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  1. I parted out a '37 Dictator Sedan and a '39 Commander Sedan this last year, including drive trains. If anyone has any specific wants that they would like brought to Reedsville Pennsylvania All Studebaker Swap Meet, Friday November 19. Let me know ahead of time. I will only bring items that people ask for. I also have other 20's and 30's parts available. georgr@ptd.net
  2. Mike, I still would like 2 of the 22' Light Six rims. George Rohrbach
  3. For more information about LEDs, both 6 and 12 volt for our antique cars, check out my webpage: 6 Volt and 12 volt LED Positive or Negative Ground Auto Replacement Bulbs For those of you that are skeptical about their use, if you purchase them and are not happy for any reason, I will be glad to provide a full refund. Studebaker 20's,30's And 40's HIGHSPEED MOTORS, Your local Studebaker Dealer of THE 20's,30's And 40's
  4. This one is a 39.I am in the process of stripping down a 1939 Commander Parts Car Sedan. By the end of the day there will only be a big pile of parts. There are two steering wheels, regular and "banjo". The car is very rough with lots of rust, but some of the things that will come off it are not normally found for sale. If there is anything that you need, please email me at: georgr@ptd.net . I am located near Allentown, PA. George Rohrbach
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