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  1. There is a guy here in Franklin NC with two of them in dark green. We all know green 67/68 Mustangs are worth millions.
  2. Like "Dallas" or the "Bpb Newhart Show", it could all be a bad dream when they wake up!
  3. 2009 Saturn Sky Turbo in Sunburst Yellow. My favorite modern orphan. Probably hard to get out of at my age with two new knees. But I still like the looks of it, and they are fun to drive with stick shift.
  4. Last timw we went we used the double decker bus tour for 2 days. We could get off and on wherever we wanted. Great value for a narated tour.
  5. About 15 years ago I saw a 1931 Cadillac V-12 in Buy Here, Pay Here Car Lot in Tamoa FL. Partially covered with the grill & hood visable on the back row of the lot. I made my friend stop to invesitgate. The story was that the owner's wife thru him out when he bought another antique car. She then rolled to car outside with all the windows down, It sat there for 2 years before she asked the car lot guy to sell it. It was a total swamp inside! My friend bought it an spent a fortune re-restoring it with a all new and correct interior and minor body & paint repairs. Moral of the story; don't piss off the woman in your life.
  6. In 1966 I was stastioned in Germany (Wiesbasden, U. S. Air Force Headquarters) I bought a 1951 Mercedes 170 V (Looked like a 1934 Ford) Built by Mercedes after WWII with pre WWII jigs and molds. The 4 cyl, car was actually a 1938 made in 1951. I was happy with it until I read an ad in the local paper for this 1957 Porsche Speedster for $700. I responded and found out it was a recovered stolen car, now owned by a German police detective. The car had been stolen from an American and recovered after he was shot downin Vietnam. The Cop bought it from the insurance company. Because the car was sold new in Texas and shipped to Germany by the USAF, the cop couldn't register for a german license tag without paying the german road taxes from 1957 to 1966. ( I would have paid the taxes) I bought it and put a USA Armed Forces Europe tag on it. I drove it two years in Germany and had Uncle Sam ship it back to the states for me, Free. I drove it two more years to collage in Florida and sold it for $1400 and thought I was the salesman of the century! It paid for my junior year of collage in Heidelberg, Germany. I've had a lot of cars since then, but this is the one I should have kept.
  7. Polishing is one of the joys of brass ear cars. We SOLD ours..
  8. I was told I was missing things on Facebook, I signed up and had 300 middle age women try to friend me.. I decided to forgo the experience and quit looking at it. I could have 1,000's fo friends there and non of them would take me to the airport.
  9. In rhe end of the cartoon story, they sold the VW to an old guy with a cane, I'm an old guy with a cane, just had my second knee replacement and can't drive our VW yet.
  10. ericmac, Most of the posters on this forum do what you are suggesting. enjoy their cars. What bothers them is the ever increasing costs of car parts, paint, tires, insurance. etc, etc I carry a 1967 Hemmings Motor News in the glove box of my 1934 Ford an druel over the ads from 1967 for 1932 Ford Roadsters for $800. We're all a litttle guilty of living in the past
  11. Get AAA Towing coverage and fix the flaws and keep driving them until you gain some confidence. There is a wonderful world out there at 45 MPH and you'll meet really friendly people. Your local club may have local rides you can join in with others, there is safety in numbers.