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  1. Our 1966 VW Bug, parked in April 2019 with it;s new interior, headliner, window rubbers & tires. Parked it for my 2 knee replacements and have not driven it since, $^&)(*$# Failed kmees! I start it occasionally but can;t get i n it to drive it. We've had it since 1989 and have done many AACA Founder;s Tours and Divisional Tours with it. Still have hopes for my knees, so I keep it. I call it my German High performance Sports sedan. Radial tires make a great mountain road car.
  2. I generally don't buy ugly cars.. Unless of course i'm giing to try to fix ugly with a paint job. Why make excuses for ugly, it's your car, make it to your liking.
  3. Common to see those top rests used as handles. This car has two steps for the rumble seat, so the handles may be a good thing.
  4. With apologies to all Navy Vets, here is my most memorable car movie ever. Laurel & Hardy 1928, Two Tars. Many of the cars I can't identify. Even if you've seen it before, it's still a great movie for old car nuts like us. The farther into it the film gets, the better it gets.
  5. With the 29 Model A Coupe on jack stands, the owner tried to change a spring bushing when the car jumped off the jack stands and the axle and brake drum fell on his foot, causing a compund fracture. With his cell phone on the work bench he was pined for an hour befor he could free his foot and call for help. When help came, he got a 75 mile helicopter ride to the hospital. Three surgeries later, he's home and told to stay off the foot for 3 months. Soon, some of us will go rescue the Model A and make room to put his Model T back inside. "It happended so fast, I don't know what happened"
  6. There was also a accessory pull starter for the Model T Ford. With a recoll spring like a lawn mower. Popular for the pre 1919 Model T's. (The ones without electric starters)
  7. I had him out last weekend for the local Home Town Heritage Festival and I towed my 1935 Mullins type trailer wit itls torsion bar suspension. The tri;er was converted to a utility traler by me 40 years ago. I picked dup a friend and his wheel chair after he dropped his Model A on his foot causinf horrible compound fracture. Towing the trailer on our steep hills was a challenge for 85 HP. Again the most photographrd car a the event/.
  8. Most of North Carolina was clear cut in the 20'& 30's, except for the Joyce Kilmer National Forest where the terrrain was to steep to get the logs out if cut. Fun to hike there with trees like pictured above. Many trees with a 17' circumfrence. I have 3 of these trees on our property and people come to see them. Two Tulip Poplars and one White Oak and I'm not going to cut them down!
  9. Once i put my 35 Buick on the lift but didn;t have it far enough foward. I put two dents in the roof when it met two trusses. Body shop said they would have to take the headliner and the rear window out and paint the whole roof over. Cost $2100. Took ot to another shopwho did paintless dent repair for $175. My thought was try the paintless repair and if not perfect, do it the other way. Paintless dent repair is great!!! Work when the paint is not cracked or broken.
  10. I bought a unrestored 1935 Ford V8 Pickup in 1990. Purchased from a photograph, I knew it said BOO BROS. on the doors. I learned later, on the 1998 Glidden Tour that the children of the previos owner had decorated it for a Holloween Parade in the 1970's and that it had a brother in a 1936 Ford flatbed, the other brother. Both trucks were in Trempleau WI and another guy on the Glidden Tour was from there too. When I told him about my truck, he related the brothers story. I made it usable and filled it with antique junk and it;s still known as the BOO BROS. truck
  11. As a 75 year old, I've had many memorable rides in cars airplanes and other military equipment. As a almost 50 year member of AACA, I've had the pleasure of riding with many other hobbiests on their cars As a owner restorer, I've restored and driven my own cars from 1915 to 1987. Last year in the midst of the Covid pandemic, I had a friend come in his 1913 Oakland 640 Touring car and take the 6 cylinder 40 HP car at 50 MPH ride. Then over a mountain and up a unpaved river road to another car friends house. At that point 1913 was the oldest car I'd ever ridden in or driven. (The 1913 Model T was the previous record for me, What a Difference!) HIs next vist was in a 1909 Stanley Steamer Mountain Wagon (Not a carpet Cleaner) A strong fast quiet car with accleration like an Electric car.
  12. Alright guys, here's the deal: Find good local agent who reprsents a good company like State Farm. They will tell you whats available to you. Standard car insurance, their company's collector car insurance, assigned risk (State pool insurance) or they can refer you to an agency where you get Lloyds of London type speciality insurance. There is a place for everybody, however the costs will be all over the place. If you are not a fit for all companies, pick one that you do fit into or forget your plan to drive a 1936 DeSoto like a Toyota. Don't be like the smart ass kid with a new Corvette and a Learner's Permit who lives with other teeneagers and wants cheap car insurance like his grandfather has. He doesn't have a 40 years of accident free driving experience, 4 other cars, a house and a 6 car garage or a 1962 Corvette like his grandfahter has, who has earned the cheap rates.
  13. Like Zeke, I replaced all my 4 footers @ $15,00 a tube. The longer ones will remain florescent for now. Yes the LED's are brighter but I don't really think I need it that bright.
  14. In 33 years of RVing, we've driven out of campgrounds that cater to those types of vehicles. Usually with a house refrigerator outside under the awning and no air in the tires. I know it's a free country and all that, but I'm not paying to park next to that an spend the night. Probably an interesting owner, but I'm tired and will pass on that opportunity.
  15. I found this GULF sign and bought it from a friend who found it by rinning over it on a dirt road on Florida. Bent, chipped, rusted and looking awfu. This picture is after washing it. what I discoveered was that the orange, the white edge and the blue stripe were porcelian. The lettering was mostly painted on. Especially the white and light blue accents on the letters. I did a lot of straignyening and repainting. However the orange did not match very well. When I hung it high on the gable end of our barn, it looked pretty good.
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