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  1. Welcome to our hobby. While you didn't say what your new "classic car" was, we'll try to share what we do. Our "classics" are primarily Pre WWII cars and we travel often with them either driving or trailering them. Leaving them unattended is always a concern. We avoid restaurants that are primarily drinking establishments, we avoid dark parking lots, we try to sit where we can watch the parking lot. End spots are safer because your car generally can only be bothered from one side. Expensive radiator caps can be removed and replaced with the low buck plane one when parked. At motels or hotels I seek a well lighted space visible from my room, cover the car, and leave my sign on the cover, "If you can read this, you are in range". Sleep comes hard. Some times if you ask, you can leave it in the porticoche.. Good Luck, and send us a picture of your "classic".
  2. After to many "reality" shows with questionably offensive characters, language, behavior and alternative facts, this show is a welcome change. I'll watch it again.
  3. A REALLY big 3 window coupe project!What's the plan? Restoration or Resto-rod? It could be really nice either way.
  4. Paul Dobbin

    1914 Model T

    Unrestored at 100, how great is that?
  5. That's the first right hand drive Airflow I've ever seen. A nice looking car that appears modified from the American version. The woodgraining is lighter and more extensive too The leather upholstery also appears to be an aftermarket upgrade, but the car is still beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  6. A Pierce Arrow Pickup or Tow Truck! Great idea for an unsual street rod. A "Pierce Arromino".
  7. Interesting project! Haven't seen many since the early 60's we we put the Dauphine engine in a 4CV called the Moon Machine. Rear engine water cooled 4 door competinon to the VW, but as usual the German Whoopped the French.
  8. Paul Dobbin

    1934 FL tag

    Nice to see the correct tag on the right vehicle, good picture.
  9. Very inviting, I want to just get in and ride.
  10. Paul Dobbin

    1953 FORD WAGON

    Rear fender looks more like a Mercury. I thought all 53 fords had round tail lights, Is there a round fender extention for the tail light that I don't recall?
  11. Nice Ride!!! A great job for a 1 year project. Judging by the tires I suspect it's no longer a Straight 8, but that's OK with me. I'd be proud to own it an drive it, and you should be too!.
  12. Paul Dobbin

    '59 Mercury

    Has to be one of the last Woodies! Spectacular!