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  1. I had him out last weekend for the local Home Town Heritage Festival and I towed my 1935 Mullins type trailer wit itls torsion bar suspension. The tri;er was converted to a utility traler by me 40 years ago. I picked dup a friend and his wheel chair after he dropped his Model A on his foot causinf horrible compound fracture. Towing the trailer on our steep hills was a challenge for 85 HP. Again the most photographrd car a the event/.
  2. Most of North Carolina was clear cut in the 20'& 30's, except for the Joyce Kilmer National Forest where the terrrain was to steep to get the logs out if cut. Fun to hike there with trees like pictured above. Many trees with a 17' circumfrence. I have 3 of these trees on our property and people come to see them. Two Tulip Poplars and one White Oak and I'm not going to cut them down!
  3. Once i put my 35 Buick on the lift but didn;t have it far enough foward. I put two dents in the roof when it met two trusses. Body shop said they would have to take the headliner and the rear window out and paint the whole roof over. Cost $2100. Took ot to another shopwho did paintless dent repair for $175. My thought was try the paintless repair and if not perfect, do it the other way. Paintless dent repair is great!!! Work when the paint is not cracked or broken.
  4. I bought a unrestored 1935 Ford V8 Pickup in 1990. Purchased from a photograph, I knew it said BOO BROS. on the doors. I learned later, on the 1998 Glidden Tour that the children of the previos owner had decorated it for a Holloween Parade in the 1970's and that it had a brother in a 1936 Ford flatbed, the other brother. Both trucks were in Trempleau WI and another guy on the Glidden Tour was from there too. When I told him about my truck, he related the brothers story. I made it usable and filled it with antique junk and it;s still known as the BOO BROS. truck
  5. As a 75 year old, I've had many memorable rides in cars airplanes and other military equipment. As a almost 50 year member of AACA, I've had the pleasure of riding with many other hobbiests on their cars As a owner restorer, I've restored and driven my own cars from 1915 to 1987. Last year in the midst of the Covid pandemic, I had a friend come in his 1913 Oakland 640 Touring car and take the 6 cylinder 40 HP car at 50 MPH ride. Then over a mountain and up a unpaved river road to another car friends house. At that point 1913 was the oldest car I'd ever ridden in or driven. (The 1913 Model T was the previous record for me, What a Difference!) HIs next vist was in a 1909 Stanley Steamer Mountain Wagon (Not a carpet Cleaner) A strong fast quiet car with accleration like an Electric car.
  6. Alright guys, here's the deal: Find good local agent who reprsents a good company like State Farm. They will tell you whats available to you. Standard car insurance, their company's collector car insurance, assigned risk (State pool insurance) or they can refer you to an agency where you get Lloyds of London type speciality insurance. There is a place for everybody, however the costs will be all over the place. If you are not a fit for all companies, pick one that you do fit into or forget your plan to drive a 1936 DeSoto like a Toyota. Don't be like the smart ass kid with a new Corvette and a Learner's Permit who lives with other teeneagers and wants cheap car insurance like his grandfather has. He doesn't have a 40 years of accident free driving experience, 4 other cars, a house and a 6 car garage or a 1962 Corvette like his grandfahter has, who has earned the cheap rates.
  7. Like Zeke, I replaced all my 4 footers @ $15,00 a tube. The longer ones will remain florescent for now. Yes the LED's are brighter but I don't really think I need it that bright.
  8. In 33 years of RVing, we've driven out of campgrounds that cater to those types of vehicles. Usually with a house refrigerator outside under the awning and no air in the tires. I know it's a free country and all that, but I'm not paying to park next to that an spend the night. Probably an interesting owner, but I'm tired and will pass on that opportunity.
  9. I found this GULF sign and bought it from a friend who found it by rinning over it on a dirt road on Florida. Bent, chipped, rusted and looking awfu. This picture is after washing it. what I discoveered was that the orange, the white edge and the blue stripe were porcelian. The lettering was mostly painted on. Especially the white and light blue accents on the letters. I did a lot of straignyening and repainting. However the orange did not match very well. When I hung it high on the gable end of our barn, it looked pretty good.
  10. After 50 year actively in this hobby, I never made money on a car that I did full restoration on. Had a bunch that I did some sork on an flipped. The restoration projects I bought because I wanted them and had a ball restoring them and driving them. Therfore the loss of $.$$ was acceptable and worth the fun. 33 year ago when I bought our first motor home, a friend told me, "Kiss that money goodbye because it will never br worth that much ever again and you mahave to give it away when it;s old" He was right. The first one, I did a lot of work on improvements and sold it for exactly what I paid for it 15 years earlier (Lucky Me) The second one, I'll be lucky to get back 15% after 18 years. For that reasson I'm holding onto it. I'd rather have it than the 15%. Like antique cars I bought what I really wanted and no hobby is free long term. (However I had 100+ cars and only 2 motorhimes)
  11. Deco Dog didn't describe his living situation that way. I'm not a lawyer but I was a Claims Investigater, then an agent for 30 years. If I suspected deciet, I would not write that policy. Remember Insurance agents pay is adjusted for loss ratio. We want the insured to get what they paid for and the company too. it's mutual trust thing via contract.
