of one in the bottom of the old Slate Quarry off of Slate Quarry/Stanfordville road between Rhinebeck and Stanfordville, NY. It was used as a dump and land fill for many years. So I've been told that many of the higher end cars owned by the upper class were dumped when they were done with them. (Think Vanderbuilts, Astors, Mills. with estates along the Hudson River.) They would send the cars off with the Chauffeur and the cars would be driven off of the edge and sank to the bottom just to show that they had enough wealth to just toss the old one and get a new automobile without selling or trading the old one.
  15. Dandy Dave

    Complete ‘53 Olds w A/C

    Helped a neighbor scrap a mid 50's Pontiac in that condition with AC when I was a young un. It broke in half when it was picked off of the trailer with a loader and loaded in the grinder. That was about 40 years ago. Think about it every time I see one of these posts. Dandy Dave!