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  1. we are aware of the problem and hope to have some resolutions in the next day.
  2. Can anyone give me some insight on this vehicle? Make: Packard (Duh) Model#: Engine: Any words of wisdom on this vehicle? Trouble spots? etc? Owners words: "1929 Packard, straight 8. Runs great really good shape. Hard to find cars like this.". "Straight right, the bigger of the 2 available."
  3. POSTED BY ADMIN: "Attached are three photos: a, b and c. I THINK that each is of the same car, my grandfather's vehicle as I said, and each is fragmentary. They were shot in 1938 (in Elizabeth, New Jersey if you are interested), one in the backyard of my grandparents' home on Washington Avenue, the other two at what seems to be a football game in Warinanco Park. My Uncle Steve is probably somewhere on that field.I eagerly await your verdict."
  4. For updated info on the upcoming 2019 BCA National visit the following webpage:
  5. I DISAGREE: Its more complicated than that. FYI: I run this forum and i use a Mac as my primary computer. Lots more like this.
  6. Long haul loads are the minority. Short haul loads are much more common and an electric semi will fill that need cheaper.
  7. Dave, my electric car wont make it that far.
  8. We are distracted away from the original post: Good or bad, every major car manufacturer in the world is look away from fossil fueled vehicles. They will be history in our lifetimes. Just because we love our antique automobiles will not change that fact.
  9. Facts remain: 156,000 Model 3s sold. $31b in revenue. Yes $1b lost. People don't buy the cars because of a personality... they buy them because they are good cars. Con artist? I disagree, but let's assume you are right. Then he's in good company: Henry Ford, William Durant, Howard Hughs, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to name a few. No running prototype? You're a silly man. C&D defined "Low End Luxury Car" Mercedes, GM and other manufactures have been around 100+ years. Tesla has geared up in less than 10, and really 5. Yes, Tesla market cap is nuts As to calling Apple a cult. So It's fair to assume you have an Android phone (Google) and a Windows computers (Microsoft)? Speaking of cults.
  10. Joe, Cult is Tucker selling 50 cars on salesmanship alone. Tesla has sold over 1/2 MILLION cars, half of which he sold in 2018. Tesla sold $21BILLION in automobiles in 2018. As to delivering on the hype and the $35k Model 3: He's SHIPPED 138,000 to date, and it's ranked #1 by Car and Driver. I get it. You're not impressed by Tesla. But facts are facts. As to the Semi. Based upon their track record of selling cars, and based upon companies like Pepsi, Walmart, and Anheuser-Busch putting their money down, there is no reason to believe Tesla wont deliver.
  11. I beg to differ, and so does Pepsi, Walmart, and Anheuser-Busch .... In particular Anheuser-Busch is purchasing 800 (EIGHT HUNDRED) alternative fuel Semis from Nikola.
  12. "It'll be a long LONG time until an electric semi is feasible if ever." Nope - already here:
  13. Or how about the fangled way to buy and sell car and parts (Ebay)? or instant access to virtually the entirety of human knowledge (Google)? Or.. ways to communicate with 1000s and 1000s of antique car enthusiasts to discuss our favorite topic? (
  14. Who's predicting gloom? This is simply a discussion of change. Change is not a bad thing. Change is inevitable. You know, like... hydraulic brakes air conditioning electronic ignition fuel injection unleaded fuel air bags Something other than round headlights
  15. I find the original post to be thought provoking. This very much is germane to this hobby and worth a conversation. Let's not sweep it under the rug as just some sort of gibberish and have a productive conversation instead of attacking. Thanks.