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  1. Norm, you probably checked his profile, but in case you didn't: The original poster hasn't logged into the forum website since the middle of July, 2015! John
  2. Hello, Peter. Thanks for checking in on the oil filter canisters I had for sale. I believe all of them have been sold. However, I'll check my shelves and get back to you, if I have one left. Good wishes to you, as you work on your '46 Buick. John
  3. FYI, Gang....if you're not into internet shopping, EVAPO-RUST is available at all Tractor Supply chain stores. However, it might cost a little more there, than from Amazon. It's been awhile since I picked some up. Happy New Year to all. John
  4. THANK YOU very much, Peter. All of the previous activity I started has now reappeared. Your "Re-indexing" did the trick. I appreciate your time, and the help. John
  5. Is this problem simply specific to me? Peter....could you comment? Thank you. John
  6. Hi, Gang. Just wondering if this is a site issue at the present time. When I click on the "Activity I Started" function, a screen comes up indicating I don't have any. This is not really the case, and when I search for a previous topic I know I started in the past year, that topic does come up. Any thoughts? John
  7. Yes, I still have a couple of these genuine BUICK NOS Riviera hood ornaments available. I purchased a number of them, when I learned they were about to become "no longer available" from BUICK years ago. I'm message you here on the forum with all the details (the little flashing envelope at the top of the page). Thanks for your interest. John
  8. I have sold a number of the BUICK carbs I posted for sale here on the forum. Not sure about this one. I'll check, and get back to you. John
  9. Hi, mp67riv. I haven't been on the forum this week....lots of stuff going on here. Sorry about that. YES, this nifty OPEL sign is still available. I will look for your message, when you get a chance. Thanks for checking in. John
  10. I appreciate you posting this update, Brian. I'm happy you're pleased with the Chrysler Windsor hubcaps. And, my thanks to you for a very smooth transaction. John
  11. This will be a great memorabilia item for any OPEL owner. I purchased this unusual BUICK OPEL porcelain sign from Ralph Crisp many years ago. As some of you know, Ralph was a long-time BUICK factory service rep., who had great expertise and recall for most things BUICK technical from the late 1930's to the 1970's. Ralph worked out of the BUICK Kansas City zone office toward the end of his career. Ralph told me this BUICK OPEL sign was displayed outside that make's dealer support office door in the zone building. I believe Ralph may have "acquired" this sign, when BUICK stopped sell
  12. This unique, totally original BUICK OPEL porcelain sign is still available. Thanks for looking. John
  13. This unique, totally original BUICK OPEL porcelain sign is still available. Thanks for looking. John
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