  12. John in PA, If you still live with your parents that may work out OK. If not, what you are suggesting could be considered Fraud, they would probably drop your partents too. Separte households, separate policies. The application is a statement of fact by the applicant and they check things out during underwriting. Be carefull what you attest to in any insurance application, it's a legal document.
  13. All insurance applications are designed to allow the company to offer theri lowest rates to the applicant who offers them the lowest risk of accidents and claims. The colllector car policies do the same thing. They want experienced drivers with the garaged vehicles that are only occasionally driven to shows and antique car club functions. The specialty compsanies are all pretty standard in seeking those same risks. Some regular car insurance companies will offer coverage for this DeSoto risk, but will have other requirements, like drivers age, other insurance with that company, etc. Most States have "Assigned Risk" plans for those who can't obtain insurance elsewhere. However, Their rates will be high because nobody else would take the risk. It's all about risk!. Their requirements lower the risk that they assume when they issue a policy. It's like wanting to be a NFL Quarterback, you have to qualfy and meet the requirements in additon to loving football.
  14. I bought some 14" white walls for my 40 year old El Camino, $62,00 each!, from Wal-Mart.com They have Hancook and other brands with 3/4" white walls. You have to look at the pictures to find the ones available with whitewalls. Now the El Camino matches the centerfold in the 1981 sales brouchure. (Except mine has the optional Rally wheels and the pictured one has Wire Wheel Covers.)
  15. Keiser 31, But, you still have it and time left to finish it. No Excuses!
  16. Why would they advertise this for classic cars when it's 12 volt only and most classic cars built before 1955 are 6 Volt systems?
  17. I'm a Early Fod V8 guy and use Skip (George) Haney in Punta Gorda FL, who opens the original Ford coils, that are the top of the distributor and puts a modern coil in there. Problem solved. He advertises in the Early Ford V8 Times. I've never had one of his fail. PM me for the address and phone #. The reprodution coils always failed me.
  18. Keep it a original looking as possible. Insulation that is not seen is a good idea to use more effective material is OK. DIic brakes and a Chevy V8 are out for me, but it's your car. A stock 49 Buick was a good usable car as original, enjoy it.
  19. I plead guilty of the lure of junk art too. Found thses fenders ans splash apron and later the implement wheels before finding a bullit riddledd piece of a tin roof. Perfect for a partial wall on my lean to.
  20. ElCamino Billy, Thanks for all the nice pictures. The GMC also looks to have a later model rearend (Wider). I also like the Buick. It remined me of of riding down the L.A. Freeway at 70+ MPH with 5 other guys who just completed a Great American Race for 1936 & Older cars. The owner had competed in his 1935 Buick. Struck me as great car at 50+years old and still viable in today's traffic. I also liked the 33 Ford Cabriolet with the later model V8, later wheels including the 38 Ford spare tire cover. It was trimmed as a Deluxe but was painted as a Standard. Still a pretty car. I guess I missed your critique of you first AACA National Show. Send me a link, I 's like to hear a first timers impressions.
  21. I use a spoke brush, Simple Green and a wash mit. Not my favorite jobs but I'm always happy with clean wire wheels. I have 3 cars and a trailer with wire wheels and hate it when they get loaded with brake dust. My grandmother use to say "Why would wear your work shoes/boots with your Sunday suit? Wheels and tires dress up any car."
  22. While stationed in Germany with the USAF (1965-1967) I had a 1951 Mercedes 17O VA & a 1957 Porsche Speedster 1600N. My roomate had a 1957 Mercedes 220S, Plus a BMW motorcycle that he kept in our 3rd floor room. When we separated from the Air Force my Porsche was shipped home by uncle Sam. My roomate went to get shipping rates for his BMW and the german shipper asked the weight. When Jim heard the cost he replied, "Well I have 30 pounds of air in each tire that I can let out, so now what;s the cost? The german had no sense of humor, the rate stays the same!
  23. The 1955 Plymouth Station wagon was the first car I rode in at 100 MPH on US 1., outside Princeton NJ.
  24. When I was 12 or 13, 1958 & 59, in Princeton NJ my father had a black 1947 Cadillac Conv. that I simonized. The neighbor said "i'm next". A great gig for me to make $10.00 and get to drive his yellow & black 1955 Sunliner Conv. Then a white 1957 Oldsmobile 2DHTP down the street who also had a 1949 Ford Conv. I was the go to kid for a Simonize job. I remember an old lady driving past in a real nice Model A Coupe, but that and a 1950 XK 150 Jaguar are two that I never got to Simonize.
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