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  1. The BCA audit has been posted in the MEMBERS ONLY area of the BCA site.
  2. No discussion on the BCA audit will be allowed until AFTER the BOD meeting, and AFTER the official audit is formally distributed to the membership on the website. All posts related to the audit will be deleted without comment until then. === Copies of the audit current being circulated before the official release should be questioned for accuracy.
  3. Find the election results at the link below:
  4. " of the most active and useful forums". Agreed. Along with the other 100+++ car forums within Feel free to post all you like about pre-war Buicks in the Buick Prewar - Technical forum. Thats why it exists. If people feel a need to talk non-car related topics in the forum, they will be moderated (moved or deleted) as dictated by the forum rules. You seem to have an issue with the addition " - Technical" to the forum title. So be it. It was added to keep this forum focused on why this forum exists to begin with - conversations about prewar Buicks. " - Technical" stays or not, it doesn't change the fact that this forum WILL NOT be used as a soap box over club issues. Period.
  5. No. I wont litter a forum with club issues when the vast majority of its users want to read about cars.
  6. When you are constantly reminded to "fix stupid" you'd understand why i put it there. But... for the time being i've removed it. Cant guarantee it wont return.
  7. Stand alone forums are about cars, not clubs. The "General" forums under each club is where club issues are discussed. There are very few "region" or "chapter" stand alone forums anywhere on The exceptions are mostly in the buick forums - ie "reatta" "performance" and "riviera" all have their own stand alone forums, but they are very specific forums and warrant their own space. In the case of the Buick Pre-War - Technical. It was created to focus on talking about pre-war cars, not club issues. That is the reason for the addition of "Technical". If you want to talk about club issues or politics, the best place for that is Buick General. Alternatively, if you feel PWD issues and politics warrant their own forum, then I'm happy to create "Buick Pre-War Division" forum under "General". Feedback?
  8. Enough is enough folks. NO POLITICS IN THIS FORUM!
  9. Im with Steve on this. We are all passionate about our old gas powered cars. I personally feel the switch to alternative fuels is inevitable. I also thing outright ban on gasoline simply wont happen due to efforts by organizations like SEMA.
  10. YUP... this thread is now closed. Open another if you like - but without the politics.
  11. Keep posting until you have 1,000 posts.
  12. Oye. GREAT RETORT THERE DAVID! Productive and helpful and insightful! (yes, sarcasm)
  14. "so many contentious threads": Subjective, but i agree. Nothing wrong with some heated debate as long as it follows the forum rules. "so many deleted threads": I disagree. There have been 2 threads deleted in recent months from the BCA General forum. Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum BOD Candidates
  15. The thread is question was started in July 2015 and the intertwining of multiple issues and responses simply made it impossible to pick and chose what and who got moderated. Suggestion: Start a NEW THREAD for each set of minutes being discussed. Would keep people on subject more.