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  1. Paul Dobbin

    Can anyone tell me what car this is?

    My brother had one back in the late 70's that was a McDonald's give away car. Had Golden Arches for pin-striping. I though it was the beginning of throw away american cars., quality was AWFUL.
  2. Paul Dobbin

    Where do you get rare parts ?

    Tell us what you are considering and we'll have more complete advice. If you want easy, buy a Model A Ford. I think everything except the engine block is available in reproduction.
  3. Paul Dobbin


    Fake Model A Ford caps said Fool, maybe these say something as silly or nothing. Good wall hangers! I had "Fool" on my Model A wheel air hose hanger.
  4. Paul Dobbin

    Rust Valley Restorers , a new low ?

    If I was in the restoration business, I would be ashamed of the portrayal of my occupation by most of these TV shows.
  5. Earl, WalMART sells a radial white wall made by Hancook, You need to order them, but they ride nice and cost about $61.00 each.
  6. Paul Dobbin

    NC Region Fall Meet

    We visited the NC Transportation Museum on the 2016 Sentimental Tour, also in the rain. Fun place to visit, rain or shine. A former steam locomotive shop put to good use again.
  7. Paul Dobbin

    2019 Glidden Tour

    First, I read the 2019 Glidden would be in November, I heard Rock Hill SC. Now, I see September. Any advance info out there yet? Looking forward to it.
  8. Paul Dobbin

    just finishing up my 1915 shell gas station

    See It's the building where the American Pickers have their 2nd shop. Quite a complex, thanks for sharing.
  9. Paul Dobbin

    AAA Hower Trophy for Glidden cars

    Now the new trophy goes to the car closest to the average score. Does not make sense to me, AVERAGE Excellence?
  10. Paul Dobbin

    Daytona 1957

    yes, you still can drive and park on the beach "down there". But, it;s no longer free, Last time I was there, it cost $5.00.
  11. Paul Dobbin

    Oldest known production VW Beetle

    Watch the film again. I think it's possibly a FRAUD. Remember the split rear window was replaced by the oval in the mid 50's then, a rectangular rear window in 1958. Then in 1965 they made all the windows larger by making them taller. The distance from the bottom of the window opening to the the body bulge and the side trim. In the film the body appears to have the 1965 and later size side windows and windshield. Just something from a 1966 VW owner (With larger windows) and a prior owner of 2 1957 oval window VW's. a 1958, a 1961, a 1963, a 1964 (All smaller side windows) plus 2 1967's and several later ones, (All with the larger side windows). All this makes me think its a replica using a later body with a'n available split window insert. I was wondering why they filmed it in such low light. Anybody else notice that?
  12. Paul Dobbin

    Inflatable paint booth

    Interesting thread.. About 6 or 7 years ago, I bought one of those $200 portable vinyl garages with metal pipe framing sold at Sam's Club. The first owner had discovered the were not good garages, so I got it for $50, used. Cut 6" off the metal piping that held the structure up allowing us to use 2x4's and sand bags to seal the vinyl to the ground, added a big box fan at the end to exhaust the dirty air and filter where fresh air came it. Wet the floor and had a great temporary paint booth. Painted, hood, fenders, and small parts one day and the body another day. Can't rent a booth for $50. Disassembled it an saved it for the next project, then gave it to the next painter.
  13. Paul Dobbin

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Another thought is insulation. I waited for two years after I moved in, then had foam insulation blown in from the top of the walls up in the gable ends and the entire bottom of the roof. Added a Reznor gas furnace hanging from the sissor trusses. I leave it on 35 degrees all winter and can go in a bump the thermostat to 55 and I'm set for the day. Take less than 1/2 hour to get the whole place to 55. A great working temperature. I recommend you do that before you fill the building with stuff to cover, maybe even before the concrete. I insulated my walls as I needed display space for my American Picker's Collection of stuff, or hung cabinets My theroy is waste no floor space with junk. Also consider a floor drain in front of the door where you drive in with snow on your tires.
  14. Paul Dobbin

    collector cars in California fire

    Here is a story if a 1915 Model T that survived the fire. Good story with a happy ending
  15. Paul Dobbin

    Man saves 32 roadster, 63 pickup, house burns

    More like a 28-29 Model A Roadster, could even be a fiberglass body for the street rod.