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  1. Thanks for the Photo op Larry. Safely back home now. Thanks again for everything. Dandy Dave!
  2. Found this old decal in a photo album that had a lot of 1930 -1950 photos. Figured it was from back in the racing days of the 50's or earlier from the depiction. Honest Powered. Honest Charley. 8535 PO Box. Chattanooga, Tenn. 37421. I googled it. Looks like he is still in business with 60 years of speed shop stuff. Dandy Dave.
  3. I'll post some photos after I get the motor in it and get it running. The car is not here but at another shop where body work has been happening for about 15 years. The engine is painted and I just need to do some assembly so that it can be installed. Tied down here as my better other half is near the end of end stage liver disease. Dandy Dave!
  4. A local roofer, carpenter, and shade tree mechanic use to use flashing and tar on rotted out floor boards. What a character with an unscrupulous side. Everything he did was crude and fast. We use to call him Johnny Zero. LOL. He's gone now. Too many Cigarettes and bottles of Dewar's did him in years ago. I guess there was at least one in every town back in the day. Dandy Dave!
  5. Yeah. I hope he listened to the DO NOT RESTORE part. One I sent years ago only because I could not source parts for it came back painted even though I put a note in the box that said not to do that. Be sure you tell him he's going to get a good swift kick right where it counts. Another came back with a clear coat on it. That really sucked. One of the reasons I do my own mag work and have for years. Wish I was closer as I would have come over and checked the mag for you. often all they need is a new condenser and coil and sometimes points. Also charging the magnets is good. If it was gummed up
  6. I had a motor and transmission that I took out of a1952 F-750 Ford Fire Truck years ago and I put it in a 1962 Ford F-250 4WD. The transmission was an overdrive Clark and 5th was up like it is in you photo. Only difference was 1'st (Grandma in trucker talk.) was opposite of reverse and back instead of forward. Drove that truck that way for years. Not that hard to get use to. Dandy Dave!
  7. Agree. Buick overhead valve 8. Some were used in GMC trucks but not this late. Dandy Dave.
  8. Cletrac crawler tractors were also built by White. Cletrac = Cleveland Tractor Company. Dandy Dave!
  9. Yeah. I did some work on the 1916 Simplex-Craine that Mike K had. That was a lot of automobile. I bought the trailer that he hauled it around in several years ago. Best thing I ever did as even my 1925 White truck fits in it and my 1915 Buick with the top up. Has about 8 and 1/2 foot to the ceiling. Nice find that White touring car. Great to see it has found a new home with an owner that can do it right and keep it straight for this part of it's journey in time.
  10. It is a disease that there is no cure for and it is highly contagious. Dandy Dave!
  11. Caterpillar in the early years Called them Motor Patrols. Even the parts books for my Cat model 12 say, "Number 12 Motor Patrol" on the cover. Huber called theirs a Road Maintainer. Dandy Dave!
  12. Love these old AC Model D's. I repaired and ran an AC Model DD about 20 years ago that had the low drive option and a loader on the rear to put rocks in and clean up around the grading sight. I also ran a 212 Cat quite a bit 30 years ago. Oh yeah, I have been to some of the HCEA shows with my small shovel. Hopefully will attend more in the future. Dandy Dave!
  13. 1. All you need is a Multimeter. It is handy for other things also like checking voltage, AC or DC, Continuity tests which works out great for checking faulty grounds and such. Olms, to check resistance and it gives you a value. Other stuff that I can't remember right now. 2. Often there is a grounding lug attached to one of the mounting screws. You can run a ground wire from that to a good place to ground like the frame. 3. The wire wrapping inside of the sending unit is a piece of Nichrome wire. If you measure it with a micrometer and get a resistance/ olms reading off of about one
  14. Not at the moment as everything is shut down. You can stop by if you want and take a gander at it Billy. It lives at Wards Auto Collision Center just outside of the City of Hudson, NY. Dandy Dave!
  15. This is the second cab I've seen like this and it is a factory option. It has a heater and also came with a snow plow that I have to go pick up.
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