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  1. Ricky and David Nelson, notice the Elvis lip curl on Ricky. "Hello May Lou, goodbye heart".
  2. Looks like after market truck or motorcycle fender clearance lights or add on turn signal lights.
  3. Remember J. C. Taylor and Hagerty, Grundy, Condon & Skelly, etc. are only the agents. They place your policy with an actual Insurance Company, which usually are the ones who specialize in our market. Those companies are A.M. Best rated insurance companies.
  4. No, but it's now the 21st Century, no longer the world of Studebaker wagons. Change or get left behind still applies, as evidenced by Rolls Royce.
  5. I thought the 1928 Model A was the only Model A that used that multi disk clutch. ??
  6. Not unless you have a paper trail to follow. I'd like to trace my 34 Ford also. If you find a way, let us know.
  7. What a special elegant car. I had the opportunity to see 5 of them all together on the 1998 Glidden the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We took the steamship M/S Mt Washington on Lake Winnnipesaukee from Central Harbor to Wolfeboro NH, where we we greeted by dozens of wooden hull Chris Craft speedboats. There on an the dock were 5 1931 Chrysler Phaetons, arranged in a starburst facing outward. . All owned by the same fellow, with their tops down, 5 different colors. Red, Black, Green, Blue & Maroon SPECTACULAR! They all had that sectioned body look that made them sleek and elegant looking. It's a classic to me. There were other cars there too, but after inspecting the speed boats and a 34 Ford Phaeton, I spent my shore leave admiring the Chryslers. That was a special Glidden Tour because it was in Bretton Woods NH in the White Mountains where the Glidden Tours began in 1902 at the Mount Washington Hotel & Resort.
  8. What years did Corvette offer the 427? It looks nice and they drive it, what could be better?
  9. I think the best place to begin is with the deceased's friend's a and his local club. They may have the answers you are looking for as well as know the vehicles.. This community of old car nuts is usually well informed and localized. Selling off partially done vehicles is always hard unless inventoried and then the cost of completion is subtracted from the value. Value and selling price are two different things.. i doubt that brokers will be to interested in projects.
  10. Possibly the Parking Valet at the Beverly Hills Hilton on a joy ride.
  11. This is the picture you requested, but on the second cross country event in the same car. The other 34 was the real Bonnie & Clyde death car.
  12. Does that mean they paved the parking lot at the Bates Motel? (Actually. I know they tore it down) LOL LOL LOL We still tow with a motor home, like 10% of tour participants. A Campground with paved roads would do for us.
  13. Mark, As a veteran of 10 Glidden Tours, 7 Sentimental Tours, 8 Divisional Tours , 4 Founder''s Tours, 100's of Regional Tours plus 11 Great American Races, and a few other Touring Clubs Tours, I can tell you that seeing America on back roads is a real treat and the best way to discover the USA. I can also tell you that my antique car adventures have resulted in return visits to may tour communities. I've never organized a national tour, but know from doing 40 years of local tours, described as "a drive in the country between places to eat" that the number of cars participating is often determined by seating capacity of the destination. Like hotel rooms and banquet facilities, parking spaces, and prices, and dates available. All a lot of work to get all the parts to fit together anywhere. One suggestion is to go back to Lexington Kentucky where there have been several great tours on the "Blue Grass Country". We hear there is also a good Bourbon Tour in Kentucky. How about a "Blue Grass & Bourbon Tour"? I also agree with Earl that eastern Virginia is a great place to tour again.
  14. Many Museums are "Non Profit" also known as 501 c3 corporations. It's my understanding that if the sell stuff to other than another 501 c3, that they'll be taxed. Like most laws, I doubt it's often reported or enforced.