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  1. That would be black smoke from gasoline. Oil would be gray smoke. Watch the color of the smoke and report back. Dandy Dave!
  2. The early Military WWII ones had 9. The CJ2A started with 7 after the war. CJ stands for Civilian Jeep. Dandy Dave!
  3. LOL Yeah. That. "?" That is always the Question. I have the means, I have the knowledge. I'll have fun doing it. I'll prove it can be done. And I'll save another one from the crusher. I could take up Golf. Spend money on equipment. Spend time trying to get the ball to go where I want it to go. (Oh the level of frustration.) Loose my balls in the woods and swamp holes. And then the bill at the 19th hole.... Me thinks all of it is better spent on this old Jeep. Dandy Dave!
  4. Not sure about the Falcon? I'd have to ask Don as it is beyond the body shop and has been there for years. You interested?
  5. Thinking that maybe crank case pressure may push some oil up the valve stems While the engine is running and may drip into the valve ports and lay there after it sits for a bit. Same with wet cylinders. The oil would collect at the lowest point of the pistons as they are on an angle. I would not be overly concerned and would drive it like you stole it. After all, It is a Cadillac and not one of them smoky old flathead fords with 35,000 miles on it. 😉 Dandy Dave!
  6. The engine is a 134 Hurricane. The CJ3B's had a slightly higher hood than the earlier flat head models to accommodate the over head valve arrangement . Last of the flat fender models.
  7. Stude17, That is a possibility. Dandy Dave.
  8. Here's a few after I retrieved it with a roll off truck and cleaned a lot of barn debris out of it. Yeah it's Ugly. Did I mention that ugly ones are my specialty? 🤪 I was surprised to see that the chassis was not that bad as I thought it was going to break in half when I pulled it out. Happy to see most of the goodies are there. And what isn't, is available. Dandy Dave!
  9. I first saw this old Jeep 47 years ago when it was still in a barn. Being the barn fell down around it and the Jeep remained in the same spot, I guess that makes it a genuine barn find. I drove by it often and the back of it could be seen from the road if one knew just where to look. The land it was on was an abandoned hunting camp that no one had been at in quite a few years. So, To find out who owned the property I did a tax map search for the county it was in and came up with a name and then a phone number. I called it and several weeks later got a call back and arranged to meet with the ow
  10. Parts cars. I have a 1915 Buick C-37 Touring I could label as a parts car. May fix it someday. Also a spare engine and a few other odds and ends. I figure it is insurance and keeps The C-36 Buick from breaking anything that I can't get. Dandy Dave!
  11. I have a ton of valve lifting tools. Without the fork style end to get the keepers out it won't work for valves. I don't believe it is a home modified tool. There is one on eBay for sale and the seller has no idea what it does either? Three home brewed the exact same way with the same plating and the same tool number is highly unlikely. 30 Dodge panels photo is opened as far as it will go. One lever and flat is welded to a fork like a valve spring tool would have, the other is not welded to a fork. There is some slight wear like a pin or washer of sorts fit into the hole on the flat with the f
  12. Well Great Crusty Critters! Unfortunately it is not worth restoring. Someone may be able to use a few small pieces off of it. It is not worth anything really. If someone needed some pieces it would be best to just give them to them to further their project. If any one has the ambition to dig it out for the little left that is possibly salvageable you should just let them have at it and take it. Dandy Dave!
  13. Here it is. Rimac # 622. What good is it? What is its intended function? Dandy Dave!
  14. We had a 30-30 Winchester on the farm. A Pre 64 which was machined rather than stamped. My Brother still has it. I have a 1948 model 32 also. Winchester, The gun that won the west. Computer stuff. In collage we had IBM PC 360's. The ancient tech of floppy disks. On the farm we went sort of backward when Dad decided to sell off the cows and get into draft horses. We searched old barns and hedge rows for equipment from the first half of the last century and older to use with the horses. Interesting life on the farm as I was able to experience old tech and new in my life
  15. You may just as well go for a new fuel pump as well. The diaphragm in an old pump will usually fail in short order and could put gas in the engine oil. The carburetor may be fine if it is given a cleaning and a gasket kit.
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