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  1. until
    Spring Member Swap Meet, Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum and Auburn Blue Ovals Rg#169 Early Ford V-8 Club of America Apr 23 at 7 AM EDT – Apr 24 at 8 PM EDT Tickets fordv8foundation.org/membershipform.html Public · Member Swap Meet on the grounds of the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum. info@fordv8foundation.org 260-927-8022 * For More Info * Automobiles, Automotive Parts, Tools & Automobilia, Literature, License Plates......... Free 10’ x 20’ space with Membership Any Additional Space $20 Annual Membership Fee $25 Pre-r
  2. I found... less money in the bank less space in the garage the need for more cars
  3. I have no need for them (thats what the dealership is for) 😃 ... but only took me 10sec to find that there are vehicle diagnostics tools for Mac as well as Windows. https://archer-soft.com/blog/top-6-car-diagnostic-software-windows-and-mac https://tablevisions.weebly.com/free-ecu-tuning-software-for-mac.html https://www.obdadvisor.com/best-car-tuning-software/ Not educated enough to know whats good or bad, but Mac isnt out of the game for engine tuning and diagnostics at first glance.
  4. Like you I'm "technical". We differ in opinion on whats the best computer or mobile platform based upon what you've written. Just like people differ in opinion on whats the best car to own. For those not so "technical" the question of whats the best device is less complicated. In the content of this forum the question is: Whats the best device to use this forum? Picking a computer or mobile device is a personal decision, just like a car. Budget, features, service, availability and ego all variables. The forum software is designed to support all popular desktop and mob
  5. This forum was never meant to replace local and national activities, but instead provide an alternate way to communicate with fellow hobbyists. COVID has escalated forum participation for no other than reason other activities have been limited. With our continued use of masks and social distancing, and more widespread distribution of the vaccine, local and national activities will be in full swing soon! I got my second COVID shot today. It gives me hope that activities will return soon that let us share our old cars in person and to interact with fellow hobbyists face-to-face.
  6. This is probably from limited observation... but I see local and national clubs collaborated. For example: Local clubs are working together. GM Clubs including: BCA/POC/OCA/CHEV/CAD doing group outings. Cool to see. National AACA, BCA, and Hudson clubs are all working together for the AACA meet in Auburn coming up soon.
  7. Some of these numbers are based upon what I've heard of found on their websites or social media pages, others based on direct knowledge. (I think they are pretty accurate) Early Ford V8 - 9,000 Model A Restorers - 15,000 Cadillac & LaSalle - 6,500 Buick Club - 6,500 Antique Automobile Club of America - 30,000 Vintage Chevrolet Club - 6,800 Pierce-Arrow Society - 850 Classic Car Club of America - 6,000 Pontiac Club (POCI) - 6,000 Oldsmobile Club - 6,000
  8. The forum does EVERYTHING it can to prevent spam, but they still sneak in. Long winded topics about scammers, bots, trolls, robocalls, and spam are a HUGE waste of time. It's like complaining about the weather. Don't know these terms, Google them. Use common sense! Scammers, bots, trolls, robocalls, and spam exist. Don't feed into them. Delete them. Ignore them. Report them to the moderators. It they really piss you off contact your representatives or the police.
  9. People didn't over-generalize People followed the rules People didn't hide behind a handle or persona or speak anonymously. People didn't change subjects mid-sentence
  10. A site worth seeing: Internet Movie Cars Database! https://www.imcdb.org
  11. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2011/04/06/shelby-americans-april-fools-fools-the-world
  12. March 2021 - Volume 147 In This Issue... 2021 AACA Annual Convention Update We Hope This Gets Your Engines Revved Up About the Auburn Show Membership Corner: Planning Your Activities Calendar Honk Rattle & Roll Tour Includes Boats and Fords My Fully Restored Olds 98 -- a True Gem! Accidents Happen: Car Wreck Photos
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