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  1. I have jacked up a rear wheel, and the drive line spins free. I have replaced the starter/generator with one rebuilt by Rodger, Dodger, Hartley, and it has a new battery and all new cables/wiring. I have jacked up the front of the engine, and then the back of the transmission in case there was a alignment problem between the engine and the pilot bearing. No change there from either end. I got a ton of clutch parts and a couple of transmissions and I don’t know if this is residue from a clutch/transmission rebuild or just the left over from the previous owners swap meet goodies. Regardless, I a
  2. My 1923 DB Roadster is a frame off restoration which has been sitting since, at least, 1976. The two previous owners invested a lot of time and money into rebuilding all parts of the drive train, including the engine. I now have the car in a condition that the engine should start, and run. It had a bent intake valve, which I replaced, and lapped, adjusted and checked the seal of all valves. The engine has good compression, intake and ignition, and I’ve dropped the oil pan and checked the bearing clearance of the rods and mains They were tight, but acceptable for a newly rebuilt engine, average
  3. I much appreciate your heartfelt comment George. Two years ago I lost my wife of 57 years, and the bottom literally fell out of my existence. Possibly, the only thing that held me together was my old old project cars and my little dog. There are some things that are impossible to say to anyone without them thinking you have a sob story, or are looking for sympathy. My old Dodge, my old Willys, and my little dog all understand, and I can talk to them whenever I want, about anything, and they’re never judgmental and always interested. And a favorite fishing cap, worn by my wife for many happy ye
  4. Usually though, a photo like this usually starts by alluding to the ingenuity of our earlier generations, and ends with a diatribe about the lack of ability of the current generation to even work on a car. I stand to repudiate that assumption, and am prepared to post a photo of the huge muffler my neighbors kid just put on his Honda.
  5. Imagine the amount of anxiety, or over abundance of self confidence it would take to even begin working on a project like this. Considering the age, I doubt he had a Buick dealer handy to fix his boo-boos.
  6. Washington state has hundreds of miles of beautiful coastal highways and countless ocean side parks. It is a wonderful place to drive a old car on weekend outings. Last summer I ventured into a local park on Joint Base Lewis McChord, which had been given to the military for assault landing training. Being retired military, I have access to the park, and upon arrival I saw a full contingency of army rangers, navy seals, and their massive landing craft on the beach. Not thinking, I turned off the engine of my 1927 Willys Knight Coach, and began taking pictures. Of course, since it is i
  7. Identical to the one on my 1923 Dodge Bros Roadster.
  8. Is this business still open. I am restoring a 1923 Dodge Roadster and a 1927 Willys Knight, and I’m always looking for parts.
  9. Working on thee old cars is always a fine line between “how I can do it”, and “how I should do it”. Under normal circumstances I can dash down to NAPA or O’Reilly’s and pick up a part I’ve buggered up. But working on a 100 year old car is a bit different.When I done (my own) wood spoked wheels, the consensus was to take them apart, and do them “right”. The bolts, if I can find them, which holds the wheel together are $4.00 apiece X 14 X 4. You do the math, and this is just for bolts, not counting damage I do to the wheel by taking something apart that enjoys a 100 year long relationship with t
  10. Thanks Bob.Roger called me few hours ago and we will meet up tomorrow afternoon and talk starter-generators. Thanks again. Jack
  11. Not too sure about the Cobra grain dilemma. I just finished the top of a 1927 Willys Knight, and it took over 7 feet, of 60” wide Cobra Long Grain I ordered from Mac’s . I believe Snyder’s stocks it also. On the Flex Seal.....It goes on easily, but is a real bear to clean off. I will believe the boat thing when it sails into Puget Sound.
  12. Great job. Thanks for posting the photos. Looking at the first ones I said “What the heck” ? looking at the last ones I said “What the heck” ! This has to be a labor of love, and there sure is bunches of it as evidenced by your outstanding work.
  13. I am located in Tacoma, Washington and recently bought a 1923 Dodge Brothers car which is in the middle of a frame off rebuild. I also received the former owners stash of 1923 Roadster drive train and body parts. I have a couple of hood sides, two good doors, a couple of the cowlings which fit below the radiator, several transmissions and clutch housings with questionable usabilities or histories, a couple steering gear boxes. I won’t ship this stuff, it isn’t for sale, but anyone who needs it can pick it up for free at my home in Tacoma. I need a 1923 Dodge Bros. Northeast Starter-generator,
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