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  1. Wow. Nice Merc. May you have many happy and trouble free miles with it. Dandy Dave!
  2. That would be cheep If one was purchasing a Duesenberg Burnie. Dandy Dave!
  3. Thinking back about over 40 years ago, I had a friend that had a 1955 Chevy pick up with a bad 6 Cylinder engine. A local fellow had a 55 Chevy car that was side swiped in the 1960's that sat in a field on his farm. The car only had around 32,000 or 34,000 miles on it. I was able to buy the car for $25 or 30 Dollars. Pulled the motor out and put it in the pick up. The part I remember the most was the water pump was different between the pick up and the car. I had to press the pulley assembly off of the pick up water pump and press it on the car water pump to make it work. The truck water pump
  4. Glad to hear you are rescuing it. If memory serves me correctly, these were powered with 6 cylinder Continental engines. Dandy Dave!
  5. Oh... And then there's the Buick Snowmaster Super Shovel... LOL..🤪😁. And all the advice about how to make dead stuff run and drive again. No intentions of going anywhere. Dandy Dave!
  6. Wow. Nice job. I can understand the crowd that these would draw. The one cubic Foot power shovel that is garden tractor size I built years back always get a lot of attention. There's a fellow I'd like to meet. We could trade stories about what you can get out of an old refrigerator. Dandy Dave!
  7. 15 plus years hanging around this website and forum. Guess that makes me an old timer. Must have been bored on New Years Eve 2005, signed up, and never left. A lot have come and gone in that time. Must really have the disease bad. 😁 Dandy Dave!
  8. Agree. 26-27 Ford Model T. These are 21 inch rims. The earlier T's uses a 23 inch tire.
  9. Wondering if it may be a marine engine cylinder. Odd that it has a separate hole for the spark plug. Usually the spark plug is in one of the plugs that accesses the valves.
  10. Don said the car is stored there by a fellow who is keeping it for parts. So, its not available. Dandy Dave!
  11. Just my kind of Bushel Basket and Box case. It sure enough needs rescuing. I've worked on a few Velie's in the past.
  12. Yeah. I guess the general consensus was that the earlier large tires were obsolete by 1932. My 1915 Buick would have been 17 years old in 1932.
  13. Could have a crack or hole in the heat riser part of the manifold. The manifold in that area is designed to warm the intake up and will open up a crack and cause a miss. I've seen this before. Not uncommon. Dandy Dave!
  14. I was thinking of one of them early Canhardly's.
  15. Craig. 1928 Buicks seem to use the Frame number. Not sure how the numbers would fall on a McLaughlin-Buick or how much they would differ being the chassis were built here and shipped there in the early years. Standard 6 frame numbers will fall between 1901467-2137872. Master 6 frame numbers fall between 1911026 -2169650. There were 12,417 Model 26 standard coupes built in 1928. Looks like you need to get more info off of the car to pin it down better. In the Master series a model 48 2 Door coupe was offered with, (if I am reading the info correctly) A rumble seat. 9002 of these were built. A m
  16. I have a book with Buick numbers. Post the frame and engine number and I'll look it up for you. Often frame and engine numbers do not match and did not from the factory so that is not a problem. Looks like a nice car. Glad you have it. I think you will enjoy it once you get it on the road. Dandy Dave!
  17. Nothing over a 22 inch rim. My old Buick has 26 inch rims. An Oldsmobile Limited has 27 inch Rims. Dandy Dave.
  18. Was that a 300 CID 6 Clyinder? Also, did it get a lot of road miles between shut offs. That would be the difference between a vehicle that was run short distances and shut off constantly. Had a buddy here that had a 70's Chevy van with around 500,000 on the engine( 6 Cylinder 250 I believe.) before it was no longer worth fixing the other stuff. He was in the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC business. That van rarely got cold after it was started in the morning and always had a lot of road miles on it picking up new furnaces and whatever supplies to keep the help working. Those were tough motors
  19. Yep. This is why engines with down draft carburetors did not last as long as modern fuel injected engines. Gasoline back washing the rings. When I was young a lot of cars were considered worn out at 100,000 miles. Now we have cars that will go 300,000 plus with the same engine. Here in the Not so great North East the bodies rot well before the engines die today. Dandy Dave!
  20. That style of spring is called a Cantilever Spring.
  21. Nice Caddy. Welcome aboard. Dandy Dave!
  22. Pull the trigger and buy it. Or tell me where it is and I may just go get it myself. Opportunities to acquire an early auto in good condition don't come around every day. Life is short. Time is fleeting, Money is also fleeting. If you have enough and can afford it, go get it. Dollar amount don't really matter all that much. The only thing stead fast is owning something that you enjoy while you are alive and in good enough health to enjoy it. Dandy Dave!
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