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  1. ANY LINK could potentially have a virus. No way for us to know or validate. Using Google Chrome is a good way to prevent landing on a site with malware. It will warn you first.
  2. I've been moderating this forum for 21 years, and these problems are a constant. If people have ideas on how to address these problems I'd love to hear them. However, I'm skeptical some things can be fixed with technology, more rules or heavier moderation including: Common sense Civility
  4. Found that one myself. Gotta love Google. Send him and email.
  5. Can you identify this Brewster automobile? Year, model, etc? I wish i had more/better photos, but thats all the owner would let me take. Are there any historical archives to research on Brewsters? Any recent sales of Brewsters of note I can see that will help me value this car? Thanks in advance for any help! ---- Yes, there are some really rare cars hiding in this collection. Pierce-Arrows, V16 Cadillacs, Packards, etc. Doing my best to see how i might arrange the sale.
  7. "Spend less time on the internet car forums" HERESY! not Hershey 😁 FYI: this is has been my mantra for years... "get off the damn internet".
  8. In the past few days there have been about 50 new span accts created. All from Russia. I've banned them all. However, many of the now banned accts sent private messages marketing misc things. They've all been deleted. I've adjusted the spam setting even tighter to prevent this from happening in the future. This is the internet folks. Spam Happens. We were NOT hacked. NO personal information was accessed.
  9. They changed their site. I cant find the appropriate link. Can you?
  11. Link is fixed:
  12. POSTED BY MODERATOR FOR USER. Please contact them directly. --- For Sale.1939 Century Coupe Model 66S with sidemounts. $11.5K. Runs good, even at fwy speeds, drifts a little at 70 mph and above. Has 1950 320 engine that was in it when I bought it. Unrestored with original interior. Was repainted in 1975 and new running boards installed according to previous owner. Converted to 12V with 1 wire alternator. Headlights converted to halogen bulbs and has turn signals front and rear. No rust issues. Pat Russell BCA#34844 817-268-2378