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  1. I like them too, but unless you know something I don't, they aren't made in the correct size. Firestone looks nice. So does Olympic, and they cost the least by far. OTOH Lester might put the most rubber on the ground.
  2. Horsepower in those days was based on some formula based on the bore or stroke or displacement or something. It bore little resemblance to reality, and probably wasn't the same in the UK as the US, so maybe not comparable.
  3. It shouldn't be. This isn't a general thread, its about 525/550-17. As far as I know, all current production antique tires come from the same manufacturer, no matter whose name is on the sidewall. The only exceptions are Blockley and Diamondback-Auburn, neither of which are offered in this size. The only radial in the mix is the Coker Excelsior Stahl Sport. IIRC The usual issue with this particular size is with sidemounts, spare tire covers, etc. because when the 2 sizes were combined, all tires became the larger size. I see a rear mounted spare with no cover, so that is probably not an issue here. If I were going to road trip in this car, I'd get the Stahl Sports. If not, I'd get whichever tire looks best (probably not the Stahl Sports). The Allstates on the car are great looking tires. That's going to be a tough act to follow.
  4. For what it's worth, your current engine may not be worn out. These engines are a 1933 design, and normally use more oil than a modern car. Pontiac was building cars intended to last 100,000 miles when a typical Chevrolet might have 2 or 3 minor overhauls in that time. Pontiacs had really hard blocks, (and also oiled the cylinders maybe a little more than other cars if you believe the shop manual, in the interest of long life). I would correct the position of the draft tube, and make sure that the breather cap is clean and open. Non-functional crankcase ventilation tends to increase oil burning. Another thing, your carburetor looks like it may have not had attention in a long time. I would make sure that it is not running too rich, as even a little bit rich will increase blue smoke a lot. I don't mean the black smoke that occurs when the engine runs extremely rich, I mean blue oil smoke. You could check that the choke opens all the way, and maybe shut it down immediately after a highway run and look at the spark plugs. Fuzzy dry sooty black indicates probably too much gas. Good luck with your project, whatever you do.
  5. Brake and Clutch (Seattle WA) and Brake and Equipment (Minneapolis MN) come to mind.
  6. IMHO contaminated shoes will never be ok until relined. Some folks think its ok to wash them, but brake material is made to run really hot without gassing off. When they get hot enough to gas off, you can push on the pedal as hard as you want and nothing happens. If there is anything present that will burn at a lower temperature than the brake lining, it will render the brake (on the wheel with the contaminated shoes) inoperable when it gets hot enough, due to gas fade. At lower temperatures there would only be a slight pull due to the contamination, or maybe no symptoms at all. There is a high probability you would never notice until descending some mountain pass, or make a panic stop from high speed, and then the contaminated shoes wouldn't work. I have never heard of the campfire thing. Not on my car, but to each his own.
  7. Or Plymouth. Some had Plymouth bodies. 2.83 liters though is about 172 ci. Ever heard of a Dodge or Plymouth 6 that small?
  8. 6 cylinders and 2.83 liters? Was that a Perkins diesel?
  9. How long was it before it shook you down for another quarter?
  10. Both 27 and 25 seem to be more common. I never see 26. I could really use some 34x4 (or other 26") tires that are good enough to roll a chassis around the shop on.
  11. Will sagebrush work? Maybe some wheat? This picture is months old. No fall colors here yet....
  12. Doubtful, but it does increase your chances a bit. There sure aren't many cars out there that use 26 inch tires.