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  1. I gave it a good washing under the hood and got rid of the critter nests. Have yet to put a battery in it and see if it even cranks. Thanks for the info on the Super charger Barney. I'll be sure to check it. My better other half fell and broke her hip joint and was in the hospital and rehab so that was taking up quite a bit of my time these last weeks. She is home now and getting around with a walker.
  2. OK. Was parked because the owners wife decided she needed a 4WD vehicle to go skiing up in the mountains with. Was driven for a while by an employee of the company that my friend owned. (Farm machinery sales and service.) Has been sitting since 2009. A decade dormant looking at the registration.
  3. What happened to Dexron and Dexron II??? Guess I is old enough to remember when.... Dandy Dave!
  4. At least another...
  5. Fix, or part out??? That is the question.
  6. They even ate the plug wires.
  7. Micky N Minny done do'ed it!
  8. Why here it comes, what everyone likes. Photographs…. Keep in mind that the price was really right!!!
  9. Oh it is on the trailer just outside the door as of today. Although I must say I found it has an awful bad case of mousitis.
  10. Oh this deal is getting better all the time. 😉
  11. Yeah, If nothing else the price is really right.
  12. Say folks, while working on an electric golf cart for a friend I ran across a 1998 Buick Riviera. I told him I'm partial to older Buicks and he said I could have that one free for the taking. It was his wife car and has been sitting for a while. He said it is a turbo model. I'll have to go get it and post some photos in a day or two. Wondering what you folks think about that model and year?
  13. 1915 was the last year for having an engine cast in pairs. It is not 1915. If memory serves me correctly Buick built only the 6 Cylinder around 16 and 17 and then started building a lighter 4 again around 1918 for several years. Those seats don't belong on it. Dandy Dave!
  14. Nice Wagon. Dandy Dave!