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  1. I've seen several previous winners sold and resurface as Resto-Rods and are being driven reguarly. I remember seeing a 1929 (I think) Roadster at the Daytona Turkey Run several years. The power plant had been replaced with a later model 6 cylinder overhead valve GMC engine. Still looled correct and antique but was a reliable driver still being enjoyed with parts store available parts. With the hood closed, nobody would know. I've even seen a few like that on Glidden Tours, but not as often now.
  2. I've used most of these tricks on flathead Fords too. All good information here.
  3. Another good reason to get younger folks involved in our hobby. We've participated in a couple Zoom meetings with family and one with old friends we generally only see on camping trips. A local club meeting would be a lot of fun on Zoom. Problem for me is to find someone to set it up and be the moderator. How about a Zoom for Forum members?
  4. I never cared who shot JR, but I'm glad somebody did!
  5. This is my 1934/1935 Buick Series 41 sedan. Anybody know the difference between 34 & 35? Bought in a barn in Wisconsin 1995 and shipped it to FL home, drove it with the original straight 8 and switched to a later Buick 8. Now finished for 21 yeara and we still love it.
  6. I think I'll engrave my Cresents now! Hate to have the neighbor kid break one.
  7. I love the early fined Cadlllacs. My father had a black 47 convertible (Np fins) and then a 48 convertible with fins that was green when he bought it and painted yellow before I got my drivers license. My mothers car was a 56 Fleetwood. On my 16th birthday, my dad gave me a note to my school "to let me out in the afternoon to accompany him on a legal matter". I went with him to take my drivers test in his new VW, then went home and got the Caddy conv. to go back to school to pick up my girlfriend. A few years later he had a lavender 56 Coupe DeVille and then a green 58 Eldorado Biaritz Co
  8. Tow Truck Museum in Chattanooga TN The Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bar Harbor ME
  9. Made a couple trips over it on the 2001 Glidden Tour. 2 weeks post 9/11 Coldest wetest Glidden Tour ever. Went back to closed car touring after that one.
  10. Next to a car, how about in an old car? 1906 Autocar @ Hornes Cars of Yestereday, Sarasota Fla. Picture taken in 1954, the red headed 8 year old in the back seat is me. My bicycle had a 1950 Ford steering wheel, I was hooked.
  11. Tomorrow we'll be visiting the local Veterans Assoc. Toys For Tots Car Show @ the local Chevrolet Dealership in Franklin NC. A Beautiful sunny fall day with about 100 cars of all sorts. There will be hot dogs, BBQ, soft drinks and an auction of donated mechandise and services from local businesses. The registration for admission is a donated toy from each attendee. All to benefit the local Toys For Tots drive. It should be a perfect sunny mountain day of about 71 or 72 degrees. I'll take a lawn chair, a fresh mask, and the old car closest to the door in my barn/shop. I'
  12. Unusual warm fall here in the Smokly Mountains. 77 degrees today at noon. Starting to get alittle rain in front of the next hrrrixcane in the Gulf. I would gofor a ride, but don;t want ot have to detail again before winter. (Which I hope does not come)
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