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  1. The entire post could have been removed for many reasons. Hard to know because you provided ZERO detail. I have NO contact from you. Too bad mouth the forum or related updates is petty on your part, for no good reason.
  2. OFFICIAL NOTICE REGARDING THE HERSHEY CAR SHOW AND NEW SPECIAL FALL MEET FROM THE AACA NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS There is an old saying about the “best laid plans…” and we had a great plan for the Hershey car show this year. We worked with all parties and had an agreement on a COVID-19 solution for our show. We ordered trophies and the Hershey Region ordered judges hats and dash plaques. We were excited to work together with the Region to make this a great show. Unfortunately, in the last few days we were given a new set of regulations to follow which would have drastically affec
  3. https://poststuff2.entensity.net/092420/Hot-Girl-Adding-Oil-To-Her-Car.mp4
  4. I've always been amused about the quantity of crude oil estimates. 1. Its gonna run out soon! 2. Reserves increase exponentially. I don't think we will run out of crude oil anytime soon. Gas demand took a nose dive during Covid19 and the price for crude (and gas) followed. (not sure thats germane, but interesting nevertheless) Based upon the estimates from the automobile industry, the number of electric cars vs gas cars will be 10% by 2020, and 30% by 2040. (great article here: https://about.bnef.com/electric-vehicle-outlook/) Gas demand will f
  5. very good point. I know there are some impressive big rigs from tesla and others in the pipeline. Not sure about medium duty trucks.
  6. Siding with climate scientists is reasonable and rational. This is not political discussion. The use of the word dogma assumes that climate scientists believe their conclusions are incontrovertibly true. Nothing could be further than the truth. They are challenged and pier reviewed constantly. Thats the different between scientific discovery and political beliefs. Most scientists consider themselves fallible, unlike people's political believes. As to being off topic... I've said that MULTIPLE times. (read the history) Others have responded with the opinion on how th
  7. I don't think its inevitable. But there will be change. I also think there will some shrinkage of the hobby as well.
  8. FUEL: demand for gas will drop, and so will supply. So will access, ie gas stations will be much less plentiful. Supply and demand. RIGHT TO DRIVE/AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: I'm curious how it will go. I see cities like San Fransisco requiring autonomous vehicles in our lifetime. Time will tell. RIGHT TO REPAIR: Hope you're right. There are certainly rouge mechanics hacking Tesla's for performance. But there is a big different between installing headers vs hacking software. Then there is the issue of voided warranties, etc. I'd like to see SEMA with the support of the hobby get i
  9. Im not saying there won't be rainfall. But as an example: CA is currently showing 30% LESS rainfall from a generation ago. Science can only do so much to address this: (groundwater, dams, etc). At some point we'll have to stop growing food in the CA central valley. Or eating less. (fewer people) The tilting axis is a variable the climate scientists have to factor in, and have. I have zero knowledge of the effects of population grown, so i can't chime in there. Other than common sense, but even that can be wrong! ("My two greatest assets have been mental stability and
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