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  1. I rode on that train with you while there. 2017
  2. Sorry, I gave up golf years ago after a 100% winning streak. I never played with anyone who could beat my scores. I was a pretty consistent 125 player, and a lot of the guys I played with couldn't break 100. Plus the drinking and lying at the 19th hole was awful.
  3. Ed, Don't miss the day when the tour goes to Tommy Smalls Collection in Dade City. Even if you have to ride with Ross in the bus, it's great place to visit. (The bus is fun too)
  4. All good advice here so far. A daily driver from the 20's & 30's is possible, but not practical for all you want to do. People that I know who do that all have other vehicles for highway travel. They use them primarily locally and seek the roads less traveled for the longer trips where they and go 45 MPH and not need to plan on a mile a minute travel times. We have a local group that takes trips together and the usual speed is 45 to 50 MPH and we have cars 1913 to 1968. nobody complains about the speeds, as saftey, enjoyment and preservation of these cars
  5. Custom & Standard are both new terms to me. Stationed in Germany1965-1967, all we heard was German & Export VW's. A few guys in my unit bought new VW's in 1966. One bought the Geman edition and the other bought the Export edition an took it home. I drove a 1957 Porsche Speedster 1600N while there and the USAF shipped it home for me becuse it was sold new in Texas and imported to Germany by another Air Force guy. Just before he left for Vietnam it was stolen and the insurance paid for it. He was shot down in Vietnam, then the car was recovered and sold to a German Police In
  6. With my new hearing aids I can hear a Flea Fart.
  7. The first picture in this thread is 1962 or later VW Beetle. The second picture could be 1959 or earlier. Why? The gas guage shown was introduced in 1962.
  8. That's true. However, if you had advised the neighbor that the tree appeared dead and you were worried about your garage beneath it, and he never addressed it, you would have a liabitly claim against him. Keep in mind you'll need to prove you warned him and he did nothing. Your insurance would pay the damage and subrogate the claim to his liability insurance.
  9. https://tacm.com/visitor-information/ Interstate 10 & US 90 (Exit 209) Tallahassee FL A collection of collections, worth a visit.
  10. Tried 3 times to reply. Yes, they can, but they must prove you were liable. Did you start/cause the Tornado, Flood, Fire or Hurricane?
  11. Did you ever see Little Stevie Wonder's wife? No? He hasn't either.
  12. Jasper, Post the picture in your original thread. I'm sure all the participants in that discussion would love to see what you bought. Like Terry Bond, I was on that Kerrville TX Sentimental Tour to see the Blue Bonnets. Also went to LBJ's ranch and saw his orange 34 Ford Phaeton. Interesting area.
  13. About 30 years ago a friend's mother died at close to 100 years old. The mother had outlived all her friends, so it was a small group at the' graveside service. Son & daughter in law, a granddaughter and a old neighbor of the deceased. They had hired a preacher to come and say a few words, and he never appeared. The son was trying to figure out what to do, when I said, I can do it. (Me not being a religious man the son said, "are you sure?) I spoke of what she had witnessed in her long lifetime, like the rise of the automobile, airplanes, the
  14. Look above the wing window. It's a retractable!
  15. I also thought it was a very interesting car and would love to know the rest of the story.
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