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  1. Tom, Erskine's used Gemmer steering set up., not Ross. I think I have a "37 and a '39 column.
  2. I do still have most of the parts shown above, which I believe are all Erskine. That rear motor mount holder is the same as on my 1935 Dictator 2A (planar front suspension) parts car. I do have a pair (rusty from storage)of NOS Studebaker rear motor mounts (fits Model 30. 31, A, 1A and 2A)So correct fit for your 1934. I also have a one pair of NORS Doan front motor mounts. Fits same as above. So correct for your car. Let me know which of the bolts you are interested in, and I will take pics and measurements. I still have a lot of parts from the 1935 Dictator parts car. Pl
  3. Maybe you are thinking of this great site? https://sites.google.com/site/identifyinginstrumentpanels/
  4. I don't know if this 1936 Studebaker is a driver's ed car. But it sure would be a neat one.
  5. Hypodermic syringe. The needles come in various diameters., pick one smaller than the width of the letters. Paint will flow and fill the depression to the top. It does take a little practice. 1 Shot Lettering enamel.
  6. Here is the latest information that is available for the 2021 ASC National Meet. Please be sure to read all the information, as there are some important changes to the way that the SDC is handling any interaction between our club members and their functions. This impacts even visiting their Swapmeet! Also our host hotel is NOT pet friendly, and some alternatives for those who wish to bring their pets, are listed below. We were informed of this just now, after the arrangements were already locked into place. Please make your reservations for the hotel ASAP, before it fills up.
  7. Can you post a pic with measurements. All those different hub caps from around that year look the same to me. George Rohrbach
  8. 1938 Shop Manual (studebakermuseum.org) For sale :Only $22.50
  9. Drive shaft is 42 1/2" with tape measure at these places. How did you make out with my u joint info?
  10. All steering parts that were needed have been found. Thanks to all!
  11. I don't see a separate listing for bearing cups. That might mean that they are integral?
  12. Parts book shows fits at least 1919 EH EG , 1920 EH EG, 1921 EH EG, 1922 EL EK. Part number Hub with bearing cups 31955 Hub Flange 31959 I am not sure which you need or both. But looks like you need to take apart and see. Perhaps you only need the flange? I don't have a 1923, 1924 book, to see if fits those years. But 1925 and up books shows different ones.
  13. Problem solved, he was able to find the parts. Jason, I will keep your info for later projects!Thanks,
  14. After market, electric wiper. I don't know what year. Sears Roebuck!
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