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  1. I have not had my front wheels off yet but could at some point just to clean and repack the bearings. I never take it out of first gear at a show. Just let it idle around in first. Dandy Dave!
  2. Ed, stop and look at my truck anytime you are in the area. Climb under it, Climb over it. Take it for a drive weather permitting. Info on the White 15 at the show. Rear end photos and the springs and brakes.
  3. To add to the truck information I have some detailed photos of another White I took a lot of photos of at the Macungie, Pa. ATCA show several years ago. Notice the frame is not squared off in the rear like my truck.
  4. The 3/4 ton Trucks with the 30 HP engine were called Model 15's. I have been told that the reason was because it could carry a load of 1,500 LBS which of course equals 3/4 of a ton. The Model 15 Truck was manufactured from 1915 until 1925. My truck is one of the last model 15's built. The earlier trucks were letter models. In 1926 the new model 15B was introduced which was a one ton model. First photo is a model 15. Second photo is a model 15B. Dandy Dave!
  5. Double Clutch her son. Like driving an old Mack truck. There's a barstool expert in every town. Dandy Dave!
  6. Yes. That is all I have. The thing is the bulbs only show 1 filament. The book is pretty basic and not a lot of plates to go with the written directions. Looks like this could be a learning curve for all of us. Dandy Dave.
  7. I believe it goes to ground. It appears that all the lights are wired so that the "grounds" or negative/ neutral side goes to a lug instead of being grounded to the frame like is normally seen. Neutral in AC power is the ground side of the circuit, or the side that is not live. Yes. the wires are in a loop to the lights. This makes sense in an Auto that had wood in the body as it would not ground to complete the circuit. Dandy Dave!
  8. Yup. Need a shot of that fine Canadian Whiskey to ponder why. If I was closer I'd join ya. Dandy Dave!
  9. Something else from the car book to ponder. How big is your Fuel tank?
  10. You jump faster than I can get this stuff loaded Ed. In the old days of snail mail we would wait for weeks for a reply. The second set of photos and wiring diagram are from a White car book that I have. Not truck Ed. White Gasoline Motor Cars on the cover. And yes, the clutch differs some what from the car book. Still it is the same basic design weather a 30, 40, or 60 HP Automobile.
  11. Images from the car book with the wiring diagram. Includes starter data. Hope this may be of some help Ed. Dandy Dave!
  12. Here is what the clutch looks like in the parts book of the model 15 Truck built 1915 though 1925. Also looking though the White car book I have that lists the 30 and 40 HP 4 Cylinder, and the 60 HP 6 Cylinder cars here is a Wiring diagram but it stops at the wire that goes to the mag. I found another diagram of the clutch also in the car book. I assume that it goes to a switch that would ground it out in off position. This book would have to be from the period that had White cars equipped with starters and also before the stopped building the 60 HP 6. We're right about in the era your looking for of 1913-1916 I would think. The book is not dated. It was printed by the Victor Brown Printing Company. Yes, the photos are sideways. If I try to set them upright they get chopped off.
  13. Yes. I posted one photo in General Discussion and then realized after that you had a special spot for Hershey Photos. Good Job Pete, I'll know to look next time. Dandy Dave!
  14. Larry, I stopped by on Thursday around noon but you were closed up. Dandy Dave!
  15. I remember that year. I had my light shorts and flip flops so if the rain stopped I would dry off faster than sopping wet blue jeans.
  16. We brought lunch. Glad we did as the lines were long and a lot of time would have been wasted in line for food rather than looking for goodies. We sat on a big concrete block by the J. C. Tailor Ins. tent enjoying some rather large peaches and we were asked if we got them at Hershey. The answer of course was no. Lot's of folks were looking which brings me around to the thought that an old Fruit peddler's truck loaded with good fruit would do well. It would be fast sales as you don't have to wait for any of it to cook. It is healthier than the 10 fire alarm heart attack stuff in most concessions trailers. And there seemed to a a clientele that was interested. Yes, I was told that help was hard to get and the food places were understaffed. A lot did not show because they could not guarantee that they would have enough help to run the place sufficiently. Seems to be that way all over the country in the food business especially. Dandy Dave!
  17. I spotted this fellow. Just luck I suppose as we saw maybe only 10% of the flea market. Thinking I may need to get a handicap cart of some sort built as It is getting hard to walk around like I use to. Dandy Dave!
  18. Was there yesterday. Brought along my Sweetie Gwynne. Forgot my good camera. Did get a photo by the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile. Gwynne's first time there. She was overwhelmed but did fine a nice Hammer within the first half hour. She want's to return next year and spend more time. She's a keeper. Dandy Dave!
  19. Forgot my good camera. Did get a photo by the Oscar Myer Weiner Mobile with my sweetie Gwynne though. Dandy Dave.
  20. I bought a 1930 Tudor a few years back for $3,500. The engine and transmission was out and apart and rusted like it was left outside for a time. The body is nice and solid. I have since put it back together mechanically and it runs and drives like it should. Doing some wood work and installing a new top in between doing other things that are further up on the list. One all the way apart and a 4 Door? Whatever an old fool is willing to pay. Dandy Dave!
  21. I looked though my archives. Wiring diagram Books for Remy and Delco. None for Bosch. Hey we never know what will show up at Hershey though. Dandy Dave!
  22. I've seen this photo before. It's a cool bit of history. Thanks for posting it again. No matter how many times it has been around it is always fun to see once again. Dandy Dave.
  23. That would have brought at least $5 bucks at the Hudson Valley Old Time Power Asso. auction a few weeks ago. Maybe $10 if some poor old country boy figured he wasn't breaking the bank... What a deal. And free delivery too. Jump on it Ed. Dandy Dave!
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