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  1. This is a very good condition, COMPLETE trunk lip and quarter molding trim set. A nice option of any 1970-72 GS or Skylark. The two die-cast quarter moldings are in super shape, with great shine and absolutely no pitting. All of the mounting studs are intact, and the original nuts are included. The stainless steel molding for the trunk lip is in very good condition, with no warps. There are a few very minor scratches here and there. But fortunately as you know, with stainless, these can be easily taken care of, if you're after absolute show quality. All of this molding's mounting hardware is 100% intact, including all of the special head machine screws. I'm sorry the photos couldn't be better....but, the trunk lip molding was especially hard to photograph close-up because of its length. Anything "weird" you might see in the photos is simply a reflection of lights or other things in the room. The price for the complete 3-piece trim set, and ALL of the needed mounting hardware is $150, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John
  2. I have a good condition, right quarter panel extension available for 1970-72 GS and Skylark. The optional die-cast bright trim piece is included. This die-cast metal quarter extension is free of any cracks or pits. The original paint is chipped here and there. All three mounting studs are intact, although it's hard to see the third stud, since it doesn't have a nut on it. The optional die-cast trim piece is bright, but does have a few minor pits (they were hard to photograph, since they aren't very big.) The price is $35, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John
  3. I still have one of these NOS Vac. Starter Switches available. John
  4. Frank, my friend....I hate to keep letting you down. But, this second AAV-16 is also gone. I apologize for not removing this ad sooner. Isn't this the way it goes sometimes? I've had both carbs for sale at just $25 each for over six months....and then, all of a sudden, both go. Again, Frank, I'm sorry that I couldn't accommodate you this time around. Best, John in Wisconsin
  5. Thanks for your post, 1937McBuick, which I'm sure you meant to be helpful in some way. Anyone who has been in the old car hobby for awhile likely knows what you mentioned about silicone brake fluid. It's been covered on most of the old car boards and in many hobby publications...literally for years. Not every old car owner converts their brake system to silicone fluid. I'm assuming that's the case with the guys who are purchasing these NOS brake light switches I've offered. John
  6. Hello, Frank. Buicknutty has completed the purchase of this carb. Sorry I wasn't able to help out this time around. John
  7. Thanks for checking in, guys. I'll reply to each of you via PM. I'm away from home at the moment, but you'll hear from me shortly. Thanks, again. John
  8. I have a number of NOS Wagner Brake Light Switches, correct for 1936-1940 BUICK. These have the correct screw terminals for the wire mounting. If you've looked, you know this screw-mount style is hard to find these days. A lot of guys wind up changing the connectors on their wiring harness to accommodate switch they can buy today. With the NOS brake light switches I'm selling you won't ever have to do that. I have a number of these NOS Wagner switches available. So, feel free to buy a few spares. Not all are in boxes, but ALL are guaranteed to be NOS. The price is just $10 each, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John 1936, 1937, 1938,1939, 1940