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  1. 34LaSalleClubSedan: It's simply mis-posted and a request to move it is all you need to do. CAPS and multiple exclamation points are an overkill. Uptowndodge: How about a little patience? Its a holiday weekend and the moderators have a life other than moderating this forum.
  2. Members are ranked based upon the number of times they've posted. See the graphic. You can override your Rank in "Edit Profile", "Member Title".
  3. Posted by moderator. Contact seller directly. Framed Posters by Tom Hale Concours Elegance Meadow Brook Hall 1984 - Dimensions 21 x 35 Classic Car series Plate # 1 1936 Duesenberg 413/950 - Dimensions 32 x 26 Both pictures are framed and matted and in excellent shape. Call with an offer. Cathy Radford 520-401-4449
  4. Only for new users and only for a week. Or at least i think thats the setup. Is this from your acct or a new user?
  5. I suspect you're correct about the drive time. Yes, he loved to play baseball. Was a left handed pitcher. Story has it he pitched into his 40s and was quite good. He worked for the City of the Detroit during the week, and travelled summertime weekends to play. It was a different time. Makes me smile thinking about my grandfather driving to play. I can only assume he did it for the love of the game. I picture him enjoying a beer and a cigar afterward (a few of vices as he got older) with a fantastic smile and cheerful personality. Here is a video of him at a Christmas party at my home sometime in the 1960s. I was probably three-four at the time. I'll start the video when he's in the shot, but the rest of the video is a blast from the past in my family.
  6. I simply read the,_Ontario. It says "Barton township (where present day downtown Hamilton is)". Of course my grandfather's baseball team could be the literal name of a business "Barton Plumbers". I do know he played baseball in a Canadian minor league in the 20s and it was within driving distance of Detroit (where he lived). Hamilton seems to fill that requirement. (3 hr drive)
  7. 1929 was written on the photo. Also, anyone familiar with Barton Plumbing? Was a minor league baseball team in Canada. I believe "Barton" is the name of a city that is now Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  8. I am the person that is under contact us. may help for you to call me and be in front of your computer. 520-247-5918
  9. If you are coming to the forums from a saves bookmark trying deleting it then bookmarking the site again.
  10. If i delete then all, then the links to them in all your past posts will become broken. Feel free to go back and delete any post you do not want anymore. Thats the better solution.
  11. Tell me what images you wish removed and I'll just remove them. (You are literally the first person to ever ask)