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  1. While in a lark vacation to Wisconsin in February 1995 to do some snow mobile fun, the snow melted and I remembered a friend telling me of a few cars in his barn on the other side of Wisconsin. A phone call found him in Florida for the winter. He arranged for me to see the cars with the help of his son. A 200 mile drive found us in the dark barn to view a 1935 Buick and a 1932 Packard 1102. I took some pictures with my wife's pocket camera and left. While walking back to our car in the snow, My wife said, "You're not going to buy that, are you? I assured her that "no way, it
  2. A over heated transmission transfers heat to the engine. You can have a transmission cooler seprate form your engine radiator with its own finned little radiator unit.
  3. Growing up around Princeton NJ, There were "Washington Slept Here" houses all over the place. On my barn, I have a brass plaque that says: On this site in 1897, Nothing Happened
  4. Maybe 20 years ago our Florida Club drove our antique cars over to the Museum for the day. After a walk thru the WWII section of the Musem we came out where the flight simulators were. One of our members was a retired airline pilot and he got many of us to fly the simulators at the same time. As I took off in my simulator, my flight ended. It was expalined to me that I didn't crash but was shot down from behind by the airline pilots wife. Apparently she was trigger happy and started firing her machine gun while taking off. Thus ending my stint as a fighter pi
  5. To a lot of people, all really old cars are Model T's. No matter what it is, their grandfather has one just like it, that he bought new. Sometimes I ask how old their grandfather is and they say, about 65 or 70. They don't mean to lie, they just want to be part of the fun of ancient cars. Humor them, even of the grandfather has a Model T Roadster just like my 34 Ford Fordor.
  6. The "Stout Scrab", one of 6 built. Was a rear engine 36 Ford V8 car similar inside to a VW Microbus. Way ahead of it's time.
  7. Put ALL Fiats in that list. i shudder to think what they'll do to Chrysler.
  8. I have no idea how they did in that race, but we commented as we passed them when leaving L.A.; "They're smoking a lot, good thing they have TEXACO behind them." Later in day one we saw them beside the road. Explanation: Each morning we did a speedometer calibration run to adjust our to the races computer speeds and it was common to see other cars and pass them. During the day if we saw others, somebody was WRONG. We started at one minute intervals.
  9. Siince my two knee replacements in 2019, I've been unable to spend enough time on my feet to go clean up the barn. Lotd of stuff to put away.
  10. Dick Miller of Riverside California in his 1908 Buick, sponsored by Texaco, oldest car entered in the 1994 Great American Race, LA to Indy.
  11. We park our motor home in the same building with our antique cars. The motor home has a C.O. detector inside. Any time I start a car in that building, even with the doos open, I hear the detector go off inside the coach! It does not take long, so I'm confident it will keep us safe when traveling, it's that sensitive!.
  12. Catbird, There is another "1910 Thomas Flyer Model M-6-40 Flyabout" advertised by Sotheby's for the Amelia Island Auction March 5-6 in this new Antique Automobile Magazine, page 17. It's even the same green colors as yours, but appears to have black upholstery. We hope to see you and your great car on AACA Tours.
  13. This thread is a reminder that I'm no longer one of the young guys here. I always said that "when I joined the local club in Florida that I was the youngest guy in the club and I still am." That was 1972! All of a sudden I'm 75 and probably an old fart, to many. Retired at 55 and have played full time for 20 years which seems like a flash in time. Discounts? When I started doing Great American Races in 1984, I was a young gun at 38, now I'm a survivor. A lot of great people known all over the country and lots of great experiences on races and tours.
  14. Sports cars are for two occupants max, not soccer Moms and the team.
  15. We all have horror stories about misrepresented cars. I have purchased sight unseen a few times, and would have not made the purchase if I'd seen them. I'm still glad I owned those cars too. I've also traveled to inspect and was really happy that I did and rejected some real junk. They all look good in pictures. They all "Run good and drive well" in ads, but often need a little tune up when you get there. Enjoy your trip to the hill country of Texas. I hope it's the car of your dreams.
  16. Was your father Clark Griswald? Best Christmas movie ever!!!! We Still see your father's cousin Eddie's RV in campgrounds all over the country.
  17. Ed, From the looks of the back of the top and the body in the tail light pictures, it would appear that the car sat for a long period with the top down. Also the low tail lights cold be a problem. If they are wired for STOP lights too, they are to low to be seen. Nobody will be looking down there. Time to add seat belts too, unless you wired the license plate light as the third STOP light.
  18. You want to be noticed? Drive a VW Beetle! The kids that use to yell HERBIE!, are now not so young adults but still remember that car. I'm sure that some of the vehicles in the movie CARS get the same attention.
  19. One day the mailman came by and said "there is 1932 Ford Roadster for sale in a yard sale a few blocks away". Not suspecting the mailman knew the differemce between a 32 Ford Roadster and a pedal car, I checked it out Interesting yard sale, but no 32 Ford Roadster, but here was a Ford Roadster. Dirty and not runing and $3500. I bought a Hess GMC Training Coach (GMC FWD Motor home) like ours, $3.00 and the "Ford Roadster" Scroll down.................. ......................... ......................... ?????????????? _____________-- _____________
  20. My maternal grandfather married my grandmother in 1911 and bought a new Model T Torpedo Roadster to replace his Harley Davidson. My father started out with a used 1917 Model T, but bought a 1931 Model a Roadster before he married my mother in 1938. In 1950 we moved from Minneapolis, MN to Princeton NJ in a 1941 Oldsmobile with wife and 3 kids. Not loyal to any brand, I learned the term "Lemon Orchards" for used car lots. After building a house in Princeton he went thru a 54 Ford Station Wagon, then a 55 Chevrolt Bel-Air SW, both of which we used exten
  21. We've been getting duning notices for bills before the bills arrive. The senders blames the USPS. We usually get 16-18 Christmas cards from Germany and this year only one. When we talk to our friends there, they ask did you get our Christmas cards yet? NOT YET. (Mid January) When in business, we depended heavily on the Post Office and first class mail. I see why I'm so happy to be retired. Now I'm waiting for AACA Tour info. ordered when the previous AACA Antique Automobile magazine came. Yesterday the new magazine came and still no tour info, for the April
  22. Pretty car, but a real dog compared to their competition. IMHO
  23. Ed lives in Florida where you can stack Uninsured Motorists coverage, not liability. Been retired 20 years but doubt that it has changed. Note: about UM coverages. It's not a easy claim, You have to be very agressive with your own carrier, often having to sue.
  24. State minimum limits don't protect you or anybody else on the road around you for liability. $10,000 personal injury limits are a joke. You are driving a 100+ year old car that you repaired yourself. You are a target for every lawyer in the state of Florida to take a shot at. When your car hurts somebody else, the problem becomes yours because you knowingly operated this old vehicle assuming liability for for yourself and that dangerous old car. Raise you limits! Don't put yourself in the same class as Ma
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