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  1. https://vonnegut.fandom.com/wiki/Chrono-Synclastic_Infundibulum
  2. I'm pushing 60 and live alone. Useless tools come with the territory
  3. When moderators enter the room... https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/kx5plp/the_mods_when_entering_a_thread
  4. Just be glad sarcasm is still fair game. And yes.. moderators have ultimate power... and the pay if FANTASTIC!
  5. One of my biggest complains was there were TOO MANY links on the forum listing. This is my attempt reduce the clutter. By now I'd hope people realize the buy/sell are all grouped together.
  6. It was a forwarding link put there temporarily after I consolidated the buy/sell in one place. Simply goto the buy/sell section now.
  7. It was just a forwarding link to the buy/sell section. Buick buy/sell is still there.
  8. https://forums.aaca.org/forum/86-our-cars-restoration-projects/
  9. Effective Immediately: Non-hobby related political posts, responses, private messages, comments, or emails and social media originating from the forum* will be deleted without comment. Those that make them will be banned for 90 days. Second offenses will get them banned for life. * Moderators and other forum users have reported harassment from other forum participants in personal emails and on their social media accts. Forum Rules
  10. https://forums.aaca.org/forum/196-1931-1939-lincoln-model-k-only https://forums.aaca.org/forum/195-austin-and-bantam/
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